Is TikTok the New Queen Marketing Platform?

The social media platform shot to popularity in 2020 and was the most visited site last year. It is formatted as the ultimate “endless scroll” and the infinite assortment of content has attracted all demographics. It’s not about your ‘friends’ or connections on the app, instead TikTok uses a curated, highly accurate algorithm to appeal to your interests based on content interaction. This makes TikTokan ideal platform for niche, targeted marketing in a subtle way. 

Even if you’re not fully convinced, it might be worth a try– you don’t even have to make an account to run an ad! With the ability to direct viewers directly to a signup or home page and auto-optimization, the app has proven to be quite effective for consumer marketing. 

TikTok is like California during the Gold Rush

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How to run a TikTok ad that lands 

With so much traffic and opportunity to promote, the advertising landscape can get competitive, knowing your target audience and how to grab their attention within the first two seconds is the key factor. Without a compelling hook, they won’t stick around to see what you’re selling. 

Dynamic content with a clear message at the beginning is all you need. Don’t include unnecessary background information– let them know that you have a solution for their problem. Quickly share your advice and how it will help them, then include a clear call to action. This is where ads usually fall short; if there isn’t a clear ‘next step’ for your viewers there isn’t really any worth to your ad.

Pro tip: A clear message states what you do, why you do what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it. If you use this as your formula for creating brand messages and statements you will quickly build your brand voice.

“Everything’s about those first 2 seconds… if they don’t get to the end of the video how will they get the call to action?”


In TikTok terms, the dance and the song are the hook and your [clear] message is the relevant content.

What metrics matter the most?

With a little trial and error, you’ll quickly discover what works and what doesn’t, embrace the discovery process!. Watch for engagement rate, average watch time, and completion rate before reading the comments for direct responses. 

“The whole thing with digital marketing is to amplify what’s already working”  

Coach Yu 

Listen to the full session above for even more advice for running a successful TikTok campaign!

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    Coach Yu – EP32: Is TikTok the New Queen Marketing Platform?


    TikTok is something a lot of people have dismissed and other folks who are marketing pundits, the same folks who jump on crypto or whatever. The latest thing is, they’ll say, tick talk in 20 20, 20, 22 is like Facebook in 2007. Let’s talk about what’s actually working today.

    And if you have some thoughts and comments, if you have a success story to share, hit that hand, raise button and Jeffrey, we’ll get to you in a bit. So we can talk about what’s working the folks at bite dance, who own tick talk, reach out to me about 18 months ago. And they said they’d some help creating a course on TikTok ads.

    And so we’ve been doing a lot of testing quietly. Perry Marshall. I have a book we’re about to release just a few days. We’re putting the final touches on. So if you have some great examples, we’d love to look at that, but here’s the net effect. And by the way, I know this is being recorded. So anybody from byte dance or the agencies that work with them here, [00:01:00] this, you can go ahead and come at me.

    Tick-tock on the ad. Facebook tick-tock lead ads is the number one thing that’s working best on TikTok. In other words the forms where they’re automatically filled out with the email address, that work well on Facebook or what works on TikTok. We’ve seen this with lots of examples. Our buddies at ChiroCandy have 300 chiropractors.

    They use the same template where the beginning scene is, Hey, are you in attention, Oxnard, California, or whatever it might be. So we know that it’s local, geotarget down to the. The zip, the more you spend, the more they unlock these other sorts of features, show the chiropractor, doing these particular adjustments and whatnot.

    Using the fake female voice, right? The computer generated female voice seems to do better than the actual chiropractor, looking at the camera and talking, and then to learn more, they click on the link [00:02:00] and it auto fills the form. It’s generating leads for several dollars. We’ve seen it work in many industries for professional services.

    This is not just e-com. This is not young ladies who are singing and dancing that are attractive or doing stunts or beauty. Those are all great for organic viral TikTok for influencers who are trying to get big, just like they might try to get big on Instagram or YouTube. But today we’re talking about, what’s working in tick talk for real business owners and I’ve interviewed a ton of people and I still want to interview more.

    Cause the system changes a whole lot. They’re innovating way faster than Facebook is of course Facebook’s being nailed with government regulation and other things, which is like wearing army boots while you’re in a race. But what tick-tock has done is taken short form video 23 seconds seems to be the sweet spot.

    If you’re a professional, meaning you’re like a dentist or a real estate agent or a consultant, somebody where you’re providing services instead of selling products, everything is on [00:03:00] that short video. When you make the video, you have a choice of 15 seconds, one minute and three. I find that 15 seconds is the sweet spot.

    We launched 15 second stories. Dot com is a way to collect most of these, but there’s three parts that you want to make in that short video. And by the way, the short video is 90% of the success for TikTok. It’s not how you set up ads. It’s not your landing page. It could be your offer. It could be, you know how good you are on camera.

    It could be whatever, but 90% of the success on TikTok is in that video. And 90% of the 90%. So the most important part of that video is the first two seconds, which is the hook and how you get people’s attention. So we’ve tested hundreds of different ways in the last 18 months of how to get some, get someone’s attention.

    The easiest way is movement. Does that make sure that on your mobile phone you’re filming it vertically. You have some sort of movement that comes into this or some interesting background. When we were Jake [00:04:00] Paul’s house filming, we had the Lego wall in the back and that. Automatically targeted TikTok recognize Jake Paul’s house in the background, and automatically showed it to people who like Jake Paul and that soccer got half a million likes and millions of views.

    Unfortunately, we weren’t selling anything in that one, but it just shows that movement. The background is key. Then the second piece is having the text and having that big text where it’s super clear what it is. And you can think that I heard Alex from Lindsay said that your tic talks should basically be spoken tweets.

    I think that’s mostly true because you need to get their attention in the first two seconds, but like attention San Diego, California, or here’s what, three tips on back pain or five things to get a seven figure agency or, the text right there. It’s very obvious what it’s about because you’re trying to get them to watch.

    More than the first few seconds of anything. You’re trying to get to say a [00:05:00] 20 to 30% completion rate, meaning they watch all the way through on the video. If your video is three minutes long, you’re not going to get that 20% plus completion rate. I’m also looking for the engagement rate, which is a percentage of people that click like or comment over the number of people that see it.

    I find that greater than the, not just my videos, but other people making videos, I’ve looked at so many people’s accounts, they’ll say, Hey, let me see your ticket open up. Tick-tock let me see your ads. And people have, thankfully, let me see. I love seeing, but if we get temporary, Engagement, which is largely driven by what happens in the first two seconds on that 15 to say 32nd video is key.

