Lead With Your Story

    Lead With Your Story

    Every Monday  6pm ET.
    Moderators: Sharyn Konyak, Jeff Sass, Olivia Valdes

    Learn how to craft brand stories to ATTRACT, ENGAGE, & EXCITE investors and customers. You will be able to share your story in 3-minute drills with our audience and get instant feedback, tips, and inspiration. Check us out on Clubhouse, tune in to our Podcast or follow our Blog to get tips, strategies & advice from experts across industry.

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    The Framework of Interactive Narratives 

    Our human nature sometimes convinces us that our anecdotes are the funniest, our history the most interesting, and our...

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    Hosts Sharyn Konyak, Jeffrey Sass, and Olivia Valdes invited speakers on stage to share their stories and backgrounds in...

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    Owning the Room, Captivating an Audience

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    The Building Blocks of Storytelling

    “Someone, somewhere needs to hear the story you have to tell, and I want to help you tell it.”...

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    • Our co-workspace is officially open! Contact us for more information! •
    •Our co-workspace is officially open! Contact us for more information! •