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Monday Domains – EP03

[00:00:00] It’s time for Monday domains.

Hey, Olivia, I got your message earlier.

Oh, oh no. I just wanted to say welcome everybody, but I got Rachel’s message that they wouldn’t be recording today. Oh, okay. Well that’s quite an abrupt change. Okay. I’ll try to flex that. Okay. Uh, sounds good. I’ll let you know when to start. Is that okay? About five minutes. All right. All right. Welcome everybody to Monday domains.

I’m going to invite a few folks in because we are going to have a round table today. And my goal for today’s show is to talk about appraisals. So, [00:01:00] if you want to, after I do about a little 10 minute introduction, we’re going to do a thing where if you want to get your name appraised, I want to call people up.

And if you provide three appraisals to other people, then you can submit your name for an appraisal. And I’m not sure quite how it’s going to work, but like a lot of stuff on clubhouse, you start trying to do it one way and then you see how it goes and we adjust as we go. But I think it might give us, uh, an interesting take on appraisals.

Um, after I cover my thoughts on the current available appraisal systems. So it’s going to be a good show today on Monday domains. And let me, uh, Let me invite a few people in. If you got anything going on, you want to talk about, jump on up as a speaker and a, [00:02:00] and we’ll do some pre show.

Come one, come all to Monday domains.

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Can I just have any questions today you want me to talk about in the pre show, you can back channel me by hitting my profile [00:04:00] and then let’s see you hit the little airplane, or if you hit the little airplane and I already know you, then you can message me. And, um, if you don’t follow somebody already, what’ll happen is your back channel message will become a request for them.

And instead of having to, um, accept their requests and then chat, all you do is you reply to the request and that an ex in that sense makes you follow the person. And so then you can chat with each other. So that’s the back channel and it’s quite a handy feature. I’m a big fan. So I do want to talk to appraisals today, all about domain name, appraisals.

We’re going to talk about the appraisal systems, and then we’re going to do some group appraising later where, um, I’ll invite people [00:05:00] up to want to have their name appraised. And then each time I invite four people up, um, we’ll do four names from the people in that group. And, uh, you’ll have to appraise three other people’s names to be able to get your domain appraised.

And what I’m going to do is I’m going to do them in groups where we group, you know, like a hundred thousand dollars and above names or 50,000 to a hundred thousand names or 10,000 to 50,000 re names or names that were registered in the past two weeks and kind of put those in the same group. And I think that that should be fun, but we’ll see if we get there and if not, we’ll do it next week, but we’re going to get started talking about domain appraisals.

After I handled the news of the week and some deals.

All right, Olivia, we about ready? Oops. Hold on a second.[00:06:00] 

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All right. So what I’ll do is I’m just going to record Olivia. I’m just going to record the part at the beginning today. Um, and we’re not gonna record the appraisals and since I won’t have any speakers, then, um, you have my permission to record.

Alright, I’m gonna assume she probably welcome everybody to Monday domains. Um, Monday domains comes to you every Monday at 11:00 AM Eastern, and it is the weekly news and deals and tips show, um, in domain club. And my name is Paige Hal, and I’ve been a domain investor for the [00:07:00] past 25 years, and I’ve probably bought and sold over 50,000 names and I’ve sold over $10 million worth of names.

Um, I’ve been on the registry side, operating a registry. I’ve been an applicant for a new TLD. I do marketing for a, uh, a country code TLD. Um, at different times I’ve had my own marketplaces and had my own newsletter. And then I bought in consulted with people on the buy side when they’re trying to buy domains or when they’re trying to brokering domains.

So I try to bring a real world perspective with real-world examples to help people, uh, in three groups, anyone who owns a domain name that needs to know how to manage the domain name that they own, even though it’s very simple, just to register a domain name and to put your email address in and put your physical address.

And it doesn’t seem like we have to put the fax number in, uh, [00:08:00] although as a sign of just how. Fashion the industry is you’re still being asked for your fax number. Uh, from the days when to register a domain name in the late mid nineties, you would have to, you would call and you would register a domain name and then they would fax you a bill or an invoice.

And then you would mail that, which meant going to a mailbox, which used to be located on different street corners around your town. And you would put that in and your package would be conveyed over cars, trains, and automobiles to its destination. Anyway, just kidding there about retro mailing and faxing.

But I think that, um, That when you, when you own and manage a domain name, you, you want to make sure you renew it, but you all just want to make sure that you attend to all the other responsibilities that come with owning this [00:09:00] domain name, which in some cases is simply administratively your license, which is very similar to your address or your DMV registration or your property taxes.

But in other ways, it’s, it’s the brand that your company is known by online and your email address. It is the way that people contact you to buy product. It’s the way the people contact you to send you money for the products that you buy and sell. It’s also the brand that you use to market your product.

So it’s a very unique asset and it’s become more valuable over time and a few things. The, the amount of paperwork or the amount of energy or the amount of responsibilities that used to be in a company that was maybe in the purchasing department or the assets department or the real estate management of a huge company.

You have to think that today these digital domain names, these digital assets are just as valuable. So the [00:10:00] first constituency for Monday domains is if you own a domain name or many domain names, and you have to know how to manage and administer them. The second group I talked to is those people that invest in domain names.

