Episode 26: Will You Catch Our Attention?

Another riveting round of The Name Game! Our hosts met Odd Plum oddplum.com, Mosho mymosho.com, and King Coca Global kingcocaglobal.com. The three speakers certainly gave us a fantastic show with their very creative domain names.

Our game rules:

  1. We invite you up on stage
  2. Tell us the name and domain of your company
  3. We will then try to guess exactly what your company does as well as provide beneficial tips and feedback on your company name/domain

Odd Plum oddplum.com

Sharyn thought the company gave users access to businesses that initially wouldn’t be their first choice or the obvious choice. Page thought ‘Odd Plum’ was a graphic consulting company. Did Page love the seven-letter name? And did Jeff go down the fruit route? 

Mosho mymosho.com

Jeff went with an athletic, fashion wear brand. Sharyn thought the company was abbreviated for the words ‘mother’ and ‘show’ and decided upon a parenting blog for new mothers. Did Page do a no-sho? Or did he come up with the winning answer? 

King Coca Global kingcocaglobal.com

Page pictured a company that sold a ‘coconut flavored beverage with all of the health benefits.’ Jeff thought the company created and sold whipped cream made from coconut oil. Who guessed correctly? Tune in to the session to find out! 

  • TRANSCRIPT: The Name Game - EP26

    Well, we’ve got, uh, all of our hosts here and we’ve got a great group of people in the audience. So let’s get the name game started. I’ll just kick us off by saying hello and telling you a little bit about how the name game works. And then I’ll let my illustrious co-host Sharon cognac and Paige Howe introduce themselves.

    And then we’ll start playing the name game. My name’s Jeff sass. CMO of pod.com and I was the co-founder and COO of.club domains, which we sold recently to GoDaddy. And I’m also one of the administrators here at startup club. And this is the name game, and here’s how we play the name game. Um, when we get started, raise your hand, we’ll bring you up on stage.

    And when it’s your turn to play, we want you to tell us just the name of your business and your domain name. Don’t tell us what you do. Don’t tell us about your products or services or the vertical you serve, or your customers, just the name of your company and your domain name. And then Sharon, Paige. And I are going to try to get.

    What you do just based on your brand name and your domain. And we do this because we think in this, in this crowded world where we’re all competing for the attention of customers and potential customers, it’s helpful. If people can glean something about your. Just from your name, it’s going to give you a slight edge.

    It’s going to make it easier for customers and potential customers to find you. Um, and, um, it’s going to be easier for you to attract them. So we do that. We will give you a chance to tell us what you really do after we guess. So you’ll have a chance to give us a short pitch for your business. And then we’ll give you some feedback on what we think about your choice of brand name and domain.

    Uh, and again, there’s no right answers here. We’re just trying to give you some advice and insights based on our own experience. So with that, I’ll hand it off to Sharon or page to say hello. And then meanwhile, as you raise your hands, I’ll bring you on stage. Remember if you come on stage to please mute yourself right away and wait until we call on you to play the name game.

    Muted himself. So I’m going to go ahead and, um, tell you about myself. I’m Sharon cognac. I’m a story, branding, strategist and coach. And I believe that, um, in order to build a strong brand, if you tell a story that attracts, engages and excites your customers, you have the ability to, um, get noticed, remembered, and create raving fans that are going to follow you and buy from you again, just a reminder, your mics are hot.

    There you go. And, um, and so I’m here to offer my help, uh, and my assistance in branding and taglines and story telling and anything else that I can, and I’m do my best. I guessing since Paige and, um, Jeffrey are really the experts in this, uh, this field, but they’re, uh, kindly sharing the stage with me and allowing me to, to have some fun at the same time.

    Thanks for that. We’ll share in your nice with your compliments. Thanks for thinking up this great game. Zap. My name is Paige owl and I’m a digital investor and I’ve been investing in things like domain names and other assets for the last 25 years in a prior life. I was also a financial planner, worked for a family office, and I both listened to investment presentations and helped raise money for companies and invested in my own money.

    So hopefully I’ve been on both sides of the fence. And Jeff I’ll just take a second. I had an interesting topic this week, watching CNBC and people were talking about what to invest in this year and what might work. And someone started to say, well, you know, tech might work this year and then they stopped themselves.

    And they said, you know what? Tech will almost over time, not be a category, but every company. We’ll in essence, have to focus on technology and be a technology company. And I think with your brand and your domain name, because you’re marketing and who you are incorporates your, your brand name and how you probably sell to customers and how you take orders and advertise includes your brand and your domain name.

    I really do feel like we do cast a wide net because every company now is an essence of tech company. If you’re using the internet to do business. So hopefully we can help some folks today.

    Absolutely. Page. I agree. You know, it’s just like, uh, as things become more mainstream, they go away as a category, same thing with mobile, right. You know, people used to talk a lot about mobile advertising and I think that’s really going away. It’s just advertising and mobile is just one. That we have, and we look at things in an omni-channel world and we don’t really think in terms of being mobile.

    We’re just accessing our stuff in the internet from our phones or tablets or whatever devices handy. So I think you’re spot on with tech talk like, and I, and I won, I glanced up top Jeff. I noticed we didn’t have our red.today, but I think everyone should know we are recording. Um, and that you will be honored with the recordings which are available.

    I believe at start-up that club. It really pays you. And we have replaced turned on since, uh, clubhouse started offering replays. I think the assumption is pretty much any room that has replaced turned on, which you could see at the top there means it’s being recorded. So we do have replaced turned on and we do post recordings over@startup.club.

    Thanks for that reminder. So you guys ready to start the name game? Sure. Alright, awesome. So remember, just tell us the name of your business and your domain name and we’ll start with Shavano. Shavano welcome to the name game. Hi, the name is OD plum and the URL is odd. plum.com. Uh, plum, an odd plum.com.

    Sharon, we’re going to let you go first tonight, so we’ll be, uh, we’ll we’ll we’ll let ladies go first, tonight. Awesome. Odd plumbed.com. Um, I’m feeling that there’s this new, um, not, not that, not that new, but there’s, um, this push to sort of like create opportunities, um, where in the food business for, um, manufacturers or for.

    Growers and things like that. Um, there’s like an ugly vegetables and things like that. So I’m thinking I’m feeling like odd plum has something to do with that, that it’s going to be some sort of, um, a company that allows you to have like maybe a regulars or seconds or things that maybe, um, at first glance, aren’t the one you would choose.

    Um, and so OD plum.com gives you access to those things. Um, and odd plum, where would that go? Um, Hmm. Um, Hmm. I’ll let you think a little bit about that. Or did you have more share. No, I think I’m stumped. I think that’s as far as like, yeah, it’s funny. And, uh, I’ll, I’ll go second, Jeff. Ha I think it’s funny because some people that have been on the show have probably heard us say what a great idea to have your name, say something about who you are.

    And if you can incorporate that, then people will know what your company is. And then you may find it strange that I say that this sounds like a terrific name. I really like it. And then you’ll be like, well, wait page, wait, page, what are you, what are you saying? This doesn’t have any generic meaning. And what I would say is if you’re going to go down the route of a unique two word combo, I think, um, shabaneh, you’ve made some really good decisions here.

    It’s very short, it’s seven letters. Um, it’s two words, but, and it’s two English words that are very recognizable and, um, I’m assuming. That I didn’t ask you if it’s plum like the fruit or plum like plumbing, but, um, but I’m going to say it’s like the fruit and I think about these names and they always remind me of when you’re watching a movie and you see the credits and at the very beginning of the very end, it’s like an odd plum production or something like that.

    You know, and people have had to make the same decision to come up with the name of a production company. So I’m going to go with a production company and a graphic consulting company. And you do advising for people for creative and branding. And that a big part of your strategy is you think outside the box, but really for picking a name that doesn’t maybe mean something generically.

