Episode 29: Can You Guess the Domain?

In the session, we were joined on stage by Safari Remit safariremit.com, Aptus Life aptus.life, and Health and Wealth healthandwealthcoach.com. The first three speakers left our hosts a little baffled! Tune in to hear our expert hosts’ excellent feedback and informative advice! 

Our game rules:

  1. We invite you up on stage
  2. Tell us the name and domain of your company
  3. We will then try to guess exactly what your company does, as well as provide beneficial tips and feedback on your company name/domain.

Listen to the instant feedback the participants received! If you want to test your brand’s name or domain, join us every Wednesday, 6 pm ET, at Startup Club on Clubhouse.

Safari Remit safariremit.com

Page thought the company was a money transfer organization that electronically sends money to people/accounts in another continent, something like “sending money off into the wild.” Sharyn piggy-backed off Page and stayed within the finance industry, rolling with a Venmo competitor. Did Jeff steer off into a new direction? 

Aptus Life aptus.life

Jeff dived in with a ‘what’s going on’ type-site for a specific city or town. ‘If you want to travel to ‘Aptus,’ head to aptus.life, to find out the best activities and experiences in the area!’ Sharyn went with an African social media platform. 

Health and Wealth healthandwealthcoach.com

Did our hosts like the specific, descriptive domain? What advice could they possibly give to the speaker, Helen?

Tune in to the session to play along!

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