You may be buying more than one domain name to build it out. I think the number one core reason that domain investing makes sense is it allows you to buy the root asset of a website. Most of the time at a wholesale cost. So when you build your website, instead of having to go buy the domain name from someone else at retail, by being a domain investor, you were able to buy it at a wholesale or retail price.

And the difference between that, which you may have had to pay, if you had to buy it at retail gives you a leg up from the start on your website. So I’ve always go back to the fact that when I’m buying domain names, sometimes it can be a [00:11:00] dangerous rationalization, but most of the time, first and foremost, if I buying them against other wholesale buyers and I’m buying them in places where I’m getting them for a fraction of what they may have cost me, if I had to buy them from a retail store and other domainer the number one reason I’m investing in domains is to buy future websites and have my cost of acquisition of the domain.

Be at the wholesale level. Second way to invest in domain names is to invest in high quality. Premium 4, 5, 6, and seven figure domain names where you are either trying to protect your capital in an inflationary environment by owning a digital asset, or you’re trying to trade or hold for long-term investments, high value domain assets.

And I put those people in a different category than those people that might be investing domain names in domain names for quantity, [00:12:00] domain names, have an amazing ability to be sold for 50 to a hundred to a thousand times. The wholesale cost over a one to five year period, which means that you can buy a lot of domain names, make a lot of mistakes and still make money.

Now I think domain investors use that to rationalize making a lot of mistakes and domains, but, but that’s the, the three types of investors I think there are. And then the third group I do the show Monday domains four is the domain name industry. And the domain name industry, and you’re trying to keep up to date with what’s going on before.

It may have been just once a year at the, at the large industry convention or watching my domain show, reading the blogs and things like that. And I try to do a timely show each Monday of what I think’s going on right now when the domain name industry. So thanks for listening. If you’re listening on the podcast or if you’re here in the clubhouse room, I kind of consider you guys my studio audience, [00:13:00] my live studio audience.

So feel free to send me questions on the back channel and, uh, and come up and ask the question later. But I wanted to talk about appraisals today because I think so many times when I run into people that aren’t in the domain and business or new domain investors, they want to know what’s the name worth?

How can I find out what the name is worth? And I think domain investors, I hear them say all the time, what is this domain name worth? And what they’re really saying is I bought it and I’d like to. And the first thing I need to figure out is how much to sell it for, because I think a lot of domain investors are worried.

They’re going to sell it for too cheap. They’re not going to get what they’re supposed to. And I think that mixing all that into one decision is really hard, but let’s look at it. So right now, if you wanted to say, how much is the domain name worth, you would say, what are some of the options we have for appraisal?

And I think the oldest one that we have is a company called That’s E S T I B [00:14:00] O T. And Esteban tack, Tom has been around for about 15 years and they’re using the same. Tool that they’ve used to appraise domain names 15 years ago. And I think that that’s both good and bad. The most valuable thing you get out of an about appraisal is, is the word that is the word in your domain name that makes up your domain name.

Doesn’t have a history of having high sales, but most importantly, does it have a, does it have a demand among advertisers for the words in your domain name? And what that means is if I go to say name bio, and I look domains that sold at retail. So name bio is a site to keeps track of all domains that have sold recently.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to look at retail. I’m going to look and I’m going to look at the venue of Seydoux. And I’m going to say what’s sold recently at say two. [00:15:00] And so I’m going to get a name like kites or. Kite sold at say two for $4,500. And I’m going to go to Esteban and I’m going to type in kite

And it’s going to give me a value of $14,000. So in general, it gave me a value of $14,000. It’s going to give me some additional information by saying, Hey, that’s a great It’s very short, it’s very popular. It’s going to give me some comparable sales and the comparable sales that it has, um, are in, uh, 2016, 2011.

2021 and 2019. So most of you are saying, oh my gosh, kite I would love to get $14,000 if I own the name. So one of the problems with Esteban is they’ve appraised the domain name, kite [00:16:00] at $14,000, because that’s how much it sold for in August of 2013, it sold for $14,000. So they use that sale price, $14,000 of kite surfer to evaluate names that are seminar to kite surfer.

But if you type in kite surfer, because it’s sold for $14,000, nine years ago, it’s going to give you that it’s worth that today. In some ways it’s true. Someone did pay $14,000 for the name nine years ago, but whether they would today is unknown. So let me find another keyword here. A birthday

This was in the recent great domains auction, and it sold for $6,106. So I’m going to put birthday gift and to Esteban, and it’s going to give me an appraisal of wait for it. Wait for it. [00:17:00] $81,000. It’s going to give me an appraisal of $81,000 for birthday And the names just sold for 6,600. And when it looks at birthday gift, it’s going to give me that their monthly searches are 1.2 million meaning that’s how many people are searching for a birthday gift or related words.

And that the costs that advertisers are paying to be associated with that name is a dollar 18. So I think this is a perfect case where if you’re in the business of converting traffic and Esteban, appraisal is very meaningful to you because. Owning this domain name doesn’t mean that you’re going to get traffic of 1.2 million, but it means that you’re going to be in an area, even if it’s really competitive, that has a lot of people searching.

