Grow Quality Connections Leveraging Your Existing Network

    Grow Quality Connections Leveraging Your Existing Network

    We had a great conversation with Coach Yu about the right way to use our network to connect with key people that can help you reach your business goals. (Check it out here).

    Coach Yu dives deep into the process of connecting with high-profile people in your industry through our existing network. 

    When you genuinely work on your relationships, personal and professional, you build trust without even knowing it. Most of our closest relationships can lead us to success; why? Because when people trust us, they refer and speak highly of us. Therefore they vouch for us, which already puts us at a better starting point.

    Coach Yu designed this tool, the Topic Wheel, to help you figure out who you want to connect with and how you can potentially reach out:

    1. Write down the six topics you care about the most.
    2. Identify three people of authority for each topic. You don’t have to know them personally.
    3. Look into your network (you can even look through your Linkedin) and see who can put you in contact with them.

    Don’t forget to be picky when it comes to asking someone to introduce you. Try to make it as organic as possible to avoid making it awkward or uncomfortable.

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