The Name Game: Episode 9


Can we guess your business in this week’s episode of The Name Game? If you haven’t played this game before, here’s the basic gist:

  1. We invite you up on stage
  2. You only tell us the name and domain of your company
  3. Our goal is to guess what your company does as well as provide beneficial tips and feedback on your company name/domain

Jeffrey, Paige, and Sharon got stuck into this week’s game with a winning streak. The trio was able to give some ideas and recommendations to the players to consider for their businesses going forward. Jeffrey reiterated that the team’s thoughts are only opinions and can be taken on board or left by each startup founder.

Some of the unique company names we heard…

  • Jeffrey thought the name was brandable but was a little skeptical on the pronunciation of the name, he said, “It could be spelt with T’s…”  Maybe this could be a bidding platform via mobile? 
  • Both Jeffrey and Page agreed Cedar is a great name for the business, assuming the name was related to the cedar tree and the business was about growth and building credit and repairs. 
  • Sharon wondered whether the ‘minor to major’ goes far enough, and questioned whether it’s a mindfulness platform or one that gives people access to mental health experts. Was she spot on?

Listen to the full episode above to hear more about what happened when other startup players took to the stage and if we were able to guess what these businesses actually are all about!


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