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Monday Domain – EP01

[00:00:00] Um, let’s see, you got an exciting show today. I’m going to make an announcement of what I think is one of the best things to happen in the domain market in the last five years and for the next five years. So big show today, and I’ll be off for one minute while I invited a couple of people.[00:01:00] [00:02:00] 

All right. There we go. I’ve sent out some invites. Thanks everybody for coming in to Monday domains. And my goal with Monday domains is to kind of do a little update of the news of the week, uh, what I’m doing as a domain investor right now. And, and then talk about some upcoming things. I’m going to veer a little bit today because I’m going to focus on one topic, which is an announcement and a coming together of two different companies in a way that I think is one of the best things to happen for domain investors in the last five years.

And I think bodes well for the next five years. So I’m, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say, when, when I saw it, I was amazed. I was so happy. Cause it, it represents a coming together of [00:03:00] so many trends that I’ve hoped would come together for a long time. And so, um, if anyone wants to help me as I kind of tease this and talk about, uh, what it might be and what it is, and whether it’s really valuable when I do announce it, I come on up as a speaker.

You will be recorded today and we are going to make a Monday. Domaining a weekly podcast and domain club, and I want to thank the sponsors of for making domain club and the purpose of domain club. When Colin started it and asked me to be involved was that we would collaborate to do something, to help the domain name industry.

And help domainers and domain investors, and really that’s the purpose. Um, and I think that, uh, we’ve done a lot of clubhouse talks and a lot of you have been with me since the beginning in March, and we’ve done, you know, 15 or 20 or 25 shows. And hopefully we can build on some of the things we’ve talked about that I’ve talked about [00:04:00] in a way that makes us better domain investors and the domain industry better.

So when I talked about this on Saturday, uh, Andy was in the room with me. We were in the domain trading room that AIG had going. And I said, Andy, I think I want to announce something on Monday that I found. That’s an amazing thing. I think one of the best things that I’ve seen happen in five years and Andy, what was your thought when I first shared that in the room and Andy, you are being recorded.

If you give us permission to record you absolutely. Page. My thought was I’d love to figure out what it is and ask 21 questions. So we started the 21 question. And that was fantastic. And I think, uh, I think a couple of people reminded me how to be very strict on the rules so that I could limit your questions.

I think you’re able to get through, uh, eight or nine before I had to leave.

And I think one of the things I can say to [00:05:00] everybody is this has nothing to do with NFTs. Come on now. I don’t know about this, but I just got to let you know I’m going to step away for probably like five, 10 minutes. I got a, I got another meeting for work, but I’m excited to hear about this and hear about what this drop is.

That’s going to change the world, change the domaining of world for the next five years to come. You’re dropping in five or 10 minutes, or you have to leave and you’re coming back. I will be coming back in five to 10 minutes, so perfect. Okay. I’ll set it up and you’ve already heard the setup. All right.

Thanks Sam. All right. So where is this coming from? Is one of the reasons, and another investor mentioned this this morning when I had done the domain. So last year in August, I really wanted to do a virtual conference, um, for domain investors and the domain industry. And so starting about three years prior, I started looking at different, uh, venue platforms and different online events.

And I went through the different ones [00:06:00] that have the different avatars and everything. So I went to names come last year. What I call the COVID names, con meaning we went there thinking that there was a small virus in Wuhan, China, um, that limited travel a little bit. And then obviously the way it played out, it was much more than that.

But I went there signing up, uh, speakers and advertisers for the domain. And after some challenges, personally, we actually did it in August. It was a three-day show and you can still see or buy replays of domain But I really wanted to focus on was innovation and disruptors in the domain name, investment space.

I wanted to focus on those people that were doing things differently. Those people that were, you know, willing to look at the status quo and say, let’s change it, let’s make it better. And a lot of the smart minds that are coming from outside of our industry were there at the domain show. And one of the reasons that it became [00:07:00] apparent to me that we needed innovation was that we become so stagnant.

Um, our main distribution system to sell domain names is our landing pages and registrars. And that hasn’t changed in my opinion, 15 years after Nick, which was then bought by by domain. Which was then bought by another group that was then bought by GoDaddy is basically the same platform. It was in 2003, in 2004 was originally set up for an auction style format system where you place a bids on different domain names and, and it’s still that.

And then they’ve morphed it into being this idea that it could be an image. It could be the distribution system for selling domain name. That was funny about that is there was a time in our industry,[00:08:00] 

um, and the desktop recently, or the whole time.


let me see if I can bring up. I think that did it.

Let’s see. Maybe I might ask Donna to join us, um, and tell us what she hears. So if she’s not busy, I know she’s doing a bunch of things. Um, okay. So, so where I come from. Okay. So where I come from on this is the fact that we haven’t had innovation mostly because GoDaddy owns and controls the existing distribution system.

And they like it that way. One of the reasons I believe they like it that way [00:09:00] is they’re the largest registrar that we have, but they’re also almost the most paranoid. So as much as the fact that they’re the largest one, they’re also always looking out to see if anyone’s going to disrupt them or take over their space.

And because they signed up all the different registrars that are now part of and all the different registrars that are now part. The whole blue host, um, uh, trying to think of the parent somebody’s name, it keeps changing. So do they have most of the big registrars in their system, but for us that are independent domain owners who make up the backbone of the owners of domain names.

I don’t think it’s always been a great system, uh, after Nick kind of serves as the gatekeeper on how you get to list certain things. And I think that they’ve set it up so that it’s great for them. You know what I mean? It’s great for the things that they’re concerned about doesn’t mean it’s great for us.

