Building Meaningful Connections

    Building Meaningful Connections

    In this show, we were joined by Coach Yu, who offered some insightful information regarding the topic of building meaningful connections. 

    The process of building connections can lead to a quicker excel of oneself and one’s business. However, when trying to build a connection with someone that could potentially take your business to a higher level, it is important to steer away from simply spamming such a person with messages each day. Building meaningful connections involves more than that.

    Focusing on finding value in one’s work or principles and showing up to events that the person of interest may host, can help show that you genuinely care to invest in them and what they stand for, not just invest in the thought of what they could do to benefit you. 

    Meaningful connections are more than trying with all one’s power to find a connection. Coach Yu consistently discusses the importance of finding commonalities, throughout the show. Finding commonality in the knowledge and understanding of another’s work and/or vision can influence the development of a deeper connection. 

    When it comes to digging deeper into a connection, it can be useful to acknowledge the second degree connections to be discovered around you, whether or not they have the ability to help you. The average person is shown to have around 400 connections, and each of those 400 connections have 400 connections themselves. As Coach Yu enlightens upon, that’s 16,000 connections available to you. 

    The reality of the matter is that more connections are consistently being introduced and you are being introduced to vast amounts of new people. Opportunities can open up that you may have failed to find initially, due to the fact that those opportunities weren’t tied to a direct connection. 

    Remember: The deeper you seek out connections, the more you will come to see opportunities open up!

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