So right now I’m kind of kicking myself that I didn’t spend the time to look at the say, do list and see birthday gifts for [00:18:00] $6,100. And the reason I say that is the say-do auction. They say it’s for retail investors, but all their marketing is done to wholesale investors through email, to people that have existing say two accounts.

Now they would say, well that’s okay, because anyone who’s ever bought a domain name from save, you has an account. And when they see our email coming through that, we have an. They’re going to immediately go to the auction site and they’re going to look through all the names and they’re going to bid them all up, but that doesn’t happen.

It’s not a great user experience. So I think in this case say Seders become more of a wholesale auction. And in this case, I think wholesale investors may have thought, well, I don’t want to pay 6,000 for something like birthday You know, I want to, I want to get it for a thousand or 500, but, uh, if, if we go back to the appraisal system, we see esta bought, uh, peg that one at 81,000 and it’s sold for 6,000.

And that’s probably about right [00:19:00] that a wholesale price for a domain name should be about 10% of its value. Um, so now I’ve tried to appraise another domain name on Esteban, fall And it’s told me that it, it can’t do, uh, any more appraisals for me because I need to have a page. And so, um, you can do basically, you know, one to maybe two appraisals a day with Esteban and, and that’s all you can do.

And other than that, you have to have a paid account. Now there are paying accounts. Do have some other benefits. You get some, uh, services at the related sites, you get some search services, you get some lead services. So I’ve been an Esteban customer, um, for a long time. So I think in these two cases, Esteban did a great job of identifying that the two names I’d put in were highly.

But there’s other ways to [00:20:00] get the Esteban appraised value. Um, say you’re a drop services person. You buy drops. One of the things you can do on you can search for the names that are coming up that are dropping. And one of the things that they do is they run an estimate on the names that are dropping.

So what I like to do sometimes is go to, to dot. And I like to look at the domain appraisals for Esteban to see if I’ve missed any great domains that are dropping soon. So if I go to com and I go to back orders and I type in a short by estimate value high to low, the number one name I get is large for $94,000.

Then I get British air dot Tom for $90,000. And then I get Dzhokhar. Penn co-PI and I have no idea what that means, but let’s see what that means. And it’s [00:21:00] appraised at 75,000. So one of the things that I want to talk about, we talked about appraisal systems is, does it do a good job if you don’t know what the name means, or you’re trying to figure out what to get of assigning a value to it, and then does it, um, does it produce a lot of false positives in this case?

Estimate will give you values for trademark names, um, like British airways, um, or in this case, they’re giving you a huge value because there is a site of this Joe Cari pin, true copy and Russian, and it looks like it’s a game site. And so because of its traffic, because of its demand. When I looked on Dyna dot for dropping domains, it gives me a value of 75,200.

Um, do you ever see an idea of the fourth, most valuable name dropping in the next five days is at 52,000. So what’s interesting about this is even though I think it’s [00:22:00] dramatically overvaluing some names in the case of, because Esteban has so much more data to work with on three letters, sales, and most of those sales have happened on wholesale marketplaces that this, this value, in my opinion, is more of an investor value for three letter at 52,000.

But I think if a lot of us own this domain name, we would probably ask three and 400,000 for it about 10 times those wholesale value, uh, some other names and have some surprising values to show you how wide and varied estimates can be. CA 1 31, I guess it’s channel 1 31 has a value of 29,000. So if you’re a traffic person that can monetize traffic, if you’re comfortable with some of the, the, uh, intellectual property issues that looks like channel 1 31, uh, is a [00:23:00] place, a lot of search results about watching T V online, um, is channel 1 30, 1 safe and legal for watching movies online.

So I have a feeling it’s a streaming site that may not be abiding by all the copyright laws, but because it has huge traffic things like traffic and search competition, and the, the payment for keywords are really going to play in to the Esteban value. So I think it’s important to know the estimate value of different names that are dropping to know what other people are saying.

Uh, to give you an idea of what some product names can look like to an estimate, um, fishing sunglasses. Is dropping in two days and it carries an estimate value of 13,000. And I think it’s a great name, but I think if you just saw it on a list, you might think, well, I’ll bid 10 or $20, but if you really dig down deep and look at the keyword search, you’re [00:24:00] going to get an estimate value of 13,000.

Now it’s funny about the estimate value is when you look at what sites sell for, and you go to a site like a flip off, or you go to a site like name pros and the wholesale section, or you even look at the different options on clubhouse, you can have names that only sell, even though they may be worth based upon the Esteban appraisal.

It may say they’re worth one and three and five and eight and $10,000. They may still sell for 20 to 40 to $60. So yes, you’ve got a great attribute of your domain. That it has a high estimate value. And I think you should highlight that in negotiations with buyers, but for you new investors out there, just because the name has a high appraise value doesn’t mean it’s worth that much.

If you’re [00:25:00] looking to define what’s my name worth as how much can I get for it today? Because there is no window like to the casino where you show up and you, you cash in your poker chips. And if the poker chips say a hundred on him, you get a hundred dollars for each one. And if they say 25, you get $25 for each one.

And if they say a thousand, you get a thousand dollars for each one and you know what you’re going to get. So when you’re sitting there gambling, it’s taste. You can look at your chips and you can know how much money you have, and then you can make different gambles on different games of chance, knowing how much money you can get.

