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Monday Domains – EP02

[00:00:00] And it’s a strong keyboard without payment of call for 53,000 something days after registration. Well, I talked to Wolfgang about, was the idea that Metta payments, stock codes sold off day end. Um, and it had been registered just eight days ago was reported on, uh, some of the blogs. And, um, it was interesting because when you think and you know, it was one of the first, um, it was one of the first CC TLDs to be marketed as a replacement

And this was well before the, um, the new TLD program. So at the time, let me just fix one thing here.[00:01:00] 

Hold on one second

recording in progress. came out, uh, we had ComNet org, which we called the legacy TLDs and there had been a couple And they had mostly been one. They have been kind of a scramble to get them launched. It took about two and a half years after they’d been approved to finally get them launched.

There was much more speculation in those early biz and info registrations. Then there was real use. I mean, there’s always going to be some real use, but it was certainly people buying them to either compliment what they owned in common net. To, um, to speculate. And I think that they, they never really caught the [00:02:00] public’s attention.

So when Coke came out, they did a fantastic job of marketing, especially inside the domain community of just simply showing that they were credible. They were going to be around for awhile. They knew what they were doing, and they offered a very attractive product. And I think that marketing lasted four or five years, and then it kind of faded.

And I think Cole was really reborn because companies were really registering them. They were really buying him on the resale market, not as much because of any promotional campaign, but because they really did see it as a second place to come. And it was short and some countries, I think that it used things like co UK.

Or Cohen Z where maybe more familiar with it, and even in a world of dark horse, um, there seemed to be some demand for it. And Wolfgang, I know you [00:03:00] followed the co marketplace for a long time. Didn’t you find that it really was getting end users to use it more than any promotion or anything like that?

Yeah, I mean, uh, I saw it basically only to end use us and often overseas. And like I said, this extensions, which already have a coincide or which are for not so good working country called TLD or . Um, and now also the generally the international buyers, uh, have more purchasing power now known to by the height where you do also one, one, uh, dot-coms adjusted the reason.

I’m either at a Silicon valley or east coast startups and us, or these countries with, so my next attention, so which don’t have [00:04:00] don’t can’t afford or does it need as a springboard to Yeah, and I think internationally when presented with calm and then alternatives, Coco seemed to have earned its place.

So when the pandemic came and we had more and more companies concentrating on their name and their online presence, in my opinion, especially companies that felt that getting a short. They were comparing that to what they get The fact that most comms are owned by investors that were charging high prices.

And what I mean by high prices. I mean, we’re one all of a sudden weren’t 15,000. They were 60,000 and, and really good. One word dot comes. Weren’t a hundred thousand, but they were 350,000. So I have a feeling in the case of this Metta payments, I’m thinking that of this is actually parked [00:05:00] and whether they bought that too, I don’t know.

But the owner of Metta payments may have quoted a million and a half dollars, you know, or something like that. Whereas maybe a year ago it would have been much less. And so one thing you can’t, I would encourage everyone. Who’s listening both here and on the podcast is that when a comp, a lot of times we think companies should buy their domain.

Early in the process, but many companies plan out everything that they’re doing. And then think about getting the domain name at the very end, almost like, um, you plan a dinner party and you make your reservation that day on the way to the restaurant. And so in this case, you may have had, if I was just speculating a company that was ready to go to market, um, and really was kind of like maybe they pictured a long and drawn out negotiation process with owner and they could get the code for this.

And, and the seller when, um, I don’t know if this was buy it now [00:06:00] or make offer of put a price on it and, uh, and got a sale. And so I think that it also speaks to one of the problems you have with trying to sell or a hand registration. Um,

Let’s see I’m going to,

it would be interesting if it was paid in Bitcoins, Navy. Yeah, I think that, um, that, uh, what was I going to say? Oh, so, so you have a situation with the hand registration, where most of us list our names at, after Nick and other marketplaces, but to be freely transferable, you have to have own that name for, for 60 days.

And many times after Nick won’t approve a listing on their DLS platform for 60 days. But I think you had a case here with Dan, where Dan is [00:07:00] very comfortable, um, having the seller, you know, the existing owner pushed the new. To a Dan account at the registrar. And then Dan will work with the buyer to either push it to an account for them or tell the buyer that when the 60 day period has elapsed, that they’ll transfer the name to the buyer.

But there’s a sense that because Dan owns the name, the buyer is, is treating. The name is in escrow, so to speak and Dan most importantly will pay the seller once they move the name to the Dan, uh, account. And so I think that that for hand registration people, I know as I’ll talk about today, when I want to talk about hand registering domain names, where you register it is important because even though you may be getting a coupon code or a great deal at a registrar, if it’s going to be hard or it’s going to be a hiccup in the process [00:08:00] of selling it early on, Uh, to move it at that registrar, then it may be worth the extra money to pay for GoDaddy.

If it’s maybe the world’s best known registrar or at least someplace that is very customer friendly for setting up a new account and accepting a push. But, um, Wolf king, I know the co market’s been strong for you and I just, I thank you for sharing with us a little bit Is there anything else that kind of amazed you about that sale or was it not amazing to you?

Because it was a good name and a good price. It’s amazing. I mean, I just see that, but do you think meetup is listed for?

Uh, I didn’t know it was listed for price. I just went to the Lander and you’re right. It is a say to Lander, the thing made a payment, just the six hours later, the Nightline thing going up.[00:09:00] 

It’s 6,899 buy immediate immediately. So, so maybe I thought it was fast negotiation. I’ll have one Bitcoin, do we lose? Just send it over. And it’s just, that’s what I’m thinking. Well, it’s a great point and that’s a great segue to lead into what I’m going to talk about today. So welcome everyone to Monday domains.

I am going to call some of you up at about 15 minutes and get your thoughts on what I share, but I wanted to talk about hand registering names right now, obviously the hottest thing in our market right now for domain investors. So for those of you that are watching, that are just operating names for your own website, um, you know, this may not be applicable to you, but for domain investors to a very, very small degree, we finally saw excitement in our space over the last month, similar to what’s going on in NFTs and other collectors.

