What Do Domain Names, Business Creation, And The Metaverse Have In Common?

Former Facebook, now Meta, is a best practice case of how to impulse and position an arising concept into a mainstream one: this name change is bringing exponential traction to the word metaverse and all of its related domains. The rebranding strategy woke up millions of people who are now wondering… what is the metaverse? And this question is how a whole new business will be leveraged by the company: they will explain to you what the concept really means, in order to sell you some metaverse products after. If you want to learn more about the metaverse and the future of the domain name industry listen to the full episode above!

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    TRANSCRIPT: Monday Domains- EP01




    Hey, Rachel, sorry about that. I couldn’t figure out how to start the room. It looks like we’re ready to go. Great. Well, thanks for hitting the record button and have a great day.


    Hey everybody, welcome into Monday domains. Uh, appreciate everyone who, uh, comes each week. And, um, I’m going to do some invites and we’ll get a chance to get started. But this is Monday domains in domain club on clubhouse. And, um, as people gather here in the room, if you do have a burning question or issue with something you’re working on and domains, feel free to, um, jump up and ask a question.


    I’m going to invite a few more people in. If you’re listening to the podcast, just hold on a little bit here. And, um, and we’ll get started here in just a second, but welcome to Monday domains for November 15th, 2021.


    Let’s see who we can invite today.




    wonder if a lot of people have their notifications off, so they don’t even get the invites.


    all right. Well, I have a couple of things to talk about today. I want to talk about Metta and metaverse because I think that’s where a lot of the energy and the domain space is going. Um, and I want to talk about Metta and metaverse from a big picture perspective that I think large companies are focusing on the stock market’s focusing on.


    So maybe less than a, and then bring it back to domains. But I think the first thing I want to do is just talk about some thoughts I have about the word metaverse and the word. And the thing that’s exciting about Metta and metaverse is that it is changing so much. It’s like a, uh, uh, you know, it’s like a metaverse, it’s like a virtual world that’s refreshing so much faster where you need to almost refresh every hour, uh, to see what’s happened in the, you know, to the word Metta and metaverse and the past hour.


    And I think most of us that have been in the domain space for a long time, we’re buying names in themes and things like that, that change weekly or monthly, or maybe even yearly. So if you own names in a space. Um, that, you know, you know, there’s a lot of customers out there for your name, but it’s not like you have a million people talking about the subject of your domain name each day.


    And we do have that, I think with meta and metaverse, so even if you have a brandable domain name and it has to do with insurance or search engine or clothing or fashion or perfume or something like that, um, even though on the whole, there’s obviously millions of people talking about that. There’s less people starting a businesses in a lot of those areas we think, uh, then people going after Metta and metaverse so, because it has so much energy around it, um, you know, I’ve said here in the last three weeks that yes, I am still looking for metaverse and Mehta domain innings, because I would rather.


    Even if I’m having to buy something that eventually may not get resold or eventually, um, maybe the 500 thousands best Mehta name or metaverse name that right now, there’s so much energy from other investors, from people trying to stake their claim to this thing called the metaverse, where you may not have needed to be a program where up until now, you may not have needed to be in on the ground floor of something up until now.


    You may have thrown up your hands. And I think a lot of people have, um, if you have a lot of creativity, because of my opinion, Google and Amazon, and a lot of the other big internet companies have stifled creativity. So you could easily have said. What’s going to be hard to create a new website because Google controls everything and they want to be the place that people go to find information.


    So if I want to have an information website, Google doesn’t want to show me, they want to pick out certain components of my website and show those to people without people ever having to leave Google. And Facebook, they want to take money from me to promote me. You know, they want me to pay, to promote myself and then send people to Facebook to create content that they can own and leverage.


    But they’re not really going to help me. Amazon as we’ve seen is terrific at the very beginning. A lot of times, if you have a product that no one else has, but Amazon controls the data, they know what people are buying, and they’re just as likely to come out with a plain wrap or an Amazon branded version of what you’re selling.


    So I think a lot of people that have innovative creative minds could have kind of just got burned out, you know, it wasn’t worth it. And then you throw in, you know, 10 or 12 years after the financial crisis of no one wanting to take risk, no one wanting to try new things. It was just as easy to work on the status quo.


    But then the last two years we’ve had the pandemic and now we’ve had this traction from this word metaverse and as much as we can poopoo Facebook’s change of their name or their company to meet up, I think it is brought exponentially the largest amount of. Of any word in the last couple of years to Metta and metaverse, um, because of Facebook name change is the type of press release.


    That’s everywhere. That’s story is everywhere and it’s reaching people two and three and four cycles away from the domain name or the internet or the existing metaverse industry. So there’s a lot of people out there talking about Metta and there’s a lot of people, you know, telling them what the metaverse is and what usually that means is I’m going to tell you what the metaverse is, so you can buy my product.


    It has to do with the metaverse, but here’s what I will end to get to. And thanks for coming to Monday domains, I’m kind of officially going to start now. I wanted to talk about the idea of metaverse and some thoughts that I have about it when it comes to domain names and business creation. I believe we have two things happening and there’s been a lot of CEO’s on CNBC, which I’m watching more and more.


    Now I’m literally taping it almost all day. And, uh, and for those of you that don’t have access to it. I think you can get it online. You can get it on cable. But I think with CNBC, you get a real time view of what real technology executives and large companies are thinking right now. And you get anchors that are asking them questions exactly about the things that we want to know about their company in the metaverse.


    So I watch a show every day. I think it was called tech smart. Now it used to be called squawk alley for one. They really focus on technology issues. And it’s probably been the source of the best source of information for me over the past year. So if you want to broaden the understanding, you have the terms that you can use, understand what big companies are doing.


    Multi-billion dollar companies. I think having an information source. The other thing I like about watching CNBC is I can watch everything they show me and I can decide what I want. I think so much of news. This is coming from another project I’m working on. Is the provider either your smartphone provider, your operating system provider, um, a news site that has done a deal with your phone or your Android system to show you news articles.


    When you blew up your phone, they’re controlling the information that you. And it’s very difficult for me. When I look at the first 10 news stories I get each day, I can clearly see that it’s tracking my user activity because I’m seeing stories about cryptocurrency, about NFTs, about fantasy football, about COVID about Tennessee and about Los Angeles.


    That’s what I’m seeing over and over again. And what’s funny sometimes is even if I’ve looked at a domain name of a small town, you know, like Crownsville, Maryland, or something like that for the next week, I may did some local news on my phone about that town, which I always thought was interesting. But back to the main thread here.


    So I don’t know how much that information I’m getting is paid. How much has been strategically placed by someone who’s really good at clicking kickback, a clickbait articles or whether it’s really a well-rounded article. So I have to decide myself, but there may be 10 or 12 other articles that I never see.