If you leave right. Then when you got those chips, you pay the fixed amount of money. You know, you said I’m going to start with a thousand dollars of chips or a hundred dollars or $10,000. You got that much money. You tried to speculate with it. And then, you know what you can get out. Now, domain names are like, The [00:26:00] domain auction sites, the domain registrars, other people that you buy domains from, they make it very easy for you to buy domains from them.

You send them a hundred dollars payment, you send them a $500 payment. You send an exchange $5,000 and you get your domain name. So you’ve converted your cash or your crypto into that domain name. But we don’t have a place on the domain name world, where if you’ve decided to speculate for a month or a year or three years, that you can then show up and try to sell that name.

You’re always going to be at the mercy of who’s buying at that time and also of how good the exchanges are at getting you a price for the name. And most of the time, I would say the most of the exchanges are not very good at getting you even a wholesale price for your domain name. So what I want to say about Esteban is I think it’s a great way to look at the potential battle.

Of especially developable [00:27:00] names, developable names based upon their keyword value. That is how expensive or desirable is the product you’re selling in terms of what advertisers will pay for it. And then secondly, how many people are searching for that domain name? So what you’re going to see in Esteban, and then the last thing is going to control an estimate value is prior sales of extremely similar names.

Meaning if or has sold in the past 15 years, a lot of times they will override whatever the keyword value is of the appraisal. And say, basically say if someone was willing to pay 2000 for, then must be worth 15 or 20,000. But one of the ways you can look at what I call the false positives is to go on diner.

And look at some of the names that are dropping sooner in their expired name section, and they’ll show you the estimated value. [00:28:00] And so I’m looking at some of those now just to put some real world, um, to what I’m sharing with you. So if you look at new TLDs, uh, some new TLDs can have amazing appraise values. is dropping tomorrow and they valued it at $11,261. And you say, well, my gosh, I’d never pay that for that, or that’s way too high. But I think when you’re looking at appraised value, you’re looking at names relative to each other, and obviously the word pillows, the name I think clearly should be appraised for 100 to $200,000.

So the idea that um, is 10% of that means that, uh, it means that this appraisal is probably not far off, off the map, but this is at the very. Now, if you go down to the, say the one to $2,000 range, you’re going to [00:29:00] have a huge amount of domains. Again, what I’m doing is I’m searching to get sample estimate values.

And what I’m doing is I’m searching and Dinah dot for names that are dropping in the next five days, and they provide the appraised value. And I think at the very top, you’re going to see some of the best domain names that are dropping. And I think appraisal systems usually do a very good job of identifying the very best names.

So when I use this type of a system for whether it’s GoDaddy appraisals, which I’ll talk about the second or, um, that’s about appraisals is a five missed researching the drops or a finally have a short amount of time. And I want to just see if there was something amazing that I may like, and it’s really valuable.

I’ll use one of these ways either. GoDaddy’s expired auctions by there they’re GoDaddy appraise value or the back-order names or the drop [00:30:00] these values. But I think the other thing you have to remember is because it’s easy to do, everyone else is doing it also. So if you look at the different tip sheets and the tout newsletters that are trying to tell you the same thing, they’re trying to give you an easy way to see what the best names are that are dropping so that you’ll, you know, they provide a great service.

You know, you don’t have to go through and research 80,000 names. They’re using a lot of these same ways to do it. And then that way you’ll click on their link and they’ll get a percentage of the sale, but you can do some of it yourself. But what happens is when you start getting down out of the 20 and 10 and $5,000 range and you get into even, even the $5,000.

You’re going to see names that are getting a $5,000 appraisal on estimate for all kinds of different reasons. And it’s very hard to, to, to differentiate things. So I’m going to look at 10 different names that all have a $5,000 appraise value. [00:31:00] So asked about is saying that these 10 names are worse about the same, about $5,700.

So again, doesn’t mean you can cash out for that. It means on a relative basis when compared to other names in the Esteban system, they’ve given these names a $5,000 value. So glee TV has got a $5,600 value lab. Labon has got a $5,700 value bling has got a $5,600 value X

It’s got a $5,500 value Milch shaked, M I L C H. Shake has got a $5,500. Easy It’s got a $5,500 value has got a $5,500 value and very young Veronique V a I R O N has got a $5,500 value. So it’s interesting [00:32:00] about Esteban is they’re going to get to a $5,500 value on a lot of names.

Some of which wouldn’t even get a $20 bid here on clubhouse. Some of which, when you look into them further, they could have a lot of traffic or they could have, uh, a prior sale, but really you’ve just got a lot of different things like glee TV Well, there was a TV show called glee. So Esteban is probably picking up the fact that there was a lot of search results over time for Gleed TV show.

Now they’re not making any value judgment. This is a computer based. And it’s not saying are these views that you can monetize with a domain name that isn’t trademark? Nope. They’re just looking at views and demand, views and demand. And if you were going to have advertise a product to a demographic, very similar to the lead TV show, Google will let you buy ads alongside that word.

You can buy ads for [00:33:00] trademark words, but you can’t own the domain name of a trademark word, except if you have a fair use case and I’ll leave that for the legal domains, bling dot nets had a lot of value a long time ago. Ringtones had a lot of value a long time ago. So bling tones is at 5,000.