And I think [00:10:00] what I mean by that is that as I’ve shared before at nauseum, for many of you, you know, we do a terrible job of marketing. What we have the sale sell. We mostly rely on people to come to us on our landing page, or we rely on them to come to a registrar where they may see our name and the registrar pathway, if they searched for a name and they find the section that says related premium domain names, and they’re willing to investigate multiple pages of related premium domain names.

And unless they wake up in the morning specifically wanting to buy our name and contact us, or have the patience to go through what I believe is a very poorly explained and not always intuitive process at the register. Of showing them [00:11:00] alternatives to what somebody may have typed in. Someone may have typed in and you have to remember the public may wake up and think I’m the first one to think of that.

I’m the first one to think of I wonder if it’s available and that’s going to be their starting point. And most likely what the registrars are going to do is they’re going to try to combine two goals that they have. One goal is to sell premium domain names because they finally realized that a premium domain name purchaser is, is likely to potentially buy the other services that they want to sell.

And that’s still their main motivation for selling domain names is to get people to buy the monthly payment added services on those domains. But the second thing that they also are going to do is they’re going to promote other extensions. And now there’s almost 2000 other extensions [00:12:00] where maybe 600 of them are marketable at most registrars.

And they’re going to promote those as alternatives because those people may buy the domain name and they may also be candidates to buy the additional services. In my opinion, the registrars operate off of fear mentality, which is don’t let that customer leave. We’ve got to sell them something. Now that’s completely different from what domain investors would like people to do.

We would like to investors in my opinion, or end-users to search out the available possibilities, where they might see the unique qualities that we think exist in our domain names. The best thing about my domain names is they’re my domain names, and everybody should see everything that I’ve seen in them.

If you look at something like metaverse or ETA, which was another great keyword in the past month, I think we finally saw some mania or some [00:13:00] frenzy or some hysteria where in a world with billions of people and only maybe a hundred relevant extensions that you might actually use and 400 extensions that may be considered very niche, extensions that all of a sudden, that many people, or just a couple people out of those billions of people in the world that decided that they wanted to own domain names beginning with ETH, they came in and basically scraped and took every possible ETA domain name over the course of two weeks, about a month ago.

And those people that had bought a lot of the niche TLDs, uh, dot horns. Uh, dot Ws dot all kinds of extensions, all of a sudden had them taken at a buy it now where they may have only held him for four or five months. And I think we see [00:14:00] that as unreasonable. Why would someone buy

But I think it’s only a glimpse of what is out there, what potential demand is out there for domain names, because we’ve done such a terrible job of marketing and protium that, that there’s literally tens if not hundreds of thousands of potential buyers out there, but eventually that, that could also see domain names as a digital asset.

And we buy based upon the fact that they’re there, but even that’s become hard to do over the past 10 years. And I know because I tried to do it and, um, but anyway, that’s what we’ve seen lately with ETH and metaverse and. I wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on just that setup, whether they think that, that the ETA grab of almost every available TLD or the metaverse grab or the Metta grab and all the TLDs was an, any way rational.

Have we seen a lot of end-users [00:15:00] actually build sites or in my opinion, it’s just a brief glimpse of what will happen if people discover domain names, but they only did in this case with a specific identifiable three letter name E T H or metaverse or meta. Let me see who I want to talk to. Nobody wants to share that.

All right. All right. Thank you, Michelle. I see your message. Thank you. All right. So. So, what I try to figure out today, Monday domains is we’re going to talk about hand raging Mehta names. And the reason I brought back honest Abe is I used to run a service where I would send out twice a week list of available hand registration names.

And if people bought those names, we would ask them to make a $10 bounty fee per name for the ones that they registered. So we were saying that yes, they [00:16:00] were going to have to pay registration fee. And yes, we were going to ask them to pay $10 to our company for giving them the idea. Um, but we still thought for a lot of people, cause we had, we probably sold over a thousand names over the course of two years, um, where, um, they liked the fact that they could just search from available names and they would pay twice the cost.

But, um, but the other thing that we allowed people to do is register them at their own favorite registrar where it wasn’t like we had, we went ahead and registered them somewhere and they had to accept a push. Or they have to have a certain place, same point. They may have a discount code or a way that they buy and registration names that they preferred so they could use that.

So what I’ve, what I’ve done today is I’ve come up with some ideas for hand registration, for Mehta names, and I’ve put them on, on a, on a website dot com. And I would only ask if you do end up registering some, uh, that you, that you go ahead and send me the [00:17:00] PayPal that’s on there, or a pay through the, the clubhouse back channel a $10 a bounty for those.

And so obviously you can go register them and not pay the bank. But just remember honest, Abe that’s Abraham Lincoln, who had a famous story about him being honest. Uh, honest Dave is always watching. So, uh, I’ll tell you another funny story. I went to, uh, a conflict name’s Khan and I had someone walk up to me and hand me a $20 bill.

And they said, yeah, I took a couple of names off the list and I forgot to pay you. So I guess that’s my story for actually taking money at a name’s con. But, um, anyway, let me tell you the process I go through for hand registering names. And again, I put this and, um, I hope that comes up for you.

It’s set up to be, uh, a a free website, and there should be a link, right? When you go there. [00:18:00] If the DNS was all working price, and again, it’s M N D 20 So I went for a short name and it says, uh, Monday domaining and it says click on for honor fee, uh, domain names. So the first thing I do when I’m thinking about hand registering names in a certain area is I think the easiest thing to do is just try to start thinking of names.

So you might type in meta NFTs or medic characters, or just whatever you think of. And most likely in my opinion, someone else has probably thought of that. So I might do a couple, but I shouldn’t be surprised when those have been taken. They may have been taken before this current graze, just because even though Metta means a lot more because the metaverse it’s still was a prefix for many domain names prior to NFTs.

And the metaverse. So what I try to do is I’ll usually first run two lists. [00:19:00] I’ll rent a list of the words that are taken in the most extensions. And then I’ll run a list of the top English dictionary. And what I’m looking for right off the bat is some obvious names that I think should be registered and aren’t, and I don’t want to miss the obvious by really digging in there to try to find a good deal or something that everyone else missed.

