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Monday Domains – EP04

[00:00:00] Hey, Rachel, how are you? You don’t have to say anything. Hopefully you can record today. Hi Paige. Good morning. I’m good. I’ve got you recording this morning. Fantastic. I, you know what? I darn, I forgot to put the red dot, but I will tell everybody, and I don’t think I can edit my title after I start rats.

All right. All good. If you want to tell us what your title is, um, what you would prefer it to be. We can add that in the editing. Um, but you’re right. You can’t edit it once the room started. Gotcha. Well, congratulations on all your success with startup club and we’ll see you over there this week. And thanks for recording, Rachel.

Thanks so much, Paige.

All right. Welcome everybody to Monday [00:01:00] domains. Uh, my name’s Paige Hal and I host Monday domains every Monday. And this was part of domain club and domain club was formed about the same time clubhouse interactions started really picking up in January and we try to make it like a club, like a clubhouse and talk about domain names.

And I think we want to always be welcoming to, uh, everybody and the, the three main constituencies I like to talk to or about are anyone who owns a domain, anyone who’s managing a domain name, managing it for their business or for the company they own. Um, you know, what are some of the responsibilities too for owning a domain name?

What are some of the responsibilities for managing your domain name? Um, much like managing real estate or cars or business assets. It’s becoming a very valuable asset of your. So we try to provide information, um, for anyone who [00:02:00] owns a domain name. And secondly, we try to be a resource for people that are domain investors.

Um, sometimes they’ll call them domainers and sometimes they call it domain investors or digital investors. And that means you’re buying more than one domain name that you don’t own in your office. So you could be a person who likes to, you know, have your hands in the, in, in different pies. And you may say, you know, I’m going to own that domain for a project that I may do down the road.

Or I may just want to keep the. See a trend coming, um, or, uh, you know, maybe you want to own them for speculate and you either want to own, I’ll either a large number of names or maybe a smaller number of names with higher value. So those are domain investors. And then the third group we try to speak to and be part of domain club would be, um, people in the domain name, industry, you might be working at a registry or a registrar or a service provider, um, in the domain name industry.

And this is a [00:03:00] chance where maybe in your community or in your town geographically, there may not be a lot of other domain investors or people you can talk domains with. So we try to use, uh, these talks on clubhouse in domain club, uh, to have a place to talk domains. So in many cases like today, I’ll come with the presentation for the first oh 15 or 20 minutes.

And then I’ll want to call folks up to either talk about what I talked about. Uh, see if they have questions or mostly draw on the resources that other domain investors have acquired and what they think about certain things. So welcome and they domains. I think we’ve got a good group here. We are recording today.

So even though you don’t see the red dot, if you come up to ask a question or to share your opinion, you will be recorded and we should have those recordings on domain club. This week. So, uh, last week, for those of you that [00:04:00] joined us last week, we talked about domain appraisals, and I talked about the two main places where you can get domains appraised kind of instantly where you just type in your name and you get a number.

So it was real instant feedback. Um, and that was Esteban. And to summarize my thoughts on Esteban, it’s very. Based it’s based upon whether the system can correctly parse, meaning break apart your domain name, into the keywords that advertisers may want to advertise for, and then how much they may want to pay for that.

And they use that to divide the value for your name. So this was really popular back in maybe oh 9 2 0 15 0 16, where if you knew that your name might deliver some natural search results or some organic search results in an industry that sold cars, that’s maybe a high click industry with a high [00:05:00] volume.

And so those two together Esteban was able to answer the question about. But how much is something worth that can sell cars or insurance or a mortgage leads versus something that might be selling a ringtones or something? You know, there was really maybe high volume, but low price. So I think that’s still will, you’ll get your most value Esteban keyword names to get some relative basis against.

Uh, of what something may be worth. And I use it to find out if I’ve totally missed something. Um, if I have a list of a big list of names and you do pay for their premium service, you can put in a list. So, but in general, it’s almost guaranteed to be wrong because for a good name, it’s almost guaranteed to be too low.

And for a name that’s past its prime, uh, meaning that the keyword reason for investing in domain names has really declined. It’s probably gonna [00:06:00] overstate the value. So, um, not a lot of folks use it anymore, but it is an instant way to do it. A lot of. Buyers may use it where they may search for domain appraisal online.

They may see a place to get an appraisal type it in and say, Esteban says, this name is only worth a thousand dollars. How come you’re asking $8,000. And I think what you can usually say is if you look at the past weeks, actual sales, where what actually people are paid, it’s usually in many times, not even close to an estimate number.

So I’ll give you that. Second one we looked at was GoDaddy appraisals. And I talked about the GoDaddy instant appraisal system, which they have invented and they use their data to populate. I’m probably doing that for a reason that helps them. So they want to use it to help people buy more names and auction by painting a [00:07:00] picture that her name might be worth a certain amount.

So when they sell it in an expired name, auction, people should feel comfortable paying up to that amount, maybe to buy it. But if people aren’t really that experienced in domains and they want to buy names and expired name auctions, that they might use their system to delineate which names are really good versus average.

I think it does a good job at doing that. If you’ve just got five or 10 minutes to look at a days, expired name auctions, if you’re a domain investor on GoDaddy, you know, sorting for GoDaddy appraise value high to low is going to give you in general. 60 to 70 to 80% of the best names available that day.

And especially if you’re a quality investor, meaning you’re not looking for the hail Mary pass. You’re not looking for the needle in a haystack that no one else could find, but you’re really buy quality when it’s available for sale at its [00:08:00] wholesale price. And you’re trying to hold it for a time that an end-user or someone that can really put the name to work needs it, or won’t, and they’re evaluating with digs and pay based upon how much money they’re going to make on their website or their company.