    I think you’ve been short. You’ve been easy to remember, easy to type it makes your email. And I think you’ve done a lot of good things for going in that direction. So I’ll go with graphic production company design company. Consulting page. I think, you know, we did a little bit of a Vulcan mind meld, and that’s why you, you jumped ahead of me there because I was, you know, I also think, um, like you, it’s a great brandable name.

    So when we talk about brandable names, you know, they meet all the requirements that page described there typically, um, they don’t have direct meaning themselves, but they’re easily recognizable, easily spelled and understood when they’re spoken. So it passes the radio test. OD plum together are two words that are clear and understandable, and it just has that kind of fun brandability to it.

    So if you’re going to go down the brandable route, A key word or a dictionary word. You want to pick words like you did. Shabaneh where they’re spelled correctly. They’re easy to understand as opposed to just an odd combination of letters or people who put, you know, three or four EAs in a row in their name instead of the one or two weeks that spell it correctly.

    Um, so that’s really important in terms of what you do. I thought that OD plum is a very creative name. So, whereas page at, since he kind of rolled over two things at once, I’m going to push you into the production company as your guests. Cause that’s what you first said. And I really think OD plum is a creative agency, um, because it’s a creative name.

    I can imagine some pretty cool looking logo with, with an interesting looking plum as part of it. So I’m going to say that OD plum is a creative agency with a very creative and brandable name. So that would be my guess. Um, Shavano how did. That was great feedback. So actually Sharon was closest and it’s a delivery of local indoor farm produce.

    Wow. Congratulations Sharon. So Sharon took the plum literally and she was right. And Paige, Paige, and I went off in the brandable direction and we were wrong. Very good. Interesting. Pedro, we’re going to say something. No, I wanted to say, uh, Sarah and where to go. I think you got it. You know, and, uh, congratulations.

    That’s a great business category. I know there’s a few companies, you know, really trying to take advantage of, of that kind of produce Sharon, go ahead. Sorry. Shavano I was just going to ask you if it was in that, uh, the vein of the sort of slightly imperfect or, um, items, or is it just any. Actually, yeah, I did try to convey that in the name.

    So yeah, you were spot on. That’s great. And for Sharon, I’ll ask you, do you have a tagline that goes along with the odd plum? Hm. I don’t know. I need to know more about the business specifics to see if I could come up with a, with a tagline for that. Where Shavano do you have a tagline that you use? We actually don’t.

    We have no idea, um, where we’re still trying to figure out, um, to niche down specifically on what part of the business to focus on. So we don’t have it yet. We’re kind of in the experiment phase. Um, so yeah, it’s really tough to come up with anything at the moment. And Shavano how’d you come up with it? I mean, did someone just think about it and you saw the domain was available.

    Did you think of the name first or did you see the domain available first and say, that’ll work? We actually, we had the, we had like, um, pork bond open and we were just type in D domain as we thought of Nate’s because it’s the consumer business. And so the domain is super, super important. Um, so you have kind of at the same time, I guess.

    Fantastic. That’s great. Well, great job. Shavano thank you for playing the name game. I just mentioned to people. Thank you. I just mentioned to people as the stage gets crowded, you know, when you’re done playing, if you don’t mind to not have anything else to add, just please feel free to move yourself to the audience.

    So we don’t get the stage too crowded and we might do so at some point too, but let’s go on a Sharon. Did you want to say something? You’re un-muted. Nope. Okay. Uh, let’s go on to Mary, Mary. Welcome to the name game. Just tell us the name of your business and okay. The name of the business and the Moshe and H oh, and the domain and my emotional.com most show my Moshe doctor.

    All right. So I think we’ll keep going in this order near up now my moesha.com. So most show, most show. I like the sound of it. Most show, I think most people will probably spell it correctly. I mean, I spelled it M O S H O S, which I think is what you said, Moshe and my Moshe. Hmm. So I’m going to go. So obviously you couldn’t get moshe.com or you wouldn’t be using my emotional.com.

    So I wonder what Moshe is that someone else has most.com? Um, my most show I’m going to say most show is a fashion brand, or may, maybe it’s, um, athletic wear or some type of a fashion brand. And, and since you couldn’t get  dot com, you went with my Moshe as your domain, which people often do my or get, um, when they can’t get the, the word itself Moshe, but it feels like a good brand for a, so I’m going to go apparel Sharon, poor bay showrunner page.

    Who wants to go next? Yep. Sorry, just contempt, Mike, um, Moesha. I’m going to go with, it’s an abbreviation for mother and show. Um, so I’m going to say. Um, Mary runs a parenting either like blog or a, uh, streaming, like does, does streaming, um, social media streaming or something like that, where she focuses on being a mother and how she uses her parenting tips and skills and tricks and things like that.

    Um, yeah, that’s where I’ve gone.

    My most show.com. I’m going to kind of go off the, like my mojo.com. And then I had to think of what to put in for S H so either sh like shish or sh like the abbreviation or mojo most show. And I couldn’t come up with something, but I’m going to say somehow it’s a play off my mojo and I think you’ve done well when you go for what we call what I call the first derivative of the perfect name, which should be most show.com, which, you know, I would keep an eye on it and talk to the owner.

    And you never know what you can work out over time, maybe making payments or something like that. But because the mine is one of the best, I think first derivative names and you get the alliteration and you’re still short at seven letters. I like it, my most show.com and I’m stalling to come up with something for the sh, but I can’t think of anything, but I think it’s tied to my mojo and so excited to see what you do, Mary, what do you do?

    Um, hello. So it’s action. A jewelry line. It is turning into a fashion line. Um, so everybody’s correct. Um, all of you are correct, Sharon. It was, it is an abbreviation that has to do with mother. So that’s how the word was. The H O actually stands for holding onto such a, it’s a word that my sons and I put together, but it is a jewelry line at the moment, but it is going to turn into more of a passion, um, uh, line versus jewelry.

    So it’s in a process, but all of you are correct. Great. Well, I think, um, it’s a, it’s a nice name for a jewelry and a fashion line. So I think we all had pieces of it. Yeah. I like the fact that, that you have a little story behind it, you know, that, that helps you fill up your, about us spades. Um, if you do a podcast and someone, you know, wants to kind of start talking about the business, a lot of times they’ll start with the name and, uh, you know, Mary, tell us about the name and where’d it come from.

    So I think it’s good to have a little, a little story there. And I also was thinking, cause I looked@mostof.com and it looks like it’s owned by. And I don’t know if you’ve contacted them, but you do have a little bit of an edge over some other people, which is, it could be someone who is who, who is a mom.

    And they might be interested in some type of trades for a little merchandise and a little money. And they may have that ability to, um, to be most show from the start. But if not, I really do like my most though. And, um, but you do have the ability to maybe F you know, given your product costs, do something where they feel like they got a lot of value and can be part of the story and who doesn’t like fashion and jewelry, uh, either for the owner or the owner’s family or something like that.

    So, good luck. I have a question. Uh, is it better to do just motion? I like the ownership thing, you know, somebody actually writing it, my emotional already claiming ownership to whatever the line does.

    Yeah, I think, um, I’ll chime in and then Paige will probably have some thoughts too. I, I think yes, if, if you’re, if you’re S if you’re only have my motion, you can certainly build that into the marketing and have, you know, ads and campaigns where someone’s showing off their jewelry and referring to it as their, my emotion, but the reason why you would want to also get the most show itself, if it’s possible is really to own that phrase.

    Right. Because some people will hear my emotion and they’ll instinctively just look up moshe.com. Right. Cause they’ll just, they’ll make the assumptions that that’s probably where you’re at. If they don’t know that you’re using the, my emotion. So can you make my emotional work? Absolutely. And there’s a lot of creative ways you can work into that with the ownership, as you said, but if it’s, if it’s feasible, would it be better to have both my Moshe and moshe.com?