And whenever you ask them that question, their answer is [00:10:00] usually they come back to you with another question, they say, well, don’t you expect us to try to maximize our earnings. So obviously we would want to do what’s best for you, but I don’t know if answering a question with the question is always the best thing.

So coming into this announcement, I’m going to show you that I’ve found here in the last, over the weekend, because there’s been this idea that we haven’t had had innovation in our marketplace. So much so that if you went to after Nick, which again, after Nick is a, as a listing platform that was invented, you know, 20 years ago and improved on maybe 15 years ago, they would, you would have a very difficult time trying to buy domain names.

You might be able to put in a keyword. It’s very difficult to sort by TLD. It’s very difficult to sort by anything. And I think their answer would be as well. We don’t sell that many names off our website. We sell them through our registrar partners and we sell them through people that have our landing pages.

And the [00:11:00] afternoon rep my afternoon rep called me last week and said, Hey, we want to do more business with you. We want to understand what you’re trying to achieve. But really what he was asking me is what I moved my landing pages to their company. That’s kind of the single innovation that they’ve done.

Even in the last three years has been, we might let you use a landing page that has the word GoDaddy on it. So to me, that’s the single bit of innovation that’s come out of afternoons, you know, in the past three years. And the other exchange that we’ve had for again 20 years is say to, and say, do has a great marketplace.

It was started based upon a graduate school project by an entrepreneur who said, what if there was an aftermarket for domain names and it’s got everything there that you’d want it to be. And it’s one of the largest in the world. But again, it’s terribly difficult to search on. You might try to search by TLD, but you have to put in a [00:12:00] letter or a word you might get results.

You might be able to sort them. You might be able to download them. And they really don’t have to innovate because they get enough business from being the biggest and the largest. And we have this do opoly of Sado and afternoon. So one of the things we’re able to do on the domain show was our gold sponsor was that brought innovation.

In my opinion, they brought a clean looking landing page. They brought the idea that they might be the one place where everybody would list their domain names for sale. When they started, they were called undeveloped and as undeveloped, what they were basically saying is there’s hundreds, there’s over a hundred million domain names out there and not all of them are, are developed.

Thus undeveloped. And what’s interesting is, is a domain name that was parked with the parking company, which is controlled usually by the monetization partner, which is Google would not [00:13:00] even show up in a search engine result. So I could own page And I could want to sell page And if you typed in page, you might see a landing page for it.

But because Google who operates, the biggest search engine also operates the monetization. They may say, well, we know there’s no content on that web page because it’s just a parking page and they wouldn’t even show it. So it was really interesting about undeveloped when they started is they said, Hey, I got an idea.

What if we took all the domain names that weren’t developed and we basically made a landing page for them, that would be indexed by Google. And if someone typed in page they would be able to go to a page that said page, is for sale. Now, what was funny is undeveloped may not even have a relationship with me who owned the domain name, but if somebody wanted to buy.

They would send me an email and say, as the owner, [00:14:00] this was back. When you could find out who owned a domain name through the, who is, um, someone’s interested in buying your name, would you like to list it on undeveloped? So again, this was a different way of looking at it when, when undeveloped started and then they morphed into

It was funny about that. If you listened to raise this presentation and he’s done a lot of interviews since then is they knew that they wanted a shorter, better domain name. And they went out and bought and they bought it on an options, payments agreement, and he faced some of the same pain points in trying to buy a domain name as investors do.

And he understand the benefit of financing and things like that. So when they’ve innovated, they’ve come up with great new Um, they’ve been able to offer payments and they’ve been able to do a lot of research to show how. We sell houses and cars on monthly payments. And so they’re really promoting that idea that you’re buying a domain name.

It’s going to be something that you [00:15:00] use for the next 10 or 20 years, rather than saying, how much do I have to pay for it? What if you looked at it and said, what’s the best domain name I could buy for a certain amount of a monthly payment? So you’d say, wow, I could get the perfect domain name for my business for $4,500.

That sounds like a lot. But if you said it’s a hundred a month for five years and you expect to be in business for five years and you could have the company pay the a hundred dollars a month, I think that’s a huge benefit for people to buy domain names, to get rid of some of this sticker shock that we have when people see the price of a domain name.

And again, it’s not super new. I thought we would have this financing back in 2007, 2008. Uh, domain Capitol even announced that they would have something, a program with buy domains that if names were sold on afternoons, they could be financed. So I was waiting for that for 12 years. So that’s one of the big innovations that Dan [00:16:00] brought.

And the second thing that Dan did, and they didn’t have this when they started was it used to be really tough to do a transaction with Dan because Dan wanted the seller to deliver the domain name to Dan at their registrar. And that was a lot of friction. There was a lot of pain in there, and I even told him that back in, in 2016, but now what they’re really good at at is they understand the push system, P U S H and many times, if you’re the seller of a domain name, you simply push it to Dan’s account, which happens instantly.

And you receive your payout. And we have transactions with Dan that are happening in her day from getting an offer, accepting it. Pushing it to them and getting paid out within a day. So I think it brought quite a bit of innovation. Whereas the afternoon system might take a week, might take seven business days.

They’ve gotten a little better, don’t get me wrong. But so I always thought that Dan was a [00:17:00] really innovative company and I liked what they were doing. And the thing that they and produce a data set. And whether it was verified on the blockchain or through a text record, that they would be able to have this data set.

And what I saw in that, and when I was hoping would happen in the future is other marketing partners could take that dataset and merchandise domain names in ways that aren’t being done. Right. They aren’t being done by registrars. They aren’t being done by parking companies and the biggest companies like GoDaddy and huge domains.