And that that’s the essence of domaining is buying a domain name when it happens to be for sale against all the other investors that are looking at it and then holding it until such time as the perfect user or the user that’s willing to pay the highest price. So in doing that. It serves a purpose, but I think what go daddy is terrible at is when you do have a retail buyer, you do have someone who wants your name for exactly the purpose it’s best suited to do, and you only need to sell, then it’s not going to help you decide what should for this name.

Hey, how much should I ask for this name? We think the most amount I can get is because you [00:09:00] only need one buyer to pay that. And I think that a buyer would love you to use the GoDaddy number, which is based upon averages, which is based upon the mean, meaning you take the highs and the lows and the middles, and you lump them all together.

But you know what, when you’re selling a domain name, you’re, you’re selling it special as a unique, one of a kind name. So you don’t want to mix it in with everything else and then come up with an average number. So that’s what I shared about, uh, Esteban and go daddy. And I’ll see if anyone comments either on a back channel.

Or if you want to pop up and, uh, and contribute anything. I’d love to hear what you guys think. Cause I don’t have a monopoly on thoughts about this. Hey David Michaels, even though there’s not a dot, I am recording. Welcome to Monday domains. Thank you. So, so on this topic about GoDaddy evaluation, I actually tweeted about the weekend.

So gain sold for [00:10:00] $20,000 and I was able to, Hey, ranch, on Saturday morning. And then I quickly checked the go daddy valuation and it said $968 based on a previous sale for for 2040 $1, which would probably recognize being a GoDaddy auction price. And so what I’m suspecting is that the valuation is that they’re using are their prices.

They’re generating from auctions and. The, um, they’re not end-user prices at all. They’re just wholesale at auction. Yeah. I think you’re spot on. I think you’re exactly spot on. So what, what David shared was that if you think that you’re getting, because GoDaddy does do a lot of sale or on their auction platform under buy it now, or offer counter offer, which we might call retail sales.

And we would [00:11:00] like factoring in to the prices that they come up with. I think with David, Sharon is not David. Do you think with the reported sale of Ganey, even though it wasn’t on their platform, you think that’ll make it into their appraisal system somehow or I’m doubting it? No, they don’t. They don’t, they don’t extract data from named bile.

They only report that we keep that on what they, they sell their own internal field figures. So I guess if it was sold through, after Nick, that would be a different story. I don’t think that happened. I think that’s, um, great and sold it directly. I think it was spreading this smelled it. Yeah. Now there is kind of David you’re probably up on this.

There is kind of a backdoor way to get some sales comps from retail sales on GoDaddy using the appraisal system. Have you ever done that? Well, sometimes it shows it, yeah. Praise the name, like a similar name seal to try to [00:12:00] appraise a different TLD that sames SLD. And it’ll give you the number. Yeah. Or sometimes you might put in, you know, Austin plumbers and, and it may say we evaluate Austin plumbers at $1,931.

And then it’ll say previous sales and it’ll give you like three examples and it usually will take one side of the other. It’ll either take an Austin name or a handyman name and say this sold for. 2,400 or 3,100. And I think there are some retail sales in there. And then if you click see more, you can actually, if you have nothing better to see, you can keep typing in your name and, uh, a large sample size of comparable sales.

But the important thing to remember there is those could be anywhere in the last 15 years that that sale occurred. But I think it is some helpful data just to get some comps.[00:13:00] 

I think most of us like using a comp that makes our name look great, and we’ll avoid using a comp. That doesn’t mean our name, make our name look too good. Name bio. Go ahead. I think these comps are great for base wholesale valuations. So if you want to validate your pro portfolio on a wholesale value, not higher sale price, I think that’s a great way rate tool.

And, uh, I think. And investors, if you use it, go daddy evaluation to all, to value your port. Yep. And they used to let you do more bulk stuff. Now they’ll mostly do it. And if you have names, echo daddy, there’s actually a column, uh, that has your GoDaddy appraise value. And if you clicked to download your account with all your data, you can download your numbers and it’s a valuable column to have on your own database.

I have it in my spreadsheet and if I [00:14:00] ever want to do some error checking, maybe I’ll take the column of my asking. And I’ll divide it by the GoDaddy appraisal and then all sort from the ones that show the biggest disparities. And what it’ll do is it’ll hopefully one, tell me if I’ve missed inputted a price.

You know, if I wanted to put a, a sale price on a name of 14, 9, 9, 5, and somehow I only put it in there as 1495. Well, maybe it’ll show up as having a, you know, a big disparity against the GoDaddy value. And that will point it out to me or it’ll just remind me, why do I think I’m selling something for so much more?

Or why do I think I’m selling something for so much, you know, less than the GoDaddy appraisal and, um, it’s an effective tool in that regard? Well, I wanted to go to a couple other places that exist out there to get appraisals for domain names, and we really don’t have a good number of. [00:15:00] Um, you know, everything I talk about on Monday domains is usually trying to spur on innovation and it could be innovation from people in this room, people listening to this podcast right now, but we could use some more solutions here.

Um, if you think about manipulating data, big data, artificial intelligence, we should be getting better. We should be getting better than something. That’s 10 to 15 year and GoDaddy. That’s seven to eight years old. Um, we should be getting better and we’re really not. So, but I’ll tell you what else is out there.

There’s a company called name worth out there named I have no affiliation, a name worth. I’m not promoting them now, but, um, they do, they do a couple of things really well. And. Well, they do one thing really well. They did one thing. Okay. So if you put your name in there, I think you can do five free names a day, or they have some paid plans to do more, especially if you’re trying to [00:16:00] wonder if your names are good, trying to have a third party endorsement for a high price, they are going to give you higher prices in general for a lot of your names.

And I’m just cutting right to the teeth of it. If you want to be able to have an appraisal that’s higher than, uh, oh daddy, you might get it from name worth. We also pants and getting a zero. So I’ve found that I can input completely similar names where that may only have, you know, one little difference in a synonym and one’s going to be 14, 9 50, which.

