How to Audit Your SEO Strategy

Small business owners know how crucial it is to get the word out about their service or product, and a website is a great first step in getting your startup noticed. Unfortunately, most businesses had the same idea, making it nearly impossible to stand out and reach your target audience. This is why a strong SEO or search engine optimization strategy is necessary for every business site today. This week, Coach Yu offered SEO audits to members in the audience, curating advice to level up their small business’s online presence. 

The key to digital marketing is taking what’s done the best for you and doing more of that

Coach Yu

Strategy is Everything

Strategizing sounds like the easy place to start, but there’s a lot behind an effective SEO campaign. Consider asking your team questions to get a good grasp of your goals and intentions and how you’ll get there. What do you want your website to achieve or accomplish? What are the current problems affecting SEO? Through trial and error and conducting thorough audits of your site (and your competitors’), you’ll start to see patterns of what’s working and what’s not for your site. Other metrics to consider include the amount of inbound or referring links to your website, how many keywords you’re ranking on, and the page and position of those keywords. Coach Yu’s favorite tools for SEO audits are SEMrush and SpyFu

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Trying to stand out doesn’t necessarily mean developing a new process; sometimes going back to the basics is the refresh your business needs. Simple switches like ranking products or blog posts by popularity instead of chronology can yield more traffic, and don’t underestimate the power of customer/peer reviews. Offer to write guest blog posts on larger pages to get more links to your website. It’s a big selling point having that authority and trustworthiness of your brand being mentioned on podcasts or the news.  

If you want to increase SEO, the bottom line is you need to have those authority links.


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    Coach Yu – EP36: How to Audit Your Website’s SEO Strategy


    Hello. Hello, and welcome to another addition of the Coach Yu show. Hello, Dennis. Hello? Hello. How are you?

    I am fine, I will turn it over to you coach. So follow my friend, Jeff Sass, who’s CMO Today. We’re talking about SEO audits and I know it’s kind of weird in clubhouse because I’m not sharing my screen or whatnot, but I find that 99% of SEO, which is ranking on search engines is strategy.

    And it doesn’t matter what amount of technical wizardry you have if you don’t have your strategy. Right? So, because this is a live show. If you’ve got a. If you have a website, you would like to have audited, put it into the chat below, let us know. And Jeff is our moderator. He’s gonna pull you up and I’m gonna do some [00:01:00] live analysis.

    I’ve got a bunch of tools. Some rush is my favorite SEO tool, but I use Ahrefs and Google display planner and all the different keyword tools that we use and spy food. And you know what, all these different sorts of tools that we will use to audit your site and, or your competitor’s. . So when you put in your site and you’re called up, be ready for me to ask you a series of questions around what your goals are, what you’re trying to do with the site and what you perceive as the problems that you’re facing.

    Okay. Sound like a good deal. Sounds good, Dennis. So we already have, uh, we already have a site in the chat if you want to dive right. All right. Let’s see. Yep. It was there. just kidding. No, they must have deleted it. Okay. Um, it was there, but here’s another one. Um, plus That’s P L U S P a Y M E [00:02:00] NT plus payments us and, uh, the person who posted that if you want to come up on stage.

    To engage with, uh, Dennis, as he gives you an analysis, just raise your hand and we’ll get you up there. All right. So plus sites will work. It’s not like there’s any penalty if it’s not, but just generally you wanna try to have if you can, cuz if you get a lot of type in traffic or if you want people to link to you, they might just link to the other.

    all right. So plus payments provides credit card processing services to re retail restaurants, eCommerce brands, nutraceuticals, and more. And I’m going to pull, let’s see some stats here, by the way. You guys could follow along if you’re on a website, so you could. So now I’m using the toolbar [00:03:00] by AIFS and you have a domain rating zero.

    You have zero inbound links, zero right, zero back links from zero referring domains and you rank on zero keywords. So this tells me this is a brand new site, or you just haven’t done any promoting of it yet you are using Fastly for your processing Well, of course you’re a payment process.

    and you’ve got CloudFlare cloud front on Amazon web flow to build this site and varnish. Oh, okay. You know, a bunch of stuff to try to make load vast. I get the sensor. There’s not a lot of traffic on this site, looking at the homepage. I’m gonna see how many social shares there. So I’m using, CrowdTangle let you know that the, the owner of the site, uh, Dennis is in place where it’s very noisy.