So I used NameBright to do that because I can take the list of up to 5,000 names and I can combine the, a word like Metta with another word, and I can look I’m on 5,000 of them. And when I did that for Metta, uh, when I did it from metaverse back in February, I think there was. 1400 available. And then when I did it in January, there was about 300 available.

So there there’s less and less available, but those are the first two things I’ll do. And if I see anything obvious, I’ll register it. [00:20:00] And the rest, what I do is I put them in an Excel sheet and I go through when I ranked them on a scale of one to 10. And I’ve shared this with some of you guys before, and what I’m looking for is I really don’t know what I should register.

When I first start looking for hand registration names. I don’t know what’s been taken, I don’t know what’s available. So I don’t know the name that I’m thinking about getting, how does it rank within all the possible names that are available? So a lot of you may say, but yeah, you have to get it right now.

You have to get it right now. I have had names from the time that I researched him within an hour get taken, but most of the time I usually tell myself I’ve got, at least to now. To go through and rank the names. But if I see something along the way that I’m really enamored with, I’ll usually register it.

Um, but the other ones, what I want to do is I want to rank them on a scale of one to 10, [00:21:00] with one being worst and 10 being best. And then what I want to do when I’m done ranking, maybe a thousand names, most of them are going to get a zero. I’m not even going to rank them. Then what I’ll do is I’ll sort them by their rank.

And then that’ll tell me what are the best. Metta names or metaverse names or EFT names that I won that are available for registration. And then I’ll look at my budget and say, how deep do I want to go on this list? Now I have a couple of reasons that I registered names. I registered names to resell to end-users and I also registered names to put on domain outlet.

So I may say that a certain names I’m going to register and just put, make, offer, and other names. I may say, you know what? I, it seems like there’s a lot of good inventory here that I can buy and resell for the 99 to $299 that I sell for on domain outlet. So I’ll usually go one group that I want to keep.

And then one group that I’m buying for the outlet [00:22:00] and that’s how I do it. But before I register them, I also want to take the look and see what’s available on other places. So if you click that link there for M and D 20, if you click the honest, stable. The first thing I did today was I went and said, what’s available right now that I can buy.

Maybe I shouldn’t look for hand registration, domain names, which represent after every other speculator has looked at all their list. What have they left behind? I should also look at what names can I buy right now. And the number one place that you can buy a resale domain name or premium domain name in my opinion is GoDaddy close out auctions.

So I went and typed the word begins with Metta and go daddy, close out options. And I don’t know if this was a good name or a bad name. I put it on the list and some buy it now at $40. [00:23:00] And it’s metaphoric now. It’s not spelled like the dinosaur. So don’t think that it’s like Metta Saurus it’s Emmy, T a P H O R O U S.

So is, is the medic craze going to go fast enough that someone’s going to buy metaphoric? It actually has a very elusive and remote, uh, dictionary definition. Um, or maybe someone decides that that’s a brandable that they just liked, but of the Metta names that were available for me to buy right now, I want to make sure that in my search for hand registration names, I didn’t skip something that was, that was available at GoDaddy closeouts.

And the reason I let go that close outs is I don’t have to wait to bid. I don’t have to wait three days. I don’t have to wait for it to show up on one of the pitch list or the tout list in the morning. I can just buy it right now. So is one of the ones I put on the, the hand reds [00:24:00] prospects list, even though it’s not a hand Ridge.

Um, and, uh, and that’s $40. So again, if you grab that one and you like it. Uh, like paying a bounty, you can pay the $10 to me. All right. Second thing I do is I go look at, buy it now domains. And in this case, I went to say two and unexpired You can pick a category called say-do bargain domains, and what you get there is you only get domains under a thousand.

So even though there would be domains over a thousand dollars that I might like there may also be a ton of names that have reseller prices over a thousand. So what I want to do is I want to check the under a thousand and see if there’s anything that’s going to be so much better than a hand registration.

Then I’m willing to pay 30 or 50 times a hand registration to get a better name on board. And the reason I think it’s okay to pay three to $500 [00:25:00] to get a better name on board is once you own that name, it’s going to cost you nine to 10 to $11 a year to renew it. Why not have a better name to renew once you own that name?

You’re going to be looking at after Nick every week or every month or every day. And saying, did this name sell, did this name sell, did this name sell? Why not be in the market with a much better name? Because you’re hoping to sell it for two to $5,000. And if you do sell it for two to $5,000, I think they’re going to be just as happy if you had a cost of a hundred or 200 is if you paid registration fee.

Now, I think it’s going to be a lot harder to buy bargain domains under a thousand in bulk. You know, you might not want to buy 30 of them unless you have the capital, but I think I do want to go ahead and pick. So some of the ones that I’ve clicked on the, um, oh, I’m sorry. The second thing I want to do is I want to look at upcoming auctions.

So I put the name Metta in, begins with [00:26:00] Metta, and I went to, uh, Dyna dots, expired auctions, and today at 1:00 PM Eastern. And again, I’m sorry if you’re watching this name, when you think that I brought a bunch of competition, but that’s the way it goes out there. Metta E R is available. And I don’t think this name is a slam dunk, like, oh my gosh, you could go in any clubhouse room and sell this name for a thousand dollars tomorrow.

But if you are looking, I just wanted to throw it out there. I don’t know if it’s better to be Mehta E R They may invent something called an ERT or whether it’s met or, but at least it wasn’t absolute garbage. So I put it on this list. Um, I probably won’t bid on that name. Um, but I don’t know where everyone else’s tolerances are.

Someone may see something in that name that I didn’t see. And before I get to the last two sections, which are going to be new TLDs and dot-coms, I wanted to [00:27:00] go through some of the names I saw on say, do for. A thousand dollars. And a lot of these could be names that people have hand reds themselves they’re willing to sell for two 80.

And the reason I think two 80 is important is I think it’s the minimum at say if I think for their Landers. So these may be names that are owned by safe. I’m just speculating here, but, um, there’s a lot of names at two 80. And, um, and I think that, uh, um, that, that’s what I noticed. So the names that I found that are under a thousand dollars at Saidu are, uh, met a ye meadow.

