Scaling Up the Right Way with Patrick Thean

This week we are joined by Patrick Thean, a serial entrepreneur who authored Rhythm a book highlighting how to achieve breakthrough execution and accelerate growth via finding a “rhythm” in managing your business. 

Thean joined us on Clubhouse to discuss how finding rhythm, through various factors, can prevent businesses from failing. The floor was additionally opened to audience members for Q&A with Thean.

It’s pertinent to find a universal trust with your team and to build reliability in sharing information. Especially for a CEO, vulnerability and clarity are key. There must be a distinct readiness to share personal thoughts and information during meetings because it creates a space that allows everyone to be more open and better resolve issues that may arise. There are greater possibilities of solutions when sharing information in a group as compared to keeping a thought to oneself and remaining silent.

When it comes to being a founder or CEO and maintaining a positive acceleration for your company, having a professional business coach can be extremely useful as well. To truly find success, it is important to attain a little help along the way. As an athlete trains themselves to become better, an entrepreneur should also be trained to become better. A coach can help bring a new perspective to adjustments that could be implemented via focus and alignment. 

“As an athlete trains themselves to become better, an entrepreneur should also be trained to become better.”

With the help of a coach, changes can be made to put one’s business in a better direction. Once steered in the right direction, a business may come across customers and fans. Both sound similar, right? Well, customers are simply taking part in the action as they purchase a product from the business. Fans, on the other hand, bring heart into the picture. A fan does more than just buy a product because they buy into your business and better promote and support your business through various means – donations, crowdfunding, word of mouth recommendations, and reviews, fans talk about you or your product as much as possible because they believe in it. 

To run a business, there’s a need for alignment and a business owner must focus on building their best business by embracing vulnerability, staying focused, being clear in expression, and trusting in their team. Otherwise, there won’t be many customers nor fans.

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