    So when you have that text calling out the city, so they know it’s not just some viral content, but it’s actually in the city that they’re in and your target that city, if it’s saying here’s three tips on how to do whatever it is and it’s in text and the computer generated female voice, you can try it with the guide’s voice.

    You can try it with your voice, but the female voice seems to do better. That’s how you get the attention. [00:06:00] So that hook might only be two or three seconds, but you’ve got to get. Get past that first few seconds as people are scrolling through, then you give the tip quickly. You don’t give a bunch of background.

    You don’t do all this other stuff about who you are and say what your name is and your company. No. You just go straight into the tip, then reinforce it with the text and you can have text boxes that will show up. When you make the text box and choose the color, then you hit edit, or you can click duration.

    You can have this one thing showing the first two seconds, have another text box show from two seconds to five seconds. Another text box show, whatever from five seconds, seven seconds, and you don’t need fancy editing. You don’t need a fancy camera. You don’t need editing software. You literally do it right there in the tick-tock app.

    You can do it in mobile and on desktop, you choose music. Music works super well for an organic account because you can take advantage of trends and you can use non-commercial or sorry, commercial music. I can’t sing, but I would home, like you already know [00:07:00] like what the most popular ones are, right.

    It could be, oh no. Oh no. Oh yeah. Oh, I hope I don’t fall or yeah. I can’t even think what is, what’s that one? Or you want a BombBomb? You want to chill with the big boys, like I’ve heard like all these ones, so many different times. So if you have a business account, you can’t use those commercial sounds.

    But then again, we want to run ads. So we are changing it to we and people will argue back and forth about whether some people say, just do only organic. Cause you can go viral. And that’s true if you try enough times and if you’re in the right category, maybe you can go viral, but we find ads as a great way of guaranteeing.

    You’re going to drive sales. So if you’re a real business owner, you might be in a category like you’re doing landscape and HVAC or whatever. You’re a funeral director, probably not going to go viral. And you only want to target people in your city. You’re not trying to become worldwide famous and get millions of followers.

    So if you’re selling services in your city, your professional services or your [00:08:00] agency or consultant, then I think ads is just a more solid way to get consistent traffic and leads. And you can get lead ads. You can drive links. Can’t do that organically. Anyway, I have a lot of different examples to show what is working and what isn’t working.

    We’ve made so many different mistakes, logged into lots of other people’s accounts and been able to play the last 18 months or so. I want to throw it out there for you to see what have you guys witnessed on TikTok and any questions that you might have.

    So go ahead and raise your hand. I invited a couple of people up who had their hand up, but raise your hand. If you got a question for Dennis or have a, an example of a tick-tock ad that worked for you that you want to share.

    And while people are coming in, I can talk, I can keep talking more. I don’t, I just want people to know this is not a one-way monologue. This is something we’re all learning together. We go [00:09:00] under the Tech-Talk interface and we see things change all the time, right? So this is something that, just like Facebook in the early days, the interface keeps changing.

    The ad prices are getting more expensive. I’m seeing an average about $3 to $5 for a CPM, meaning every thousand impressions, we’re paying $3 to $5, which is still less than a penny for things like video views. We see that when we, you can choose to be objective by the way, if you’re boosting from the app, as opposed to running inside the ads manager.

    Where you can go for engagement, you can go for people visiting your profile or I’ll get more followers, or I forgot exactly what it was. But anyway, when we run for engagement, obviously running videos, instead of a Colossus, we find that about half of the impressions will turn into video [00:10:00] views, which is really good.

    And of those people that play the video about 20%, even 30% will click like on it, which is crazy good. I never saw those kinds of results except in the first year or two on Facebook, I think because the is new because the ads are not obvious that. ’cause when you’re scrolling through and it’s, it doesn’t look like an ad and it’s vertical and it’s something entertaining.

    And it’s following the thing that I told you by making it look authentic and not ad like, then people will naturally click like, and they’ll click on your profile. You’ll get more people following you. And you can not that this is your main goal, but you’ll get video views for under a penny. And this is something that helps build the organic power over time, because the algorithm is going to show you the more and more people provided.

    You have a key theme that you have focused [00:11:00] your tick-tock account on provided that you have some way of monetizing through leads are coming to your website. We’re seeing leads come through at third, the price of what we have on Facebook and some people like my buddy, Danny Vega, or the guys at chiropractic.

    They are using, what’s working on TikTok, these 15 second videos, and they’re copying them over to Facebook and running those as lead ads. And here’s the funny thing. So it’s not that the leads are cheaper, which is great. It’s that the quality of the leads are just as good as they were on Facebook. And the reason why is that when you set up conversion tracking and you’re firing that pixel when somebody purchases or they fill out the form or whatnot to talk and optimize to the event that you’re looking for, if you’re running it inside the ads manager and choosing conversion as your event.

    So I found that shocking that we’re getting cheap traffic relatively. When you’re choosing conversion, [00:12:00] your CPM may go up to 10 bucks, your cost per click and, double or triple up to a dollar or whatever. But we’re seeing conversion rates like on lead forms at 50%, we’re seeing general lead conversion.

    Be about the same as it is on Facebook. And that’s overall lead cost is lower because the base cost of the traffic is lower. We find that testing with five to six creatives is usually what we need to find a winner and then testing and another five to six creatives at a time to find out what’s working.

    This can change over time, but I don’t think it’s going to, because tech talk has the same interface as Facebook’s business manager. I think they call it business suite and Facebook changed their thing, the business suite. So whether we call it business manager, business center, business suite, it’s the same thing.

    They literally copied it. You log in, you configure that business account to have different people who have different access to the ad accounts and the underlying accounts. You have a creative library. I think it’s [00:13:00] called creative center where you have different creators of your draft. You can write.

    Existing posts. You can add credit cards. All the kinds of stuff that you see inside Facebook’s business suite is the same that you’re seeing on TikTok. Maybe not quite as good, because they’re trying to copy as fast as they can. But man, in the last 18 months they’ve really come a long way. Hey Dennis, can I ask you a question?

    Go ahead. Let me ask you a question. What’s your thoughts on for a business and the kinds of business you’re talking about who would be using it for the lead gen ads? What’s your thoughts on the business doing it directly, as you described using texts, using the computer voice, et cetera, versus working with TikTok influencers and having them create content for you.

    Okay. So they’re one and the same thing. So working with these influencers, which are called creators there’s tick talk has something that is similar to what Facebook has with [00:14:00] branded. So you can, on Facebook, you can get access to some other person’s Facebook account or Instagram account granted through business manager or them allowing you to if that creator on Facebook marks that post as a branded post, then you can use any advertiser can boost it and get analytics on that.