    So at least with CNBC, I get to see what they show and decide what I want. But here’s what most of the executives have said in the past couple of weeks when they ask them about metamours one, if you think the metaverse is Facebook, then they all agree. That’s not it. They don’t think Facebook is the metaverse just cause they called themselves Metta.


    I think what they’re basically saying is it’s something else and the best word we have for it is metaverse, but it really comes down to the idea that we have many. Which right now is the brand name of a company called Facebook who decided in my opinion, on a whim and because they were being, um, you know, having to admit a lot of things about their company to just change their name as if they can wipe away everything that had happened over time to change their name to Metta.


    But their company is still going to be about the products and services that they offer for their metaverse. And they’re going to call those Metta, but the rest of the metaverse is still this idea, in my opinion of a de-centralized group of offerings by various providers and various companies for us to either enjoy digital entertainment, digital sharing, digital community.


    And I believe it’s the de-centralized nature. That’s been attractive to everybody, to this thing that we’re calling the metaphor. Which is absolutely contrary to the idea that Metta, just because the company decided to name their company, Metta is going to be, unless they earn it, the one metaverse that we all go into.


    And I think when it comes to domain names, I’ve had to say, okay, I’m focusing when I’m buying Mehta names about people that want to also be in this de-centralized metaverse. And even though Facebook is called Metta, they still want to call their company meta-search or medic club or meta find or Metta directory or brandable names met a booboo, met Azubu, Metta, Metta, apricot, Metta, gorilla.


    Um, if Dennis doesn’t already have it, um, and I think that’s what I’m focusing on, but at the same time, I’m still registering metaverse names because even though it’s longer, it’s nine letters, as opposed to four that I think it maybe clearly says that you’re providing products and services for this idea of not Facebook’s Metta, but the metaverse in general.


    So it was interesting to see if other people are going along with me. So I went and I looked at the last days, registrations of the word Metta and of the word metaverse and I went ahead and downloaded them. And I put a link if I can do this correctly, for those of you that are here live, you should be able to refresh your screen.


    And it should show in link to and D 21, which is kind of the page that I use to quickly put data on the Monday domain show. And if you scroll down to where it says, click here for honor fee domain names, that just happens to be where I put the list. Um, I, I do have some new available names for today that are on there, if you can find them, but I’m not going to announce them until later.


    But the first sheet that comes up again, if you click the M and D 21, and then you clicked the. Let me just check it and make sure it’s working for me. There you go. If you scroll down, it says, click here for honor fee available domains. Again, you’re not clicking anything, I’m not gathering your information, but it just so happens that the first sheet I have on here is a list sorted by a length of the names, registered with the word meta in the last 24 hours.


    I think actually as of, uh, as of today’s date GMT. So that would have been like yesterday at 6:00 PM. I think for me in the central time. So I wanted to look and see what people are getting, cause it’s only costing them eight or $9. And, um, and I think short is still the most important thing as part of our domain name.


    So I looked at the shortest name that was registered yesterday, was Metta two in.com and I thought, and then there’s another one that’s tied Metta B eight.com. So what’s interesting about, I guess you could be Mehta bait with the BA, um, is I’m sure early on in March or April, all the names with Metta and two letters were probably taken in calm and now they’re probably all taken a net org.


    So you say, well, maybe I should go to three letters and then you say, huh, maybe I should go with two characters up plus two characters. And even though people say no one wants digits in their domain name, I think there’s been a little bit of a change in that. And you can find. Two characters that have, are usually identified.


    And you can put them after Metta to have a six length six on your domain name and that you might be better than someone who has to buy a link seven name. And the reason I say that numbers aren’t as terrible as they used to be. In my opinion, I’d be interested if anyone else had any thoughts. It was for a long time.


    We were. Um, using the internet on our phones, but a lot of times we were still dealing with phone keyboards. Um, and you either had your phone keyboard or your had your alpha numeric keyboard. If you want to think like a Blackberry, but in many cases you didn’t have them together. So if you had to switch to a number you had to switch to a different keyboard and that that alone would make your name tougher to type in on text, uh, to get the website.


    But I think now most smartphones have at the same point, many of them do, you can have a keyboard with. And with letters almost like, uh, keyboards that you have on your desktop, you know, and that you can do the letters and the numbers at the same time. So anyway, I thought these were good registrations Mehta too, in not sure what it is, but to besides one is a great number and then met a bait again.


    I don’t know if that’s what they want to do with, to be eight. Um, but I thought that was attractive and someone else did obviously, but this is how far you, people are going to find out what’s available to register. Then we have some meta-data names. I did some research of the 1,280 names that have been registered on today’s GMT 11, 15, about 5%.


    Let me see what that number is. 54 out of the 1,280, we’re registered with dashes. So even though most domainers would say don’t get dashes the public, at least to the extent of 5% of today’s registrations and whether this is in users or speculators or people just needing a bunch of addresses for different purposes, at least to the tune of 5%, they still want to buy, uh, dashes or hyphens.


    Um, so then we look at some of these other seven character names and I thought meadow one times one was interesting. Cause that could be metal one. So someone got Metta  dot com uh, Mehta 24. I see why someone probably did it. Cause you have the whole 24 7, you have the whole idea of 24 hours in a day. So someone maybe says, okay, I’ll get the 24 S and the 24 X, um, The 36 was interesting because let me just think 1, 2, 8, 16, I guess it’d be 32.


    Sometimes when I do numbers, I stick to numbers that are in the binary system, where if you take one and you double it, it’s two and you double it. It’s four and you double it. It’s eight. Then you get to 16 and 64 and 1 28. Um, I don’t know what 36 K’s going to do. So again, for those of you just jumping in, I’m just going over some of the Metta names that were registered in the last 24 hours.


    Uh, then we get to a big group about 10 of Metta plus three initials. Now, if you think about three letter domain names are 16,000 of them. And if you think about Metta, I think I put on the list two weeks ago, a Metta plus three letters would be a way to be kind of one derivative short. You can’t get metta.com and you, and to be a three-letter dot com, you have to pay 20 or $40,000.


    So you say, well, a lot of people should be Metta and maybe they want to get their initials or their companies or initials, or just a short, three initial name that someone will want to call their metaverse something with three initials. And if they want the shortest domain name, they’ll get met up plus three letters.


    Now I think that sounds great. And if you have a three letter name, you usually see the world in terms of your own name. So you’re like, man, there’s a bunch of people out there with this three letters. They’re going to buy Metta. Plus my three letter name. As a domain investor, I have to look and say, can I really pick out of 16,000 pounds?


    Three letter combinations, which one I want to bank on. And I think it would be hard. I mean, you could obviously start with, uh, the repeating letters. You might then go with letters that have two of the same and then one different, um, a lot of people in the three letters, space, like to get names that end in X for exchange, or there just seems to be something like, I don’t know, naming a spacecraft or naming a computer code or naming a system or something where you ended in X.