    I think so page. Yeah, that’d be answered to him. Sharon Hart. I think the tie breaker would be, if you can get both, uh, Twitter and Instagram handles my most show, then, then you’re really set to go with that. The reason to get the better one is the same way that you might have really good seats to a play, but you might upgrade to the first row, or you may have a, you know, a great new car, but you may upgrade to the absolute deluxe package.

    And then down the road, you may just get at some point in time, somebody with a real aha that’s they went out and got the five letter doc, Tom for their brand. Wow. You know, and you don’t know what that’s going to be worth in the future, but it’s one less thing to remember that people are like my Muth mind, whatever.

    And then you’re, you’re just most so, so good luck. Thank you very much. And I do agree with Paige and Jeffrey on, on that idea. But I do love the, my show because I love the opportunity that you have, that you mentioned about bringing the personalization into it. Um, that allows for a lot of engagement and a lot of experience.

    So you’re going to be having a lot of stories to tell related to people who buy your products, interact with their products, love your products, then become brand evangelists for your products, et cetera, et cetera. You see where that’s going. So the, my Moshe, I think gives a lot of legs to your branding and your marketing.

    Um, that just a straight up name doesn’t have. Thank you very much, everybody. Thank you, Mary. Thanks for playing the name game. Next up is Neil Neil. Welcome to the name game. Hi everyone. Uh, Neil to Silvana calling today from Vancouver. My business. I do crowds. Don’t tell us, don’t tell us, don’t tell us. Oh, sorry.

    Okay. Just tell us the name, although, okay. Yeah, go ahead. King Koko global is my business by domain is king coco.com. Thank you. Okay. Uh, Sharon, I think we said it was your turn to go first on this one. Or did you do the last one first? Um, I’ve lost my cane actually think it’s pages. Okay. Go for it. So king Coca, um, king Koka.

    There’s something I don’t know. Visually. I’m picturing a label of a classic now. I’m just kidding. I’m looking at your profile picture. Hold on a second. So  so I’m going to go with beverage summit. I feel like it’s some type of beverage, maybe coconut water or, um, something like that. And so, uh, I got to go first, so I took the easy one and I’m just a Homer just right out in front, uh, coconut flavored, uh, beverage with all the health benefits, Jeffer Sharon.

    So I guess we’ll go down the line. I’ll go next. So I think, um, yeah, so Neil, you helped us out a little bit with your profile picture, but I’ll try to go in a different direction just for fun. So rather than go with the beverage being Koka based or coconut based, I see that those cups in your profile picture or whatever, they are have little whipped cream on top, it looks like.

    So I’m going to say king Koka classic is a, a whip cream made from coconut oil. So it’s a healthy whipped cream that will take all your classic drink. That you would put whipped cream on and give you an opportunity to do a nondairy healthier coconut oil based, wonderfully whipped topping. So that’s going to be my guess, Sharon.

    Uh, I’m going to stay in the food, um, category, and I’m going to say that it has to do with maybe using those little coconut shells or coconut husks as a way to deliver like sorbets and things like that. I’ve seen that before. So it’s a product that has, um, that’s like for frozen desserts, et cetera, that uses the, the, um, coconut shells.

    Okay. Neil, how did we do a pretty good, pretty good. Uh, well, fundamentally king. Uh, is the beverage corporation. Um, I was started a company called king Coca beverage corporation way back, uh, 20 years ago. And we tried to sell it to Coca-Cola, but Coca Cola thought we were too small. So they ended up buying a company called Zico zico.com.

    Uh, so, uh, you know, we unfortunately did not win, but maybe it was a blessing in disguise because eventually what we did was we put our product company up on equity, net.com. And, uh, we potentially have a lot bigger opportunity than to be a small part of Coca Cola. So, uh, yeah, we’re a beverage corporation.

    Uh, I’m responsible for developing plantations, but, uh, in terms of, uh, there are two things we do we plant. So there’s two things I do. I sell coconut trees and I sell coconut water. That’s that? Uh, so I mean, the, the, I know the graphic is pretty bad because it’s actually a king coconut and king coconut is a unique product that is only grown in the country of Sri Lanka and, uh, our tagline.

    And I’ll jump the gun on this Jeffery or help you out. Our tagline is we are the champagne of coconut water. So we are a premium product and, um, we’re launching or relaunching a crowd funding campaign through equity, net.com. So my job is to plant 1 million co king coconut trees in the next 12 months. Uh, great.

    Um, great description, Neil and congratulations. And, and, um, I love the positioning of it as the champagne of coconut water and Zika. I think that was the company that Jesse Itzler was involved in. I just recently read his book, uh, living with a seal and he talks quite a bit about Zika. So what was it?

    Sorry. No, Z code it’s uh, that’s uh, mark. Rampolla it’s close, but it’s not, it’s not, is that I CA it’s Z C o.com. Uh, okay. Uh, in any event, congratulations on, on king Coca. And it sounds like you’re doing a great job and you’ve got a tag line lined up and a good name. And now I finally tapped on the picture cause I didn’t want to cheat and I see it’s definitely not whipped cream, but it’s actually the part of the coconut.

    So I didn’t want to tap on it earlier. Cause then I would’ve seen your profile and that would have given me some hints. Sure. Thanks for playing the name. Neil, what is your domain name? Well, we got to, um, the one is, uh, king Koka dot king coker.com is our plantations or supposed to be, and we’ve also have king Coco global.

    We’re now moving into Mexico and Brazil, uh, Latin America. So we’ve got to king koka.com and king Koka global.com, which is a, uh, international branding like BGR, Coca, and Coca loca. We do coconut beer, coconut whiskey. We’ve got about 14 products that we’re launching this year in 2018. Great, great to hear you’re on the dot Tom and just being king Koka and king coconut, Tom, you must have one.

    And then for the nod towards sustainability and empowerment and use of the planet and in enabling growers, uh, in that country, that that’s terrific. So it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s not a surprise. Jeff and Sharon, when we see people wanting to have a business, wanting to be effective and help other people, I just think that’s true.

    Thank Neil. I had one other question quick for you. You mentioned the intention of, of planting. Um, I think he said a million coconut trees. Did you say beyond the actual extending your, um, obviously, you know, that gives you a supply heads up, but is there another reason or another benefit? Well, that was the problem.

    The reason, uh, when, I mean, really, um, you may or may not have heard of, um, uh, healthy brand builders, James Khan, Ken and I were working very quietly. He negotiated for Coca-Cola and we. You know, you need to have at least a million coconut trees before you can talk to a company like Coca-Cola, that was my lesson.

    Number one. So, um, yeah, also partly it’s a logistical problem right now. We’re dealing with suppliers in Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, uh, all over the world, any country that grows coconuts. We are also, so, um, we’re not just focused on king coconut. We also do the green coconut, which is essentially a cooking coconut.

    Uh, the golden coconut is a drinking coconut. It’s a premium product. The green coconut is basically what you use to make curries. So, um, yeah, my, the, the challenge we had was now, especially because of COVID, um, you know, you can get your, I can get the product, but it’ll sit outside in New York city or Los Angeles and it won’t be.

    Right. That’s a problem. So, so these are the, you know, supply chain issues. Uh, it became very clear last year. So, you know, our, my background is I’m a management consultant and a business advisor by training. So, so basically we looked at all the weaknesses. So we did a very quick SWAT analysis and we said, well, actually, the interesting thing is you may not know this.

    The interesting story is Coca Cola bought this company in Brazil called Zico. And then Pepsi-Cola got onto the bandwagon very soon afterwards. And they bought up all the plantations that were supplying coconut water to Coca-Cola and one morning Coca-Cola woke up and they had no coconut water to sell because.