    Post tic talks made it a little bit simpler. They have something called spark ads. And what happens with spark ads is that whoever that creator is, they just go to that post, go to the bottom, right? Click on the triple dots, scroll to the right and generate the ad code. That ad code can live. I think for one day, seven days, 30 days, something like that.

    And whoever has that code can boost that post, which is awesome. So you’re boosting someone else’s post. We find it works super well. To talk about this last month [00:15:00] and they, and this may change over time, but Jeff guess what percent of tick talks ad spend is on spark ads, the people who are spending money on TikTok ads, one-third 70%.

    Okay. I was in the other, I was on the other side of the equation. I thought he was being closer to 50 50, but it may be that there’s a few people like big brands that are, it’s a weighted average where they’re just spending so much that it ends up being, it’s probably one third of the accounts that are running tick-tock ads, but if the spend 70% of it is on spark ads and I’ve asked other people about why that is.

    And here’s why when you have someone who is a customer, so they don’t have to be some big time influencer, but they’ve really liked your product or service, or they really have a cool story. Or something to tell, then that’s a different angle and it’s a different audience that can see it. So even if it’s the same content, whether it’s on your tech talk account or theirs it’ll behave [00:16:00] differently just because of the nature of the algorithm, trying to show it to people that are related to that account or who enjoy content like that.

    So we found with agencies that do this with clients, that they have a process to recruit these influencer people that are well-known in the category, by the way, there’s tons of networks that TikTok has one where they have a group of vetted creators. There’s no one over 30, for some reason, it’s a bunch of kids, there’s hashtag paid.

    There’s that? E-commerce one, I forgot what it’s called, but it’s like $59 or $69 per video posts. They make, you have to send them your product. So that’s e-commerce and then there’s just reaching out to other people that you see on TikTok, where you do. On the category you want to rank in, you do searches on the hashtags.

    You do searches on other related accounts. Cause when you look at account they’ll show you who the related accounts are, right? And you just reach out to them saying, Hey, I would love to sponsor a post. I would love for you to make a tick, [00:17:00] talk about our product or service, and I’ll pay you this.

    And based on how many followers, you might pay them $50. You might pay him a couple of hundred dollars. If they’re more of a hobbyist thing, they’ll do it for free because they love the exposure. You say, Hey, if you make this content, we’ll even pay our own money to promote that. It’s still the wild west.

    There’s these different charts on how much you should pay an influencer based on how big they are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, right? A shout out on a particular social network. But I don’t trust any of those averages. You see some of these people that will say, okay, a tweet from LeBron, James is worth $140,000.

    I don’t know. I’ve seen a lot more and I’ve seen a lot less. So I don’t know how people are deciding what they think the benchmarks are, except for the agencies who have. Have a vested interest in trying to pretend that they know how much it is to pay for an influencer. I don’t believe any of that. Like apparently Donald Trump Jr.

    You can pay what a couple hundred thousand. And if you want to be on Joe Rogan’s podcast, it’s a million dollars who knows. But the point is you need to reach out to your [00:18:00] best customers and partners or JV partners, people who sell to your same customer base, but they’re not direct competitors of yours.

    So for example, if we want to reach dentists and we’re a digital marketing agency, we would work with the dental supply companies because we want to reach the same people and we would cross create content. We would co-pro co-promote content. We might do a podcast together, cut out snippets. There’s different ways to get other people, to do the marketing for you, your customers, your partners, whatever we wanna call it, word of mouth, social media, PR, whatever you want to call that using other people’s content seems to work better than direct to face on.

    Talking about this. Now, if you’re a solo service provider and you’re a consultant agency, mortgage broker, whatnot, then start with yourself making content. My buddy, Justin Martin is a real estate agent and mortgage broker in Denver, Colorado, and he is good on camera. So he makes lots of these little tic talks [00:19:00] or lots of these little videos that we turn into Facebook, Instagram, Tik, TOK, Twitter.

    We repurpose it into multiple channels, but yeah, start with it yourself, work with other people, ideally, without having to pay them because the incentives shouldn’t be financial, unless they’re like an affiliate and you give them a percentage of the revenue, but it’s hard to track revenue. It’s hard to track traffic that comes from TikTok for various reasons.

    Just like with Facebook increasingly because I was 14 and that kind of thing. But yeah, definitely the influencer content that initially they post it and they give you that code. So you can run a spark ads against it. You download that tick talk and there’s apps that will let you, is it spark, tick or ticks?

    I forgot the name of the app, but it recite there’s other places you can just download the thing without the watermark. And then you run that same content on your account, obviously with permission from whoever made the content. And that way you win both [00:20:00] ways, you run it from their account and you run it from their, their account.

    And from a long-term basis, it’ll probably be better running from your account because after that first week or however long, they set there’s three different settings. When they create the spark code for you on how long you can run ads, they’ll have to keep creating a new code. I would think that within the next few months, they’ll find a way where the ad accounts and the organic accounts are tied closely together.

    Right now they are separate. So you can run ads on TikTok without actually being on TikTok. It just means that when you run an ad, if they click on that little. For your profile. It just goes straight to the site because it’s not like an actual organic account. So those people who are afraid of I don’t want to be on tick-tock.

    I don’t want to dance. I, I don’t have time to waste and all that. You know what I don’t either. So you can literally set up an account on TikTok and just run lead ads, run straight to your thing. If you boost a post, then it will. If you click on the circle of the profile, that’s [00:21:00] on the right side, all the navigations in white on the right side, then it’ll go to the profile.

    But obviously if you run as a regular ad from an ad account, and it’s not tied to a spark ad or boosting an existing post, there’s no profile to go to. So you click on, it just goes to your landing page or whatever the destination URL is that you’ve made. Okay, Dennis, I got a question for you from the audience that was posted in the live chat.

    So if you have a question for Dennis and don’t want to raise your hand a combo on stage, feel free to back-channel me or leave a post in the live chat JS Gilbert asks, I was hoping Dennis can discuss how well capturing cell numbers for SMS marketing on TikTok is thanks. Yeah, it works super well. Any kind of information capture works super well.

    Email seems to be the best thing right now, though, for some reason. And there’s, you’ll get north of a 50% completion rate, but certainly you can run it through text messaging. You can ask qualification [00:22:00] questions, you can do all kinds of stuff as you’d imagine inside of lead form.

    But the key is when you collect that information, when you have that integration with whatever your favorite marketing automation system is, Infusionsoft, HubSpot, whatever it might be, you want to message them immediately. So let’s say I’m David Perez. And I run nourished at me. And I want to tell people about the benefits of curcumin for inflammation.