So I guess the thing to remember about Esteban is it can tell you if a two word name like easy iron makes sense and has a value, but just because the name has a highest about that. It could be because of many different reasons. None of which means that even a $5,000 estimate value is going to give you any money.

So you say page, if the Esteban isn’t going to do that for me, I should just not pay attention to it. And if someone wants to sell me a name and they quote the estimate value, I’ll say, well, I never use that. But then if I want to sell a name and it’s got a big Esteban about value, then I want to use it.

[00:34:00] And so what I would say to that is I think an Esteban value can be specifically used when you’re selling a name to show a buyer that under a computerized appraisal system, this name has value it’s in the top five or one or one half of 1% of names. Now I don’t think that that statement is good enough to override the fact that a name may not be a good name.

It may be a trademark infringing name. It may not be spelled. The words may not be in the right order. So I don’t think it will override that. But if you have a strong name and you want to start talking about price, it is a way to at least move somebody off of zero. Or I thought that name sold for $8 and to talk about the relative value of names when they have high numbers of searches or high numbers of cost per click.[00:35:00] 

So I think that’s the best way to use estimate when you sell. And when you buy, if you’re looking at domain names based upon certain keywords, like right now, you may be looking for metaverse or crypto or digital, or you may be looking at domain names based upon the number of extensions registered. You may miss names that simply.

R N high keyword search categories. And I think by using estimate for that reason, whether you’re looking for new names to buy or whether you’re looking to value your whole portfolio to see if you’ve mispriced something. One of the things I do with Esteban is I can appraise up to 500 names a day in my account.

So twice a year, I’ll run through all my Tom net Nord names and through Esteban to see if, if I priced it just based [00:36:00] upon a whim or first glance, if maybe I’ve missed something that really does have a higher value. And that’s the only time I get interested in the name and whether I should have priced it higher is after it’s sold.

When I can’t do anything about it, then I’ll be glad if doing an estimate, appraisal of all my names, even if it takes 10 days. So, what you can do is even if you’re not a regular subscriber, and I know they probably, I haven’t probably just want me to say this, but you could subscribe for one or two months and just run all your names through.

But what I would encourage you to do is look at the other services honest about, because they’re really amazing. And if you don’t have any time or patients to look at your portfolio or quantify it, then that’s okay. You don’t need to do these things, but if you are looking for ways to maybe put on your landing pages, the estimate value or the number of searches or the, or the number of the cost per click, I think you can get that [00:37:00] data in bulk with

So by doing your whole portfolio, I think that’s the way that I use So in general, appraisals can be off by a factor of 10 or a hundred. Um, just because they say your name is worth this much. Doesn’t mean you can get that much. But at the same point for keyword oriented domain names, I think they do a great job of ranking names against each other on a relative basis, knowing that names can still trade in the wholesale market for one to 10% of their value and they can sell to end-users for 10 or 20 times the rest of that appraised value.

So that’s a pretty wide range, but relatively speaking, it gives you a data point. Last thing I have against Esteban is I don’t know if their data changes because when I do run my list of estimate values, that doesn’t seem to change that much. Um, and so I’ve never asked him how [00:38:00] often that they get, you know, updated.

Um, so I think that’s the biggest. And then too, I don’t know if their data about monthly searches or cost per click is current either, or whether that’s based upon the last time they were able to grab the. From Google, because I think it’s much harder to grab now. So I think it’s it. And then the last positive thing I was saying about Esteban is if you do get your appraisal and you click the download button, you are going to probably get 40 to 50 columns of data about every one of your domain names you’re going to get from however estimate gets it.

So fully disclaimed, you’re going to get the cost per click, the competition level and the search volumes for your name. And a database format, which means you can manipulate the data for your landing pages. And I think that that makes Esteban a worthwhile tool. And I think it’s valuable. So [00:39:00] before I go on to GoDaddy, I know I kind of throw a lot at everyone there.

If you’re listening on the podcast, I know I’ve thrown a lot at you about Esteban, but I wanted to do it first because I think it was our first domain appraisal tool. And I wanted to cover it because if people bought a domain name five or 10 years ago, they may still remember doing an Esteban appraisal.

And I think that, um, especially if you’re on. Or if you’re dealing with a resale domain name that has a high value, you’re going to see it. But remember just cause it says it’s worth this much. Doesn’t mean that there aren’t names dropping every day with $5,000 estimate values that get no bids and actually drop and no one’s willing to even pay $8 for them.

And at the same point, there’s names that sell every week for five to 10 to $50,000 that could even have a zero estimate value

hall rights. If you want to back channel a question about Esteban, or if you want to raise your [00:40:00] hand and come up as a speaker, you will be recorded today on Monday domains. But that is what I wanted to cover about Esteban domain appraisals. Now the second place we have to go to for domain appraisals and an automatic and freeway is go down.

If you search domain appraisals GoDaddy, you’ll get to their, their page. Where they provide a free appraisal for your domain name, and they started doing this because they want to sell domains. They want to sell domains in their aftermarket division. So they want to be able to tell you almost like if you’re in the collectibles, a price guide that you might buy in a store.