They may be doing them for their own account, but they’re not going to maybe do them for us. So then we get some of the innovation, like squad help where squad help comes along and they take a system that was originally started by brand bucket. This idea of a curated [00:18:00] list of special names for startups and people looking for a quote, good name.

And I think those people haven’t been able to find good names when they could only search among the 40 or 50 million available names for sale. So then one of the things squad helped did last year is they said, Hey, we’re taking all of our names and we’re making a catalog of them and we’re going to make this available to venture capital firms or even marketing partners.

And think about it. That could also mean affiliate partner. Who could take the data for all the names for sale on squad, help and go out into the real world, go out to the people that aren’t using direct navigation to type in and find domain names, go out to the people that don’t have a registrar account, the real world, and be able to merchandise, domain names, much like companies like Amazon and [00:19:00] Ali Baba and other companies are able to merchandise things.

We’ve never had that in the domain business. So today is what I found over the weekend. I’m going to announce today hints at that. And more importantly, hopefully hints at a future where companies that have done a good job of consolidating. The very people who own domain names, us as domain name investors.

And right now that’s for me. Um, because has a kind of an open source, easy to enter model where you can list your domain names for sale. You can create landing pages and you can have your names on the system. And up until now that hasn’t really meant anything more than your landing pages.

There hasn’t been, except maybe until Dan did Dan 2.0 this year, the idea that they may encourage people to go to [00:20:00] Dan to find a domain name. And even when they came out with Dan 2.0, it wasn’t really that user-friendly to search. You could search by links and you could search by amount. It was a big improvement over what it was before April.

So Dan, 2.0 was. But it’s still kind of hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. And so what I’m going to announce today is a way that improves on what has done, which is they’ve aggregated all the ways that domain, all the domain owners, that own independent domain portfolios. And that’s kind of the distribution system of domain names.

And when I say domain names, I mean premium domain names. And if you’re listening to this podcast, the way I define a premium domain name, in my opinion is names that have already been purchased during the top five to 10% of all the domain names that you can buy right now. [00:21:00] Now there’s probably 40 million domain names out there available for sale.

But on average, when I look at domain names that are available for sale or domain names that are dropping or domain names, the people have them. It’s rare that I can find or get excited about any more than three or four out of every hundred. And if you think about it, I believe most domain investors have in their portfolios, the names that they kept and if the names that people are dropping.

If I look at those and only 5% of what’s dropping has any value, then I kind of extrapolate that, that most of the domain names that are being kept are probably in the top 5% of all domain names. And I think the more that we can communicate only those better domain names to the buying public. I think our market will make so much more sense.

We won’t be [00:22:00] mixing up every possible domain name that may have been worth $8 to register with names that have implied. Now, this is very easy to do at the top. It’s very easy for us to take a list of 25,000 single ixnay dictionary, word, domain names, and say those have value. It’s easy for us to take the list of the top cities or countries or the top last names and first names or the top combinations of numbers of short numbers.

So it’s easy to make these little groups that we know are valuable and then we’re left with all domain names. So anything that could help us identify what domain names amongst everything that’s for sale could be valuable, I think would be valuable. So that’s kind of where I get to that’s my first setup here.

And I didn’t know if anyone had any questions on what I’ve shared and you can come up and be a speaker and ask a question. Um, you are, you are being [00:23:00] recorded today. But as I look at the domain name industry, I look at the distributed nature of it that most of it is made up of individual domain owners, independent owners owning their own portfolios.

And all we do now is we try to connect with individual buyers and we hope that the best buyer for our domain name finds us. And when they don’t, we might have to reach out to them. But in the 20 years I’ve been buying and selling domain names. I don’t think we’ve gotten any better at all about the idea of saying to people, Hey, what would you like to buy a better domain name?

Would you like to buy a domain name for an investment? Here’s how you might go about and find it. And I’m not sure if sellers don’t benefit from this. If there aren’t a lot of ways to find a good one, maybe my domain isn’t that great. And someone will find it and they’ll over pay me for it. So I may not want there to be a way [00:24:00] to find out what are the good domain names and what are the bad domain names.

Because then what if my domain names aren’t that strong and people are going to be able to easily find the domain names that are better. So anything that would make it easier to find good domain names might not be a benefit to everybody. And that was one of the questions. Andy asked me when we were playing 20 questions over the weekend, when he asked me what I was going to say, it happened, he said, we’ll just help people sell more domain names.

And I think it will help people sell domain names equal to the, the, the, the value and the, and the premium quality of their domain names. And the reason that’s important to me is I sell a lot of domain names at wholesale and domain outlet or a newsletters, or when I send out lists of people and. Just because I may be selling domain names for $99.

That’s really nothing special because there’s a lot of people that would sell you a [00:25:00] lot of what they own for $99. And I try to say, well, no, I still think these are pretty good domain names for $99. They’re not just names. I’m going to drop, you know, their names that I was able to use. The skills that I have maybe to look for domain names and buy for a friendly.

And I’m comfortable selling them for $99. Cause I do have to pay my personal overhead each month selling domain names, but I really hadn’t had a lot of ways to differentiate whether I thought my domains were better than someone who just said, oh, this is all the junk I have left. You know? And, and maybe some, maybe mine are junk too.

I mean, I’m not so conceded that. I can’t give that point. So when I discovered over the weekend was a way when we could mix one of the companies in our business that does the best job of culling and curating domain names available for sale with the company that has one of the largest listings of domain names owned by independent domain [00:26:00] investors.