Categories and the other one’s going to be zero. So that’s my overall warning is you might get a high number, even if your name’s not worth it and you might get a zero, but the one thing they do do super well is if you look at name worth and you put in your name and I put in one of my names, I put it in card,, C a R D B I D.

And I put it in there because [00:17:00] I liked it, but I also get a lot of inquiries on it. So it does seem to be one that resonates with a lot of people and they appraised it and thousand 500. So I’m like, oh man, I love this appraisal system. But the other thing that they do, if you scroll down to the bottom, if anyone’s on named, or if you’re listening to this and you go back later, they do a fantastic job of talking about one domain names in general, that they break Nate.

I tears T I E. And there’s tier one names and tier two names and tier three names and tier four and tier five. And, and there’s always exceptions, but in general, they’re starting to talk about the idea that there are truly spectacular domain names. You know, one word, easy to remember brandable high industry into your one.

And that even though you can make some statements about tier one name, I mean, it may apply to tier [00:18:00] 2, 3, 4, and five, the thing, and someone can say about a tier four name, oh, there’s lots of substitutes. Or I can get something like that whenever I want. And that may be true about a tier four name or name, but you really can’t extend that to tier one domain names.

So I think the idea that they introduced this idea of not all domain names are created equal, and there’s some pretty clear categories. You can put some names in that are going to affect their values. Again, it doesn’t mean always, there’s always. So the rules, but in general, especially when you’re negotiating or you’re, you’re doing that jousting.

I’m thinking about those of you in the audience right now that are domain names, sellers, and you’re doing this jousting with an interested person, or you’ve reached somebody via outbound. And they’re saying that they can get something for eight bucks. They don’t need your name. And of course you love your name, but what can you show them?

You know what I mean, what you can share with them. [00:19:00] And I think this idea that out of the 150 million names that are registered, that your name is in the top one to 2% or top three to 4% of names. I think that sets apart this idea that it’s not worth nothing, it’s worth something. So I think that tears are really good if and you’re looking at that.

And then if you go down even further, they quantify the fact that. First, there’s the idea of what’s the name worse? And then there’s an idea of what should I pay for that name and what they do a good job doing? Like on a name, like card bid is they put the highest number on their 19,500. And they really quantify that.

They say this would be to an end-user that was motivated that once to buy the name and all I really need is on person. And what type of number do they think I should put on it to sell to that one person who’s kind [00:20:00] of ultimate buyer. And I think what’s important about that is that’s, you know, in many cases, if you know, you’re going to renew a name, you’re going to pay eight bucks a year to keep it.

And, and you don’t necessarily have to sell it to the first person who comes along. Then they have a thing called the retail level. And so they put on there for card bid 19,050. And they effectively talk about the fact that the price is determined by the buyers need, you know, the buyer is saying, I need it to grow.

And then they have a second category. They call market level, which means you have an end-user and maybe they don’t need it right now, but they’re a good buyer for the name. They may not be using it right away, but they’re an interested buyer and they call that the market level and they would value the same name at $9,000.

So the idea is on a relative basis, you can compare names against each other, but then how much [00:21:00] someone should pay might be based upon how badly they need it. Then they have an investor level. And when they talk about an investor level, they talk about it and it’s an investment opportunity. Someone’s comparing it against all the other opportunities that might exist.

So they have a lot of maybe, uh, substitutes that they can buy. And then they talk about an industry level. They’re down to 2,600, an auction level, which is I’ve decided to sell it. I want to sell it right now. I want to see who can give me the most money right now in an auction. And they put the value at 1300.

And then lastly, they have this thing called the liquidation level. They put the V $263. So for the same, there it’s somewhere between 19,500 and $263. And the fact that most of our marketplaces after Nick say do Dan mixed together [00:22:00] domain names that are held by owners at all these different levels. I think it’s what makes buying domain names so confusing for the buyer.

Um, because they’re seeing names, not just that are different in quality, but the people are selling them with different motivations. But anyway, what am I finishing? Anyone has any thoughts on that? If they’ve even read down on the name or thing to the bottom here where it has this, um, you certainly might not want to show this to somebody.

If they’re like, well, I put dating, so I wanted for 260 bucks. When you’re saying, I think you need this name and I want you to pay 19 five, but if you’re new to the business and you’re trying to understand the industry, I think this was a really good way to see how different names can be at different prices and how you may see a name on a clubhouse auction go for 250 bucks that someone prices the next day at 19 five.

It doesn’t mean they’re going to get it the [00:23:00] next day. It means they’re pricing it for a retail. So that’s my summary on name worth. Anybody want to share if they’ve used name worth or send me a back channel message. If they have any other thoughts or anything I’ve,

but at Harvey check my other back channel message. Um,

all right, so that’s name worth. So that’s another resource that you have to, um, you can do appraisals in bulk. Um, so if you pay for one of their higher plans, you can upload a bunch of them. I think you’ll especially notice in bulk that you may upload. Like, I think I did, I did a thousand names there one day for a project I was working on and names that had the same ending, uh, you know, [00:24:00] Boston, something got a $9,000 appraisal and Chicago with the same word, got zero.

So it may not always be consistent when you’re doing it in bulk. And so what I did was when I knew that was happening, I filled in the gaps for the same, you know, size cities and use the same high number. Um, but it does give you a value and it gives you another tool to play with. So that is my, uh, my take on name words.

Where else can you go for appraisals? Um, there’s a company out there called accurate and accurate appraisals is owned by one of the biggest domain in the business. And he provides a service where for $99. You can get an appraisal certificate for your name. And that appraisal is made up of a valuation estimate from, I think it’s three to five industry professionals that are all putting in their [00:25:00] input.

