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Every Wednesday  6pm ET.
Page Howe, Jeffrey Sass

Naming your startup is a big deal. Once you have a great name, how do you match it with the right domain? Each week we let you pitch your startup name and domain for instant feedback and advice! Check us out on Clubhouse, tune in to our Podcast or follow our Blog to get tips, strategies & advice from experts across industry.

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Episode 29: Can You Guess the Domain?

In the session, we were joined on stage by Safari Remit, Aptus Life, and Health and Wealth...

Episode 28: Come Up On Stage!

In the session, we met Red I Conglomerate, Optimize Curacao, and Collectors League Did our hosts...

Episode 27: Raise Your Hand to Play!

Are you excited? In the session, we met Autumn X, Live Bic, and Tonight’s Dress, who...

Episode 26: Will You Catch Our Attention?

Another riveting round of The Name Game! Our hosts met Odd Plum, Mosho, and King Coca Global...

Episode 25: Do You Have a Winning Domain Name?

Our hosts Jeff and Sharyn were unstoppable this week! We met JG Business Consulting LLC, IT Blogger, and...

Episode 24: Challenging Our Hosts

Happy Wednesday! We’re here to play The Name Game with our hosts Jeff and Page. In the show we...

Episode 23: What’s your Domain Name?

In the session, our hosts Jeff, Page, and Sharyn were challenged with the radio test and domain extension trip-ups....

Episode 22: Does Your Domain Name Have Game?

In the session, our hosts got into a phonetics discussion and gave advice on leaving your pride at the...

Episode 21: *Hits Play*

What kind of domain name will you choose for your startup? We’re ready and we’re eager to get stuck...

Episode 20: Want to Play a Game?

It’s the first Name Game of December 2021! We welcomed Trammerse, Light Em Up Ink, and Culturesec

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