Y I, and you say, well, page, that’s a stupid day when I agree. It is a stupid thing, but it is a phonetic one sound. It is a sound in many languages and it could be a brandable. So you say, well, by the time we go look for hand registration names, we’re going to see that every six months. With a [00:28:00] phonetic sound is taken, then at least that’s the prospect, you know, Mehta

Um, in the same way we had one with Metta and then two letters after it. A S so it’s meta as it’s weird because you have two ways back to back. So you have Matanzas or Meadows with two A’s as a brandable. But anyway, I put it on the list and the other one with two letters after Metta is meta ziti. And the reason I put these on there is I think the number one thing that people are looking for in a good domain name is a short name.

So I wanted to at least put the ones that were Metta and two letters. There were not any Metta in one letters, but I think a lot of us would love to see those for under $300, if it was met a Y or where that D could stand for so many different things, um, uh, that, that it would be a. You know, they would be attractive candidates.

So I put that on there that was only $79 and say to [00:29:00] Metta So if you think that that could be a prospect yet, um, a true word that I liked and say two was met a Now this isn’t as good as meta payments, which we talked about earlier. This isn’t as good as metaverse rooms that sold recently or Metta

So it’s not completely cognitive as to what marijuana would be, but it is a very short seven letter met up plus a three letter word that people recognize. So Metta and it’s w H Y M another brandable was Metta SES. So metallic. It’s kind of a stretch, but that’s what you see expect. You know, if it wasn’t a stretch, someone would be selling it for a lot more.

I saw, which I thought would be interesting for a dog community. Um, Metta, Pam, I don’t know what I’d do with it, but it’s short Mehta, yak, Mehta hook was interesting. Cause I know [00:30:00] hook is a word that is sometimes besides just the fact that it can be brandable. I think it’s used for creating websites or, um, links or something like that.

It’s got some term there and then medic caps. I thought that was interesting because we have small cap stocks. We have large cap stocks and I thought medic caps was at two 80. So then the last place I looked for by it now domain names beginning with Metta.

And again, before we get to hand register, I wanted to see what the market was for. Two word names. And I saw Mehta details at Dan for $199. So anyway, if you grabbed any of those, you can go ahead and pay a $10 bounty to me. Uh, if you think it’s worth it. And, um, and those were the ones I found located at other places.

So now I’ve got an idea of what’s available that people are either [00:31:00] flipping for the lowest price or people have not yet bought, even though they’ve been out there for awhile. And now I feel like I’m ready to start looking at hand registration names. All right. Let’s see. Let me invite a couple of folks up and see if I’ve missed the mark here.

Uh, let’s see. Thanks to those of you. Let me ask you questions. Um, let’s see. Let’s see now we are being recorded today. So I do want your permission to record, and we are going to start putting these on domain club. Mike, I don’t think you’re a big hand registration person. Not that you’d kick someone, you’d kick one out of the bat if it came to you, but as, maybe as an outsider, um, even though I’m coming to this Mehta really late in the game, uh, do you think that might find something or do you just kind of assume that can’t be anything left?

Well, I definitely hand registered [00:32:00] domains. Um, you know, there’s always holes that either didn’t get, let’s say gold nuggets that didn’t get identified or, uh, you know, as you’ve expressed before, you know, you’ve got expired names that a name could have been registered for 10 or 15 or 20 years. So when the second, third, fourth and 85th person went looking for it, it was already taken.

Maybe it didn’t have a good Lander page and then it deletes next. And then that come into your, your, your nugget of gold. So there’s definitely opportunities out there in all kinds of areas. Yeah. And I think the one thing that we don’t have is it’s not a perfect market. You can’t really go to a registrar and say, give me the best name that’s available because all a registrar can do.

And all the registry can do is it’s almost like a blockchain and that all they can do is respond to you asking, is this name [00:33:00] available? And it’ll either say yes or no. And then you have to say, is this name available? And it’ll say yes or no, but you can never ask it. What’s the best name that’s available.

So what I find is you have obvious names that people would think of, and then you have any dictionary word lists that exist on the internet, especially on Wikipedia. That that is the easiest place for someone who’s going to register a hundred or 300 or 500 names to go. But if you can find the names that aren’t on, those lists either there, the list is maybe in UK, English or the list didn’t take into account some slangs or some plurals that that’s the place I found the most nuggets, um, besides what I’ll close with today, which is my best idea in the space.

Well, thanks Mike. Hey, bioheat have you been out there trying to register some of these names and make the a hundred [00:34:00] times your money? Good, good drone today. Yeah. Uh, I did look, but I feel like with the metal I was, I was bullish. I registered a few, uh, but I feel like it needs to be in the tech world, blockchain.

Like I didn’t register, like I wouldn’t register metal pond. I don’t know if that. Do it, but I guess there’s a brandable, but I was, uh, in my lane focusing on blockchain and, uh, you know, anything that has to do with NFT metaverse. Um, and I feel like I liked metaverse a lot more, but it’s longer. I understand that a lot of people like met up, but, um, for new people, you need to say that, you know, it’s metaverse and metal.

So, uh, yeah, I did register a few and there’s, there is a lot available. So you try and go crazy at the moment because just a brand new, uh, kind of a lane right now, but [00:35:00] don’t go too crazy, registering everything because you may not be related to that industry or met at the beginning. May not make sense.

What do you mean? Don’t go crazy. How are we going to make money beam? How am I going to make $40,000? Unless I go crazy and register every possible name? Listen, when you put it, I put them in my cart and then I go check out, you know, those 40, 50, a hundred dollar rounds on diner and other registers in the month, you know?

So yeah, if you go crazy, it was 10 20. I understand. But beyond that more selective, because you also got to remember and, you know, we got a, it, you know, they’re coming, but I also feel like we will all make a lot of good money on this because there’s a lot of incoming artists that have not picked out what they want and NFD.

There’s so many companies that are coming that are going to get into [00:36:00] NFD. There’s so many different areas just for. Metaverse, uh, you know, you have people that are the artists, you have the graphic designers, the people that market it, you have the people that are, you know, the managers for the developers.