And that number is a combination of those offerings from experienced investors. And it’s usually geared toward a number that would be a good number to ask of a retail investor. It’s not really a good place for, you know, what should this name, trade aims jet or, you know, I’m, I’m looking to get rid of it this week.

What should I get for it? But it really is. I think used in my, the way I would use is when someone was just like page, I need some point of reference, you know, we like to name, we know it’s worth some point of reference and. ’cause a lot of times in domain names, all we have is name and price. You know, it becomes a very short discussion and you really don’t have that much to attach to an email or something.

And to the extent that you have anything, and even at a a hundred dollars, if it’s a, you know, 10 to $2 million domain name, you know, having at least an appraisal that you can [00:26:00] disclaim and say, I had this buyer, or I have these done quickly for my name. At least it gives you something in a world of nothing.

So that’s another source you can go to to one, see if you were right and buying a name that you thought was valuable and, uh, you, you submit it and then you pay your money. And then it takes, I think about a day or two, but sometimes within a day or two, you’ll get a reply back in a and a number and an estimate.

Let’s see, say no use to have bulk appraisals used to be able to upload your names to say too. And they would put them in columns of worth less than 500, 500 to a thousand, a thousand to 2000, but they got rid of that. They do have paid appraisals. Also. I’ve never done one there, but they have, I think a $99 service for a paid appraisal.

Um, you can submit your names to a marketplace if they’re brandable names [00:27:00] and you could submit them, uh, to brand. Which will determine if they think it’s worthy to list on their platform and they’ll come back with a price that they think you said, list to that. So that’s one way to find out it’s not going to be a sale.

It’s not going to me. It’s going to sell, you’re going to have to compete with hundreds of thousands of other domain names. But if you’re looking for a third party to say whether your name is worth something you can submit to brand bucket or squad help squad help, you can either submit without a price or you can submit.

We think the price is back and say higher or lower. When I think of other ways to maybe find out and appraise the value of your domain name, um, Haim pros, this one, and you say, oh my gosh, I froze again. Oh, I heard someone said it was terrible, but you can go to name pros and they have a thread for domain appraisals, and you can type in here.

So you think it’s worth and [00:28:00] you may get, you know, thoughts all over the board. And there may not be a lot of people that go to name pros anymore to give and to help others. They may just want to take and get names or give me your names for deal or whatever. But to the extent that you can engage some community and have people give you a, you know, a thought of what your name is worth, and that’s another place to go and the prices, right?

Because it’s free unless you have paid plan on named pros. But, um,

let’s see. So that’s kind of where, uh, you’re going to go with different ways to appraise domain names. And I thought I’d have this little addendum to the list today. And so that’s what we’ve covered. Let’s see anybody have any comments and questions on the, uh, other places to appraise domain name? I’m sure that was a riveting and exciting topic, but I think it’s good to know.

It’s good to have as many resources as you [00:29:00] can. Berea. I’m trying to get you up. Hold on. Let’s see. Uh, yeah, this isn’t another source, but you mentioned Esteban. And I just want to mention that if you list your names on epic, that you know, that you can do for free, you don’t have to move your, your names to epic.

You can just list them there. And when you download your list, they will have a column that shows you automatically all the Esteban, uh, appraisals, fantastic Bria. That’s a great resource. And I think it can be used for a lot of things. As she mentioned, you can upload names that you don’t have at epic as a registrar.

And you can both check your who is name servers. Sometimes you can check whether they’re with the listing prices at say to what, after Nick, and then also get the Esteban appraise value. Um, And you could even take, you know, you didn’t have names in different, uh, you know, different [00:30:00] registrars, different marketplaces, and you can list them all there.

Just, I do that for my own convenience just to have them all in one where I can look at them easily and organize them easily. Um, but they don’t have to be moved there. So with this, the nice thing to know. Yep. And I do that. Um, and then I will say, if you are trying to manage the names you have there, you do have to kind of click the button that says only search among names at epic.

So if you put your whole portfolio in there and you want to just renew your epic names and you sort them from low to high, you may get a bunch of your other names, but, um, I’ll throw out one other hint on Esteban, which is important. A lot of times you’re going to put a name into Esteban that you’re sure it’s horse something.

I mean, that’s just because it’s one of your names, but you know, you really do think it has some value and it may come back with a zero and. What I learned when I downloaded, you know, four or 5,000 names with Esteban, I got their [00:31:00] higher program where I could submit 500 a day. And then I submitted 500 a day for two weeks.

And I do that about once a year, you get a lot of names that have zero, and what’s important to remember is the estimate download to be really valuable because it can give you some search stats. It can give you some CPC numbers, but it can also tell you how esta bot parsed your domain name. So if you submitted orange county life, because you thought it would be a good name for someone selling life insurance in orange county, but somehow the computer didn’t parse it correctly and they parsed it as orange hill, auntie ice Lindstrom.

Then they would have gone and looked up the search keyword and the Google cost per clicks, based upon that incorrect parsing of Laurens county life Lynn learns Lynch, [00:32:00] and they would have come up with zero. And so what I found that is if I took those names and I went back into the appraisal and I looked at it and I clicked adjust keywords and put in the way it should be parsed correctly, I can actually change my estimate value because I was putting in the correct parsing that again, if it was worthy of it, that that correct parsing would have keyword demand and keyword volume.

So instead of just wondering, I wonder whether they parsed it correctly, if you do the download, or if you look at the details of an estimate appraisal, and you may be or other places, then you can see if they parsed the WordPress. To know if they came up with the right appraisal.

So that’s kind of a deep dive tip, but, um, it’s something I’ve learned over the years.