    Um, the other way I would go with three letter names again, if you’re looking to buy, uh, you know, Metta names and everything’s taken, so you’re fishing in the three-letter pool is sometimes you can take phonetic sounds, um, with a vowel and consonant and then put other other, um, consonants in front of it.


    And even though it doesn’t make a word. It makes an easy to pronounce phonetic sound. So I might take the AIG ending and I might just like, I probably can’t get Mehta bag because someone would have already got it. I might not be able to get, um, other words end in a Z, but maybe I get met as ads. So I run a G against all the other continents come up with.


    Usually the hard consonant sound is the best, and then you get meta zag. So now you have a seven letter name with a three-letter extension. So that’s the way I would do it, but it does look like people guys would see Metta, EFG, Mehta, EGA, Metta, EOP, Mehta, IBB. So it’s just interesting to see what people are writing.


    And you get into the seven letter. Okay. I’m sorry, here you get into this. So then you have people with seven characters. You had seven people yesterday by meta plus four numbers. So foreign numbers and other possible is another great part of the domain market. If you have a foreign number name, like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 3, you know, it’s probably got a stated value of, you know, I think it’s, it’s in the tens of thousands of dollars.


    So you say, well, what’s going to be scarce with Metta. Well, maybe people will want to name their universe, met up plus three numbers. Well, I looked at those and they’re all gone. So then I want to look at Metta plus four numbers and you figure there’s only a thousand. And it looks like people have registered so many of them that the only ones left are the ones that begin with the zero.


    So it’s kind of hard to have a meta number name with the zero because like this one person here registered Metta. Oh 8, 7 1. So you kind of have to always say that, oh, 8, 7 1. You’re not really just met at 8, 7 1, but anyway, I thought that was an interesting idea. And so did seven other people. Yes. Um, a lot of times when you look at people or what people are having to register, they’re having to get alternate pronunciations of names, like, um, row number 52 here.


    And again, I’m referencing. If you look up at the top, refresh your screen, you’ll see a link to M N D 20 one.com. And if you, uh, that’s a web page, and if you scroll down, you’ll see a little black box and say pages available names, and I’m using the same spreadsheet that I use when I give you. And I have some more for today, uh, suggestions of available names that are available for reds fee.


    And then I just ask for a $10 donation back to me, either through the clubhouse feature, where you can pay, um, Or contact me on a private message and I’ll give you my PayPal or my Zell. And I do that just to track how many people are honestly are taking the names, um, and to see if that’s a feature I should keep doing.


    And then also just to see how many people, you know, on an honor system, as opposed to me having to figure out some complicated system, um, you know, I’m providing value for, um, I think that’s going to be a valuable part of domain club, as much as telling you about domain names that other people have for sale for high prices or telling you about domain names that have sold.


    I think people want to buy names at wrench fee. Um, and so what I try to do is it’s not going to be free. I, you know, we went ahead and did the work to find these ideas, but if you’re looking to add inventory in this area, um, Uh, I do have the list up from the last couple of weeks, and then I’ve got a new list today, but the first thing that’ll come up when you click that black link is the list of names.


    These are not available. These are names that have been registered in the past 24 hours. And I just wanted to go through and look to see what people are doing. And the reason this is important. If you’re trying to understand the domain market is a lot of times you think of a domain name talking to the people, listening to the podcast here.


    And if you’re learning about domain names, you think of a domain name, like Metta book.com and you just thought of it today. So you think why I’d like to get Metta book.com and I want to write a book about the metaverse and I think there’s a feeling that because you thought of that name today, that it should be available, you know, you’re optimistic that it’s available and you go to register it and it’s not, it’s not available or it says it is available, but somebody has a price on it of $25,000.


    And you say, well, that’s not fair. I thought of Metta book today and I wanted it and I should have it. And what you have to realize is. Billions of people around the world have been thinking up ideas for companies and the domain name system operates on a first come first serve basis. You go to the domain name, registrars, and you ask is a name available.


    And if that name’s available and you pay the money, you’ve now registered that domain name. There’s 150 million domain names registered. If the domain name you want to register has been taken, rather than just saying it’s taken, think of something else. There’s an aftermarket in domain names. And just like when you go to buy a house and you see someone’s already living in it, that doesn’t necessarily mean it might not come up for sale in the future or be for sale right now.


    And it’s not surprising for us to see that a house that someone’s living in is also for sale. It’s an attractive house. It’s a house that a lot of people want, and they’re trying to sell that house and they’re not trying to sell that house for what they paid for it. Maybe one or five or 10 or 30 years ago, they’re trying to sell that house for the market value of that house.


    Today. Now you may be able to get a discount based upon how fast that they want to sell or whether, whether the market that they’re in is declining or advancing now Ford and other producers of cars like Tesla, they make cars and you go to the dealer and you buy those cars for 20 and 40 and 60 and $80,000.


    And then once those cars are, are issued and someone drives them. If someone else wants to buy that car, those people will sell them. Now they’re still driving them and you go buy them. And if you want to buy him, you pay the market value. And I think that’s what happens in the domain market is a lot of times you’re going to go to a domain registrar and you’re going to type in the webpage of a domain name.


    And you’re going to see that it’s already owned. And yes, you’re going to see that the person who owns that domain name wants to sell it for its fair market value. Now you may have a difference as to what you think the fair market value is and what you’d like to pay, but certainly you can appreciate that the seller wants to get the most amount of money possible.


    And I think the relationship goes like this. If the seller wants more money than any buyer’s willing to pay, he may never sell. So it’s going to be up to the buyers, to the tournament. Do they want to find a substitute that set a price that they do? Like, are they going to have to pay the sellers price?


    Are they going to have to try to strategically use every, every thing that they’ve learned, every bit of guile, every bit of strategy to try to convince that person, to sell them the name for a lower price. So the price that they want, regrettably, that’s also meant that a lot of buyers recently have tried to claim ownership of a word via trademark or common law trademark, and try to leverage and force that seller in most cases, in my opinion, not to surrender the name or relinquish the name at law, because most people don’t have that strong of a case.


    They’re just using it to try to knock down. The value that they have to pay really by threatening, you know, and extorting and saying, well, if you don’t sell it to me, I’m going to Sue you. And I think that can go two ways, because if you go to court or if you go through arbitration, or if the seller hires a lawyer to really look at their rights in a name, and they determined that they’re in a protected position, that you have not achieved the goal, the levels of trademark or use, or you haven’t made a case enough.


    Then now the is going to know that not only are they probably going to ask more than they did originally, especially from you. If you’re a predatory person trying to get it by leveraging trademark stuff, but they’re going to be in a much more secure position. So I think everything has its pluses and minuses, but back to hand registrations.


    So if you’re looking for domain names, what I have here on the first list is not the normal hand registration suggestions, but it’s names that have been registered in the past 24 hours. And I was just going through to see what people are settling for. Um, let’s see. I thought some of the names that people are getting are what I call a meta and then a CVC V pattern, which I think is smart.