So there’s a lot that that is going to be registered within the next couple of years and bought up within the next couple of years. So it’s pretty exciting time. Thanks for here. Hey David, how are ya? I know that you usually look for things with traffic quality and things like that, where you tempted and some of the areas you invest in to get in.

And, and, and even if it was late being on the Metta and the metaverse, I bought a Meda the main last night, actually. Um, but, uh, I prefer the ones that are short and make sense. So, uh, I bought, for example, Meda I know that is not conversion sold recently. And, uh, it seems generic enough. Why not [00:37:00] try it, but, um, I don’t think that we should invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into hand Rodgers that are, um, remotely possible to be registered later or wants to in high demand.

Like sometimes you have domains that may not sell anytime soon. And can you really afford the carrying costs for the next 20 years of your entire portfolio and only sell, say 1% of them per year? Um, that’s, you know, that’s kind of tight, so you want to make sure that you have velocity and, uh, like what I buy made a maybe not, um, does made Ally’s have multiple meanings.

Yes. Um, I remember when my son was a little kid, he told me one time, oh, that’s so Meda. And I had no idea what he was saying. Had I clued in, I would’ve registered domain name, made back then. Yeah. It’s, it’s funny to [00:38:00] think about that because even NFTs, if you think about it, the thing that makes the cipher punks, cipher or cyber anyway, the punch so valuable, you know, someone turned down $6 million was that they came out like three years ago and then everyone forgot about them.

But there was probably a run on NFT names three years ago, you know, um, you know, maybe when they came out and so everything did have a beginning and then it has a fade. And I think, um, and I think there’s money to be made. I’m looking at things that haven’t met their expected hype, but may still do it in the future, but I’ll jump into, to meta again, David, everything you’re saying makes sense.

We shouldn’t overinvest book come on. This is crazy time. We could make a thousand times our investment. We got to get in there and do it. Don’t we, even, if it doesn’t make sense, Well, I think you [00:39:00] got to have some strategy. So like if you were registered, made a and expect to get $10,000 payback within the next 10 years, that’s maybe asking for too much.

Um, but, um, you know, could you get a thousand bucks for 10 years? Probably if somebody really wants it, you know, I sold a domain name last week that I held on for 10 years. I never thought anybody ever want to buy it. I didn’t buy it to sell. I bought it for myself because I had a purpose for it, but guess what?

Somebody else had a different purpose for it and they loved it and they waited seven months to talk me down. And I only went down $500 after seven months. So. Wow. Well, thanks David for sharing and I sure appreciate your, uh, your help and good luck with that. I know you’ve been doing some work with Todd on his legal room on Tuesdays, and, uh, hope that keeps going.

You’re welcome. All right. Speak to the Metta. We have met her with us today [00:40:00] named after the metaverse. How are you? Yeah, I’m fine. Actually, the name meta actually was a coincidence when I joined plows recently, I might’ve stated earlier that I love in the process to register the domain name, Mader dot envy.

After listening that may MV might be a niche extension for meta bars, like VC for venture capital and

So I tried taking Medora and I paid, and he don’t have in my dashboard, but it was showing that under process literally found two domain. You need to wait seven days to be sure that it is actually taken by. However it was in my dashboard. Seven days later, I found that it is not mine anymore. They refunded me, unfortunately.

[00:41:00] So I wish I would have, I could have made a dot NV. Yeah. That’s a great point. And that’s a great segue for me, because what I wanted to talk about now is if you like a word like Metta, there’s two ways you can profit from it. I believe one is what I call horizontal investing. Buying the single popular keyword in another TLD.

So things like, metadata org, metadata net, maybe metadata tech, metadata online. These would have been the first ones people would have looked at, but after a while, they would’ve looked at everything including what are called country code, domain names, like the MD that, that, uh, that our friend Metta referenced.

And I don’t know. I don’t know. That’s I know that’s not your name, but that’s um, and I think that the other thing about that extension in the Maldives is a lot of the CC TLDs have extra [00:42:00] requirements. I registered ETH dot Y T thinking that I would have a two letter. You know, T dot white team, which didn’t mean anything, but people were paying stuff, but you have to be a European union resident or a resident of the maladies, I think, or Maldives, wherever you say it.

Uh, and you had to provide a proof of a business registration sometimes through a registrar, like one-on-one domain, you can buy a trusty service where you can pay to in essence, be underneath their mailbox or their corporation that they’ve set up in that home country. And so that’s one of the services that one-on-one domain offers.

So if you’re ever really digging deep for two letters and they have requirements or registrar, like one-on-one domain can help you, but I ended up not meeting the requirements and like you, the name, uh, the name went back and, uh, [00:43:00] and I did get a refund, but what did we. What’s that?

Yeah. So when I think about horizontal investing, I think that the public likes other domain extensions. And before everyone throws me out of the domain rooms, I don’t necessarily like all other domain extensions, but what we’ve seen is the public does like them or in this case, the speculating public that bought everything possible in ETH metaverse and Metta liked names like ETA Stott hockey, even though ETA is probably not registered.

They liked and bought for a resale price. E T, even though I would assume ETA stock, [00:44:00] horse ETA, is not. So, whether we think it makes sense or not the public does, and the, the registrars are showing these alternatives to the public and whether that’s the way they’re buying them or because they don’t have any institutional memory of a time was everything they’re coming into the space, completely brand new, and they see something with the middle.

And they think just like, when you go to a grocery store, You think, well, this is what’s available for sale. It’s what I should be buying. And they buy them all. And so I took the look and what I call horizontal investing. So the first time you hear another crazy word, that’s popular, you want to look and see what other TLDs can you invest it in?

And you have to be really aware of the fact that a lot of the new TLDs come with premium pricing [00:45:00] and the premium pricing can be one of two ways. It can be what’s called high high, or it can be high, low. And what high high is, and this is most of the doughnuts TLDs is they will have taken a name like Metta or ETH or metaverse or NFTs.

And they would have put it in a tier of names that costs say $400 upfront and then $400 per year. Now, when you’re buying the name at the beginning, you get a great deal. Um, you know, or that wasn’t a good one. Cause as a premium price, um, NFT that guru may be a $4,000 name, but you can buy it for $200 down and $200 a year.

