Our Mission

    Startup Club’s mission is to make it easy for everyone in the startup ecosystem to find, connect, learn, and grow together.

    Join us for conversations with founders, entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, subject matter experts, and more.

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    Club Rules

    Be Kind.
    Actively listen, avoid interruptions, be polite.

    Create, Innovate, Educate.
    Simply and compassionately give to get.

    Share, Don’t Sell.
    Pitch only when asked.

    Meet The Team

    Ed Nusbaum

    Community Leader

    Founder of four of the largest clubs on Clubhouse. Avid hiker and community builder. Investor & mentor for Startups.

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    Rachael Lashbrook

    Managing Admin

    Manager at Workspaces, Admin of largest clubs of Clubhouse, Founder of Judo Club, Lover of Travel, Fuzzy friends, Tea & CrossFit, Interests in Art & Design.

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    Colin C. Campbell

    Managing Admin

    CEO & Founder: .Club Domains, Hostopia, Tucows. Entrepreneurs Organization for 15 Years. Serial entrepreneur, startup investor & mentor. Passionate about tech, cruises, and King Charles spaniels .

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    Olivia Valdés

    Creative & Content Director

    Brand Strategist Designer, Writer and Active Listener. Editor and Brand head at Pivoting careers to Psychology, PhD. Single mother, CrossFitter, Kitty Lover.

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    Michele Van Tilborg

    Managing Director

    Entrepreneur and lover of e-commerce, digital marketing and domains. CEO of and Meow.Club, lover of animals! .Club Domains President.

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    Nivu Hussain

    Web Master

    Biz Dev at Donuts Inc, Hospitality Entrepreneur at, Investor in App Dev, Passionate about entrepreneurship, tech, web development and data analytics. Adventure seeker with a love for motorbikes.

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    Jeffrey Sass

    Managing Director

    Chief Marketing Officer at, Co-founder & CMO .Club Domains. Author, Pun master, TM meditator for 45 years, Vegan for 15 years, CrossFit for 5.

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