    I think that if you can get a name like metaphoric, M E T a F a R I, whether that’s an investor, that’s buying that. Uh, for the future to sell to someone else, or whether that’s someone who that name works for their branding and what they’re trying to communicate. I think the CV CV pattern in four letter domain names is extraordinarily attractive.


    So if you say that I’m in the Metta space and in the first derivative of Metta names, I would love to get met up plus one number or Metta plus two number or one plus one number or Metta plus one letter. And those are the first to go. And then the next ones to go or met up plus a word. And I think those are going now and most common dictionary word list of 10 or 20,000 names, all 10 or 20,000 names with.


    Plus a word are gone. And then you say, well, I’m only going to do crypto related Dames. And a lot of those are gone, but I think there’s more opportunity there because you can have a name and a crypto space that may be the 85,000 most popular word looking backward, but it may even be a more popular word in the future, or it’s just used in the crypto space, but that’s really what you’re after.


    But I think in that area, you’ve got these CVC V names. So I see metaphoric and Metta Farrah and met him Euro, M E T a M I R O. I think that’s a, that’s a good eight letter brandable name. Um, you have other phonetic names or what I call branded bowls and the eight letter Metta mung, meta Karim. I don’t know if I really liked that one, met a real metastatic.


    There we go. That’s kind of a Metta and then S a K a. So I think people are still probably getting good brand names where people are registering these, these names to be investments for the future. Um, you can still get Mehta. Plus English words said, I got someone got Metta blamed today, and you say, well, what, what do you mean blame, blame and the metaphors.


    But I think a lot of people, if this was an investor, they’re just running a list of 10,000 words and getting whatever they can Mehta boink, I guess that could be a great adult site, Metta, boink.com. Um, but other than that, it’s, it’s less attractive. One words or substitutes. So you have a name here, Mehta books, but it doesn’t have an S at the end, it has a Z at the end Mehta books, z.com.


    So it’s kind of Metta books, but it’s not right. A related when like that is Mehta cities.com. Metta C I T Y. Um, let’s see, what else do we have? So, um, the other thing you have to do when you’re registering hand registering Mehta names right now is customers are having to get a less desirable name and that it may leave out a word.


    So someone registered Metta of day.com yesterday, or today. Now I’m sure they would rather have had Metta of the day, but not being able to get that they have to settle for metadata. So I really believe this is an accurate picture of the domain market right now. If you’re listening to this, if you’re an investor, if you’re a buyer, you can get domain names for $10.


    And right now there’s still kind of a shuffling of the debt that some good names are available with. But most are taken. And for those names, you’re going to have to engage in a price discussion, or you can get a name that’s less attractive, but you may say to yourself, that’s okay. It still works for what I’m trying to do.


    And it only costs $10 a year and it only costs $10 right now. And what I would just encourage you is that you get to different stages of your company’s success in the future. How effective your domain name is at communicating what it is you’re trying to do, what perception you’re trying to put in the mind of the public, your investors and vendors, and also the ease of finding you on the.


    That are five or 10 or 20 or 50% difference in those factors combined is going to be worth a lot more than the decision you’re making right now, whether to only spend $10 on a name or whether you could do incrementally better by spending a thousand or 5,000 per 10,000. And I believe that in itself is going to be the future of the domain market in the next 10 years is how much better do you as a buyer of a domain name as an operator of a website, do you agree, or do you think, or has someone else finally convinced you?


    What I think is true, which is to have a domain name that’s 10 or a hundred or a thousand times better than the one you have now. And it only costs thousands of dollars of different. Or if you’re going to be a hundred million dollar company, millions of dollars of difference to buy something that you can’t achieve.


    Other words, otherwise, a lot of times it’s hard to just make your company more memorable. A lot of times it’s hard to just make your company more prestigious. It’s hard to make your company easier to find. There’s no answer to that question. It doesn’t matter who, you know, who you find, who you buy, or how much you pay.


    And if you look at how much you’ve had to pay Google, just to get your name in their search engine, okay. Then you’ll realize that if you can get those benefits by just owning a better name, I think that’s the future of the domain market in the next 10 years. So as I wind down here looking at the different Mehta names that people are getting, I want to go ahead.


    And the first list is sorted by link. But over to the right side of that in column D I put the names sorted alphabetically. So what these are, again, these are not the normal available names, although I’m going to get to those in a second. These are names that are registered in the last 24 hours. And I think you can do well to look and see what people are getting for registration fee.


    If they’re getting these names for registration fee, the name that when you look at a name, when your portfolio, when you think someone has to pay me money for it, you have to realize they can get other names right now for registration fee. So when we get to metaverse, besides Metta, you get to metaverse.


    Of the 1,280 names that were registered so far today, CMT time, 1115, about 286 have the whole word metaverse. So it’s about a four to one ratio. There’s four times as many Mehta names being registered with the word Metta as metaverse. So right now, at least Metta is winning over metaverse. People want the shorter word Metta plus something after it more than they want the metaverse, which I think is, is a better descriptive word for the world that people are trying to operate into.


    And it’s not clear if when people hear Mehta, they’re going to think Facebook, or they’re going to think the whole metaverse. I think there’s going to be some confusion there, but at the same point, right now you can get names like metaverse thrills or metaverse things to do, or metaverse Tai-Chi or metaverse spaces.


    I’m sorry, that’s Metta versus spaces. Sorry. Uh, metaverse sneaks someone got that today. And in fact, to be a great name for sneakers in the metaverse, you know what I mean? And they may have looked at MetaWear shoes. They may have looked at metaverse sneakers. They may have looked at metaverse sneaker and then they may have looked at metaverse snake and then they looked at metaverse snakes, or this could be an investor that bought it.


    So there’s a lot better available names in metaverse, but people like them only twenty-five percent, as much as they liked the Metta names. Metaverse postcard, I think was a good registration that someone made today. A metaverse Peyser. That would be funny. If you could paid somebody in the metaverse and take an old school technology word and make it a new school.


    Metaverse mumble has kind of a literation to it. Um, and metaverse map was interesting cause it’s a three letter English word mat. So you have metaverse Matt, metaverse lust, a pretty popular word. Um, so that’s interesting. When I went through and column D I listed all the names that have been recently registered again, even though this is in the available names, Google docs, these are names that have just been registered, um, metaverse bottles metaverse below.


    So anyway, hopefully that can give you some perspective. Um, let’s see, I haven’t checked in to see if we have any questions. Uh, look Metta. Uh, oh, we have someone who just registered LA loca, Metta, L O K a M E T a. So it’s a CVC V and then met at the end. Well, that could be a good way to go. Um, I wanted to just stop for a second and take a breath and see if has anyone has any thoughts on November 15?