When we used to have Barnes and Nobles, you could go in there to the collectibles division and you’d see all of these price guides for baseball cards and antiques and Coca Cola, collectibles, and star wars collectibles. And you would, you would read them. And what’s interesting about these types of appraisals is it’s kind of a self fulfilling [00:41:00] prophecy.

They, they survey people as to how much something’s worth, and those people are usually pricing it based upon what a price guide says it’s worth, which then supports the price guides appraisal, which then supports people reporting back that they think that the name is worth what the price guide says. So I think that.

That makes the appraisals less valuable because most of the time, they’re just telling you, you know, something that you already know, you know, you tried to pay this much for a name, you pay this much, and then they’re saying it’s worth that. But because GoDaddy has a huge amount of data, the biggest negative I have about the GoDaddy appraisals is that everything seems to come in around $500 to $1,500.

Even if it really doesn’t have a pulse at all. And that’s because they’re using data in my opinion of between 500 and $1,500 for their appraisal system. But GoDaddy does do some things very [00:42:00] positively. If you want to search on the expired names, being bought and sold today on GoDaddy auctions or you’re a new domainer and you want to know what domains are valuable, the ability to go to GoDaddy and sort today’s names by GoDaddy appraise value.

You’re going to learn an incredible amount, um, about to domain business. Because if I go right now to the most active options and I sort by the GoDaddy estimated value of high to low, I’m going to see if I’m just flirting about domain names, domain names that are appraised for between 10 and $20,000.

And the hard part is I’m only going to see the current bid, which really has nothing to do with what the name’s going to eventually close that because everyone waits till the last minute to bed. But I think it does show [00:43:00] that if an early bidding a domain name has a lot of beds, it’s a good way. If you’re a new investor to see what people are paying for.

And what I mean by that is the highest price GoDaddy, appraisal name on their expired. They say as an estimated value of 19,000 6 37 and it’s G H The next one is a five letter name, M and they estimate the value at 14,000. And it’s already got a bit of 3000. So if you were coming in new to domaining, you can clearly see, in my opinion, that besides short three letter names, a name ending and coin that has one letter at the beginning is getting an appraised value of $14,000.

And not only that, but even now with five days left, people have already bid it up to 3000. So that’s going to tell you that one to a very, if you see that name somewhere else for a hundred [00:44:00] dollars, you should probably write. Too, when you see names like this, if you have in your mind that you’re going to get them for two to $300, it’s probably not going to happen.

So w what I would encourage people to do is be ready. If you want to buy this name to ask yourself, am I willing to pay six or eight or 10,000? Don’t go into it saying I liked it at 3000. And then when it gets a bit up to six, you don’t know what to do. Uh, the third name on the list is Mmm, dot org at 14,000.

The next one is consumer at 13,000 and then on the cloud at 12,000. And when sisters think about, um, the cloud is it’s kind of $12,000 estimated value, and it’s got eight days to go, but it’s only been up to $125. So you may say, well, I’d love to buy it for $125, but I think what it does show you is this is an area Omni at the beginning or cloud at the end are those two [00:45:00] together.

Um, That has a lot of value. And it’s based upon some recent sales of Omni names probably, but at the same point, it’s not necessarily one that a lot of investors want to already bid one or $2,000. So this was my real life information on GoDaddy appraise value. The rest of the top 10 are spheric, uh, which is an English word at 12,000, uh, four number name 9 1 3 yell at 11,000 kids. at 11,000, the at 11,000. Shop at 10,000. That’s on my watch list and then Royal collection and money stream both at 10,000. And so if you’re new to the business and you want to know when you see a list of a bunch of domain names, well, how do I know which ones are valuable? You can already see that based upon the GoDaddy appraisal.[00:46:00] 

In my opinion, it’s no surprise that short names carry high value names made up of two English words or one letter plus a word carry high value and number names carry high value so much so that if people are willing, willing to bid on them early. So then you save a page. What does that tell us about the appraisal system?

And what I’d say is that it does a pretty good job of taking names out of the thousand to $2,000 value and moving them up. So if you’re a premium domain investor, if you’re not necessarily buying a hundred hand reds as a week, but you’re buying premium domain names, I think the GoDaddy appraisal tool is very effective and showing you the high value inventory that’s available every week and go down to the expired names.

Secondly, if you buy a name on another marketplace and you transfer it into your GoDaddy account, you’ll be able to see the GoDaddy appraise value in your. And by downloading [00:47:00] all your names and their GoDaddy appraise value, it should give you a pretty easy way to rank your names on some type of value.

And the reason I think that’s important is that if you ever needed to raise money and you said, well, let me go to my best names. You have an easy way to rank your whole portfolio, because if you have a spreadsheet with a thousand names on it, and you’re just relying on your memory to remember the best names, if you need to sell something, then I think it’s pretty hard to remember every name you’ve ever bought.

But if you can just simply sort by GoDaddy appraise value for names that you have a GoDaddy high to low, you’re going to be able to quickly see where most of the value of your portfolio is. So I think for taking a name out of the average category of one to 2000, moving it up into the five to $10,000 range go daddy’s appraisal tool does an excellent.