    I might say, Hey, put it in your email. I would start by saying, are you suffering? If you’re suffering from headaches or another one I would do, if you’re each I do a separate tick top for each particular condition, if you’re suffering with, you’re a frequent traveler and you have jet lag or you have joints, you’re getting older and you wake up achy.

    Then I have something for you. It’s curcumin, which is a tumeric extract, but we have a special nationalized way of absorbing it. And I’d love to give you a 25% off discount. And then he points [00:23:00] below people, click on it, fills out their email address. And then the system sends them an email. That’s what I would do.

    So easy lead ads to be super clear for those of you that are just joining lead ads on TikTok is the thing. All right. You guys run and lead ads, or if you guys are running ads on TikTok, I’d love to hear from you. What’s working. What’s not working, but everything we’ve been hearing and doing and testing ourselves as running lead ads on tick-tock for real business owners, service providers, that sort of thing.

    I’ve got another question from the audience for you, Dennis, from Daniel Brookfield does B2B marketing work on TikTok? Most LinkedIn is much better for B2B marketing. Oh I do you like, I’m trying to come up with a good analogy, but there, you have two kids, which do you like that you like them both.

    So certain kinds of LinkedIn marketing that relate to job titles and whatnot, just like a J Wilcox is the number one guy in LinkedIn ads. Go follow him. We’ll say. Yeah. So the job [00:24:00] title, targeting company targeting skill, targeting that more professional kind of content, especially when you’re trying to reach executives.

    And I don’t want to say people that are older because the fastest growing group is people who are over 40. Yeah, you’re right. You’re still going to run LinkedIn ads, but here’s the thing that’s happened in the last three months. It’s not just kids, right? The myth is, oh, it’s just a bunch of kids, teenagers that are dancing and doing silly things and fashion and makeup.

    And that’s what it was two years ago, we were playing on this thing two or three years ago, back before it was called tick talk. But now everybody is on TikTok. And they said the same thing about Facebook back in 2007, when we were messing with TikTok, I was running Facebook flyers. You guys remember that?

    I ran my first Facebook ads 14 years ago. How many years ago? 15 years ago, man, I’m getting old. And people were saying the same things about how it’s just kids and college students with back then you did have to be a college student to get on the Facebook. I had my SMU alumni [00:25:00] email address so I could be able to get in, but.

    There, there are like, we see there’s friends of ours, like Caleb Williams. He’s targeting people that are planning for retirement. And there’s other folks that are reaching financial or financial advisors. We know that are doing testing. And what is the age? That first age for social security was at 63 and then 67 are those the two.

    Anyway, there’s two age cutoffs. You guys know for social security. Would you believe that you can target 60? There’s not as many, but you can target people who are plus 60. And we see that it’s working for financial services, retirement advisory companies like, wow. What does that tell you? Yes, it is a younger audience, but now everybody’s coming to tick tock.

    Tick tock was the number one used app last year. Number one website last year, more than Google. So it’s not just kids. If it’s the number one.

    Yep. It’s it’s growing [00:26:00] exponentially and it’s extremely addictive as compared to many of the other more so even than Facebook, even more than Facebook was in the early days. But now for business, I was at a conference in Denver last week and some older fellow said to talk is for kids. And all I see when I go to TikTok is a bunch of young girls shaking their.

    And I said probably shouldn’t be telling people that because TikTok quickly learns about what your favorite things are. So if you click on stuff, if you watch, if you rewind something, if you click on that, person’s profile, it quickly learns what your secret little guilty personal pleasures are. So if you look on my tech talk and I’m happy to share it, but in clubhouse, you can’t see it.

    You’ll see golfing videos, magic tricks. Sometimes you’ll see pimple popping. Cause I found that was interesting. So I did some research to see like, how is this one? Girl is one latest [00:27:00] dermatologist lady getting all these patients it’s cause she’s posting pimple, popping things. So I saw a few and it clicked.

    And pretty soon TikTok was showing me all of that. It learns so fast. So if you claim to tell other people that you don’t like what’s on TikTok or you claim, it’s a certain kind of thing. You’re telling people that’s what you are engaging with. So be very careful. I’ve seen a lot of people who claim to be social media experts tell other people that they see X on TikTok.

    Yeah. You shouldn’t be saying that, bro. You’re revealing the kind of stuff that you’d like to click on. Or you’d like to watch it. It’s also possibly a reason why a lot of businesses don’t think tic talks appropriate for them because they’re assuming that what they see personally on TikTok is what everyone else is seeing.

    And what we have to realize is because of that powerful algorithm, everyone has their own unique. Yeah, talk experience, right? So when you go to YouTube, right? When I go to YouTube, I see magic tricks. I see what digital marketers are doing. When I go to [00:28:00] Twitter, I see what Alex Berman is doing with cold emailing and his agency and what he’s doing in Europe right now, and his trips to India and all that.

    Like I see all that stuff because those are the people I follow. So all of us, we have a different feed and that is true on TikTok. Each of us are gonna have a different feed, but the difference is tick talks. Algorithm gives zero craps about who you’re friends with. Like Facebook’s limited that this is why tick talks, where I’m way faster.

    Facebook is limited. It’s not because the Chinese are manipulating or something that Facebook’s limited by who your friends are. That’s the initial context. So by definition, what your friends are showing might be more relevant to you, but won’t be as more, won’t be as viral. So TikTok says, you know what?

    I don’t care who your friend. When you log into TikTok, there’s the people you’re following on the left and then the, for you page and all the traffic’s on the, for you page. That’s where you start people. Don’t click on the other thing to click on who they’re following. So they’re just joining the most interesting thing to you.

    Each of us has a different set of items in the newsfeed. That’s what makes TikTok so addictive because it [00:29:00] gives zero craps about who your friends are. It just wants to show you the most addictive content based on how it learns from your engagement. So when we’re showing ads into this, we’re able to bypass that algorithm partially because we’re targeting by who is engaging with us and by seeking the conversion event, if we’ve got our pixel configured and ideally through Google tag manager, firing the right events, digital plumbing, that kind of thing, we’re able to take advantage of the fact that people are there a long time.

    They log in many times and we can drive. For real estate agents for roof repair for curcumin, whatever it might be, whatever the condition is that people have. The ad disapproval rates are a lot lower face. TikTok support is way better, which isn’t saying much compared to Facebook support, right?

    Sorry, Facebook, you guys were good to me back up until the late 2014 and then his support was not very good, right? TikTok, they’re hungry. They’ve hired [00:30:00] up a huge support team and they’re by and large helpful, they respond to you. They got on the phone with you, all that kind of stuff. And you can say things that you can’t say or do on Facebook.