    About this craze from Metta and metaverse names. Before I go on to sharing some news of the week. And then I do have an available names list for you. If you want an early peak at it, uh, you can go to the same link on  dot com. You can go to the black bar that says available names, link. And instead of, um, if you’re familiar with the way like Excel works, instead of looking at the first sheet, which is called a names registered, you can go to the one that says available names on November 15th.


    And what I did was I took, um, I took 15 words that are pretty popular and pretty trendy. Whether it’s Metta, metaverse digital, crypto, blockchain. I think I took blocked and blockchain and chain and, and, uh, domain and some other words. And I ran them against the list of about 1100 endings that I keep when I make brandable names.


    Although some of the names are real natural words. So anyway, I ran those through, I came up with about, uh, Uh, 1600 possibles and I narrowed the list down to about 160. So I put the list on there, warning. Um, this was coming from a service that tells me if the name’s available, um, by looking at a zone file.


    So it may or may not be accurate. You may find that a name that is on the list is taken. You may find that a name on the list has been taken one second ago by somebody, uh, either naturally or because they saw this list. But anyway, let’s see what else we have. If anyone has any questions today on Monday domains, and then I’ll get to some news and then I’ll go over some of the names I found that were available.


    And what we do is we list those names on, um, M N D 20 one.com. And if you do register one of those names, reasonably do it this way is you may have a favorite registrar that you like to register them. And, you know, rather than having us buy it and charge you $20, you know, the $10 costs, plus our $10 fee call our suggestion fee.


    Uh, we just let you register it wherever you want, wherever it works best with your aftermarket, where you already have an existing account where you have your hosting set up, um, where you just like to have all your names. And then we just ask you to pay us either through here or through, uh, just PM me if you get a name and I’ll tell you how you can pay me.


    Um, but let’s see, see if we have any questions or if we have anyone that wants to ask a question, I wanted to give a little bit of time now. Um, or if you’ve got a room on clubhouse this week that you’re doing, this will be a good time to let you suggest it. And then I’ll go ahead for the last 10 minutes and do the news and the other available names, but site it’s good to meet you.


    And know if you had a question.


    Nice to meet you. Thank you so much for inviting me. Uh, I want to, um, I want to speak about the metaverse itself and I’m wanted to, I’m sorry. I just wanted to let you know you are being recorded. We have a little red dot up there and I’m supposed to tell all the speakers that, so please keep going. But I just wanted to let you know that, but, okay.


    Thank you so much. Uh, I want to speak about metaverse. Uh, some, some person, someone, uh, consider the metaverse itself as one world, but, uh, we could consider it as a derived, uh, drive the world, uh, from meta on the. If, uh, if we consider it, it consider it from metal, metal, uh, derived then, uh, the, I think that the metaphor is a soap.


    So big area is so big, uh, is, uh, a bigger war that, uh, Facebook or other companies uh couldn’t uh, uh, couldn’t, uh, couldn’t own it, uh, because, uh, so many peoples use this for, uh, before the Facebook ownership. It, it is not fate. Yeah. I think that’s a great point. And as you were sharing that, um, one you’re exactly right.


    I mean, I, I equate this to Microsoft when they came up with their, with their.net platform, um, with. Was very good. And that was the name of their product, but it didn’t really have anything to do with the domain name, system.net, or just the fact that they were somehow trying to own the word net, you know, where anytime you talked about the internet and you shortened it to net that somehow they were trying to say, um, you know, that, that they owned all that.


    So I think we have some examples where other companies have had such a fundamental, short word that encompassed a huge amount of technologies, um, where it hasn’t just meant, uh, them. Um, but I think again, I think it was an impulsive move on their part, but Sade you’re bringing up a really good point. A lot of people, me included were trying to think of, well, if someone has a metaverse then what’s the name that you use for all the men have verses.


    And some people have suggested. But then that’s going to beg the question of what word do you use for all the omnivorous verses, and then you’ve come up with different, different words. But I think what’s interesting about the metaverse is if you take the definition of the word that means above or beyond, and right now, I think we use that to mean above or beyond the real world, uh, into technology.


    What’s interesting is that even though a lot of companies would like their metaverse to be the one and only metaverse, as soon as they define it, based upon a certain entry point, like the sandbox or a certain structure or certain code, um, then they open up the fact that Metta means above or beyond. So there’s room above and beyond whatever they do.


    Um, and I think you may appreciate that psyche, that the word meta seems to in-company. Above and beyond whatever there is created, the metaverse is still above and beyond that. Um, and maybe that’s how we make it, this, this huge word. Yes, exactly. Thank you so much. Great. Hey Jeff, I bet you guys talked Mehta and members’ names and talking domains last week.


    How are you doing? Hey, Paige. I am doing well. Thank you. Yes, we did talk a meta and metaverse names last week. It was a fun, fun time. Uh, Sharon, like all the Thursdays I’ve been sharing here on club house since may, uh, you know, talking domains and, uh, yeah. Metaverse and Metta is still part of, um, a great conversation.


    That’s going on with all of our friends. I’m happy to, um, continue to have this engagement going on in the metal space with these names and whatnot. So, uh,


    Sorry about that. I don’t have my mic on. You mentioned that you have your show on Thursday and I’ve always wanted to support your show because I think that you specifically wanted it to be accommodating for people who just discovered the domain space or just bought a name and, and whether it was right or wrong, we’re not going to really going to judge.


    You may share some experience that some people have, but really making a safe place for a newbie domainer to come in. And I know sometimes you guys get carried away, but I think that’s still a big part of what you’re trying to do.


    That is what I’m trying to do. Page. I get so many compliments. Even my buddy down below, uh, AIG gave a compliment today. He said, this is the best, uh, domain, uh, rum, uh, that’s going on. And that’s not to take anything away from your run page because I come in here every Monday to continue to do. Um, my room is doing, which is helping people become better.


    Domainers I have to, if I want to be a better domain, I have to, you know, come into some of these other rooms as well, and I respect you and what you’ve been doing in this domain community, uh, for years, and I have to participate to open up my ears to hear and learn. Uh, so I appreciate you and appreciate your room, uh, as well page, uh, because we have, you know, it’s been my core mission, you know, to help us become better domainers and, uh, the like-mind of which I participated in these rooms since January, when I came on to clubhouse, um, is, you know, exactly just what I’m doing here, you know, in my room, on.


    Well, fantastic page. Can I, can I engage you, uh, one more second. I just want to engage you first to share with you a, a matter name before. Uh, I got to talk in domains. I was upstairs. I had to come downstairs, lock the lock on to my laptop and then, uh, make sure I purchased this name. But last week we did have some engaging time.


    I did share some engaging time with sharing the domain name that I got, and I wanted to ask Todd as well as the friends, uh, about this name, to see how they may reflect what they may be flecked with. And so I’m going to put you on the spot page and ask you, what do you reflect off of this name that I’m going to share with you?


