The Secret to Building Great Courses


Change of plans! Coach Yu was unable to join us for today’s session, but don’t worry. We were joined by some people, who follow the work of Coach Yu, and they were able to answer some audience questions. So you still can get a taste of Coach Yu in this show!

JP, a long-time follower of Coach Yu, offered insight on Coach Yu’s “9 Triangles.” A portion of the “9 Triangles” involves GCT…

What does GCT stand for?

Goals: revenue goals, conversions, etc

Content: Are you marketing online? If so, what are your multimedia components? How are you effectively pairing them all together to best reach your audience?

Targeting: Goals are in place and content is ready…now what? Content is now ready to be consumed by the masses so it is time to scope out your target audience and where you will reach that audience!

The GCT offers a foundation as to what your specific marketing plan should look like.

To get some more insight on the framework of the “9 Triangles,” as well as listen to the full session above and hear what other audience members have to ask or share in regards to marketing their products/brand. 


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