    So that’s why I was saying one of the hooks is if you’re a local business, you say, Hey, San Diego county. Then you say if you have joint pain, if you are sore, if want to get your taxes done, if you like, whatever it is that you do, if you are dealing with insert the problem that you have, then here’s a tip for you.

    Oh, and I’m David pres let’s book a time to call to talk about, or, buy my product. Here’s a coupon code, right? Some sort of incentive to get them to fill out the form or you send them to an appointment booking, you can send them to your landing page, but we recommend that you do you mean test both, but the lead ad where you’re collecting information on tick talks, native form.

    It because it loads immediately because it auto-populates with their information, you get a 50% completion rate [00:31:00] versus a 7% completion rate. And we find right now, That’s what’s working best, especially cause we’re losing all this data because of iOS 14. So people go from, the TikTok app to the website and apple doesn’t allow it because, you didn’t allow the app or all this privacy stuff, GDPR, it’s making it harder to track the data hard to figure out what happened in terms of your referral traffic to the website.

    So with Facebook, the lead ads and TikTok, the lead ads seem to be the way to go. And it’s going to be like this, I think. Yup. Dennis, we’ve got JS up one stage. I think he may have a question for you. Do you have a question for Dennis?

    JS if you’re there and you have a question on mute yourself up. There we go. Oh yeah. Thank you. Thank you guys. I wish I had heard Dennis before I started watching all those thoughts channels on on tick-tock. That’s explaining a lot of the pop-ups your secret pleasure. But what I was saying before about the SMS I, [00:32:00] what I’m doing with clients is probably what a lot of other people are doing.

    Their Instagram and Facebook landing pages essentially were offering something of value in order to get their email address. And, it goes okay and sometimes better than others. However, we started switching over, not that long ago into doing either a double offer or doing a double double opt-in, essentially where you give the email address and then it asks for your cell phone number and.

    It’s been okay. We’re not getting nearly the number of cell phone numbers entered it’s. People are abandoning at that point. Probably about 17 to 22% of the people that are giving us their email will also give us the the phone number, but then subsequently in doing marketing the SMSs, they’ve got like a 90% open rate, which is amazing.

    And we are getting a lot of traction off of that. [00:33:00] So I just wonder if we were to either expand and do this sort of thing and TikTok or give up maybe Facebook and move to tick-tock. Why would you give up test them both and what works on TikTok? Put it back in the Facebook. But do you do think in tick tock that it would, we would have decent numbers in terms of people’s Facebook it’ll work on TikTok.

    Really. Okay, cool. Yeah. Very cool. Yeah. Yeah, I know it’s but it’s also hard to convince clients. I don’t understand what is, what you set the rules, you’re the agency. They want the result. When you go, when you bring your car into the mechanic, you allow the mechanic to choose what tool and what kind of oil and whatever it is, right?

    Yeah. I’m not going to be Silverstein, okay. Yeah, they, I, you got to pick your battles and it’s sad. It’s sad because I think there is a great, what is, what I think TikTok like right now is like California was in 1858 or [00:34:00] something, the gold rush. But it’s hard to explain that to people.

    I also getting doing analytics on TikTok stuff. Is that a little more difficult? That’s useless. You can get. Engagement on a particular post. So my favorite thing to do is on each of these posts, I’ll go in and you can do this inside the business suite or natively.

    See what the law can’t even say, what the engagement rate is. Basically the percent of people that, that, see what the average watch time is and see video completion, then go in and look at the comments and see what people are saying, because those turn into leads. And they also give you an idea of whether the creative’s hitting, whether people hate it, whether they have questions or whatnot, but the post level analytics are good, but conversion analytics, where you’re going across websites, you’re going to use.

    Tools like triple whales for e-commerce or [00:35:00] hieros for general lead gen, anything that’s UTM driven, there’s wicked reports that we have a lot of reports. Yeah. And whatever people can argue about what their favorite third-party tracking is, but the native analytics on TikTok, it’s not because bite dance as a parent company sucks.

    It’s because of all this data, privacy nonsense it’s happened in the last couple of years and it’s just only going to get worse. And if I could ask one last thing what do you find you’re having a craft calls to actions differently for the tech community than you do for say Instagram or Facebook?

    It’s the same thing. Yeah. We’re running ads the same way, except the emphasis on short form video that’s vertical and has a hook the first two seconds. Everything’s about that first two seconds. Who cares about the call to action? If they don’t get to the end of the. The issue is not the call to action.

    The issue is can I get past the first few seconds? Yeah. Somebody was saying, put the call to action. And after about four seconds, if you tweak a tick-tock fee, maybe, but that might not [00:36:00] be enough time to deliver value proposition. Yeah, exactly. There’s three parts that we want to hit inside our 15 second story and it doesn’t have to be 15.

    I’ve seen some people do it for a minute and people will say do this. I ran this one for a minute and this one converts. Okay. Show me. Okay. Yeah. That’s good. You still follow the same. If you thought I don’t want to name all these other people, but basically the hook that people will disagree about what exactly the different components are like Michael Sanchez, I think has eight parts.

    I think that’s too complicated. There’s three parts you want first is the whole. How do you get their attention? Some emotions, some texts, some interesting thing. Attention, interest, desire, action. There you go. Yeah. The items I had a formula works well, which is more for copy, but in terms of video on TikTok to tell stories, the hook is that beginning part, the middle is where you are sharing some kind of thing.

    That’s informal, informative, educational, and then it’s a call to action [00:37:00] at the end. So Ida awareness, interest desire, action is the customer funnel that, that journey. But when we’re talking about what happens in a single video, you want to follow this three-part formula, right? The hook, the box, or apple are people going to pay attention then to this video on on tick-tock if I’m not lighting myself on fire or coming out wearing, because several things, one, if you’re a local service business, you’re going to say, yeah, Hey Boston, Massachusetts oh, shoot.

    Yeah. And then you’re saying, if you have this issue, if you are this kind of person, if you fit in this category, that’s relevant. So the easiest way to get attention or to have a great hook is to establish relevance as opposed to lighting yourself on fire or jumping off a building or doing some sort of inflammatory, look at me sort of thing.

    Not if you’re a professional, go for it. Don’t do stupid things. Like the thing we did with Jake Paul was drink toilet water. If I’m Dr. Glenn [00:38:00] VO and I’m a dentist, I’m not gonna be drinking toilet water. I would lose a lot of respect from people if I did that. Yeah, probably a good idea. Established super high relevance quickly in the first.

    No, don’t introduce yourself. Don’t say like literally establish value instantly. And if you do something that turns out to be stupid how easy is it to go in and do damage control? And that. It’s the internet. So who knows, right? That’s why we just assume everything you put. It should be just assume it’s public, even though technically billions of people could see your stuff.