    Pepsi Cola owned all the supplies. So literally they were importing coconut powder and, and thing, we climbed the tree. So I believe in fact, uh, you know, my, some of my, uh, lawyer friends in New York city are telling me that Coca Cola was sued for false advertising because where they was Coca Cola was selling Zico.

    And they said, we climbed the tree. No, they did not climb the tree for, for the Zico. What they were doing was they were importing, powdered concentrate from Indonesia, Philippines, as they sometimes didn’t even know what the heck they were doing. And they, they put, uh, blended it with water and they sold it.

    And essentially, uh, the, the, the, the, the, um, experience of Coca Cola with coconut water was an absolute disaster. And basically it was the two giants, Pepsi Cola just beat them out completely. And as most, some of you may or may not know Pepsi Cola owns the brand one O N E. And they supply all the coconut water that Pepsi-Cola get from all over the world actually sold at Starbucks.

    So if you go to Starbucks and all the coconut water, that Pepsi Cola, so I saw the fall and Pepsi-Cola killing each other. So we, I sat on the sidelines. Sorry, long answer. Thank you for sharing that insight, Neil, all I can say is you had me at coconut whiskey. Uh, thanks for putting the name game. Let’s go on to Benjamin, Benjamin.

    Welcome to the name game. I remember just tell us the name of your business and your domain name. Yeah, so, um, I was here I think two weeks ago or three weeks ago. Um, we, I spoke with a huge Jeffy and uh, with you Jeffrey and you page as well, uh, where I had to rebrand my company and we finally got a new name.

    Uh, now you two know what I do, but Sharon does not know what I do. Um, so the new domain name is, uh, Hey hire and the company name is going to be Hey higher. Um, it could be pretty obvious, but let’s see what he got Sharon. Okay.

    Yeah. Hey, did you say that’s Benjamin? Is that H a Y? No. H E Y just like, Hey, Hey, H E Y higher. Oh, Hmm. Okay. Interesting. Okay. Hey, H I, so, uh, I guess that would be one of those, uh, radio test issues where we’re having different spellings, but it’s not necessarily, I’m thinking that you’re a recruiting firm or a staffing firm that, uh, people would reach out to, um, for staffing needs.

    And I’m going to say, because it’s sort of the, the, the niche that everybody’s interested in right now, it’s tech. So, um, you’re a tech hiring firm and people reach out to you for their tech staffing needs.

    So I, I really like it Benjamin, and I couldn’t remember if you were going through squad help. Um, but I I’d love to find a little bit more about your process because I talked about derivatives before with the mine name and I think, Hey is right up there, uh, Hey, or get or buy. Um, and I think the fact that you have the alliteration was higher, you know, I think you’ve really done yourself.

    Well, you know, most people think up a name and it’s obviously taken and it’s obvious to me probably that you had to pay up for the name, but I think you really accelerated the acceptance of your company, probably, uh, even at the beginning with investors and partners and strategic relationships, think you are in the hiring space and things like that.

    But I really think you’ve done yourself well with a hire.com. Yeah, I would agree with, um, Paige Benjamin. I think if I remember correctly, it was  me. Um, The name previously. And, and although it had, you know, I was thinking about an app and we kind of picked out employment from the ploy. I agree with page a hundred percent, I think app, uh, Hey, hire is so much more, um, demonstrative, um, and straightforward and, um, easier to remember, easier to spell.

    Um, so I think you’ve done a great job of finding, um, an updated, uh, brand, uh, for your business. So congrats to that. Yup. Thank you very much. And, uh, Sharon, uh, we do, uh, hospitality hiring if it’s restaurants, bars, uh, even retail as well. Uh, we simplified and re re re imaged and reinvented the whole way. Uh, job seekers apply to local businesses around them.

    Uh, these days, uh, slowly, slowly taking over cities, Austin, we’re already established in Austin. Uh, growing in New York city now and expecting to grow to the whole east coast and west coast by end of this year. That’s great. Then you’ve been, um, do you have a tagline that you use that, that would pull people more directly into the niche?

    So, uh, we have two, uh, one of them is the application app. So it’s technically an application you submit applications from. Uh, and then the other one is help, wanted redefined because we just reinvented the whole way job seekers apply if they had it to an establishment or if they were to reach them through social media or if they were to reach them through their website.

    And it’s all done through. Yeah, I do really like the second one, the help wanted redefined. And I think that would, I would re I would refine that even more. Um, if I could give you that advice to, to be more oriented to the niche, because I think the application one, um, because application refers to so many things now.

    And when you think, when you say application, a lot of people, I think, think phone apps or those kinds of things. So I’d love to see, I don’t want to see you derailed, um, you know, and sending someone on someone’s thought processes go off that way instead of to the application of, of, um, for a job. Yeah.

    Thank you. Well, I’ll definitely think about it. And if you have any ideas for good taglines, uh, doors open, I appreciate it, guys. Thank you very much. And I really got a little more validation, uh, and, uh, page. Yeah, we purchased the domain from, uh, Dan dot. Uh, it was pretty hefty price for domain name, but we decided to go with it.

    I’m still waiting to get the domain name transferred to me. It’s been taking this some time. I’m hoping they’re not, you know, I’m kind of scared now, but I’m waiting patiently and I’m hoping to get presented with a payment option or did you just do the one? So, because we are still researching, uh, trademark, um, trademarks, and I don’t want to like, just full fledge on the domain.

    So I did, I did like the month to month, but, um, yeah, they kind of get the green light from my attorney. I’m paying the whole price for it. Yeah. Certainly give you some great flexibility. And then on your tagline, I think it does make sense to hint people toward hospitality and maybe there’s some alliteration with, Hey, hire hospitality or something with the ages there.

    So good luck to you been, thank you guys. I appreciate. Yeah. And you could do, um, um, you know, uh, re re re reworking, you know, reworking, reworking hiring for hospitality or something like that. I think you can play off of the alliteration is Paige said, but thanks for coming back and great job. And it really is kind of fun to see someone returned to the name game with a redo or an upgrade to the name that they pitched the first time around.

    Um, and, and see how well you did. So thanks for that, Benjamin and, and best of luck with, Hey, hire let’s. Thank you guys. You’re welcome. Let’s go to Scott next Scott. Remember just tell us the name of your business and your domain name. Great, uh, Jeffrey Page Sharon. Thanks for the opportunity and, uh, just great for all the clubhouse community.

    The name of my business is swinging sticks. The URL is swinging sticks.com. That’s spelled with an X at the end, swinging with no G swing.

    Okay, whose turn is it to page

    page? Do you want to go? No, no, no, go ahead.

    Um, yeah, cause you guys usually give me one. That’s not easy to even figure out. So I’m going to try this one and say that swinging sticks, um, has to do it with the golfing. I’m going to go there and I’m going to go, um, that it is an app. Did you say it was a dot-com Scott? Yes. Hm. Okay. Um, I was going to go with an, with an app, but then you might’ve gone with that as the extension, but I’ll stick there anyway.

    Um, that’s related to helping you improve your golf swing and, um, swinging sticks is yeah. An app that helps you sort of like, you know, um, refine your golf swing by taking a look at it and making some suggestions and giving you the opportunity to improve your game. Okay. Great. Great. All right. I’m going to go with a fitness product.

    Somehow you’ve taken sticks or pieces of wood, and I do the swinging sticks workout to give me a cardio in front of my mirror, swinging sticks. I’m swinging sticks. I’m swinging sticks. I wonder, I can’t believe swinging sticks. The one thing you have with the way you’ve gone with is you have two words and each word has its natural spelling and it’s, it’s tricky spelling.