    Okay. Hold on. Let me clear my head. Okay. All right. It’s going to just going to take a lot longer than that. All right, go ahead. Okay. The name that I bought last week and I bought it during the time of the show, uh, and I actually just bought a, another name right now, which is what I had to do before I started.


    W w w I had to, uh, talk about metaverse. Uh, I mean, I’m sorry. I had to talk about, uh, the show before, you know, sharing this here, um, because I wanted to make sure I registered at first because nobody else had, um, but anyway, the name that I bought last week and on engagement, the room was Metta, Dateline, Metta, Dateline.


    What do you think about that name? Uh, page and all the implication or the usage of it. All right. So meta date is a Dateline like D a T L I S. It is page. Exactly. Gotcha. So the way now I’m more analytical than I am, uh, artistic. So first of all, when I hear it, well, I’ll tell you my artistic side. Since I already said I’m not artistic, so I hear Metta date line, and I’m like, oh, that’s cool.


    So that would be my rating. Oh, that’s cool. In other words, what I’m really saying is it’s nice that you own it. Um, I’m not sure I would, but yeah, that’s, that’s a good name and it sounds good. So then my analytical side would, would say, this is that you’re in Metta. And the first derivative of that is going to be the different niches of businesses.


    And so then you say I’m in the meta dating or the Metta singles business. So then that’s going to be a certain representative niche. And I don’t know if that’s really growing. Amazingly like video games or like NFTs, but say it is. But then I think here is where I probably would have passed. And just to give you what I honestly think is I think that of all the dating words, you would start with dating and dating and singles and personals.


    And I just wonder where Dateline would come in. It might be the top 30 names having to do with dating, even though it’s a one and a half word name, meaning it’s it’s date and line, but we’re only, we’re going to assume it’s like Dateline and one thing and say it’s in the top 30 names. So you’re not dateline.com.


    You’re not metadata, Tom you’re metadata. So you’re already in the niche. Then you got to look at all the niches and you gotta come up with the dating niche. And then even in the dating niche, you’re maybe the top 30 names, but say it’s in the top 10, then, then I maybe don’t know what I’m talking about.


    It’s actually better than I think, but that’s the way analytically, I would look at it. And what I would compare it to is if you look at all the other niches, like sports and news and games and outdoor adventures and travel, you know, and finance, and then compare it to what you could get in those places.


    That’s the way I would look at it analytically. So why might end up finding something in another niche? Um, that was either a bigger niche and just as good of a name. So that’s the way I look at it. Um, uh, uh, yeah, that helps. Your point exactly. To, uh, my position up, how it can be used, uh, with the dating world.


    Now, the second part of that is the possibility. And I don’t know, uh, um, there could be a news organization and there could be some news talk with that. There that is a journalistic name Dateline also. Um, and it could be maybe a news organization that may wanna, you know, own my dating site. I’m just gonna leave it there.


    I didn’t even think about that. And that’s because you’re recording. Okay. But I think that that’s great because that’s where, um, you know, you stare at a name and other things come to available. So I’ll give you one more analogies. I had someone call me the king of analogies in the last year and I took it as a compliment.


    So a lot of times buying domains is like getting into a concert really, really early. And you got a bunch of seats and it’s first come first serve. Or maybe it’s like getting on the plane at Southwest or anything else that’s done first come first serve. And what can happen is, is you can get there and you can see something.


    And you’re like, oh, like in a concert, oh, this is a good seat. You know what I mean? And, and I think without really knowing, by going closer to the stage, What better seats might be available. You might be tempted to say, I’m just going to sit here and then you sit down and then slowly you watch other people fill in seats that are maybe a little better than yours.


    So on that one, I would’ve liked the equivalent. If I were to throw on a sweater on that seat, you know what I mean? And then even though it’s only 10 bucks, you know what I mean? I would’ve said, at least I’m going to develop a relationship with this name. I’m going to have to decide whether to renew it.


    It’s going to take up space in my mind and maybe I just throw a sweater down and then I look for a better name, uh, in the meta dating space or whatever else you’re doing. So anyway, that’s, uh, that’s my take on it. But on the other hand, would I be surprised if in a month you’ve got a message from after Nick that said you just sold metadata line.com for 49 95?


    No, because someone else might’ve typed in Metta. And it was taken and your showed up as the next best available. And their business was going to be worth more than $5,000 and they could buy it. So I think that’s, you know, that’s a very easy way to see how that name could sell. So thank you. And page in closing, uh, I said I had to come.


    I said that I had to come downstairs and I’m latching onto my computer. And while I was talking to you and sharing a little bit about talking domains, registered the other name, and I gave that clue out last week when I did buy Metrodome, Metta met Dateline, um, and maybe some other folks did not like that.


    They’re like that name. And I would have had, I would have possible thought maybe somebody would have gone in register metaverse date. But they didn’t. So I bought that just now, while I was talking to you, because I even like that word a little bit better. Metaverse Dateline a little bit more than actually met a date line and why?


    I didn’t think of that last week when I bought it. I don’t know. Maybe I was leaving it for an opportunity for someone else to buy it and they didn’t. And I gave everyone a five day head start, but I did just purchase metaphor. Dateline.com. Well, let’s a great glimpse of the market. So thanks for sharing that real world example.


    Sometimes, sometimes I wonder, and you can go ahead and I know you got a ride sometimes. I wonder if I should maybe do that. I should have my phone, have my computer that I registered names on located upstairs. At least you got to run downstairs, which is easy, but if I made my computer that I had to register names on upstairs, I would really have to work to get up there.


    And then. And then my wife or my good friends might suggest that I put a lock box around that computer and write on the lock that I have to pick the lock. It says, are you sure you want to buy? Yeah, exactly. I’m trying to get into some disciplines. We’ll find these names. And so that particular count that I have is on my laptop.


    I could have easily done it for my iPad. That was right next to me, but I can easily look. To, uh, the, the registered that I was using on my laptop. So that’s why I had to come downstairs to do it. They page, if I can conclude with talking domains for Thursday, I’m talking domains is this thing that we do on Thursday.


    We not only do it on Thursday, we do here on clubhouse regularly. Just about every day. You can find a room on clubhouse where we’re talking domains, but Thursday, we have a specific room that we go to, and I’ve been blessed to have many, you all attend called talking domains, tech talking domains here on club house.


    It’s a four o’clock Eastern standard time. I have my, uh, two Wingman’s as an audience, Todd, Ryan, and Rico Jones. And then, uh, Krista, uh, she’s also the wing woman she shows up and, um, help us out as well. Um, but many of you have come into this room. To, um, meet you all one day. You so into this community of the domain community regularly, uh, you bless me regularly in this room and I truly, truly appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart.


    Uh, so I hope you will come and participate, be engaged and bring yourself up on the stage and have some conversations about domain. You got a Jeff. Hey Terry, thanks for coming up. I, uh, I think I followed you already, but I checked out your profile. I want to say to you, I really love your profile picture and just make it look like, I want to say Terry, tell me more about you, but anytime you have a question today about Hey page.