All right. Now let’s get to the fun part of today’s [00:33:00] show. And I do want to ask some folks to come up and share if they want to anyone registering meta domains lightly. I sure am. I love meta domain names. Why do I love meta domain names? Why should I be out there trying to hand register and pick where I think lightning is going to strike domain names with the word meta when everyone’s been doing it for the past six months and everyone outside the domain industry.

Read the news on Friday that Facebook’s going to be called meta, even though they’re really not. And then they think, oh my gosh, we need to buy domain names. No one else would’ve thought of that and they’re buying them. But at the same point, a lot of people are creating companies to succeed in the metaverse and they are naming those meta.

So whether you’re buying them to sell to other speculators or to sell the new [00:34:00] companies, what does it look like to buy meta domain names right now? And so what I did was last Thursday, I started running lists of names for the show. And what I found out was between last Thursday and this morning, the list of 500 names that I was going to show everybody this morning is, is missing a hundred names that have been taken just between last Thursday and today.

But what I’ve done is I put up some available names to begin with Metta, and I put them on the website for Monday domains, which. It’s an abbreviation. It’s M N D. So like M and M from Monday, M N D. I’ll make sure that’s correct. 21, which is the year M N D 20 And what I’m asking folks to do is if you see a name on there, we’re going to talk about them.

But if you want to register it, go ahead. But I, we’re kind of a [00:35:00] gratuity of $10 a day, just for the fact that maybe I came up with the idea and you could say, oh, I was thinking about that name at the exact same time you were paid. Well, that’s fine. But in most cases, if you’re getting the idea from this list, uh, honest Abe, who I used to do this for a couple of years where I would put domain name suggestions out, uh, honest, Abe says, check $10 to pay, listing the name.

And you can either do that through PayPal or Zelle or, or the money app. And so if you go to M N D 20 And then you clicked a black bar there. It says, click here for honor fee domains. And hopefully that’s going to take you to put out a spreadsheet. I’m just testing it out right now. There you go.

So I thought we’d talk about some of these today with the idea of the way I look at hand registration domain names is I shouldn’t want any of them because in a perfect world, anything of [00:36:00] value should have already been purchased by someone who wants to start that business. And if not by someone who wants to start that business, that a bunch of speculators have been looking at this list for the past two or three weeks or two or three months, and they would have bought everything available.

So what am I doing? Look at this list, being the last one to show up kind of like showing up for a yard sale or garage sale at three 30 in the afternoon, you know, anything great. What have already been paid? So you have to say to yourself, going in everything good should have been taken. And then if you sat back and just said, well, what’s my choice.

Then page is I just have to sit there at the computer and, and think up names and then see if they’re available and think up names and see if they’re available. Well, you’re going to find out that everything you want is taken, and then I show you this list and you say to yourself, well, everything that’s available, isn’t worth anything.

And you throw up your hands and you say, that’s it. I knew [00:37:00] this was a racket. I’m not going to do it. But what I say is let’s look for exceptions. Let’s look for things that somehow have made it through the cracks. No one else has found them either because they weren’t searching in that direction. That thought didn’t enter their mind.

We’re in many cases, they didn’t have the patience to go through. Like I did about 34,000 different endings for names to come up with this list of 500. They just thought, well, I’ll just buy a couple. Or the other thing that happens in domaining is people get a list of like this. So 400 names that are available and they start looking at them and going, oh, I don’t like ’em.

But then they say, oh, that one’s pretty good. And then they just say, oh, the simplest thing to do is just buy. So if you buy them all, hopefully you’ll send me $4,000 at 10 bucks a day and they just buy them all this hell, look later. So I think that in between that is the fact that domaining is such an interesting business in my opinion, [00:38:00] because there’s no place to go to say, what is the best.

Domain name I can buy. Now we do have spinners S P I N N E R S at different registrars. And if you go to GoDaddy and you say, I want to get or, sorry, Then it’ll give you some suggestions and that’s true that the nothing, but I think at the same point, all the registry can do is it can answer the question is a certain name taken or is it not?

And so in general you could think up a great available name, type it in, see it’s available. I find myself usually checking the spelling once or twice asking myself if I really want it. And then I would say if you’re buying a bunch of names and bulk know what your budget is, whether you’re buying 10 or 20 or 50 or a hundred names.[00:39:00] 

And as much as it pains me to say it, even in a fast moving space, like Metta, there’s something about when you first see it, that all you see in it is the positive. All you see in it is the possibilities. All you see in it is the potential. You’re looking at it with rose colored glasses. I dare say, if you’re, uh, courting to use an old word, you’re looking at a member of the opposite sex or the same sex and you see them, you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re seeing them with every great thing about them magnified.

And I think that happens with domain names. I think the farther you go from the first time that you saw a name in some ways, the more rational you’re going to be about just how rare and exciting that domain is. And I think a lot of us see this when people inquire about our domain name, sometimes you want to respond with the price really fast and then close the deal.

Because if they get a day to think about it, they may go, ah, it [00:40:00] wasn’t that special. But when doing had registrations, if I was doing them with the word, like golf or green or insurance, I would definitely ask myself, how many am I looking to buy. Make the list of all the available names, rank them among the top ones.

Keep searching, keep trying to find more, keep filling my pipeline with more available names so that the best names will rise to the top. And I’ll buy the 10 or 20 that I want. But on something like this, that’s moving pretty quickly. I did find myself registering some as soon as I saw them, but let’s talk and see what we got out there.

And, uh, let’s see, who’s available to help me talk about some available names and whether or not they’d be good Mehta names to read. Let’s see. Let’s see if Mike’s available. Mike. Doesn’t do a lot of Metta, so maybe he’s a good person to ask. [00:41:00] I think he does know, find out the second. Let’s see who else was out there?

Buying Metta names were going. You’re buying Metta names. You looking at men and names, but he is always looking for names. See if he wants to come. Anyone, if anyone else wants to help me evaluate these Mehta names, as I talk about them, come on up. I’d love to get different perspectives. You will be recorded on domain club, but Hey Mike, how are ya?