    So you have sticks being STI C K X, then STI C K, and then you have swinging and swinging. So you, you may find yourself having to repeat it more often than not. Um, but I think that’s a great name to start out with, and I’ll go with some type of fitness pro. Thanks so much Paige. And just, and just to clarify, it is, uh, at the end is S T I X.

    Yeah, no, I think that was page is point and I agree with page. Okay. The radio perspec radio tie. Gotcha. I got ya. Okay. You fail on, on both sides. Both words fail, right? Because it’s not swinging with the G and it’s not sticks spelled correctly. So your home you’re always going to be faced with the mail is such a harsh word.

    I like to say that you might be confused with other options. Fail. Yeah. I said, I said, he failed the radio test. It’s called the route test. So therefore you fail it. I didn’t say it was a failed name on the card. I kind of, I kind of liked the name once you get to know it and understand it. And, and my guests for the business, I’m going to go slightly different page.

    I’m going to say it’s a toy. I feel like that sticks with an X works really well for kids, um, and has been used for other toys. And I feel like swinging sticks is a toy that may be, um, is, is a cooler, a neater or an upgraded version of some of those sticks that you juggle things with or do some things with.

    But I just feel like swinging sticks is a great name brand for some kind of a toy. And obviously sticks will be part of that toy. So that’ll be my guess. Scott had it. Guys, uh, this has been such an amazing exercise. Thank you for having this group. Uh, so swinging sticks is a matchmaking app for golfers.

    So Sharon was pretty close. Uh there’s uh, yeah, there’s, there’s not a lot of, uh, you know, there’s one or two competitors in this space. They’ve got different branding. They haven’t really captured market value. Uh, and there’s a tremendous need here. So I’m launching on the iOS app store. It is an app, uh, and it’s a really S you know, as a solo golfer or part of a group, any group, fewer than four golfers, you have no control over who you’re going to get paired with.

    And it’s anywhere from two to four hours, anywhere from 20 to 120 bucks, plus the clubs, plus the lessons to learn that, you know, it’s a huge investment to just fumble with the social aspects. So that’s where this comes in. So I am seeking, uh, I’m looking at, uh, equity funding with a VC model, uh, aggressive growth.

    Uh, I I’ve partnered I’m in Pinellas county. So Tampa St. Pete area, I’ve partnered with a local pro uh, we’re looking to have a small, just one course that has about 18,000 folks a month. Um, and yeah, so I would, I’m looking for a, kind of like a business coach or like a, you know, investor coach. And, and with that, you know, my name’s Scott ravey, founder of swinging six matchmaking app for golfers and I’ll, I’ll I’ll tune off.

    Thanks so much, guys. Thanks so much. So Scott, when you say matchmaking, you really, when I thought matchmaking, I thought you were like match.com, but you’re actually talking about like, if you want to round out your force them. So you’re really setting out, setting up a, um, a golfing platform that allows people to fully set up their, uh, their day, you know, their day of golfing so that they have their foursomes rounded out.

    Right. Well, and not just, yeah. That’s yes. Uh, but not just limited to the force and like, you know, this is for the person that, uh, maybe is in multiple cities. Like if I know that I’m going to be in Nashville next week and I’m a bogey golfer, right. I can create an event and either make that event public or private, you know, if it’s private thing like subgroups, maybe it’s my insurance buddies.

    Maybe it’s my high school buddies and I can emit a signal invitation signal. And if it’s a public invite, then I might get. Seven people that have expressed interest when I’m really looking to just golf with one. And once I’ve gotten those invites, those hits, or once people have responded to my invite, then I can swipe left and swipe.

    Right. And it’s based on, um, you know, handicap, you know, do you want to walk or ride, uh, you know, gamble, no gamble, drink, no drink, smoke, no smoke. Um, also there’s there’s air to remove ambiguity. Like, Hey, I’m a married guy. I’m looking to find another buddy in the area and get better golf. Hey, I’m a single guy looking to find us, look at a golf with a single gal, you know, or, you know, whatever that combination may be.

    So there’s, there’s fun with the name, you know, it kinda it’s like tongue in cheek. It reminds I really modeled it after Spanx. Um, you know, kind of thinking about their naming convention. Uh, yeah, sorry, sorry. Sorry to run on sounds like a great business opportunity. Yeah, it’d be interesting to see how it goes.

    Um, you know, and I think, you know, obviously starting with one course and then growing from there, um, there’s a big opportunity for works page. We’re going to say something, oh, I just wanted to throw out, cause I couldn’t resist. You do have this opportunity to be edgy and cute and then apply it back to golf, which is safe and platonic.

    So, you know, do you swing, you know, like my, well, what do you mean? I was talking about golf. I think that, I don’t know. It’s going to be sometimes probably hard to strike just the right chord of edgy, but still real, you know what I mean? But you know, I think that people do want to have fun and I think, you know, it’ll be interesting to see if you’re able to do that, but yeah, it does open up a lot of places.

    Definitely allows you to do the differentiation and allows you to, to move out in the marketplace, um, in a, in a way that, um, you know, doesn’t, uh, it’s gonna be hard for other competitors to, uh, to shut you down. I think in that scenario. Okay, great. Uh, I would love to have some one-on-one conversations again, you know, I’m looking to raise some capital to get running, uh, and you know, just thanks for the opportunity.

    Great. Well, feel free to reach out to people in the back channel. And if you’re listening and have some help for Scott, you can tap his profile and get more information. Thanks, Scott. Thanks for playing the name game. We got a bunch of people on stage and we’re coming up to about 13 minutes or 18 minutes, whatever.

    I can’t do math in my head anymore, whatever we’re coming up close to the top of the hour. So I want to make sure we have time to quickly get through everyone who’s already on the stage. So let’s move on to Mitchell Mitchell. Welcome to the new. We’re good. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening everyone.

    My am Mitchell. My name, the name of my brand is fruit Z and the domain name is food. Z N g.com. Fruit Z. So the way you’re saying, and I assume it’s spelled F R U I T Z. Why is that correct? No, that’s wrong. That’s F R U I T Z Y. That’s what I said. We say Z, you say so we said the same thing. No, no worries. No worries.

    So it’s one of the wonderful things about clubhouse is how global it is. And since you have a dot and G I presume you were in Nigeria, so welcome. And, um, I like Zed better than Z, actually. So thanks for correcting me. Thank you. So since I’m already yapping, I’ll go first fruit, Z fruit, Z. So since you’re using the country code, I I’m presuming that it’s a local business.

    So fruit Z. Um, I’m gonna say fruit Z is, uh, like a, not a power bar, but a, but a, a bar, you know, a snack bar that’s made of, you know, dried fruits. So fruit C is a really good, healthy snack made from local fruits and sold locally in Nigeria. That’s going to be my guess. No, it’s funny. You use the NG and I thought you said energy, so I can’t quite get off an energy beverage.

    So I’m going to go with an energy beverage fruit based, and I know that you may not be , but because I first heard energy. I think that, um, you know, that may be something you run into, but that’s what I’ll go with Sharon. Yeah. I’m going to stick pretty close to what you guys are talking about. And I’m going to go with like a smoothie company.

    It’s a fruit based smoothie that you sell locally. Maybe it’s maybe you have a pop-up kiosks or something like that, and you sell a fruit-based smoothie to be good. Good, good, good. Yeah, we’ll do quite good. Correct? Correct. Sorry. All we do is a way to, um, look up processing value, addition and, um, packaging and bottling of our local foods.

    We bought two we process, but to freeze, to direct customers, we have pop-up shops. Like she said, like Sharon said, uh, we have proposed shops in them, you know, parts of town where we have. I come to pick up our products on daily basis, early hours of the morning, as soon as results keep that day immune boosted.