The nice thing about that is you just have to pay $200 and then if you can try to sell it for 4,000, you can put the responsibility to pay those renewables on the buyer [00:46:00] say, well, yeah, that’s just the renewal fee. And they’re comfortable with that because they’re paying 4,000 for the name. So they should be comfortable with the renewal.

So that’s called the high high model. And the most important thing about the high high model is that there can be price differences among registrars, and there can be price differences that are much like the standard retail price of a name. There can be price discounts. Because the registrar is a discount registrar, or there can be priced discounts because the registrar happens to be aligned or owned by the registry operator.

In the case of saying And even though they’re supposed to offer that discount to everybody, I usually will check the home registrar for a new TLD to see if it’s cheaper there. But if not, and I’ll show you what the difference can be in a second, I’ll use the cheapest registrar item find as long as I [00:47:00] don’t think that pushing a name’s going to be a problem.

So I took the word Metta. And as you can imagine, everyone has been over the list numerous times to get Mehta dot something, um, and almost everything’s taken. So here’s the five that I came up with that are not taken You can own the metaverse for buying and selling cars. You can have NFTs that are autos.

And even though everyone calls them cars, you know, again, the reason this is left is no one else wanted it. The second thing that works against it is the standard price for it is $3,000 now and $3,000 a year. So this registry I think, was originally owned by unit registry. And then I think the XYZ guys bought it.

And, um, anyway, so it’s 3000 now and renewals of 3000 a year to own metadata autos. Now I mentioned that I buy mine [00:48:00] at a registrar and I buy him a domain class club and I put a little link on the dot com spreadsheet, um, that has my affiliate code. So I can track if anyone does join what you do there is you pay a membership fee of either $10.

$49 or $99 and $99 I think is for unlimited domains. And then you get all the domains at cost, which means you also get the premium domains at cost. So instead of Metta being 3000 now, Hey, it’s only 2000 now and 2000 per year at domain cost club. But if you did like, being able to get it for 2000 a year would be a huge difference.

Over 3000 a year. The only other one I found was So I don’t know if names have residency restrictions. They may, and I would research that I [00:49:00] does may also that’s $140 a year, You’re going to see at some registrars what are called third level TLDs.

And in this case, I just put up a sample. Dot Kiwi dot N Z. And what this is, is this, this is the owners of dot N Z besides selling you names at the second level, like They also set up things like common Z or comm dot N Z net that NZ or gut in Z geek dot N Z and So I just put this up there as an example of some countries.

What I call third level domain names that I believe are very niche oriented, not used some countries, third level domain names like co UK and comma U. If I saw [00:50:00] for a regular price, I would buy it in a heartbeat because that’s what they use. But many times you’ll see that a TLD is simply made up third level.

The second way you’ll see made up third levels is you’ll see an extension like and you’ll see an available name like Now that has nothing to do with Brazil. It’s a private company that owns that is selling registrations under And if you did like or and you thought it would work for you, you know, go ahead and get it.

But at the same point, it’s not an efficient. Uh, new TLD. It’s not a second level, new TLD. It’s a third level new TLD. And then the same company that They also have metadata boats and metadata yachts available for 3000 a year. I also looked up another registrar [00:51:00] pork bun. They usually have premiums at a discount.

They had metadata boats for twenty one hundred and eighty three a year. The reason that I think these aren’t taken, cause I think if they were available at GoDaddy, they probably would be, I don’t know if they’re available GoDaddy. I don’t think they are. Some TLDs are, are not available at all registrars.

So they may exist at some knits registrars. And that’s a way that you can go look and find them. And that’s what I did for ETH and I was able to make some money. So anyway, that’s going deep horizontally. Um, new words now, just because it worked in the past, that may not work in the future. If someone comes up tomorrow with a PFT instead of a non fungible token, they call it a page fungible token after page, how I would not necessarily go register because someone made my money registering [00:52:00]

Um, I don’t know if that’ll ever happen again. I could be wrong, but I think it is good to keep an eye on the fact that the public doesn’t mind registering new TLDs as much as domainers do. So before we get to my list, I don’t know if any of my speakers or anyone in the audience or through a back channel message, had a comment on this idea of, um, going horizontal, registering in other TLDs versus going two and three words and doctors.

I have only for one word medievals, but I am brokering, like MALDI and meta meta dot DW. All right. Fantastic. How’s it been going? Have you been getting inquiries? Yeah, I am [00:53:00] negotiating now for and also I got them in, uh, I also got, I got an inbound of from a Mexican of, of course law immediately in here, 4,000 or something, but I am countering it for 40,000.

And and blue. I got offers inquiry, but not any offer from the buyer. So I offered at last, after negotiating 25,000 for metaverse dot envy. And I, I followed the pallet of Maitland or DW right now, but now I am negotiating 25,000 from my side for Since many domains are being sold in high price.

And there is a child that envy the extension of my devils that I say you and Mulligan domain [00:54:00] is not restricted register. It is Lindy, but not restricted because my donor Indian friend, they just started to an Indian friend registered one. So for me, there is only one DDX metaverse dot. And metadata . I am filling for my vent, but I want to let you know that I discovered a new extension and I registered to domain.

We know that meta avatar is a popular keyword, right. And a little slower Metta, other Meda, avatars, avatar. I got your avatar. And we, uh, I, I am not that much familiar, but there is a term if skin that is the address of Avodah, right. Or for NFD or avatar, there is skin. [00:55:00] Yeah. So skin. So see my portfolio through my profile.

I got two new domain later over there, dirty skin and nifty, dark skin.

Again, that’s a big niche in the new TLDs. Hey, congratulations on getting those two country codes. When you bought those, did you feel that it was a pretty big risk? Like I think the dot MVS aren’t those $200 a year. So, I mean, it was risky, right? I mean, if someone wanted to say, oh, I would’ve done that, or that’s a sure thing at the time you bought them, it probably seemed pretty risky.

Didn’t it?

But now it feels pretty good.

