Is Everyone a Unicorn?

    Is Everyone a Unicorn?

    This week on “The Complete Entrepreneur” we focused on the topic of being a unicorn. Now, this is probably not the unicorn you may be thinking of…

    To ask if every business should become a unicorn is the same thing as asking whether a business should aspire to have a multi-million dollar valuation.

    Many companies right away set their eyes on becoming a unicorn, but in the end, they stumble and fall.

    Why is that?

    Well striving to become a unicorn and striving to become successful are two different things!

    To aim for success calls for remaining persistent in progressively scaling your business. This can include beginning with aiming for $1 million, and then once achieving that you aim for $10 million, and so on. 

    “Growth should be a carrot, not a stick.”

    You should use your passion as the driving force for your business, not external factors. From there, as you progress in goals, you can hire like-minded people to establish a culture of distinct values that influence success in each goal you approach.

    So the main question raised was, “Is it essentially bad to aim to become a unicorn?”

    To hear our thoughts as well as a more in-depth explanation of the differences between being a unicorn and being successful, listen to the track above. 

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