Have you gotten a Metta bug or what do you think I’m in my car and the wind. Isn’t uh, the microphone. I’ll give you an input. You got it. Thanks. Re-do how you doing with Metta names? Are you a buyer, a seller or you’re on the side? Well, I just picked up a handful of domain four Matta domains, but, um, um, one of the name I like to tell you is Metta cool with a and I think this is going to be a branded name.

dot [00:42:00] com. Is that something that you bought? Yes. Well handled it. Yeah. So what I’ve done on this list, again, for those of you listening and for those of you listening during the week, it’s still up there. It’s M N D 21, which stands for Monday domains in the year of 2021. And I put some of the available names were available last week.

And I checked again this morning and what I was doing, I was looking for names and different areas. And the first thing that I think contributes to a good domain name right now, the number one thing that I think contributes to a good domain. Is it linked? I think short names in general are one of the first factors you should look at.

So what I did was out of the names that I was looking at, I went ahead and sorted this list by the length and what you’re going to see as a lot of names that are Metta. And then they have three characters after the name. And so this is probably the first 60 names on here. If you’re looking at this and I’ll read some of them [00:43:00] off for those of you that are driving or listening.

But what I was doing is the first thing I was looking at when I looked at these lists of prospects was I had sorted them low to high to see anything short, because I just think short is so valuable. It’s going to be easier to remember. It’s going to be easier to type. If you have to spell it to somebody.

The fact that you don’t have to respell Metta means you, most of the ones I’m going to share with you have three letters after them means you only really have to share three letters. The second reason I put a lot of these Metta names on this available names list. And again, if you take any of these, you’re, you’re welcome to it.

But I do ask a $10 kind of bounty or tip, uh, for, for giving you these suggestions is the fact that the three letter domain space is really popular in our business. And a lot of us think about things like initials or short words or what another trend that’s happening now is. A word without the vowels and that [00:44:00] you can have a domain name that has the word without the vowels.

And that, that is kind of trendy speak or cyber com speak for it. So some of the ones, the first one I put on here was Mehta two O with the dash. So it’s Mehta dash two oh, sale page. That’s a terrible name. Well, it’s probably why it’s still available to be registered. But then again, if you look and you say, are we going to have a time when people are like, well, this is, this is the second version of Metta.

And there are enough of those people going to want to be meta two. Oh, to put a dash in it. I don’t know, but I think it’s a reasonable, at least prospect. And it gives you an idea of what’s available out there. And most of you should say, I don’t want that name. I don’t want to hold that name for five or 10 years, but if you’re trying to buy a hundred or a thousand, maybe that meets your, uh, So what I did with these three letter names, I have some that are just seem to be popular initials for something.

Again, you hear Braden and everyone talking about something that has a lot of [00:45:00] potential users. So I looked at a name like Mehta APS. So it’s not apps like a PPS, it’s just Mehta APS. So if someone comes up with something, cause that’s all you’re trying to do, you’re trying to pick where lightning is gonna strike.

Someone comes up with something called APS in the metaverse. Then they may go for meta and that’s really what I’m buying. Um, I’m buying the potential that someone may want this name in the future and because they price my investment and only $9. To be able to take a chance that someone may want it in the future, then that’s domain investing.

So some other popular three-letter initials after meta that I put on the list were CMX, Mehta, CMX. I liked the exit ticket. Sometimes it means exchange. So you just think about someone creating some type of exchange. And even if it has a longer name, that Metta CMX would be short. When I put on their Metta [00:46:00] DRX I put on their Mehta G and S.

Um, Metta PGX, uh, Metta PRG, you know, is that Metta program? No, but is it kind of three letters that hint at program? Yes. So when I just came up with some different options with three letters after Metta, cause I think the number one reason someone might buy a domain name is length. The first group of the meta plus three letters I came up with were names that were available among all the possible available names.

And you got to remember almost two or 300,000 are taken. Now the first group was ones that had just three letters that seem to make sense. Then I tried to find some pseudo brand doubles where you can say that. In such a way that it almost sounded like a one word name, but it had metal in it. So maybe that’s like Metta a G no, that’s not metallurgy.

The first one there it’s Metta AGY but [00:47:00] again, you take what you can get. Um, Metta Meditech, Matayo mutt tacho. So is that a brandable name while it’s only seven letters and it’s gotten Metta, um, met Matiko M a T H E K a. So maybe you’re looking for a short name to brand your company. You’re going to be in the metaverse and I, and maybe you’re going to see this on an aftermarket and pay three to 10 grand for it.

Matar, tow Meditech, uh, Metta took Metta to UK. So again, I’m not saying these are great, but this is what’s available. And this was how I, Adam was first. I looked for length. Let’s see then I went to names that were four letters, Metta plus four letters afterward. And I added some CVC V’s to this. And what I mean by that is everyone would love to have a CV, and you might want to brand your name four letter brand.

And I thought there was some symmetry between [00:48:00] having Mehta at the beginning of a name and then four letters afterward because Metta was a CVC V itself. So I put the names whenever I can find a Metta CV. I put that on the list as a prospect. So metaphor once I could, could I just suggest you could explain what CVC V is in case some people don’t know where listening.

A lot of times you can define a name, um, based upon the characters and, and you, if you’re searching for names, you can search on a lot of places for CV, CV. And what you mean by that is I want the first letter to be a continent, the next one to be a vowel, the next one to be a continent and the next one to be a Val.

So I think Hulu is probably the best example of this. There was a time when most people couldn’t get one word dictionary, domain names. So they wanted to gravitate toward a short word that they could use to describe. [00:49:00] And among all the four-letter words, they decided that this concept of a CV CV would be popular.