I don’t have my own envy it, I am brokering metaverse dot indeed. And deed only D H E D dot. [00:56:00] Gotcha. Well, why don’t you send me a message. I’d be interested to know the price that you went for. Okay. I will send you within moments, but Kenny, just look up, have a look on my

desk. Also. See I got meter identi NHD. I didn’t take and for dot com. I have met a world Well, my encouragement to you is to, is to not even think about those names. You’ve got a wonderful opportunity with to take advantage of a very small window, potentially to make thousands of dollars.

And I, and I would encourage. To spend all your time on those, um, because the amount of money that you’ll make on [00:57:00] those, I think will dwarf what you might get for those ones at the end, even if you have to let them drop. So I think you’ve got what everyone wanted, which was metaverse dot something. Um, and I think that, uh, and I think that’s where I would concentrate your efforts.

I would encourage you to stay abreast of the market, you know, on name pros and on any other chat rooms, uh, on any of the discord groups, you know, what are people buying and selling the two word country code extensions. And I just, if it were me, I would just really encourage you to, to spend all your time really being abreast of that market.

Not as much on those lesser quality names.

But I think it’s a great wind to be having those types of negotiations where you’re quoting five figures. You know, I think the fact that you have two that you own, or that you’re brokering, in my opinion, I’m a conservative investor. I would look to make sure you sell one of those right now, because there’s a [00:58:00] chance that this frenzy will abate and people a year from now.

Won’t even think about renewing these names. You know what I mean? So if it were me and again, I’m conservative, I like to live. I like to win a little bit and, and be alive to play another day. So I would say try to get one done. And then leave one for, for a big payday. But, uh, but I know a lot of people have made a lot of money doing the opposite, which is ask the most amount you can.

Cause you never know when it’s going to come. True. So thanks matter. I’m just going to call you that, like it’s your name? And hopefully after those sale, you’ll come back and share with us, uh, how well you did.

All right. So then we’ll get to the last part here. As I promised, I’ve done some work with a list of the top 5,000 English words and have that top 5,000, there were 1300 Mehta plus an English word available. And I went ahead and went through and picked [00:59:00] the top 220. And I put those on a Google spreadsheet and you can get to it by going to M and D uh, 20

And the reason I used as that’s Monday domains, 2000 or 21. Make sure I got that right. Eman D 20 And it’ll say Monday domaining and there’s a black box there that says click for honor fee available domains. And I’m doing this on an honor system. So if you do grab one of these, I do ask for a bounty or a tip of $10 and you can either pay pallet to me.

And I put the address. Well, I didn’t put the address. I put the address. I just did put the address on top, or you can pay me through the clubhouse, a tip mechanism.

I know, but I won’t be able to respond to that certain time. Alright, thank you. Um, so I think that, uh, so what I, what I did was I took them out of words and then I ranked them. [01:00:00] These are just generic English words, and I went ahead and rank them from 15 to 10. So let’s see the top ones I ranked. And again, I’m assuming that out of the.

5,000 words, 70% are taken. So what’s left. Isn’t going to be great, but these are the ones I ranked the highest Mehta, P a I R S maybe it’s an NFT that you pair with something Metta Isles, I thought was interesting like islands, but I also met a prey kind of has that gaming or maybe I was thinking dinosaurs, P R E Y not P R a Y met a review, which could be like a gallery of metaverse objects, medic commission, and medic.

Dot com I thought were interesting. Maybe you have a, uh, a group of people that acts as a commission to run the metaverse. Uh, maybe you have a group of people that [01:01:00] acts as activity. So medic Kilz met a metal, like you give a metal to somebody, met a pressure, met a Senate, met a regime. Uh, it was interesting that the list I had actually put Roman numerals in there.

So I put meta 12 in there as a rank of eight on a scale of one to 10. And again, this was one to 10 of the available names. And you’ll notice that the top one is 15. And what I do is I leave some room. This is something I do, and I’ve always done. I leave some room to take my tens and then re rank those as to how good of attendance.

So I would have loved on this list to come up with some 20 fives and fifties on a scale of one to 10. Those I would’ve registered right away. Um, but I thought Mehta 12 was interesting with the Roman numeral 12. So Metta XII, but maybe you want to invent the 12th. Metaverse um, a choir met a German [01:02:00] Metta Metta myself, met a blacks, Metta chapel met a hired Mehta

Maybe you could decide disputes and the metaverse with medic Cortes met a jokes. So anyway, I put a list of about 200 on there, and those are generic English words. And most of the time you have to assume that the reason they haven’t been registered already is that there are really good generic English words, but they just don’t apply to the men of hers.

But I still want to take a look and see if they missed anything. Now, the last thing, and I’ll finish up with this. The last thing you want to do. And I think he’d mentioned this earlier is you want, you may want to say, Hey, I have an advantage over someone that is just looking for meetup plus dictionary words.

They don’t know anything about the metaverse. They don’t know any of the terms that are used in the metaverse. [01:03:00] And I think this is where you have an opportunity by looking and reading articles about the metaverse articles about NFTs articles, about the future, where you may find Metta plus a word that’s rarely used, but it has tremendous application in the space.

And the reason I think this is where I find most of my, as Mike turned them nuggets, is that they’re not going to be on people’s lists. If they decide to search a hundred thousand words with mega in front sorted by search results or, or any other way that people can do quantitative studies. That those are the names I see, go first.

Cause someone wants to spend a lot of money, maybe two or five or $10,000 buying hundreds of Metta names and they can’t do it one by one. So they just use data. They used word frequency lists combined with Google search results or [01:04:00] Google search terms or number of TLDs registered. And those are the names you should see go first.

But what they may leave is something that’s more of a esoteric word or a niche. But it’s in the space that relates to metaverse. So what I did was I used a combiner that I have where I can put 15 words on the left and 15 words on the right. And I put some beginnings and endings related to metaverse and I put those together.

And so that’s the last list at the bottom of M and D 21. And again, if you grab these, I’m doing this on an honor system, I’m asking for a $10 contribution to track whether this works. And if it does, I’ll start a new room doing this each week, where if you like buying hand registration names, when you’re having a hard time finding things, I’ll do some of the work with you.