    Yeah. Nice to chat with you again, I changed my image because someone was like, Hey. You should put another photo up. So I did, and yeah, I basically just gave into peer pressure, but thank you for that. I appreciate it. Um, and I really, um, love million-dollar domains and how you share your information up here.


    So I’m looking forward to finding something and being that honorable person that pays the $10. Um, so, um, my question is one of my best Mehta names. Um, I got an email just this morning through my registrar. Um, it’s actually pointed at Dan, but I got an email through my registrar. Hey, someone wants to talk to you about this blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


    Um, it looks like it’s from another registrar and I’m just interested in your, uh, advice, if any, on how you think to proceed. I’m not looking for like a low ball, whatever, but I do want to engage.


    Yeah, I think it’s a good question. And what’s, um, I’ll just use it as a teaching moment for everybody for one second, which is Dan is fantastic for your landing page. And, um, they also are very good at making it easy for a buyer that wants to meet your price to, to pay your price. Um, but like anything they’re not everything.


    And I think the area, the area that they miss out on is exactly what you just shared, which is they are not as of yet connected to all the registrars, uh, GoDaddy and Sado, both have platforms that. Allow the registrars who are used to selling people, names for registration fee and then selling them a bunch of services and they can show inventory that’s been listed on after Nick or say to you with a direct connection to you who listed the domain.


    But it sounds like in this case that it come through an afternoon or say, do listing or today it’s, um, they just contacted me it’s um, registered private. So they went through the registrar and the email address that they’re setting from, it looks like it’s another, the registrar. Yeah. And I think that’s one of the things about Dan is they do ask people to put in a name and they are going to track an IP address.


    And so a lot of sellers like that because they can get some clues of who the buyer might be. You know what I mean? And all of a sudden that could get the dollar signs growing in their mind. And so in this case, you may have someone who maybe had an experience with Dan that they didn’t like, you know what I mean?


    So they’re trying to go about it in a different way. So I’ll give you my suggestion. So I think that’s, that’s what makes sense that you’ve got contacts. They went to the person that they have a relationship with their registrar and they said, Mr. Registrar, can you help me contact the owner? So the first thing I do is I’d say, where does this name fit in your goals and objectives personally, is this a, this is one of my top 10 to 20%.


    I want to make 10,000 or 50,000 or a hundred thousand or 500,000 in domaining. Um, and this is the way that I want to do it. Or you say, I want to slowly make money by selling names for more than I bought. I want to build up a nice cushion to buy more names. Um, and I, and I think that’s the first thing to do.


    The first thing I do is I say, Am I engaged with someone and I want to win the negotiation. I want to get the best price, but I’m a seller of this name or do I say no? I, I, even if this was my, you know, down on my luck and everyone wants to say, even if I am down on my luck, I’m still going to hold out for the best price.


    But I think you want to be accurate when you say no, I’m not going to sell this name for less than 25 or 50 or a hundred thousand, and really make that decision before you start negotiating. So that’s the first thing I’d say. Then the second thing I’d say is, is put yourself in the mind of a buyer, say this was the perfect name for the buyer.


    Do they have any other options? Could they buy the co could they buy the IO? Could they buy the net or the org? You may even want to buy one of those, uh, to take it away from them. But I think, you know, what are the synonyms for the second word up plus something? Um, are they, is this a generic word? And there’s still synonyms.


    Meaning if I was selling fine.com and I wanted 200,000, but Metta search.com was for sale for 4,000. Now I’m still going to try to get 200,000, but I also have to realize that there’s other competition just as good. So I think that’s the research that I would be doing. Um, you obviously want to Google the name and see if a company is already committed to that as their brand.


    And then. Let’s see, I know you do branding. Terry, do you sell a lot of domains or do you usually buy them to build? Um, I don’t sell a lot, but I do buy them for clients and then create products around them and this case. Um, it’s one of my top 3% names. Um, and, uh, I didn’t get, uh, one of the other, I have the.com.


    I didn’t get some of the other extensions cause I wasn’t paying attention when I went back, you know, it was gone. Um, but on two of my Mehta names, at least in the last week and a half, I’ve been getting offers this one. Um, it’s really probably one of the best names that I have. And uh, yeah. So when I got that this morning, I’m not surprised, but the fact that they went through, uh, you know, the registrar on ICANN instead of just anything else, I was like, Hmm.


    So I think what I’m trying to figure out is. I it is, it is something I’m not willing to let go of. I don’t have to let go of like, I want the real price for it. Um, so thanks for that advice at least to start off with like, what is your stress? Yeah. And then the other thing is placed some what ifs, like without telling me the name, I’ll just say, so would you take the a hundred thousand dollars for it right now?


    No, if I, if I, if I send a desperate. Okay. See, that’s what I’m looking for. That’s where, you know, you have conviction, you know what I mean? Because you’re not just, I don’t know. What’d you take a million dollars for it right now. Escrow com million dollars in your hands by tomorrow. Is that before or after taxes before.


    Okay, so there you go. So now you’ve kind of got some realistic. Now what you’re trying to develop is what I call your inside story. What do you really think? And it’s the old Shakespeare line to your own self be true. You know what I mean? First figure out where it is for you. And then you switched gears to say, now I want to win the negotiation or how do I go about getting my price?


    You know what I mean? But I think the first thing to just know is cause if you, if you make whether or not you want to sell the name for two 50 dependent, Well, what is it? Can I get it? If I can get it, I want to sell it for that. You know what I mean? And you still try for that, but I think, you know, knowing yourself where that name is going to be the most important thing, and then I would not give a price out.


    I still would say that. Uh, uh, please, please. Thank the buyer. We’re still evaluating what we want to do for this name. Um, uh, we’d always be open to a direct, uh, you know, a direct offer. And then, and then you may scroll back on the, whoever you got to email from, put a little pressure back on them and say, could you please tell me about this structure I’m unfamiliar with it.


    Um, is there a fee associated with your work on behalf of this buyer? Um, do you work for the buyer? You know what I mean? It kind of LOBs some stuff back on them that they either have to add. Or, you know how it is sometimes in a conversation where someone doesn’t have a good answer, they try to like, they have to tell you something that they didn’t want to tell you before.


    You know what I mean? And so I think you’re still at a stage where you don’t want to say a price. This comes from my friend whose initials are Dr. Uh, you don’t want to say a price yet, and you want to put some burden back on them. Um, tell me about this structure that you’ve contacted me under. Uh, how does that work?


    You know what I mean? And because you don’t know if they’re just trying to set you up for a trademark suit or whatever, you know what I mean? So I think, um, and then the other thing is I wouldn’t send any email back to them without waiting at least to half hour. So make the email and then wait a half hour and then go back and read it.