And so they went for names that were consonant, vowel, consonant, vowel. So some of the other ones on here,

let’s see again, you’re probably laughing Mehta race. Met us Sodi, Metta OD Metta. So again, you say page, why would I want to buy Mehta Tabi? Well, the only reason you’d want to buy it is if you were going to list it on a brandable marketplace and people were looking for eight word names, begin with Metta, and they had a CVC V pattern or just, they liked the sound of it.

That at least you’re showing them something that I think is going to be appealing. Uh, Metta, Tano, Metta, T a N a. And again, this was the biggest change in our industry in the past 10 years where we’ve gone from people wanting to always call [00:50:00] their names, a logical keyword based name, like meta book or meta metadata or something like that.

Because most of those are usually taken. They go with something that’s going to be the name of their company and they want it to be unique. They don’t always want it to be a word that can’t be trademarked because it means something, but they want a unique word and that that’s become a big part of our business.

So I put a lot of on here in the eight letter category. met a VOCA, met, uh, met, uh, what else? I got a Tabi. So anyway, that’s why some of those are on there. So if that fits your needs and want to grab a couple, not saying to saying, if you do, at least, if you found it from this list, send me 10 bucks. Um, let’s see.

We didn’t have too many Mehta dictionary words that were four letters. They were still mostly brandable. We did have some interesting words like Metta NIMS. I found. So you have [00:51:00] homonyms and synonyms and antonyms. Well, maybe you invent N Y M S. So I put that on the list. spelled P H I E Metta So again, someone could find this on GoDaddy and get it for a registration fee or they could like it enough that they pay it as a premium.

Um, met a brick without the C. So Metta B R I K. Metta Boyd kind of sounded like a robot or a, an Android or something like that. Uh, Metta Azule is a U L so the color blue in Spanish, I color green in Spanish, I think, or blue-green Metta Zul. Um, so again, that’s kind of what you see out there is not, you’re not going to see, Hey, is Metta face out there as a meta book out there.

Now it’s probably taken people have run the list of all the most popular words and, and, and grabbed the ones that were good. So the only ones you’re [00:52:00] going to see on this list are what’s left. The Cujo C U G O a metaphor photo is a CVC V. Let me see what else is on here, a man. So you say, well, what’s Mehta man.

Be, I don’t know. It can be like a command in the metaverse, but again, it made it on here because I thought among the three or the 35,000 and I looked through it, it was just an appealed, you know, I thought it was in the top one to 2% of available Mehta names. Let’s say if there’s anything else. Great. So then I had some that were Metta plus a dash and then a forward name.

And for me it’s gotta be something pretty recognizable. So I got medicase metadata, D O C K Metta, hyphened, doc, and metadata. Anyway, if you go down from there, some of the available names are Metta beams. so like integrity, but meta GRI Metagenics. [00:53:00] You want to invent some beef jerky for the metaverse that’s available, metabolic Mehta, Trino, some type of amino acid for the metaverse Metta boggle metabolize with an S Mehta phonics.

Anyway, that’s what’s on. There are different, uh, words that are available. Uh, I sorted them by length. Uh, was an interesting one, like therapeutics, Mehta, divisor, Metta damping, uh, had some dashboards, Mehta fiction, Mehta dash fiction, a breakout. Metta Metta hairball. There you go. If you’ve got a cat NFT and you want to call it Metta something that was one of the joke ones I’ve put on there.

Um, then you get to longer names. It’s a little tougher, but Metta Metta in duction, couldn’t figure out what that might [00:54:00] mean, but I know induction is kind of a technical word, Mehta, preserves, Metta phalanges, like fingers in the metaverse. You can make NFTs of Hans meta data trader Medis cybernetic. So, anyway, that’s what I found.

So if you’re wondering what you’re missing out on by not going to hand register Mehta names, that’s what’s left and it could confirm for you that you shouldn’t try it either. Or could have you say, Hey, I like a couple of those or. You might be able to sit there and say, huh, that reminds me of another way to go look at them.

Uh, and maybe that’ll help you. So when searching late in the game, I think you want to be tougher on yourself, but at the same point, you can maybe find something in here that, you know, we’ve seen meadow names flipping a month, and I know there’s some of you that are like, don’t say that page, people going to think you can buy domains and sell them within a month.

But if I [00:55:00] had my choice in domain investing between investing and what I’ve been doing for the last 15 years, that’s based upon logic and predictability and has been well with. And our industry is relevant to maybe four to 5% of the public. And you tell me that 10 to 20% of the public is interested in Mehta now, and this is the first chance they’re going to have to interact.

Yeah. I want to have some names in the space, you know what I mean? And I think that hopefully one day we’ll do a better job of marketing as an industry, so that every worthwhile category of category, domain names of geo domain names have vanity domain names. We’ll have lots of interested buyers excited about buying them.

But right now I’m trying to learn what I can from this, you know, once in a decade, demand for domain names around Metta [00:56:00] to see what it looks like when the public comes calling, what are they trying to buy? And right now my conclusion, and I’ll wrap up with this. Most people that have never been a domain investor come in and still think like a Cybersquatter.

And as much as people say domainers or cybersquatters, and I don’t believe much of the domain name industry is anymore. For some reason, when people hear about domain names, even if they’ve complained about cybersquatters for years, the first thing they’re going to do is try to buy Metta McDonald’s or medical Coca-Cola or Metta, NFL, and say, man, one day, they’re going to have to buy it from me.

And that’s just me studying human behavior. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. That seems to be what they want to do. But hopefully, also companies want to build in the metaverse. They want to get some names on board and hopefully I’ll keep selling them. So [00:57:00] that is Monday domaining with Metta domains.