I’ll have my team do some of the work, and then you can just pick off the names you want. And I do it on a $10 bounty [01:05:00] system. So some of the names that I saw when I put in, what I did was I put in, uh, things at the beginning of, of the keywords. All best E I Metta. And the, and then I picked words like rug pools, traits, rarity, uh, metaverse ETA, which a lot of them were taken.

So the one part I put in there that was really a knits word was Rudd poles. So there’s probably not a domain names taken with the word rug poles. And then the NFT space, a rug poll is when someone comes out with an NFT and they promote it with a lot of hype and circumstance and then they kind of disappear.

So it’s kind of like, they just pulled the rug out from under the project because they have your money. In many cases, you have no idea who they are. They feel no responsibility to build something except for maybe months and months later, Hey, if I can come back from [01:06:00] vacation and build out this thing, I will, but they call them rug pools.

So I did see a lot of names in this list with run poles. So that’s, I tried to. A really esoteric word that you could see how it shows up, but the more it shows up, what you don’t want to do is just registered nine names with rug poles, because you won’t be diversified. I would say pick the best one if you really do believe in it.

Um, so I think that the ones that I would get from this list were all and metaverse and maybe metaverse rug Anyway, so that is a test of doing hand registration names. And I picked the word meta and I wanted to see if anyone has any questions before we close. Uh, George sent me some hand register that he did George.

That’s a great [01:07:00] job. George actually went two to three words, but he counted a name that just had just been sold as two words and then added words to the end of it. And George, I really liked those names that you registered. I won’t give away which you had done. Um, and so, but I really think that makes sense.

All right. Any other comments or questions? And if I can invite you up on stage to say something you are being recorded, but that’s going to be the end of my presentation today. Uh, any questions or comments page? I think it’s good to know yourself. It is good for one to know oneself when they buy a domain names and I, I tend to, uh, acquire something and I’m not going to give it up until I.

And so I have to be very careful that I don’t spread too wide a net because then I’ll have 20 Mehta names. And I don’t, I have one that was almost accidental that even had met. I just liked the name. I wasn’t even thinking of it in terms of the [01:08:00] trend. If I have to be careful that I don’t register with too wide of a net, because a year from now, it will be pulling teeth for me to drop the name, even if it’s truly worthless, because I figured I don’t want to prove myself wrong.

So I I’d rather prove myself wrong now and just not buy it rather than have to deal with it a year or then two years, and then three years from now. So there’ll be opportunities a year from now to when people do spread this wide net and don’t necessarily sell it two years, there’s going to be a bunch of Metta names dropping.

Oh, absolutely. But I think your first comment was great is there’s no right or wrong. I think what Mike is saying is he knows what his future’s going to be after a year, not what he should do, or what’s great to do whatever. He just knows that he’s gonna, he’s gonna keep it. You know what I mean? He’s not going to be able to cut the cord so you better decide now.

And I really think that’s valuable, Mike, [01:09:00] I’m a different way. So what I’ll do is, um, and I did this with coin names about five years ago when all the alt coins came out. So I probably registered about 60 coin names and I put about 40 of them for sale for 4 99 on say two, and I sold eight or 10. So I knew I had made money on, on my, my.

And then when I got to the first year, I think I let about 40 of them go. And then I kept things like Holmes, coin and attorney coin and seniors going. And once, but the way I looked at it was, this was, I had made money on what I spent for registering the first year. And then I looked and I said, for me to register 40 these names at eight bucks, a name that’s 300 a year for the next five years.

I said, what if I just register the top 10%? If this category remains strong, I’ll still make money, but I won’t [01:10:00] be constantly, you know, having a negative on this group. And so. I think for me, I can cut after the first year, but once I get to the second year, I think I feel more like what you’re saying, where it’s like, I made the decision to keep it.

Now I am going to probably keep it until it’s a trend, like eight track tapes or something plasma TVs that I really know is gone. But so at least the first year for me is a real big cut. And then after that, I usually stay with my names and I think that’s good that you can do that. And, and, and mentally say, you know what?

I can analyze this because you’re analytical that way. And to be able to say, yes, I can sell off a certain amount if you don’t $100 or $200. And that’s okay if I hold out, maybe I’ll get a couple thousand. Maybe I won’t, let’s get it now and move on. And people definitely are different. And you got. [01:11:00] Well, I’m giving you my last comment on registration names and Mike and Richard knows of you.

And they’ve been in the domain showroom. No, I think I’ve talked about this, unless it’s something like where David was registering in a, in a country code extension, something that just made the news. I think you’re better off having already made the decision that if you see something sells sell for a hundred thousand, you’re going to get it in your local home extension or your little honey hole extension or something like that.

I think you want to think about that decision beforehand and, and be waiting for it to happen instead of trying to decide in the moment. Cause it could be a time when you have lots of sales or little sales, but most of the time, unless it’s that, unless it’s a news story of a name that just sold, I would say that.

The time for when you think of, when you think of a name or see at first you will never be more enamored of that name than at that moment. And the more [01:12:00] time that goes by from when you first saw the name, the more realistic you’ll be about liking it. So even those of you that are looking at my list on M and D 21, I think there’s names on there that you may right now go, well, those aren’t completely terrible.

I mean, they stink, but they’re not completely terrible. But if you look at that same list in an hour, you may go, none of these are good, but if there are ones that you say I liked it an hour ago and I liked it now, then I think you’re making a better decision. So whether you wait an hour or a half a day or a full day, It doesn’t make sense that you should think about a name any differently in your mind, based upon the time from when you saw it.

But there’s something about us as human beings, as I get deep and psychological, that almost makes us want to feel good about a name. Like it’s a person, you know what I mean? We want to, we want to like it. We want to see only the positives in it. And I wrote an article [01:13:00] about this on my called domain names are not puppies.

And what I said was puppies. You want to love them. You want to care for them. You want to get rescues. You want to rescue them from the pound. You want to bring in strays. You want to take care of them. But domain names are not puppies. An unregistered domain name does not need to be saved. It can stay unregistered.

So, um, that’s my last thing is that when, especially late in the game on a word like meta or metaverse really be tough on yourself,


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