Owning the Room, Captivating an Audience

    Owning the Room, Captivating an Audience

    You have your great idea, you’ve begun logistical planning, maybe even started building a team, but now what? How can you use your idea to impact an audience and inspire them to support you? Good speakers can command an audience, but a great speaker influences and connects with their listeners in a lasting way beneficial to their business. 

    Read on to learn expert tips on gaining and maintaining an audience’s attention, and leaving a lasting impression on potential consumers. 

    Getting their attention

    Aim to have a hold of the audience’s attention within your first few seconds of speaking, allowing yourself to say what you need to say. Not sure how? Start with a strong hook and share your personal connection to your cause, including your ‘why’ and how you got to this point. 

    Keeping their attention

    Appeal to your listeners’ emotions, knowing beforehand what response you want to elicit. Do you want them to laugh? Be inspired? Immerse them in your story but don’t get “derailed by details” as Sharyn points out; keep in mind that unnecessary information can make people turn away when you want them to lean in. Intend for them to feel like they can’t live without your idea– sell it, make them realize they need to have it. 

    What to do after

    What do you want their takeaway to be? Support or buy a product? Tell other people about you? The goal is to stick in the listeners’ minds, wanting to know more about your story and how they can support it. Close with a statement or call to action that reinforces your passion and what you hope will resonate with the audience. 

    By sharing your passion and goals with potential consumers, you leverage the ability to build a relationship and positive brand image proactively. Ideally, when one sees your product on a store shelf or hears your name on your service advertisement down the road, they will be nudged to support you based on the loyalty and connection you established on stage long ago. 

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