Now what GoDaddy’s [00:48:00] appraisal tool, in my opinion, doesn’t do well is tell you what the highest amount that you could sell the domain name for is because if you look each week on the names that sell on D and journal, and then you compare those against their GoDaddy appraise value, you’ll see that names sell for two to five to 10,000 or to 10 times their go down to appraisal.

And the reason is, is because an appraisal system built upon volume. In my opinion, can never really accurate accurately appraise a name when you’re talking about the fact that it’s a singularly unique. That you’re selling it to a buyer who can get the highest and best use out of it. And that’s an, a, any appraisal system uses averages or uses, um, standard deviation or uses, um, means or medians or things that compromise the high and low values into the middle.[00:49:00] 

They’re never going to do a good job of telling you what the highest value is that you should get from the right buyer or the perfect buyer. So if you’re selling wholesale and you need to liquidate a name, I think GoDaddy appraise value is a great way to give your buyer some comfort that they’re buying a name.

That’s going to have some liquidity at depending on how good the name is 10 to 25 to 50, to maybe even a hundred percent of this appraise value. And so it gives you a little bit of a safety net. So I think if you’re selling names on wholesale platforms, I think sometimes putting the, the appraisal value is good.

If you’re trying to sell it for less than that in a wholesale basis. But if you have a chance to put your GoDaddy appraise value on all your names for any name, like a geo service name or a product name, or especially a brandable name, um, it’s probably not going to do the best job of capturing the unique [00:50:00] value.

Now I say that everything seems to have a yes or no. I think GoDaddy’s appraisal system will help you find good brandable names because they’re going to value short. They’re going to value names that make sense. And they’re going to value names that have components that have sold for high value in the past.

So I think when you see a name, uh, on the appraised value of your store, the expired names I’d allow that’s above $2,000 and is a brand. I think they’ve done a good job again, of picking out from the 10,000 brandable names that may exist. I think they do an excellent job of finding a name like power of

Now you say, well, it’s not a great name, or it is a great name, but what it is is if you had to search all the dot-com names that were seven letters in length, and that were made up of two words, you might miss power. Because you don’t know if the [00:51:00] dictionary word five would have been included in the two word search that you would have done.

So somehow GoDaddy is able to see the FII at the end has been something in the past. That’s given names, a lot of wholesale demand, and they’ve been able to say that power is a good word. So you’ve got an easy way to pull out power, whether you want to pay $6,000, which is the appraised value or not.

I don’t know, but it’s got nine days left. It’s at 32 bucks. So you might be thinking you can get it in the six to $800 range, but at least you didn’t have to search every single name. That was seven. Um, I think GoDaddy is going to do a great job of picking out English words and other TLDs like

They’re going to put up at 6,500. Um, you’re going to see it here, but you’re also going to see it on all the tip sheets. You’re going to see a name like green IQ here for 6,000 because green is a popular word and IQ at [00:52:00] the end is a popular suffix and they can parse that. Um, so again, I don’t think they’re going to do a good job with showing you the high-end value, but they’re certainly going to parse out the hundred thousand names that are for sale on GoDaddy over the next five days into what are the best two or 300.

So I think that’s the best use of the GoDaddy appraised value. I’ll leave you with a little hack for the GoDaddy appraised value. They’ll only appraise domain names that are under $25,000 of value. Okay. And I think that’s good because there, there isn’t as much data or they can make bigger mistakes on the bigger names.

But one of the things you can do, if you need to appraise a name that has a higher value than $25,000 is go ahead and type it in the GoDaddy appraisal tool in or the, or And what I mean by that is take a name that you already own, or like if I take a name [00:53:00] like, uh, let’s see you

So you If I put it in the GoDaddy appraise value, it says $4,000. But if I put in you, it puts it in at a thousand dollars. So it actually gives the Wells. Uh, a lot of thing where it values at 25% of But if I put in, it’s $800 of But if I had a name that was over $25,000, um, let’s see,

I’m trying to think I was over that. Um, and you can’t get an appraisal on it, then go ahead and put it in and then multiply it by either four or six or 10. So that is a way to sometimes use the data [00:54:00] that’s in the GoDaddy appraisal system. Um, the other thing you can do is you can put it in as a, like and then you could see what, even if you can’t appraise like, uh,, um, you might be able to on a relative basis, a praise, let’s say, what would they say about

Let’s say estimated value 8,000. So again, this can show you that go daddy, on a name like I think a lot of us would love to buy that name for $8,000. So the more you get into premium names and higher value names, I think that if you can somehow use the GoDaddy appraisal tool to get names for prices near it, that’s probably the way a lot of people, you know, a lot of people use it.

And I would say that of GoDaddy owned, they would want to sell it for a lot more than $8,000. So what [00:55:00] I’m trying to share with you at the end of the show, as we wrap up is that the domain name tools that we have are not great. They don’t begin to do everything we need them to do. Um, they haven’t evolved the GoDaddy tools probably seven years old.

The Esteban is probably 15 years old. But in a world that has nothing, I think they’re valuable, but I would say to new investors do not use them to think that because the name has these values, that you’re going to be able to get sometimes even any money for it. At the same point. I think if you trust your instinct or your research or what you think a name is worth to an end user, more than the appraised value, but if the appraised value can help because it’s higher than what you’re selling, definitely use it.