    Probably not many people will. And as much as I hate to say it as cringy, be authentic. So feature your customers, share your expertise. Talk about what’s actually happened, right? If I did a, B and C, and this is what I got, and if, as long as you stay there, you’re not going to get in trouble. You’re not going to resort to hokey sorts of things to, wearing a gorilla costume and like those sign spinners on your [00:39:00] furniture going out of business sale.

    Okay. I guess I’m putting the gorilla costume up for sale on eBay then. Yeah, let me sometimes, sorry. Stand on the street corner. When business is slow and maybe people will come into your place. Where are you saying, thank you guys. I’m going to drop down back to the audience and let live now get a chance here.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, JS lib. No welcome. Did you have a question for Dennis? Yes. Hi, thank you for letting me talk to you. So yeah, my question is I’m, I’ve done B2B manufacturing and branding for the last, like 20, 25 years in the fashion and packaging industry. And that’s all I’ve ever known.

    So in the ground, no, really like about present because wholesale and B2B such different and B2 and you’re breaking up quite a bit. It’s really hard to hear you. Yep. [00:40:00] Do you want to make. Yeah, that’s a little bit, hear me now.

    I just say what suggestions you have for someone that’s starting out, doing BDC in the fashion and packaging industry. And should I even do both for that matter? Or should it stick to one? Lydia? I would choose one. Do you have one particular visual case study? You can show for packaging for one of these clients.

    I imagine you would find nature what you do. Yes. In the B2B and wholesale. Yes. But not like direct to consumer. No. Yeah. Great. So show that packaging, show yourself with these other people show some sort of result, and then you can do that simple. Tech-Talk where you’re literally showing that packaging you in front of it.

    And then you give some tips, like three tips on how to do packaging the right way. Make sure, like whatever your tips are, one, two, and three, and have those as text pieces that show [00:41:00] sequentially and then lead them to a guide, some sort of email thing. So it works super well in B2B. You just need to make sure that you’re configuring your lead tracking so you can generate a lot of leads, but you want to make sure that the good leads, so have your conversion trackings set.

    Maybe we can initially try just on regular lead ads, but you could try it on people who sign up for a webinar or people who do something that’s one step past just CLA or actually on your lead form, have a couple of qualifying pieces of information. And I am I a child? Cause ultimately, are you saying to do, to use TikTok for, to find more B2B customers.

    They’re trying to do more B to C, but I didn’t, I was trying to actually shift to the B to C market. And I didn’t know how to, in fashion I could do a lot with it cause I could sell piece by piece, but I just thought,[00:42:00] 

    okay, so you’re cutting out a little bit live now, but yeah, B2B and B2C are different. You can win on either. The key is that you have a clear call to action and a clear path for people to sign up. Got you. So just pick out to make these videos. Yeah. Yeah. Whatever’s generating look. The whole thing with digital marketing is to amplify what’s already.

    So whatever’s already working best in your business, whatever channels, working best, whatever your marketing sources, whatever your offer is, what, you have some way of collecting emails or booking a phone call or meeting people trade shows, or you rank on certain keywords. I don’t know whatever the thing is.

    That’s driving you the most business. Find a way to extend that into Facebook and TikTok. There’s nothing magic about what we’re doing here. There’s no need to come up with new ideas, right? What’s the thing that’s working make 15 second videos around that, drive it to a lead [00:43:00] form or landing page. And now you’re getting more of the thing that has already been working for your business.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s B2B or B2C, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in. As long as it’s a legal business and your customers can talk about you and that kind of thing. Got it. And if I was to do like a new B2C, that’s like a different type of model. I’m assuming. Correct. Yeah. Anytime you’re starting a new business.

    So anyone who’s a startup, anyone who has a new idea, it’s going to be so much harder. It has nothing to do with tick tock. It’s just when you have validation and your customer fit you have feedback from customers on why they like you. You know what the value proposition is, you’ve tested it.

    You’ve got happy clients to talk about you, then all of these channels, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik, TOK, what have they all become the same? Because you are just putting content and your offer. That’s already working and letting the system optimize to a conversion [00:44:00] of which, what a conversion is worth, because you’ve got plenty of people who have buck, but if it’s a new product, then you don’t really know.

    Then you’re testing. You don’t know the product market.

    That’s a pro that’s a business strategy problem. Not a tick tock problem. Got it. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate it. Yeah. Thanks Lebanon. Yeah, that was a great comments, Dennis. And one big takeaway you said there in passing is think of this as amplification, all of these platforms and digital gives you the ability to amplify the things that you already know that work.

    And I thought that’s what I wrote down and that’s one of my big takeaways from tonight, Dennis. So thank you for that. So I think this has been another great episode of the coach. You show covering TikTok tonight and Dennis, what do we got looking? What do we got coming up in the future on the coach?

    You show any good topics people could look forward. We’ve got lots of [00:45:00] great surprises. And I wrote up a, I think I’m just getting older. I wrote up a whole list of the ones that are coming up, but you’ll just have to tune in because the best learning is when we’re doing it together here. And I find that the more knowledge I get, the more, I don’t know.

    And I don’t even know the things that I don’t know. So like here, we’re talking about TikTok, you could be watching on the replay or it could be here with us live. You’ll probably find ideas for your business and things that you could implement that maybe you’re separate from maybe not directly related to tech talk, but maybe apply in other parts of your marketing.

    So the key is just hanging out. You’re the sum of the, you’re the average of the five people you hang out with the most. So I love hanging out with David Perez and Jeff sass and Danny Monson and other friends that are here. So just, whether you believe in increasing your vibe or whatever it is to be around other people that are of like-mind.

    I’d encourage you. Come join us and ask your questions. Let us know what you think. You have a huge opportunity because of the internet and clubhouse to [00:46:00] reach people that are literally one click away. Then you imagine what would it be? What would you have to pay to get five minutes with Jeff SAS, right?

    The CML and ask him questions and pick on his expertise and what he knows about transcendental meditation and all sorts of other things. That’s invaluable. And here you have direct access right here. I’ll tell you Dennis dentist, this amazing thing called the worldwide web in a website. So if you actually go to, neither you nor I could remember what’s on the schedule, but there’s actually a schedule

    And I can tell you right now that next Thursday on March 24th, coach you is going to be talking about I’ve personally processed a million emails. That’s the title of the room. So that’s, what’s coming up next week. You’re drowning an email. I’m going to show you how I do it. How I keep on top of all the relationships and tasks and calendar stuff and whatnot.