Berea or my crew, David, how did I do, was I too pessimistic there or awesome. Can I ask a quick question? Did you use any tools in compiling this list for this list? I used expired domains and I searched among names that have been deleted and not reregistered. And the reason I did that is because I’ve already searched the top 20,000 dictionary words, and I’ve already searched my list for animals and for colors and for sports and all that type of stuff.

And so what I wanted to get a look at is just the idea that at some point in time, cause you got to remember the men of the word Mehta has been popular before now. Um, and, and even metaverse the, the Metta trademark that Facebook bought was from a Canadian company that got it in 2017. So I looked and I said, maybe someone bought a Metta [00:58:00] name in 2016 and dropped it in 2017.

So no one was looking for it then, but what I also have to tell myself is for the last three years, nobody wanted this name for registration fee. So in this case I used expired domains. I looked in, um, deleted names And then I’ll give you page house pro tip for searching meta domain names and expired domains.

I can put in stars with Metta. And then as I started to get words that were contributing too much junk to my search, I can also say, but don’t give me names that start with. And it’s true that I’m going to miss out on Metta and then anything that starts with L but at least I was able to throw out everything that was metal finishing or metal, this or metal that, and then I found that I wanted to get rid of Metta physical [00:59:00] and metabolic, and I could slowly get rid of those words.

So that most of what I was looking at over time, I think I got rid of Mettery. I put that on exclude. That’s a city in Louisiana, so I wasn’t having to look at those over and over again. So that’s what I used in this case for you. And, you know, paid TV is really helpful when you exclude the metal, because that’s very true.

And I have some metal domain names and only like two meta domain names. But if you thought you might be missing something immediately after that search, what you can also do is then. Just names that start with metal, because then it’s very easy to scan quickly, you know, list of, of a lot of names. If the first whatever is, is very similar.

So you can make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. Yeah, that’s absolutely right. And you can even put the filter for only give me names and English words. So you’ll only [01:00:00] get metal. Plus something in English, you know what I mean? Uh, but it’s funny. I actually, I don’t know if I registered anything, but I was seeing some, um, metaphysical names that I kind of liked.

You know what I mean? You kind of stumble across something when you’re looking for Metta, but I saw some metaphysical and some metabolic names that I was interested in and. That also happens to me. I search a lot for names, Indian ology, and I find myself having a lot of names ending in technology. You know, I’m looking for like a brandable, like domain ology, you know what I mean?

But because I, I do that. I see a lot of names with technology at the end, so it doesn’t matter how you find it, but I liked that. Tip my thing. No, of course in 13 or 14 months from now, when people don’t get the 10,000 hundred thousand dollars million dollars that they’re asking for their hand registration that they just got yesterday and they drop it to save 10 bucks, then you’ll be able to [01:01:00] pick it up, reprice it reasonably and sell it.

You know, I really think that’s accurate. And um, because we have this arbitrary length of a registration being one year, you get a abnormal sense of where the line is. I call it like the bath water line of what’s what’s registrable and what’s not because especially in the first year that term hits everything that’s registered even after a month, if the owner knows they’re not going to renew it, it’s still going to show up as registered for a year.

So it’s kind of like going to a concert and you’ve got a lot of people that bought good tickets that aren’t going to show up and, and you have to buy seats farther away thinking that all those seats in front of [01:02:00] you are going to be in demand. You know what I mean? And after the first year you see that a lot of those people didn’t renew.

I, he didn’t show up and you’re like, wow, I could be sitting way up there, you know? Um, but, uh, so yeah, it’s really interesting. Uh, How that one year time period works. And if you think that name has legs than waiting for that first year is not a bad strategy. Another of a, just a, another tip when you’re in the filters in a expired domains that, uh, that net, um, I mean, probably most people know this, but not everybody.

Um, on the bottom, right. There is a, you can ask for just available names. Also, if you want to see like 200 at once, you can switch it to 200 per page. Um, you can choose the length of the names if you only want it up to a certain number of letters. Uh, things like that. Just like mention that.

Yeah, absolutely. So. For a [01:03:00] while I was searching without hyphens or digits. And then I realized, no, if I could buy Metta 90, I would probably do it. You know, um, there might be some number patterns that I wanted to look at. And then I, I accidentally lost my windows, so I had to reset it. And then I was seeing some dash names that I thought would make the prospect list too.

Um, and so for every absolute, when you say I’m knocked in to look for one thing, there’s always a time. You know, that may not, that may not be true. So two weeks ago we did the same thing and I put up some names that were available at say two at the time. And if you go to the MND 21 link, um, it takes you, if you click the little black box, it says, go to page house $10 honor names.

I did leave up, uh, in the Google spreadsheet that you see the list from two weeks ago too. And I haven’t checked to see, [01:04:00] but I did put on that one before at the same time, you’re looking for hand registration names. You should also be scouring the marketplaces for maybe things under 500 or under a thousand dollars.

And what’s funny was on that day, I told myself, you also have to look at your names and are they listed for buy it now and adjust those. And I tried to adjust a name I had at squatting. And they wouldn’t, I didn’t, I asked for the re evaluation and they didn’t get back to me in time. And it actually did sell, uh, for a PR.

I mean, I got the money. I’m happy to get a sale, but before you do anything, trying to get new names, it just reminded me to take care of my own knit. And first look at my, buy it now. And what I would have done in hindsight is when I asked for reconsideration at squad health for the price I would have, I should have changed it to make offer.

You can take your squad, help Dame and take the [01:05:00] fixed price off. And I should have done that. I should have changed the fixed price to, um, make offer while I was asking for the reconsideration. So, um, again, I’m glad to have a sale. I would love to have the sale four months ago of this name, because it began with Metta.

I’ve owned it for three or four years, but, uh, boy in today’s March and I. Probably could have got more from the same buyer, but anyway, that’s what I’ve learned about men and names. See if we have any other questions or comments?


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