    And, um, how would you try to date? Great. Uh, yeah, I think fruity is a great name for what you’re doing. Um, I like it it’s brandable and I think as long as you spell it, I mean, pronounce it the way you did fruit Z as opposed to fruit. See, I think most people will, will recognize the Zed in there. Yes. So, yeah, that’s just the concept of mentioning the name.

    So what we’re actually doing currently, we we’re trying to scale into new markets, um, building, um, scalable model for Nigeria and Africa along the coastline of south south of . So we’re working on, um, raising funds to improve, um, you know, revenue. We know production capacity along the coastline of south south part of Nigeria.

    So we are dominating the parts clarification area, and our mood did very well. You can actually check up on Instagram page for the NG on the food’s here on the call.  see what we do with one setting awards in Nigeria, one grants also globally and locally also. Um, we’ve just been in the market for three years, actually easily just younger brand.

    And, um, we’re trying to put a lot of energy to build a brand on that. Create more awareness for health, health, health, health, health. Okay, great. Well, congratulations on all the success and progress you’ve made so far and thank you for playing the name game. And the only last thing I’ll leave you with because we want to keep moving.

    So we get to everyone is if you are thinking of expanding beyond the local market in Nigeria, you may want to consider getting fruit Z spelled the way you spell it with the Zed, with some other extensions that will we’ll take it beyond. Thank you very much for that. Thank you, Mitchell. Let’s go on to Chris, Chris.

    Welcome to the name game. Hey, what’s happening? Jeff. Jeff fade Sharon. Good to meet you. I’m Chris company is savor the passion. The domain is savor the passion.com saber the passion Sharon. You want to go first

    saber the passion I’m going to go with. Um, I just took a little peek at your profile, just from the room. I’m thinking that you are a, um,

    to, um, offer services to upscale clientele, where you would come in and do some. You know, prepare menu items for them. And I’m going to say it’s everything literally soup to nuts, including like, like wine. So you’re going to pair thing with particular wine, um, full experience, the full passionate experience of, of food,

    Paige. I’m up. Okay. Saver the passion. Yeah. I think your profile picture gives us a little bit of a hint because it sure looks like you’re cooking there. I didn’t tap on it. I’m just looking at it small. Um, savor the passion. I think, um, you know, sometimes phrases, even though they’re long can be nice cause they give you some direction.

    So savor the passion. Now I’m going to say, um, You are a it’s similar to Sharon, I’m going to, I’d be a little bit more specific in that you’re a personal chef or, you know, a private chef, um, that does, um, cooking for small events or for wealthy individuals for small intimate dinner parties they may have at their homes.

    And really when they hire you, they’re going to get to save or the passion you have for cooking and preparing food. And maybe because you’re so passionate about it, the experience of having you cook for them is not just the food itself, but the talking and the way you engage with them while you’re cooking.

    And they real, and you really kind of share your passion, um, as part of the experience of being a private. Well, I really liked the way the words go together. It’s funny. Sometimes you can think, boy, every phrase is taken and every phrase has been used. And here you have some powerful imagery with savor and passion.

    So congratulations. I’m going to go with, uh, relationship coaching, um, you know, the, the spark that started everything, maybe it needs savoring. And so I’m gonna go with relationship advice. Uh, I almost went travel, but I’m going to go relationship advice, but I’d be interested to whether you, it just came to you, it was part of your marketing or how you came up with it, because it really does sound like something that should be part of our everyday talk.

    You know, like people say it all the time. I really like it.

    Okay, Chris, how did we do. Cool. So, uh, Jeffrey Sharon YouTube bass got the idea page. Maybe don’t take relationship advice from me. I don’t recommend that. Um, as far as what I do yet, it’s clientele. Yes. I work as a personal chef, but really what I’m working on is making, ordering a chef as easy as a pizza. I do that by streamlining the process for chefs to read the line or restaurant kitchens to start working as personal chefs.

    And I’m working to also make it a more consistent experience from the host side. So that way, regardless of where you are, where you’re  or where you live, you can order through us and you have a good idea of what kind of experience to expect. Currently I have 314 chefs on a wait list waiting to sign up with me.

    That’s it? That’s all. That’s awesome, Chris. So you’ve got a platform that really helps other chefs. It’s not just you, which is. Yeah, and I think that’s awesome situation to be in, obviously, um, there’s a similar, I made me think of like Robin hood, you know, when you create this, this idea that has such a launchpad that you acting to get onto it before five of us, and that means your trajectory is going to go crazy, um, to obviously work out logistics and make sure all those things go smoothly because customer service is going to be your, probably your biggest issue in support.

    Um, because when people spend on a high ticket item, they’re going to want to make sure that they’re getting the requisite high ticket experience. So good luck with that. Great. Well, thank you, Chris. And thank you for playing the name game. We’re going to keep knocking through the remaining people on stage and Paige and Sharon, instead of worrying about the order.

    Just, you know, if you, if you’re ready to go, when someone gives us their name, just go ahead and unmute and dive in and, and we’ll knock through this. Um, let’s go to Michael next, Michael. Welcome to the name game. Hello. Thank you for letting me play this game. This is really cool game because I’m interested.

    If you guys can guess what my, uh, what my name, my company name is or what it is. So it’s pop CLO it’s pop CLO, uh, and my domain is pop glow app.com.

    Well, I’ll go with pop clothing. So pop CLO when it’s funny. Cause I thought. You really don’t hear that, that much. Like, oh man, you know, I got to upgrade my CLO or something like that, but you could maybe help that become a thing, you know? Um, and, uh, and, uh, I’ll go with, you know, when I say pop clothing, then I said, well, what do I mean by that?

    But I guess it would be this idea that now that maybe we don’t have these work suits that we have to wear or even dress casual, we kind of do what we want. We work from home. So maybe pop clothes, just wear what you want and have it be fun. Uh, Jeffery or Sharon, I was going to go with something that’s like a vertical to like thread up or, um, locally, like Plato’s closet, those kinds of things where you can on this app, um, put your newly, um, gently used popular clothing that you’ve just bought from, you know, H and M or wherever you’re buying your stuff from.

    Um, Lucky brands and, and put it up on this app and then you can resell it when it’s no longer fits into your, your style. All right. Um, so I’m going to go. I was also thinking in terms of CLO for clothing, but since both Paige and Sharon went that route, I’ll just go in a completely different direction. Um, and I’m going to say that pop CLO is the CLO in this case is for closing.

    And I think pop CLO is in. Um, almost like, you know, you’ve got rocket mortgage and these things that just make it easy to do something pop close in app that makes it really easy for you to close on something. So maybe it’s even like a mobile notary public. I know this is way out there from the name, but I’m going to say that pop CLO is like an app for motory, um, mobile rotary, mobile notary Republic, notary public.

    Sorry. I’m getting caught, caught my own words tonight. Um, you know, so you can use the app to find someone who’ll come to you and help you do a closing. So, uh, all over the place there. So Michael. So Sharon was actually the closest, um, what pop glow is, is a, it’s a new social networking platform to sorta like thread up or sort of like Depop, um, those are more marketplace apps.

    This is more to show the clothes that you’re buying, um, and show like what’s in your closet essentially. Um, what clothes you’re buying, what you’re proud of your favorite items. If you have, you know, if you’re a shoe collector, a watch collector, whatever it may be. Um, it’s a virtual closet app to, you know, show, show your closet with your friends, show your closet with the world is our, is our, um, is our slogan or whatever.

    Well, that’s cool. So CLO is really related to closet too. Not just clothes. Yeah. It’s pop. So like the whole idea is like pop notification closet. So it’s like pop closet pop CLO is where we got the, the app name. All right. Well, it sounds like a great app. Um, good story behind it and pop clothes. I think it’s catchy, but it, but it requires some explanation.

