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    Moderators: Colin Campbell, Michele Van Tilborg, Jeffrey Sass

    We’re dedicated to helping entrepreneurs globally. We believe that we must “Give to Get” so we strive to give entrepreneurs the tools they need to navigate the business world successfully. Check us out on Clubhouse, tune in to our Podcast or follow our Blog to get tips, strategies & advice from experts across industry.

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    Why Do Only 1% Break Through?

    What does it take for an entrepreneur to start, scale, exit, and repeat the process over, and over, and...

    Fail to Scale With Guy Cooper

    Startups who can’t reach level 2- where are they going wrong? In the session, we welcome Guy Cooper on stage...

    Getting Your Ideas Off The Ground

    We are continuing to discuss ideas and how to get from that lightbulb moment to a successful business. We’re...

    Taking Actions On Your Ideas

    We got interactive in our latest SE session and asked you to bring your ideas to the stage and...

    Building a Great Brand With Eric Malka

    The Art of Shaving founder Eric Malka tells us his ‘secret code’ to startups, scaling and repeating that process...

    The Importance of Building a Brand, Not Just a...

    In our last SE episode, we talked all things branding, how to brand and what comes with branding your company. We went back to basics and heard from Olivia on what separates a brand from marketing, we discussed building a brand from the ground up, and we welcomed speakers to the stage to give their insight on branding.

    What Are The Paradigm Shifts?

    In our previous session, we sought out over 25 new up-and-coming trends. We are continuing the trends topic and trying to predict what is new and what topic to jump onto whilst it’s hot. In the session, our speakers on stage talked about vacation rentals, WFH, devices, electric mobility, and more.

    New Trends Coming Down The Pipe

    In last week’s open mic night, the floor was all yours as we talked about what is currently trending. We discussed the next “big thing” and how to get our hands on it before the big name, big chains take hold. We bring up the dreaded ‘C’ word and ask how the coronavirus opened up opportunities and the waves that have come as a result of the year behind closed doors.

    Hyper Drive Sales Strategies with Jim Bennett

    From an early childhood Jim was thirsty for success and after starting his first business, a lemonade stand, he...

    Building a Great Brand with Eric Malka

    The Art of Shaving founder Eric Malka tells us his ‘secret code’ to startups, scaling and repeating that process...

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