The Name Game: Episode 1


We are back with another round of The Name Game! If you haven’t played this participative game with us before, then here’s the basic gist…

  1. We invite you up on stage
  2. Tell us the name and domain of your company
  3. We will then try to guess exactly what your company does as well as provide beneficial tips and feedback on your company name/domain

We heard various creative names that nearly stumped us, such as…

  • Number Two Development- Do they help other companies? Maybe they strive to put the company they are helping first, and they remain second as they guide the company to success?
  • Alt Vibes- Mediation maybe? An app to offer alternative vibes when you may lack relaxation?
  • I Want Cleavage- Could this have anything to do with breast augmentation?

You may be surprised to hear the ultimate goal for some of these companies!

Besides names, we also give feedback on other factors like domain suffixes, such as for…

  • Well .ie is a suffix for Ireland…Does this company aim to reach others on a global scale or are they really just exclusive to Ireland?

Listen in on this fun game above, and hear what all of these companies truly aim to accomplish, and get some valuable feedback.


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