    Definitely. Yeah. Great. Well, thank you, Michael. Let’s keep it going so we can get to everyone on the stage. We’re at the top of the hour, um, Louis or Louis. Uh, welcome to the name game. Thank you. Thank you for the opportunity. Uh, Louis. Uh, so the company name it’s front end solutions and the website is front-end dot I N K

    solutions. Um, I was with your all the way until the ink, and I know that they targeted a lot of the tattoo companies with. And I don’t know if that’s, who ended up using it because it could be just content, but front end solutions for me, the ink takes away from it. So I’m just going to pretend like I didn’t hear that.

    And front end solutions, I’m going to go with a web design company that helps you design your websites and everything. Um, and I think front end.solutions would have been great. I’m sure it’s taken, but if not, you could get that. But, um, that’s my guess web development. Yeah. I was gonna go, you know, looking at your, your, the image in your profile with all the colored dots, front end solutions and the dot Inc.

    You know, I’m not sure how the front end fits, but I’m going to go with, with, um, you know, sometime of some type of a printer. Um, you know, printing, um, either a printing facility, either online based or a physical location where I bring stuff to get printed. Um, but, but a printing house, you know, digital printing house, front end solution.

    So if I need to get a print job done, I’m going to go to front end dot Inc. I’m going to take, um, pages, uh, lead and skip the ink since I’m not familiar with what that would be. And I’m going to say, I’m going to go back towards our previous, uh, audience member, Chris, cause he had food service or, or was in the food industry.

    And I’m going to say that the front end of a restaurant is, is all your, um, your staffing, your waitress is your hostesses, all the people, maitre D all those people on the front end and that you are a staffing firm that helps people, um, find good front end, um, front of house personnel. Louis. How did we do?

    Uh, well, yeah, Cheryl, uh, it’s the front end of, um, the stores, what we referring to stores and restaurants. Um, I went, when I was in marketing in college and I learned about the front end of businesses. It’s what gives the face to the customers now with the apps and everything I think is used more for developing apps and, and, um, computers.

    But, um, we started with finance solutions. Um, so we are a printing company. We do screen printing embroidery, uh, vehicle wraps. And I used to have friends solutions.net because front end.com was taking by a debit network, developing, um, company. So recently I found out that, uh, dark ink was available. So that’s why we change it to make the, the URL shorter and a little bit showing a little bit what we do with the ink.

    Yeah. I think it worked for me. I mean, the ink made me go down the printing path. So, um, you know, and, and, and front end is, is a word that’s easy to recognize and spell and remember, and that’s an example I think of when, you know, if you have a somewhat generic dictionary word to the left of the dot, you know, that isn’t necessarily clearly indicating a particular vertical or what you do, you can use an extension.

    That means something to steer people in the right direction. So front end.com, for example, I would have no indication and I probably never would have. Printing from front end.com, but front end dot Inc. Steered me towards printing as a possibility. So I think in that regard you did a good job. Okay. And it’s funny because sometimes we used to get calls from people trying to find a place to fix their front end of the car.

    So that’s why we added that to kind of make it more clear what we do. Yeah. I think it has. Yeah, I do like the idea of extending it. I was wondering if you, if, since you’re going to go in that vein of, of using that extension as an extension of your name that maybe putting solutions before the ink, maybe doesn’t do as much good as it could possibly do.

    If you had front end ink or, or some front end printing, or I don’t know, something, the solutions to me, um, throws me off a little bit, but good luck with it. Yeah. As well, now we’re trying to drop solutions and just become Fernando Inc. Uh, but I still need to work on the legal part of that. Great. Yeah. I think that would be good page.

    Yeah, I think, um, like you say, it’s almost too short to be with the dot Inc. Um, there’s a lot of availability and dotting, so a lot of words are available to get it. Um, I think your business is going to be successful based upon how you treat customers, repeat business and referrals. So it may not be, you know, uh, everything in your brand, like a fashion company, but I would still keep an eye out with some type of small focus group testing among your friends to see if it’s tricky, if they don’t quite get it.

    If you have to repeat it a lot, and I have a feeling you may upgrade or go in a different direction over the next year, but I would use, um, asking people around you what they think and test out some solutions with a third word in.com or front end in a different extension. I would suggest. All right, well, thank you very much for your time.

    Thank you, Louise. Thank you for playing the name game. We’ve got two more contestants left, so we’re a little bit overtime tonight, but it’s been a great show with some great businesses. Um, let’s go to Christian next. Welcome to the name. Hey everyone. I love the game. My name, uh, the name of my company is infinite legacy planning and my websites, infinite legacy planning.com should be pretty easy, but I’m just excited to show off my brand new red balloon.

    Yes. Happy birthday. Happy clubhouse birthday, Christian. Thank you. Uh, infinite, what was it? I know I talked too much and I forgot infinite. Go ahead. Tell me again, legacy planning, infinite planning. So I’m going to, oh, sorry. Go ahead. Go ahead, Sharon. You go. Ah, I just figured since I was able to say it first, I got the guest’s first, um, infinite legacy planning is, uh, is a, um, uh, a company that does.

    Um, like what I’m trying to articulate, um, when you want to do like memoirs or you want to have your, um, your legacy, remember, do you want to create a memoir, either like written memoir or you want to have, um, videos, if you are having issues with memory and things like that. This is a company that allows you to put your memories, um, in a format that, you know, the next generations are going to be able to, um, to refer back to and to use.

    So that’s what I think it is. So I I’m, I have, um, a novel that I’ve been writing slowly but surely for a number of years that based on cryogenics. So I’m going to. Take a stab at that. Although I like what Sharon was saying, and I’m going to say that infinite legacy planning is actually a CR a cryogenics company.

    If I want to have my head cut off and frozen, I’m going to go to infinite legacy planning because I want to be preserved infinitely, or at least until the technology can unfreeze my head and slap it on a brand new body page. Well, I’m, I’m just rocked with, you know, Jeff sass forever. Uh, I was in the financial planning business.

    So for me, this goes to creating wealth, managing your wealth, uh, creating a legacy for not only your family, but your extended family for years to come. So I’m going to go with financial consultant, uh, using, uh, different traditional and non-traditional products to, uh, create a legacy type. And, uh, I think as Jeff mentioned, he had, when you have three words, especially three longer words, people have to make sure they get them in the right order.

    There may be a chance over time that you go with an initials, like, you know, infinite legacy planning, ILP, you know, or something just cause it’s really hard to text and people text so much now in pissy, leggy, infinite, whatever it is, uh, so long, but I’ll go with a family wealth planning, Christian, have we do a page nail it?

    I do investments, insurance, mortgages, taxes, estate planning, and legacy planning for families. Uh, I tried infinite legacy.com. That was the name of the company. And it was about $20,000 to buy that domain. So I went with infinite legacy planning.

    Yeah, well, the planning actually, although it’s longer, it does make it more descriptive cause um, infinite legacy.com could be a lot of different things that I’m not sure if, if, um, Paige would’ve guessed as sharply as he did, if it was just infinite legacy without the word planning in there. So that’s an example where sometimes the longer, more descriptive word is helpful, but I love Sharon’s answer.

    That was really good. But what about me? You don’t want to freeze my head outside of my experience. Yeah. I’m interested in hearing what this novel idea is. Jeffrey. That’s kind of a, I don’t, I’m not sure where I, where I I’ll send you, uh, some pages, if you’d like pages and pages and pages to. Thank you, Christian for playing the name game and our last contestant tonight is Toby.

    Toby. Welcome to the name game. Tell us the name of your business and your domain name. Thank you so much. I really love this game. Um, thank you for putting this together. So my business name is wow X and the domain name is wow. x.com. Well, accent is just w O w X there’s no hyphen or anything in there, correct.