And the trend has been to make less information available. The trend has been like with name bio. There was a time when we got to see after Nick sales and go daddy auction site. And Ron Jackson would report sales from multiple marketplaces, but we really don’t see that anymore. Um, there was always a sense that maybe Dan would report sales and they do on an overall basis, but for a lot of you, and for a lot of, for myself, the names that I purchased, I clicked a button that says, no, I don’t want Dan to disclose, you know, the price that I paid or the price that I sold this for.

So the data on what has been selling has gotten harder to find, and the data on what’s available for sale has gotten better in some cases, but usually only from the providers. So GoDaddy, they want to sell more names in their [00:27:00] expired auctions platform. So they’ve made available the idea of an appraised.

And then they’ll publish that appraise value to guide you in buying a domain name from them on their expired domain auctions platform. And because the appraised value they provide you is based upon previous sales. No one really knows whether it’s expired names, sales, or retail sales. It’s more important.

I think for them to show some value to get you to buy something. But most of us, if we looked at the names that sell each way, like on Ron Jackson’s report, and we lined up the names that sell versus the GoDaddy appraised value, they’re usually selling for two to five to 20 to 50 times maybe their appraised value, or they could be selling for a fraction of their appraised value.

So the tools that we have from the auction platforms [00:28:00] like GoDaddy. They were willing to give for a while. The number of years something was registered, they might give the traffic that may have happened over the short period that they had the name servers, but they’ve really selectively provided information for us to be able to go look at their inventory.

They want us to spend money. So maybe they don’t benefit, but what companies have been out there that have provided the data that we use to buy domain things. And I think of all the companies that have come out there, a lot of them, I used to use a company called name winner, and there was a company called name winner back in oh four to oh nine.

This was great. You could look up a domain name and you could look up the search stats on it and you could look up the LinkedIn had been registered and then you could place a back order for registration. At Doster for $8 and 75 cents. So I used that for a long [00:29:00] time, and I know a lot of other people have used other ones.

Um, fresh drop was one that existed for a long time time. I like fresh drop because not only could I look for yours registered, they also put me little categories of names, like realistic. Or geo or poker or gambling or health, and what they would do there is they would put 10 to 20 different keywords, like in health.

They might put doctor and medicine and hospital and care, and some other words into a little basket. And so I still use this where I think where some of the words that they use to make up their baskets today in my searching. And that way I can put myself in the mindset of I’m searching among gambling names.

And I’m looking to see which name is a good gambling name amongst other gambling names. And I can look for names that are, um, Which words are good health names among unhealth [00:30:00] names. One of the blends I used to use a lot with pets. They had one that had all the different names of animals and pets. So that was an aftermarket tool that I could buy on a monthly basis that would let me sort and segment both the names that were dropping and the drop and the names on GoDaddy auctions.

And then I could short to what I wanted and then I could manually put into GoDaddy what I wanted to buy. And I was using a tool that was much better than the tools they were providing me. And hopefully that got me an edge. Now, a lot of people that know how I’ve domained over the years and a lot of the people that are on my 24 7 Chapman with domain.

So they’re like page, don’t tell anybody what you do. Don’t tell anybody what you do. You got to keep that information for yourself. And I think that’s probably true. You know, I was going to write a book. I wrote a book 10 years ago. I said, do I want to really tell everybody what I do or just keep doing it?

And the [00:31:00] jury’s probably out on, which would have been better, would have been nice to have the revenue from a book on the other hand, what everybody would have been buying in the same categories, who knows, but I want to let this one out of the bag today, just because I think that I think I can give anybody out there.

Who’s a domain investor, the same tools I use the same things I’m doing, and either they won’t have the energy to do it. They won’t have the patience to do it well. And often enough, or maybe I’ll still think that I can still just do it better than they will. So I want to wait for Andy to get back before I go any further.

And I didn’t know if Bruce or Donna had a question and all about this setup that I’ve done this, this pre announcement thing. Maybe I’ve built it up too much of where I think the market is Paige. I’m here. I’m here. I’m ready. I’m ready for this. You’re ready. All right. Page. So what I do each day is when I think about where to go, to get the data on [00:32:00] what domains to buy, what is the number one source, at least for me, and there’s other ones out there, but for me, the number one source of where to go, Andy, can you guess where it is?

Is it expired domains? You winner, you are a winner. We go, there we go. Okay. That’s number one. We already got that one in the 2100. Okay. So now you’ve got, so because you got a yes. To your question, you may ask another question. Is there going to be a way I got to ask, remember I gotta follow the rules on this, right.

All right. Um, is there a way to do a catch service with expired domains, more simpler? That is not what I’m going announce today. No ma’am so if anybody out there knows how to do that or is willing to develop that, that’d be great. Great ad. So, well, it’s actually really easy. Andy is you just clicked on the name and it’ll give you a choice of whether you want to go to Dinah dot or cats or [00:33:00] some of the other places and it just links directly.

And that’s how they get paid. Okay. Gotcha. Gotcha. Okay. I got the notes, the next person. Okay. Does anyone else think they know what I’m going to announce today? No. Otherwise it would have gone to sleep already page. I know I was balancing that whole kind of build it up. Like one of those shows that says we found Jimmy Hoffa’s grave or something.

So welcome back for those of you that missed it. I’m going to redo the first half hour. No, I’m not going to do that, but I will say has nothing to do with NFTs. Alright, Bruce, do you think, you know what I’m going to announce today and you are being. I have no idea, but I can guarantee it’s going to be something big.

Well, hopefully I haven’t played the vibe in the room. Donna, do you think, you know, Paige, I honestly do not. I am just down below here with bated breath. One of back [00:34:00] me, their guests.