    You want to let in one last comment? Oh, that’s David. I love David Perez. Anything. [00:47:00] David Perez has to say, I’m listening. Mr. David, are you in Hungary now? Or San Diego? Where are you? David Perez. Hi Dennis. I’m actually in Televiv right now. Televiv oh, wow. That’s right. It’s almost 3:00 AM here.

    I have not been on clubhouse in ages. And when I don’t know why I just decided to like in, to put myself to sleep. And I see you that one of the kindest, most brilliant human beings. I know, and I’ve only known Dennis for about six months, but he’s definitely one of my favorite humans in this planet, his knowledge and his guidance on directing me in the right path in the health and wellness space has been amazing.

    So I’ve learned so much from Dennis’s kindness and gratitude that I am, will be forever grateful with dentists, for [00:48:00] dentists and Jeffrey. It’s a pleasure to meet you. And thank you for your kind words, Dennis, David, you mean so much to me, my friend, that, this is why we connect. The funny thing is that David and I, we first connected on the internet.

    Was it clubhouse? I want to say, or maybe mutual friend clubhouse. And then I liked him so much, like this is the guy I remember you know what I seen this guy before. Oh yeah. He was that guy who chartered that 7 47 jet of all these supplies with his own money into Haiti when all this disaster stuff happened and the authorities were like too slow getting their act together.

    So he just went ahead and chartered a jet and filled it with water and supplies like, oh, it was that guy. I need to get closer to this guy. This guy wants to make an impact on the planet, even if it costs him millions of dollars. And so I flew out to San Diego to hang out with David and we’ve hung out and done other things.

    And I’m just so blessed to know David. He’s fantastic. You need to follow people like that. Don’t use the internet as a way to find people, but then take the effort to go meet them. [00:49:00] Absolutely. I I flew out to Budapest to meet Dr. Lines. I was there for three weeks. He treated my son for three weeks as well.

    And he was the only doctor in the world in 15 years that was able to diagnose them properly. And my son is now healed. Thanks to your connection then it’s so I will be forever grateful and always in gratitude. And you always have a home in San Diego, stay at my place when I’m away. Anytime you, MI Casa Sookasa.

    So I’m very grateful for you, Dennis. You’re an amazing connector in this world. Thank you so much, David. It is so cool. Like you and I can, just because of the connections that we have, I don’t want to name, drop with all the people that you know, unless, cause I don’t want to boast about you, but if we look at the people that you know, David and that Jeffrey knows, and some of the people I know.

    We can create just tremendous value literally by making an introduction. So David was able to meet one of [00:50:00] my good friends, Dr. Robert diet, who’s the founder of cocoon. This is that oxygen water stuff. You might see my stories on Facebook and Instagram, and this is something I am a science minded. You need to prove me cynical kind of person, but this cocoon water, what it does, the oxygen in it.

    And what it does to an immune system does all sorts of things. And I was lucky just to be able to introduce David to Dr. Lyons and all these other things happened just from a simple introduction. So guys think about what you could do, think about the people that you know, and how you can create value and help other people simply by making an introduction.

    Okay. And be open to the venture. A good friend of mine. Jeff Paul always says, the next person you meet can change your life. Yeah, you’re just one connection away. You’re not one funnel away. You’re just one connection. You’re one tweet. You’re one clubhouse room away. He changed my son’s life. That’s for sure.

    And I’ve been in seek of a solution to help him for 15 years. And finally, we’re able to [00:51:00] help a 28 year old kid who, you know, who’s been suffering greatly for 20, for 15 years. Dennis, it’s amazing, but I met a lot of people from Europe, all over the world at, in Budapest. They come to sit in these bests for 50 minutes, three times a day.

    And by the way, Dennis, I reversed my age. His study showed a 10 to 12 year, 10 to 12 year reverse in age. So they measured my blood and they. My, with those little devices that measure your red blood cell, man, I also did the dark field microscope. When I got there, my age was 51 to 65 before the treatment.

    After three days, it was 50 to 60 or 50 to 55. And then after a week it was 41 to 50, and then it went 31 after two weeks, it was 31 to 35. And when I left last week, I was at 25 years, my biological age. So your [00:52:00] button, you’re going to be wearing diapers soon. Yeah. Literally drinking the water, taking the bath and curcumin and tightening nourish.

    Yeah. He’d never seen anything like it. And he did his own blood work with curcumin five minutes after taking it with his water and his blood. I’ll send you the photo. He never seen anything like it in his blood, but you could see your red blood cells, your, their whole arrangement. Yeah. Coherency. It’s just mind boggling what that, that oxygen does.

    Did you ever measure vitamin C levels to see what happened? What happened? My vitamins you’ll see my, I printed everything out before and after. You’ll see everything I have, my blood work started my son. So it was pretty cool. And you know what? Everybody should go meet with him, do his system. By the way, I bought a couple of tubs.

    They’re nice. They’re shipping, I’m on a plane. Next week I’m getting an air airdropped [00:53:00] and my mom’s getting one too. So you can actually get the cocoon tub in your home. So people who have enough money to get one of these are six figures. It’s worth it. We know a bunch of billionaires and that’s what they do.

    And they have enough money that really doesn’t matter. They just get tons of them. I think the queen got 20. In Malaysia when we were there. Wow. She wanted them gold-plated too. She just insisted that they had to be. Gold-plated amazing. Yeah. It’s I met the whole family and he’s got amazing sons and his wife and yeah, we really had a great time and I ordered a container of water.

    I’m waiting in glass bottles. It’s 10,000 bottles. You’ll have to help me fell some trait. We’re going to put it on their Tracy’s name. Oh yeah. Hydrated. I think that’d be great. Yup. Yup. So anyhow, everybody’s listening. Dennis’s just keep listening to him and whatever he says, I’ll be doing for the rest of my life.

    And Dennis surely could use your help on a couple of new [00:54:00] endeavors on the marketing side. So we should talk, every day I start off with 10 drops of core cumin. At first, when David shared with me these little bottles, I’m like, okay, whatever, this is like another health remedy, I’ve got tons of friends.

    Who’d seen me as like some marketing guy who can get there. They think I’m going to explode their business. Cause I can do some internet marketing when I go, okay. Yeah, whatever. I’ll try this out. And I twisted my ankle badly to where I needed crutches and it just hurt. Like I, I, I thought I’m young and I can just walk it off.

    And actually I’m 47 and I’m older than I thought I was before. And it wasn’t going away. So the combination of drinking the water and taking core cumin, I was able to go to the gym. I bought this gym membership that I’ve not used for six months, just, cause whatever, but that’s what I’ve been using.