    Okay. W O w I having X oh, w a O w I X? Yes. W w Ivan.

    Yeah, I think w a O w I X wax

    w w. And he’s got a hyphen in a Jeff. So, um, so I think this is a case where you obviously tried a lot of things that you wanted and they were taken. So you kept, I’d be like in real estate, you kept moving out, out from the city center where you wanted to live and you moved out and you moved out and you moved out and you moved out and you had to go to three letters for wow.

    And you had to make a w a O w and then you had to add the X and then that was taken. So you add the hyphen and I think that you can still plan your business with this name, but I think, you know, I would do some small focus groups and see how much it is hard to remember. Um, and I think you’ll end up upgrading, but this is okay to start with, but it really is hard to tell what you do.

    If people have time to ask the question, what do you do? And how do you spell it again? You’ll but what I’m interested in is maybe upgrading your name so that you won’t have to take a lot of time just to have them understand what your company is, but I’m going to say the w a O w is an acronym for something like, you know, it’s not world of Warcraft.

    Cause that’s w O w so it’s, uh, wanted, uh, all our world or something. And so it’s an acronym and you’re a fashion brand. I’m going to go with wax, a fashion brand with the acronym. W H O w uh, Sharon, or Jeff’s you stole mine. Cause I was going to go with the fashion brand before you said that, um, uh, yeah, I can go fashion brand.

    I’ll go radio station, w a O X. All right, go ahead. Karen. You can do. Okay, I’m going to go with a fashion brand, um, that like maybe it’s urban, um, focused fashion brand. Um, and that, one of the things I was going to say is that you do have an issue with the radio test that we mentioned before, which is when you, um, say the name that it’s, there’s a confusion as to how to spell it.

    So that creates an opportunity. Uh, it creates, uh, a detriment to you from that standpoint, but an opportunity because then it gets people on the hook to say, wait, how do you spell that? Wait, what is that? And the more you have people asking that question, sometimes the radio test can work in your, uh, failing.

    The radio test can work in your benefit because it makes people lean in and want to know more. So, um, but I’m going to go with a nerve and fashion brand. Well, you wow. X with then there’s a hyphen in it too. I believe. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. I wonder if, wow. Kind of like what Paige said, being an acronym, a wonder if w a O w actually stands for something in a particular industry that, that I may not be aware of.

    And if I knew what wow, wow. Was the X is kind of like the X factor. So if I’m trying to, to get better at whatever w a O w stands for then, um, well, X is going to help me do that because it’s gonna, it’s gonna unlock the X factor within. Wow. I just have no freaking clue what w AOW is. So that’s about the best I can do at this late hour.

    Uh, Toby, how did we do, yes. It didn’t really agree. It’s really. Um, so, uh, Denise is wow X because we couldn’t get w O w so we just impute into each Sudan makes some kind of wow X and the X date is experience, but the world doesn’t stand for. And I mean, it’s not an acronym. It’s just wow. Experience. I certainly mentioned something about, um, is to our advantage whenever anybody asks to help us to actually tell them what we do and what we do is media and marketing.

    So we have startup, I mean, put strategies together and how they can actually enter into the market. And what we do is that we do it, I mean, subscription. So whenever I started coming to us, we did, um, on the marketing and the media aspect of it so that it can fit the business. And, um, we provide updates weekly to them on, um, our, we are in the business and every strategy that we want to use this.

    Um, even when we get to the point of getting approved so that it doesn’t affect the brand and they don’t behave in a way that is not in accordance with the marketing that we are doing out there. So the wow is the wow factor and the X is the experience. So we are a group of individual with innovative and aggressive.

    That’s how we do the marketing. Well, we are into media. So I’m marketing. One thing I would mention Toby is, you know, because the wow X and wow is spelled incorrectly, you know, there is a, a.marketing extension. There’s also a.media extension. So it’s possible that you could get wow, spelled correctly with another extension that not only will help you get.

    Wow. Wow. But also would give an indication that you are an agency. Um, you know, so wow. X, wow. Hyphen x.marketing, um, would be, you know, much more clear as to what you’re doing then. Wow. Spelled incorrectly-x.com. Um, even though.com is the standard, you know, it’s generic. And in this case, you know, you know, it was hard for us to figure out where you were with the misspelled.

    Wow. And the X. So that would be a thought that you might consider. Thank you so much. Yeah, I think Jeff, I think you said it well, I think that you’re, um, you’re, you’re two or three iterations away from your perfect. I couldn’t tell if wow meant something, but I did see that w a O w.agency, which is one of the ones Jeff suggested.

    Um, and the neat thing about a, um, a, a string that says what you do is it is the last thing the person hears. So if you were wow, wow. Dot agency. They’ve got agency on their brain as they, as they go to make their next thought or comment. So I think that, um, you know, you can either do w O w X and another word in calm, or maybe look@thatwww.agency, maybe get both and then ask people in your circle, which one they like better remember because you are going to be advising other people.

    What name you pick is going to be a hint as to how effective you’ve been in your own branding and your own success, coaching and success help. And so I think you could use an upgrade there and it would speak to the fact that they should hire you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. It’s great. That’s great.

    We’re going to look into that. Thank you. Thank you Toby. Thank you, Scott, Mary and everyone else who joined us earlier on stage tonight to play the name game? Um, Sharon, I think if I were keeping score, I think you probably did the best tonight in terms of overall guessing warmest or closest or best, um, and, uh, paid you a, probably second that I’m going to say that I was once again, bringing up the rear, I was bringing it up to the trophy tonight.

    Jeffrey, that never comes my way. I don’t think so. I’ll have to leave place to develop. I think you earned it tonight. Uh, and as always, when we play the name game, you know, obviously we enjoy trying to guess and give you our advice and feedback, but we also really enjoy learning about all the interesting, um, businesses that you’re starting, many of which have some social good aspect of them or a very creative or a serving a local need.

    And we saw a lot of examples of all of those things tonight. So I, for one really enjoyed playing the name game with you and appreciate you taking the time to join us. Pedro Sharon, any closing remarks from.

    Um, I’m going to be opening a new room tomorrow night at seven o’clock Eastern time, um, called books to build your business philosophy on. And, um, it’s re we’re really going to be taught. We’re gonna be talking about the book, delivering happiness from the owner of Zappos. Um, and I invite anybody who wants to come on over there and listen to ’em station.

    We’re going to be trying to do this on a regular basis, talking about great business books out there that have, um, important business philosophy and have a definite ways for you to grow your business, um, that you can borrow from other successful entrepreneurs. So I invite everyone to come on over there at seven.

    Um, it’s on it’s with startup.club and you should get notification if you follow.

    That sounds terrific. Sharon. Well, good luck to everybody. Um, we’ll see you next week. Same time, Jeffrey. And thanks for another great show. Yep. And just a, if you’re interested in more detailed information about domain names, definitely follow page. He also leads a lot of great content over at domain club, uh, which is also a domain.club.

    Um, and that’s the largest club on clubhouse, all about domain names and, um, there’s some really great education going on there. And the last plug I’ll say is Sharon and I also, uh, together host a room Monday nights at 6:00 PM. Eastern called lead with your story. And this room was Sharon’s creation and similar to the name game, you get to go one at a time.

    And here in this case, you get three minutes set to a timer to tell your story, and then we give you feedback on your story. And that could be a personal story, a business story, really anything you want to talk about in that three minute timeframe? So check that out as well, Monday nights. Thanks again, everyone.

    Thanks for joining us for the name game. Make sure to follow the email list, that startup.club, um, and you will find out about this show and other great shows going on here in start-up club. Thanks everyone. Have a great evening. See everyone soon. Okay. Thanks so much. Thank you so much.

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