Well, I’m, I’ll say it out loud. You are going to form a domain MLS system that has been the, uh, the thing that everyone’s wanted to do. I wish I was announcing, I was go, daddy thinks they are that. Um, but they are, but they’re like a real estate company that says we formed an MLS system and it’s ours. And if you want to play with us, you have to act nice or you have to do what we say.

We did have a system invented by Dan ward. 13 years ago that would do it all. And the registrars, especially GoDaddy didn’t like it because they couldn’t control it. So, but what I’m announced today, I believe is the pathway to that exact thing coming available. So Bruce, you’re kind of right.

All right, Andy, back to you. All right. [00:35:00] So I have a feeling, Hmm. If you were using expired domains, what combination of companies would go well with expired domains? That’s kind of the conversation we’re having right. Page. You’re very, you’re very born, warmer, warmer. Okay. So it’s gotta be more information coming in.

Is there something to do with a valuation of the domain associated with expired? Well, let me use that to teaser a little further, for those of you who haven’t used expired domains. And a couple of people have asked me to do a class on how to use expired domains. So maybe I’ll do that. Although now that I’ve announced that I’m sure everyone else is going to do it over the next couple of weeks, but with expired domain names, you can take different categories of names that are dropping, that have dropped or different marketplaces, like Dinah dot expired names and go daddy expired [00:36:00] names and epics marketplace and named jet and snap names.

And you can search names that are dropping or expired that you can buy. And they used to have unit registry on there, but it got pulled when they became part of after daddy, after unit daddy. And they used to have, uh, after Nick on there, but it got pulled and they used to have buy domains on there. And that got.

And I think they still have Mike Mann’s thing. So what would be a great dataset for expired domains to have? And that is my announcement today is I was looking at, I have an idea. I have another stage. Is there information from name, bio that’s being incorporated into expired domains such as that is not.

That is not okay.[00:37:00] 

Mike Seiger welcome as a speaker, you are being recorded. Welcome, Mike. Thank you very much. Do you have a guess as to what I found over the weekend that I think is an amazingly positive move for independent domainers maybe that think that means he does. Is it too early, or should I not? Is it going to ruin the rep if I get that right.

Well, I’m just glad that I said it the way somebody got it. And I’m glad it was you. I don’t know yet what I found over the weekend. I’ll see if F uh, if anyone else thinks they know, I want to give Andy one more chance.

Um, Andy did use expired domains. Of course I do. I use it every day. Have you been there recently? I have. Have you [00:38:00] looked at some of the different marketplaces that you can search on? Oh, I did not. I did not check that one. So I did. And over the weekend when I was doing one of my bulk searches, which is an amazing thing to do on both of them and on expired domains, like.

I can type in a list of all my domain names say, and I can see what the stats are. And I see this little tab. So all this workup has been about one little tab on expired domains, where they now have the feed from

and they show the monthly payment also. So if you’re used to looking for expired domain names, unexpired, domain names, dot net, and then the grand scheme of things, when you’re trying to buy domain names and you’re investing, [00:39:00] you always have two choices. I want what I can’t have or afford, and I don’t want what’s available.

And so when it comes to expired domain names, we look at everything that’s being made available to us because someone else dropped it and we get to pick what we want. But when it comes to premium domain names, I try to find what I want and see what’s the friendliest price. And now I can do that on because I can use the exact same ways that I searched domains for expired names, and I can search them on all of all the domain investors that are on

I can search them on everyone’s names to find names, to begin with this or in, with this, or have certain search volume. And I can see if they’re available for monthly payments. And I think that that alone and what it signals in the [00:40:00] future for more marketplaces. Like squad help and others putting their information on expired domains.

And more importantly, what other companies that are good, manipulating data, like expired domain names. They can now see how someone can take the Dan feed and shape it and frame it and, and merchandise it in a way. That I think is going to reach more customers. So the only, the only thing I always had against Dan was they were great Landers, but they weren’t a great marketplace, but if they can now aggregate my domains in, along with everyone else’s and present it to people that can structure that data in a way that makes people that have money buy and spend more money by seeing that they’re buying exactly what they want.

That’s what I found out over the weekend. And that’s the quote, big announcement I want to announce today, which is I think two [00:41:00] of the most innovative, independent companies in our space, and expired You can now combine them whether either one of them knew it or not. And you can now search for names.

From everyone’s inventory on Dan. And I know that my name’s listed on Dan people are going to be able to search and find the quality. That’s the big announcement, Andy, that I oversell it, or what do you think? I don’t think so. Actually, I, I, I really like that idea, especially for premium domains, uh, page I’ve used it for a lot of expiring drop catch those types of services, because I think the lack of seeing something in the marketplace has limited my utilization of, of, of expired domain.

So I think with that announcement, it actually allows me to actually not only look for things that are expiring and dropping, but also deals on names that I might find beneficial and that would help everybody in the industry. So I think that’s a good, that’s a good catch. Mike [00:42:00] Seiger had, did I do, was that about what you might share that I thought I was going to news?

Um, I’ll be honest. I thought you oversold it a little bit because I did hear about the, uh, the announcement last week with Dan. I thought you were going to say something like you with all of your experience, which is unparalleled in the industry had decided to like work with expired domains to build a front end that exposed all the domain name prices across Dan and after Nick and CDOT, um, with a beautiful front end, like, wouldn’t that be phenomenal if we could all have like one interface that actually provides a searchable, usable form and user interface for people, um, because it’s not a great experience to have to go.

GoDaddy to search. Some are after Nick and then CDOT. And, um, I [00:43:00] believe that we need one true universal multiple listing service that goes across the world, not one for Europe and one for the U S um, but yes, I do think that the Dan announcement is big. I think Dan, to your point is an innovator in this space and they realized that if you set your data free, other people will do things with it that you didn’t expect.