    And I’m like, I went to I don’t know if this, like you have to tell me whether this is what the linkage is here, but I went to the gym two days ago and just for fun, I’ve never done this for 20. I decided, [00:55:00] you know what, let’s put 250 pounds. I don’t advise anyone to do this. So if you do this and you get hurt or whatever, don’t blame me.

    But I went to the gym and I just felt motivated. Cause I’ve been doing this core, came in three times a day, like 10 drops, three times a day, all with the cocoon water. And I loaded up 250 pounds under the bench press, which is, I’ve never done that much in my whole life. The most I’ve ever done was 240 and I did it easily.

    And I’m wondering, do you think that’s a combination of the extra oxygen from cocoon plus the core cumin with the, helping with inflammation. So you’ll love this without the core human I’m sorry. Without the water five years ago, I could only do about 200, 250 pushups in an hour. Through my yoga class, I would do 250 pushups.

    I went from two 50 to 500 to a thousand in five years. A thousand pushups in that. It’s easy. I could do a hundred. I could do 70 in a minute. No problem pushups. So that [00:56:00] it’s easy through the class now. There’s a few people on this that have seen me do the pushups, but any out on the, on this room, by the way.

    So in Hungary, normally I would do sets of 50 or 60. I’ve always done the max 70. Yeah. My third day in Hungary in Budapest, drinking the water, taking the bats. I cranked out a hundred with no sweat. I could’ve probably done 120 in a row. Normally I stop at 60 or 70 because you’re 25. What’s that? 25.

    Yeah. I got to tell you. Yeah, exactly. I’m 25. Now I got to tell you the water is something else. It’s just crazy when you drank it. Now, what we did. Five years of research and 118,000 hours. It upregulates, and down-regulate 600 genes, including guess what? The gene, which is responsible for muscle. So [00:57:00] the water is like literally affecting it.

    Up-regulates your mTOR gene, which increases your muscle. So there you go. That’s why you’re cranking it out between reducing inflammation, eliminating hypoxia. You got the best of both worlds there, and that’s why your crank, I saw your, you posted that a couple of days ago, right? On your Instagram.

    Yeah. I’m like, what are you crazy? I’m not at your age. You don’t want to be doing that kind of wait, stop it. Yeah. I’d never done it for 20 years. I did 2 40, 20 years ago, but I just thought, I can do two 50. I’m just gonna. I know as a kid, I never did more than 180. And I never weighed more than 1, 1 50 as a kid.

    Never did more than 180. I can go to the gym today and just crank out 2 25. No problem. Which is crazy, cause at my peak I couldn’t do it that I could, what I’m doing today at 58. I never [00:58:00] imagined that I could do five years ago never. And the water’s just amplifying the effects of the anti-inflammatory.

    Yeah. I think this stuff might be made illegal. So there are professional sports teams that are using the cocoon water and then Dana white, who runs the UFC. You’ll see him there. If you go to Las Vegas that he’ll bring in. These other fighters and they use it as part of the recovery and then a little secret, Jake Paul for his fights, he’s been drinking the cocoon water.

    I’ve been shipping it to him. Give him some curcumin, send me his address. We’ll ship him some quirky, man. Watch what happens. He won’t swell. I’m wondering or bruising if the, the Olympic committee or the NCAA, and there’s no way they’re going to make this illegal because it’s not blood doping.

    Like blood doping is when you’re putting chemicals into the bloodstream or re-injecting your blood or whatnot. But this is just drinking water that has more oxygen in it. Or the cork. You mean th there’s nothing illegal about tumeric, right? By the way. Yeah. All of our products [00:59:00] are informed choice for sports.

    So all Olympic athletes can take it. All NFL, NBA players, they all get taken. It’s the only liquid tumor in the world that’s approved. Bye informed choice for sports. And it’s tested for over 209 banned substances. Not only by them by two other labs. And it was kosher. I ran division one track and field and cross country all four years when I was at SMU, undergrad actually had a Southwest conference championship ring, believe it or not.

    And we were running a hundred miles a week, but we get woken up in the middle of the night to be like Sunday morning at 3:00 AM. And then they would make us do these random blood tests and urine tests. Cause they were that serious about cheating. And when we signed up initially as NCAA athletes, if you guys have ever been athletes, you have to sign this thing where it says, and this is gigantic list has gotta be a couple of hundreds, like 10 pages.

    And it says, I agree as an athlete, not to use any of these substances and I don’t even know what these things are. It’s nuts. So any kind of edge [01:00:00] like this that’s fantastic. Oh yeah. I appreciate your brother. So good to have you popped in this, made my day. Seeing David Perez pop into the room.

    How awesome is that right? That’s the cool thing about being in clubhouse. Thank you, Dennis. I never going to happen to, who’s going to show up in clubhouse. Hey Jeffrey, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I just started following you. It’s an honor to meet you Jeffrey. I see you’ve got a ton of accolades here.

    Thank you, man. Bless blessings to all of you people listening to these fine gentlemen here. I learned a lot today about tick-tock. I have a friend of mine who’s getting millions of downloads or views on take dock and and everybody’s been telling me about tick-tock for buddy here at night. To exactly what everybody else thought about.

    Just girls dancing and wow. It’s a real powerful advertising tool now. So I’m really elated to get going on. Tick-tock Dennis, we got to get together on that. Yeah. You let me know. When you get back to San Diego, I’ll fly in. We’ll make a bunch of tick talks with Tracy and other folks.

    Oh, I would love I’d love [01:01:00] that. Love that. Thank you, Dennis. I appreciate you. Thank you, Dan. Have a wonderful day. Bye-bye everybody. Thank you. Bye-bye I David. Hey Jeffrey, send me your mailing address. And if you’d like I’ll ship you some cocoon water. Awesome. I will I will do that. This was a nice way to end the show from TikTok to a oxygenated water.

    We covered it all. But but that was really interesting. I want to thank everyone who joined us today on stage with questions and questions in the chat and everyone who stayed and listened. Hopefully you got some value from it. I always do. It’s always great to hear coach you talk, and as mentioned before, we’ve got some great topics coming up for the future.

    Any final remarks, Dennis, do you guys next week, I’m going to show you how I process a million emails. Which is 600 a day. And I think you’ll find some huge productivity tips. Some things that you didn’t know that will give you back an hour, a day inbox. How does that work? Get an hour inbox, zero awesome inbox, zero, but then we [01:02:00] take it to the next level.

    So let’s see you guys next week. Love you all. Thank you for coming. Thank you, Jeffrey for moderating and being here every week. You are not absolute boss. Thank you Dennis. It’s my pleasure. And like I said, I always learned from you each week, so it’s a guilty pleasure. I enjoy doing it and I get something out of it.

    Thanks everyone. Great weekend. Bye-bye.

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