Fire Your Agency, Go In-House!

    Fire Your Agency, Go In-House!

    This week’s session was all about discussing the work of agencies, in-house teams, and what you actually need to do marketing nowadays. We heard from Coach Yu and many other entrepreneurs sharing their experiences working with agencies.

    Is your agency aligned with your goals?

    You should fire your agency, not because you’re trying to save money, not because they don’t know what they’re doing, but because no one can tell your story and sell your business better than you. 

    Success in marketing today requires your face, your story, and your passion. People want to connect with authentic brands, so why would you hire someone else to pretend to be you?

    …third parties are important, they can help us

    Says Colin C. Campbell

    Yes, agencies are great for projects, they will work on specific tasks, from start to finish, with very specific goals to achieve. But when it comes to recurring tasks, you want to build an in-house team. Everything that requires a process should be done in-house, you can’t outsource the secret sauce of your business. 

    Are there any good agencies out there?

    A good agency will teach you how to do things yourself, so when you’re ready to take on the project to the next level and move forward with your business, you can train your team and design processes aligned with your vision, your mission, and most importantly, with your goals. 

    An agency should aim to become your partner and align to your goals and mission. 

    How to build the right in-house team?

    Find people that will live and breathe your mission. Your team needs to believe in what you believe in, they need to be passionate about your product or service because if they don’t your customers will notice. 

    You want people that want to cash checks, not checkboxes.

    Still not convinced? Head over to our recorded session above and listen to more advice from Coach Yu, Jeff Sass, and all the questions and stories shared by the audience.

  • Read the Audio Transcript of the Episode 'Cracking the Culture Formula with “Huge EO-Guy” Jim Bennett

    From an early childhood Jim was thirsty for success and after starting his first business, a lemonade stand, he has since gone on to create and develop nine successful companies by “doing his own thing.” Jim has built his establishment under the foundations of playbooks, scripts, role play, and daily huddles, and during this one-hour long session he tells us all about his methods.

    Here are the 5 key strategies to build company culture:

    1. The Playbook:
      Jim’s philosophy is to hire people alike, those who are competitive and enthusiastic, those who are eager to get down and dirty and get stuck in. His mantra is to hire college athletes and create a ‘role play’ system for each employee to follow. The college athletes bring energy, ambition and drive to the company and eventually become a key asset to companies.
    2. Scripts
      Role p
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