And a lot of it will be innovative and really good. So, you know, from, from your point of view page, I think that is a major announcement that a lot of people don’t get and us as investors have the front seat, right. We, those that are on. Uh, clubhouse chat or those that attend, or that, that saw the announcement last week, we now have an opportunity to search all of Dan for [00:44:00] the domain names that we specialize in, that we know are selling well in whatever industries we were focused on and we can pick them up maybe domains that haven’t been priced properly, maybe domains that are undervalued because the investors have too many domains and they can’t go through and price them all properly.

You know, I think that there’s a great opportunity there, uh, that, um, that does fit well with your, this big announcement page. So I, I commend you for bringing everybody’s awareness to it. Well, thanks, Mike. I think you really said it best about, um, uh, the way Dan feels about the data you don’t want. I mean, in an industry that is when to protect up walled gardens and all kinds of stuff that they’re willing to set it free.

For the benefit of everybody. And, um, and so I hope this means more of that in the future. Um, but what a great first step? Yeah, a hundred percent. Now [00:45:00] I will say a couple of things on the, uh, one, please clean up your damn listings because the first eight domain names I tried to buy, none of them were really for sale, but I still had to try to buy them.

Um, we know that a lot of people, when they sell stuff over the past four or five years at damn, they may not take it off. So you, I would want, if you find something amazing, you may not be able to get it. It may not be a real listing. So there’s my segue. And then my encouragement and I had to do this myself over the weekend is to clean up my own listings.

Um, because otherwise I’m going to be showing things out. There was just doesn’t help anybody. Um, in the short term, how do you think Dan can fix. You know, we experienced that every day on after Nick and CDOT. How do you think that can be fixed page? It’s a great question. Um, if they been smart E-bay, it would be a seller [00:46:00] rating.

You know what I mean? That somehow got dinged. Didn’t kick somebody off. Like they say they do, but somehow ding them about, uh, uh, uh, uh, an average listing quality maybe. And that perhaps you could search only among stores with an average listing quality of, you know, a certain amount. I know that their blockchain key that you were supposed to put on was an effort to do that.

But most of the companies that manage our name servers, don’t let us put text records for other companies on them. You know what I mean? So, um, those are the only two ways I can think of is a trusted seller. Go ahead, Dave, it’s early for you. You’ve got to lean out. Go ahead. No, sorry. Yeah. I just want to jump in because, um, this was an experience I’ve actually had, uh, the week before last, where, um, we [00:47:00] try to acquire a name of Dan.

Uh, we placed the order for the buyer now. Um, and it was quite a high figure, but the name actually wasn’t even in Dan. Um, so I don’t know, um, if it needs to be like, you know, within like an escrow kind of terms before it goes into Dan, I mean, I know that kind of restricts, um, diva is other marketplaces, but, um, It was, it was quite a frustrating experience.

Um, although having, having said that, yeah, definitely seeing that inspire the mains is definitely enlightening, but, um, yes, there are names on Dan that office sale that you can go and buy it. Now that will take money, but their names actually not in Dan and they have the [00:48:00] go and fight for, um, the auth codes from the people who have provided those names so that, you know, uh, to Mike’s point, I think that is something, I dunno how they can fix that.

Um, um, yeah, I’d love to know, uh, Paige, what solutions Andy jump in and then I’ll share with you how I think they can. Yeah. The only thing I can think of is that by utilization of the ICANN registration information, when it changes that it gets dropped, or then every time it changes, it needs a reregistration, but I haven’t seen that be somewhere.

Uh, secret information. That’s not really shared widely. So I think there’s gotta be something there with regards to changing your information, whether that’s an address, a name or whatever on the domain that it automatically gets dropped or changes based on that. Because even if it changes and they want to relist on Dan nine times out of 10, if it’s already listed, you already get that kickback to say you can’t because you don’t own this domain anyway.

So there’s gotta be something along, along the lines of the [00:49:00] registration, in my opinion. Yeah. That’s why I’ve been. So I’ve been watching as different groups of companies I’ve come out with domain management tools that would allow you to manage your own DNS. And one of the reasons I think it’s critical that we do that is to be able to let these marketplaces and these innovators and the people with data sets be able to update each day.

That that domain is still at least owned by someone who has that text record. But to do that, if we’re parking at afternoon, they’re not going to let me put a text record for Dan on the, on my afternoon landing pages, you know? Um, so that’s why I’ve paid attention to the different companies that have come out with domain management, DNS systems.

I think of rich and, and the other things that are trying to do and things we’ve talked about on the domain show, because I think being able to put a text record in there and then having Dan not just verify it lunch, but continually verify it. And maybe if they don’t get a [00:50:00] return, maybe not delist it, but at least remove the, buy it now so that you don’t have the situation a Dave had.

And we would have that with a new entrant, into our market who made the emotional investment and the financial commitment to either buy it for a buy it now, or sign up for a payment program. And their first experience with our market with the domain industry is to be told that they can’t have it.

Yeah, I agree. That would be, you know, the ultimate solution. I mean like often they, you know, they, they request you, uh, you know, T4 provide pricing. Um, but with data you can trigger an up upload, whatever names you want essentially. Um, and, you know, get inquiries on that. So it, I can tell you what, I’m sorry, go ahead.

Well, you can also do, there’s a thing on expired domains. Maybe, maybe I [00:51:00] shouldn’t do a class where you can do, what’s called a bulk domain search. And what I’ll do is I’ll put in my whole domain portfolio and it will show me across all the marketplaces where domains are live. It will show me the number that are on GoDaddy auctions, the number that are on say deal, but I always had to have it past that first date keeper.

