Coach Yu: Digital Marketing

Every Thursday  8pm ET.
Moderators: Dennis Yu, Jeffrey Sass

Dennis Yu (AKA Coach Yu) joins us to discuss actionable Digital Marketing tips that he has learnt and mastered over years of his experience in the business and internet world. In this show he discusses, tactics, tools, insights on topics such as digital marketing, online advertising, Facebook marketing, public speaking, task management, digital sales and more.  Check us out on Clubhouse, tune in to our Podcast or follow our Blog to get tips, strategies & advice from experts across industry.

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Having Influence vs. Being an Influencer

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Grieving a Co-worker

It’s devastating to lose anyone in our lives, but what happens when you lose a co-worker or business partner?...

 Is SEO a Scam?

In the session, our host, Coach Yu, asks the audience: Is SEO dead? Is SEO a scam? Or should...

Why You Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant

We live in a world where technology has opened many doors for those who want to work and those...

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