    And I know this is something I have a hard time doing, you know what I mean? I want to think that I know exactly what to say really quick and then hit send, you know, but I think it’d be okay to wait, but yeah, I think you can. One or two more emails without having to let them know what your price is. And when you do, you might say something like, I’m not sure if this is going to be, you know, one of the seven figure names that I hear names being sold about, but I know we’re well into the six figures.


    And if this person thinks they’re going to get it for a thousand, you’ll just never hear from them again, which is fine. But Rick Schwartz always says, act like the person who’s inquired is the best natural buyer for this name and is going to pay a half million dollars. What would they want to hear from you?


    And what would you want them to have? What would you want them to know about you? If there is that buyer and then if they’re not that buyer, it really doesn’t matter what they think. So that’s. Okay, well, your combined wisdom and Rick Schwartz is phenomenal. And I recognizing your you’re answering the question.


    You’re really drawing on all your years of vast experience. And thank you because this morning I’m like, you know what, I’ve been doing it for awhile. I can do it. And I was like, I don’t know. Let me check and see. And then I’m like, okay, I’ve got the whole community here. I’ve got page. Let me just ask. So I actually, I took notes that gave me some phenomenal advice and a lot of direction.


    I really appreciated page. You got it. And for those of you listening today and, and, uh, thanks Terry for bringing that up, I’ll just add some other language I use sometimes, or for those listening here in clubhouse. And for those listening on the podcast, um, you know, the, the buyer wants the email to be simple name and price.


    What’d they say how much, you know, and I think that I’ll try to use it to use a phrase like this. Um, you know, one of the things I’m struggling with is that when I say you, this name you’re going to buy everything. This name is now and everything that this name is going to become. And what that means as, especially in a word like metaverse that has to do with a metaverse that we don’t really know what it is right now, you know, is it a new internet?


    Is it even bigger than a new internet? You know? And, and when you sell this name to somebody, you’re assembling them the rights to everything, this name. And what this comes from is it comes from a pitch. I used when, uh, back in the eighties, I was selling interest in cable television, limited partnerships, and I’ll never forget.


    We had the vice president of the company that was just then building cable television systems, which weren’t really, you know, well known and not every community had them. And he had the cable, this a piece of co-ax cable in his hand. And he sat there and he said, I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future to this piece of co-ax cable.


    Now that’s a technology it’s different than just a single domain name, but I’ll never forget the way he said it. He says, he says that I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. You know, to the, to what can happen with this thing, you know, did he envision digital internet? Did he envision wifi and everything that’s happening now?


    But what he was saying is when he priced it, he had the price and something for the fact that he didn’t know how big it was going to be. So if that’s helpful to anybody out there, go ahead and, and, and I just say it that way. I say, when I say this name, I’m telling you everything, this name is going to become.


    Then the second thing I’ll say is your investment is in year one, only in the future years. You just though the small annual renewal fee of $10. And then I’ll say something like this. So say it’s a $200,000 name. So over 10 years, your total cost is 200. Thousand $100, which is about 20,000 per year of allocated cost.


    And then I divide that by 12 months. And, uh, what does 20,000 a month? What does that? $1,833 a month. So now I’ve taken this thing where you might be asking 200,000 or more for the name. And I brought it down to 1800 a month of allocated costs. Now that’s a tricky number because the person’s going to be.


    Yeah, but it’s not 1800 a month. I have to pay you 200,000. So then my next sentence is usually I realize you have to pay that price upfront. So I’m recognizing the fact that I said the word allocated costs. I recognize you have to pay that price upfront. And then I put my little thing at the end, but you’ll be buying everything.


    This name can become in the future. So for everyone listening, that’s kind of one of the things I do when I’m entering into negotiations for a name where I kind of feel like I’m putting out a price, that’s a lot higher than the person wanted to hear. If I’m selling one of my normal inventory names where I’m looking to sell it for one to 5,000, I don’t mind just giving out a price.


    You know what I mean? They say 500, I say 3,500, they say 700. I say 2,500. They say, give me your best price. I say 1600. We sell the name and I move on. That’s a completely different story than, than the idea that you’re trying to get the most amount of money. So anyway, um, let’s see, we’re going to wind down Monday domains, but I wanted to give everybody the new list.


    If you go to M and D 20 one.com, M N D. So the M N is like part of Monday, M N as in Nancy, M N D 20 one.com. And I’ve got the link up front here, if you’re in clubhouse and it’ll be next to the podcast on domain club, uh, and maybe even on start-up club, too. When I have there, I’ve moved it to be the default sheet that shows up is I took about 10 words or 15 words that are real popular today.


    And I applied a lot of brandable endings to them and came up with different words that are available for hand registration. And what we ask is you go ahead and tip us $10 for each name you take. Um, if you go register them and we did this about five or six years ago, I would send out these lists twice a week.


    And we usually did pretty good. You know, we had some people that magically said that they thought of the name the same day I did, but anyway, most of the time people were pretty fair. But if you do. Have we found people want to choose their own name. They want to choose what they buy. They want to know that they picked it.


    So at least I’ve given you a big enough list where you can still say that you pick this name. It’s been a class to 20 bucks instead of the normal hand registration fee or a depending on what you registered for. But anyway, we put some names in there with Metta and digital and blockchain, and most of them are brandable, but, uh, good luck to ya.


    And that’s an MND 21. Well, thanks for joining domain club today. I’ll have another room this week called outbounding club tomorrow at 5:00 PM Eastern, and then I’ll have my million dollar domain show on Wednesday at 1:00 PM Eastern and on outbounding club. But we talk about proactively trying to make a sale happen on a domain name by engaging customers or outbounding, as opposed to sitting back and hoping someone comes up with the idea of your domain name and wants to buy it, which is a much more passive strategy.


    Then on Wednesday we talk about million dollar domains. Cause I just think that’s a different space than the world of hand registration or what’s available or the one to $10,000 small business names. So we just talked about bigger names and the trends that affect million dollar names. Um, so thanks everybody for joining.


    And I’ll give a quick second if anyone has a question, but I think we’re going to wrap. You’re welcome, Terry. Good luck to you. Great tips with, to Terry, uh, page. Those are some great gems, man. Thank you for you got to Jeff and thanks for sharing with us. Some, some real insight about the metaverse that it’s.


    We started off talking about the idea that the metaverse should have a definition much bigger than Metta as to how big that is. Um, it, it reminds me of whether there is such a thing as a Metta versus, um, because if metaverse means beyond and above, then can you have a multiple of things that are beyond or above, but I’ll leave that to the word Smiths.


    Um, but thank you, so, all right. All right. Appreciate. Everyone’s sharing their sayings. Uh, thank you. All right, everybody. I’m going to end the room, have a great day and a great week on clubhouse. We’ll see how. And we’ll end it in five, four, Metta, three Metta to one. Wait, let me see if that’s available.


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