Now I can basically take 5,000 domain names that I have, and I know that they’re is one of the feeds that expired domain names has. I can in essence, get all the expired domain names, stats for every name in my portfolio. And I can download that in a CSV and use it in any marketplace I create.

So as opposed to just having [00:52:00] go daddy, appraise value for names that happened to be a GoDaddy, I could now show search volume, whatever you think about the data points, whether they’re real or. Links year number of TLDs registered and because expired domains has a Dan feed. Now, anything I have a Dan, I can download all the expired domain names, dot net data points for it, which gives me an amazing data set that’s that’s that is like gold right there.

I think the fact that you can grab those details of expired domains simply by uploading everything you got into debt that made this whole thing. Yeah, I completely agree. You can do. And to get back to Mike SciGirls point, that means even though I didn’t create a market place with the best data points that if I [00:53:00] do, I’m going to be able to do a lot worse than picking 10,000

Be able to link to every one. And have all the data points. So again, as Mike said, the freedom of freeing the data from Dan who has done the best job of aggregated independent domain investors together. And the one dataset means that if Amazon and I consider that the ultimate, we should be selling domain names on Amazon, their policy of not allowing digital assets think about that.

They don’t allow you to sell digital assets on Amazon. Now Amazon can sell their own digital assets, but they won’t allow anyone else. But think about when that gets bridged and the place that people buy, more things than anywhere else in the world. I want their relationship with our industry to come through Dan, not go daddy, the way [00:54:00] we’re going.

Now, it’s more likely to go through another player and be excluded. I want it to be open through our company, like damn. And that’s all, that’s the final thing I wanted to share. So now we can just discuss it, but I really do like this collaboration for what it is today. I can search for expired domain names, not have to just look at the junk in the trash.

I can look at better names and I’ll just share with you the way I made most of my money. This year has been buying names on payments. And now I can see unexpired domain names, the names that I want to buy and the categories I want to buy them in and see what the payment is. And that’s pretty cool.

I want to cry. Thank you so much. Yeah, we’ll give you a couple of caveats. I’ve learned. Uh, the payment is not always a lease to own payment. [00:55:00] You can also sell domain names at Dan with a rental. Meaning, the name is $10,000. You can rent the domain name for 200 a month, but none of that is going to the purchase price.

It’s just simply allowing you to control with it, play with it. And you’re in negotiations to purchase. The name will come later. So not every little figure you see under payments on expired domains is going to mean lease to own. Sometimes it could be rent. So that’s just a little thing that I picked up.

And then I’m trying to think what else I picked up. I can’t emphasize enough trying to clean up your own Dan account, just so that you’re not the person causing someone else saying by them thinking they got a name for a great price. Paige. I love it, man. I, again, um, it might be, it might be stuff that people may already know and have feelings with, but [00:56:00] I feel like to me, like that information is so valuable, especially when managing your own portfolio and just understanding the additional deed data coming out of Dan is just going to be so much better, especially with the, the sorts and searches.

So when you say the Dan information is their page, is that another dropdown that you can add to your, your, your, um, filters? Well, Dan is broken up into two sections if you’re logged in. So first you want to be logged in, you see better stuff if you’re logged in and expired domains. I’m sorry. Did you ask about Dan or expired domain?

No. No. So, so it’s, it’s expired domains, dropdown filter for Dan information. So yeah, you have to be logged into expired domains and by the way, I would also second, the fact that you should probably do, uh, uh, uh, tutorial training in-depth analysis, unexpired domains as well. I think that’d be very about.

Gotcha. So you may only be using expired domains for the tab that says deleted domains, and that’s the way to search [00:57:00] as what’s coming up in pending delete. And what’s already dropped in the past month and you click to the right. It says marketplace listings, and that’s where you can search among the different marketplaces.

And one of those tabs is now Dan. Now I do think at Dan, you can choose to be excluded. I’ll have to check on that and I’ll try to have that for you next week is whether or not you can click to be excluded from lack of a better word they’re syndicated or their public listings. And I think that would apply to their home page and to the feeds that may be going out.

But, um, but yeah, right now I see it as a buyer. It benefits me because, you know, with the, with the rise in wholesale premiums that are being paid for expired names, I think it makes sense as an investor to relook at what you can buy on the aftermarket and have the [00:58:00] concept that stuff may be going higher, unexpired, unexpired, domain name auctions, because people are having their agenda as to what they buy determined by the tips sheets and the blogs.

And what’s available at GoDaddy today, instead of looking back and saying, what do I want to buy? What would I buy in a perfect world? I know it’s going to be expensive, but maybe I’ll start with, what do I want to buy? And then work backward from price I can afford or value that I like. So it’s a different way to look at domaining and I think it’s in this way that you may find inventory on Dan.

And I think that’s rewarding for a seller because what if you do want to sell more domain names between now and the end of this. How can you tell the market and the world that you’re kind of a friendly seller right now? You know what I mean? You’re taking all offers. [00:59:00] You’re wanting to do more business.

You’re willing to come off your prices. You really can’t. All you can do is change your price and hope that the marketplaces communicate your lower prices on better names out there into the world. And what I found is they don’t, it hasn’t worked. If I cut the prices of all my names and half seem to sell about the same as I normally would.

But I think not just the announcement or the, the, the fact that you can see Dan name’s unexpired, but the fact that I hope this bodes well for the future means that if someone is searching on expired for two word domain names in the English language that have the word metaphor.