And if you need a way to quickly parse all the names available on the drop or all the names available on and dot expired are all the names available on GoDaddy expire. [00:56:00] I think that the GoDaddy appraise value does a great job. So that is our podcast. Today on Monday, Monday domains, I wanted to talk about domain appraisal systems.

I wanted to share thoughts that I’ve shared before in our different domain club talks during the week. So I’d like to ask you to join domain club and follow domain club. Um, one of the largest domain clubs on the internet, and I expect in the next two weeks, we will be the largest domain club. And I think you’re going to see more things coming from the website, both recordings of our shows, um, some different resources and tips that I’ll put on there and then some special paid classes and other things that are coming.

So I’d like you to follow a domain club here on clubhouse. Um, if you go to and sign up for our mailing list, that’ll keep you up to date on everything that, uh, that’s going on. And I just wanted to see if we have any questions today about these big time. And the fact that I spent [00:57:00] almost an hour talking about domain appraisals, because there’s that much to talk about.

Um, let’s see if anyone has any back channel messages for me, they don’t, we’re not going to get to our round Robin appraisals. So we’ll have to do that next week. Um, let’s see if you want to raise your hand and be a speaker. I don’t bite. I’m kind. Um, if you have a room that you do on clubhouse that you want to talk about this week, I’d love to give you a chance.

Cause we try to promote all the domain clubs on clubhouse, uh, to share, uh, when and where it is. Um, and let’s see. Let’s see if anybody has a question. Uh, hold on. Whoops, sorry. Uh, ask to be invited up again. I hit the wrong button to, uh, who was that? That was Deb. Deb. Deb, could you ask to be a speaker again?

Alright, there we go. I got to hit the right button. [00:58:00] Hi Deb. How are you guys playing? Let you know you are being recorded here today for Monday domain. So did you have a question about appraisals?

Hey page? Yes, Deb. And please, um, explain about that company. Someone tell me about name worth. Where does that fall with all these other places we could go for? Appraisals. Gotcha. That’s a great question, Deb. Thank you. I’m going to be the third one that I talked about today. Um, And I think that, uh, I didn’t, I ran out of time.

Um, so this’ll be my T’s for next week to find out my tape on name worth, which is a company that we have used for the past three or four years, um, tune in next week at 11:00 AM Eastern, same bat time, same bat channel to date me. Um, but [00:59:00] I think name worth like anything else has some places where it’s really good.

And it has some places where it’s severely like. But I think there’s one thing it does just to give you a little tease. That’s extraordinary, does extraordinary, well, and better than any place I’ve ever seen on the internet. And what that is is it does the greatest job of showing how, even if they appraised the domain name at $14,000 as an end-user price, that that means that may only be worth $2,000.

If you try to outbound it to an end-user, it may only be worth $500 in a competitive auction or $200. If you close it out. $20 if it drops. And so I think they do a really good job of explaining that most people are so excited to get their $15,000 appraisals that they love it. You know what I mean? Um, but I’ll talk about some of the pros and cons next week of name worth.

I’ll talk about a couple sites that use [01:00:00] game gaming systems to help get an idea of the appraised value of your domain name. I’ll talk about a couple of places at forums where you can get, uh, your domain name. I’ll talk about marketplaces that when you submit your domain name to them, they will give you an estimate of its value.

And then I’ll talk about a specialized service for high value domain names, where you can pay to get a written appraisal. So, great question, Debbie, you gave me a chance to talk about what I’m going to talk about next week on Monday domains, but yeah. Name worth is very interest. Uh, it’s name

They’ve got some free plans and some paid plans. They do a great job of some things. And I’ll talk about the rest of the pros and cons next week. Thanks, Deb. All right. Let’s see if we have any other back channel messages. We don’t, we don’t have any questions. Well, thanks. Those of you in the audience who listened to Monday domains today, I’ll probably close this [01:01:00] club and then open up a room where we can just casually talk about domains for a little bit.

Um, I think that not sure what else is going on today in clubhouse in a lady T used to do some stuff on Mondays and a. And then we’ll, I have another show tomorrow outbounding club at five Eastern, and then we won’t have million dollar domains this week. Um, we’re going to take another week off and get ready for next week show.

And then I am still working on the development, um, basic domain development for domainers. So this isn’t going to be a place for website developers for people that already know everything about website building. I really just want to focus on domain investors like myself, who realized that we have to put something on our page.

To protect our intellectual property, to do a better job of painting a picture of what the name can be, and maybe even get some traffic and make some [01:02:00] money. And so I’m still working on when that show’s going to be. So let me know if you have any suggestions I’m thinking of Friday, Friday, late mornings.

Um, but I really don’t know when the best time would be. And my goal in that show is to have it be collaborative among all of us. And then, and then let the experts help the people that are just starting out, let different product vendors, share resources that they have. And then each one of us would take one name through about an eight week process and end up with a fully developed a website, a working website.

So that’s, what’s going on in domain club this week. And I want to thank Olivia for recording Deb. Thanks for your great question, everyone down below. I see lots of friendly faces. Thank you so much. And for those listening on the podcast, or you can go to and see our other podcast and join me each week, Monday at 11:00 AM Eastern time for Monday domains.

And I’m going to go ahead and close the room. Thanks.[01:03:00]


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