US Sourcing Opportunities


We deep dive into sourcing in the USA from suppliers and manufacturers. Afolabi Oyerukon talks us through what to source from the US and what not to; we also discuss researching and changing materials, how and where to find sources, and the best way to communicate with US manufacturers.

Sourcing in the USA is not for everyone

Some products are not suited to US manufacturing; if the product is labor-intensive, these are the products that will not fit into US manufacturing due to the hourly pay rates in the US compared to China.

However, if the product is large and bulky or made from foam, wood, chemicals, metal, plastics, or doesn’t need a lot of labor, these products are excellent to be sourced from the US. 

Consider changing the material

There are many new materials that you can use for the same product with many unknown benefits. Some materials are more eco-friendly, some are stronger or water-resistant, so consider researching what materials are out there for your product before settling on the obvious.

How and where to find sources

Check Thomas Net, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube to find the activities of the suppliers and do a deep dive into finding out more about them. If you contact them only by Email, you may not receive a response. If they are visible on other platforms, such as a video of the factory on YouTube, it shows that the supplier is hungry for business and passionate about their work. 

Understand the culture in the US

The US industry is not yet familiar with eComm sellers. The best way to go about contacting suppliers is to use a script and call them directly via phone. Be careful with your script, ensure your script ties into the emotions and needs of the US manufacturer. Remember to talk numbers and follow up the call with emails.

When asked about your product, use simple words and terms, don’t overcomplicate it. is a website that allows you to see all the products being made in the US. Afolabi uses the website to find high-quality materials and suppliers.

Tune in and listen to the full session above to get hints from Afolabi’s phone script and his hot tips on securing a US manufacturer.


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