And I happened to a, bought a hundred of them and I want to move some merchandise and I can price those under a thousand dollars that I can have some faith that forever how small [01:00:00] my buying universe is that they’re going to be able to see that and go to the link and buy my name either because it’s a good price or it’s on payments.

And I don’t think I get that right now on GoDaddy or afternoon. I don’t think the spinners that determine what to show people that’s available for sale are that good? I want them to get better, but that’s the way as a seller, I would rather sell to buyers who know what they’re looking for, can realize that I’m selling it a good value, and I think I’ll do more business.

So that’s one of the reasons I was excited about it far. Right. Any more questions? Any more comments on my. Much hyped announcement. And I guess, Mike, I didn’t realize it got announced last week. I just saw it on Friday. So.

All right. Does anybody have any questions on [01:01:00] back channel about these two or if you think you’d like to do, if I did an expire, how to use expired domain class, I would maybe do it like two weeks on a Saturday, or I do it on a Tuesday night. So if you think you would go and probably be $99, and I’m thinking about whether to do it on a Saturday or a Tuesday night.

So if you think if it was say six hours of doing it after work on a week, night would be better than a weekend. Those are the things I’m thinking. Or if you had a question you can back channel me by hitting the little paper airplane. Let’s see my back channel Paul, and they all thought I was going to be announcing and NFT, but that’s why I said it was not about NFTs.

Let’s see

Paige I’m in for the expired domains, that net training. So [01:02:00] let me know. Gotcha. And Shree mentioned, uh, keyword domains versus brand name domains. Is this you’re gonna announce today? No. It would be interesting to, to, uh, to have some metrics, you know, Andy, you asked a couple times of, was this a new metric that we could use to evaluate domain names.

And that certainly would be interesting. I guess it’s good to do this because you find out what people would want the announcement to be. So if there was a way. Like page’s brandable domain score that you put the name in to that, and it produced a number that said on the brandable domain score. This has a certain number.

That would be interesting.

Let’s say I got a love Truman says you sold name. Yeah, that would be a pretty amazing, pretty amazing thing. Well, anyone [01:03:00] thank you, everyone for coming in to Monday domains. Um, what I focused on today was both setting up the need for, and how excited I was to see that there’s now a feed on expired of all the names on the Dan marketplace.

And because Dan has done such a good job of aggregating independent domains. I think it’s something that can help me sell more names and help me search for existing names that are owned by other domain investors in a way that I’m already using to search for expired domain names. So I’m excited for what it does for me today and this week.

And I’m excited for other combinations of those that have the dataset of what names are for sale. And those that are good at presenting that dataset to customers in this case, expired domains, leaning on a data-driven approach for advanced domain investors. [01:04:00] But what if in the future someone uses other marketing techniques to say, take that same data set as well as the fact that I believe the other marketplaces whose feeds are not on expired, hopefully this will bring them back and put those feeds back there and we can.

Easier ways and better ways to search for inventory. So that is today’s Monday domains. Uh, Andy, thank you for asking your questions and, uh, and supporting us on. I really appreciate it. They paid, they love it and happy to help. So anything you need, I’m happy to be a 40 minute. Great. Um, do you have a question or anything?

Oh, are you leaving now? Is the room with going to end? Uh, it is going to end because we record this into a podcast and so I want to end it so that we can produce the podcast. And if you want to find out where it’s going to be, you need to sign [01:05:00], uh, to get the newsletter. And we’ll tell everybody where the podcasts are going to be of all my stuff.

At Monday domains at million dollar domains and an outbounding club. I are going to ask your opinion about a domain. If, you know, a smart phone, one product name, a Do you think it’s a good one? I think it’s worth registration fee because everything seems to be worth registration fee.

And I think that you should assume that you’re going to pay five years for renewals. So 150 bucks, and then you just want to wait. You want to wait for someone to wake up and say, that’s what they want to be. And then I think you could get 10 to 15,000 or more for it, but I don’t think you’re going to make someone buy it unless you want to just sell it wholesale for two or 300, but I would pay or consider you’re going to pay five years for noodles and roll the dice.

That that’s a huge enough category [01:06:00] that somebody may just want to be smartphone. And be ready to engage them and extract the most money you can when they come to you. Okay. So I know no place for outbound is just wait and end-user wait. Oh, there’s no way to tell if it’s good for outbound except to outbound.

And you may find someone who says, sure, we’ll take it. But whether they’ll say sure, we’ll take it for 30,000. I don’t know, but I would definitely try. It’s good enough to try it. Yes. All right. Everybody’s anyone else have any rooms today before we closed down ours?

I’m sure a room will start up right after we end, but thank you everybody for coming the Monday domains today. I really appreciate it. Please follow Um, is brought to you by the owners, [01:07:00] and we want to make it engaging. Uh, place to learn and be better domain investors.

So thank you for that. All right, we’ll see. Y’all thank you, Olivia for recording today. Thanks Donna.

Thanks, Paige. Thanks. Thanks. Tips and tricks. I always want to say thanks armpits, but I’ll say thanks, Courtney. Okay. Thanks page. And, uh, looking forward to your expired, uh, domain name, uh, room. Good. I think that’ll be great. And that’ll be a video room where you’ll be able, I’ll be sharing my screen and it’ll be, it’s a domain show on our zoom chat.

So you’ll be able to ask questions and, uh, I’ll be able to share my screen and really show you, uh, some of the best ways that I use it. So I think that’ll be valuable as opposed to just saying it, and then you still have to figure out how to do it. So

I agree. Thank you. All right, I’m going to close it in [01:08:00] five, four. Three, I’m melting to one.


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