    So in the chat, uh, yes. And it’s, um, pretty new, new, all right. And there’s no [00:04:00] social sharing, which is okay. I’m using the CrowdTangle plugin, which was a company that was bought by Facebook. So I can see how many times people have liked shared or commented this homepage or any other page from the site on Facebook, Twitter, read and Instagram.

    So I don’t see that there, so that’s okay for a new site. So let’s see, I’m gonna see this whole thing with payment processing. That’s such a tough category. Cause there’s so many big players there that you’ve usually gotta niche down. So the fact that you mentioned nutraceuticals, I know that is a tricky category because of all the chargebacks and having multiple processors and, and whatnot.

    So that’s, that’s different than retail and restaurants and whatnot. I’m gonna go look at your site using some rush. Yeah. And he says that, yes. Yes. It’s super tough. And, um, yes e-com. Okay. So [00:05:00] yeah, cause we type in payment process or just for fun, this is, this is like a desk query, but I wouldn’t type do this.

    If you type in payment processing, you know what I’m gonna, I’m not gonna do that. I’m gonna say payment processing for restaurants. Okay. That’s a little bit more nichey. All right. There’s 26 million. Results that show up on Google and there are ads. Wow. 1, 2, 3, 4 ads. The whole, the, the top of the, but basically the, the entire first page is, is ads.

    And then the first organic result you can barely even see is fit small and the title is six best restaurant payment processors for 2022. I bet. , it was just a 20, 21 article and then they just changed it and called it 2022. Cuz that way they can keep it going. Also, we see below that result.

    You’ll see this, you guys you’ll see this all the time in your search results. Google is moving from just [00:06:00] answering the, the actual specifics of a query to looking at what the related searches are trying to get the full intent of what you’re trying to do. So below that, and you’ll, you’ll see this once.

    Sometimes even. Is a PAA section. People also ask. So people are also asking what’s the process that happens at a restaurant when paying what is a processing fee on a restaurant. What does payment processing do? What are the steps in payment processing? Those are things you’re gonna wanna have on your site to answer.

    If you wanna rank on payment processing for restaurants, Dennis says he’s trying to market towards clients using Shopify or other online markets. Like. Primarily they’re doing well and have about 80 million in monthly volume, 80 million. Wow. Well, that’s not showing up on the site. So I’m doing a site, colon search, all you guys can do this as well, whether or not you do SEO professionally, I’m taking the website.

    I’m literally typing in S I T E colon. And. Plus [00:07:00] And I see there are five results. So Google says there’s only five webpages on this website. There’s the homepage. There’s the payments page. There’s contact, sign up one and sign up two. So this site has no trust because there’s no one linking to it.

    And it doesn’t have any content. So if you’re doing stuff, if you’ve got 80 million in volume, you should have a blog post saying like, you know, Huray, we we’re processing 80 million in volume and it’s coming from restaurants, whatever it is. And you know, here’s one of our favorite merchants and here’s why they like working with us.

    And here here’s who I am as a founder. And here’s why I’m doing this. So coming to this site I have, and this is, this is totally normal. So don’t feel like I’m attack. People by definition by default are starting with no trust. So especially when it comes to credit card processing, right? Like I’m not just gonna do that with any random person.

    Yeah. It’s not like trying a new, random, like I’m trusted. He says, [00:08:00] yes, it’s a referral based industry. He says, thanks for that feedback. Yes. Attack. He needs it attack. I need it. All right. Okay. Well you have no trust. Anybody can put up this website and it. Google will look at this and they assume that you don’t have anything going on.

    That’s just how it is. Google assumes that you are not legit because there are literally 20, 30 billion websites that are just spam sites that people put up. Either spammers are putting up or just random people are putting up, trying to do. Whatever, let you know, click arbitrage or whatnot here. So I understand what you’re doing on the homepage.

    You have these coins and credit cards and these icons of people that are paying on their phone and whatnot, but you know, would work better. Is you or featuring your customers or something that’s real. Anyone who does financial services or any kind of service, you could be an orthodontist or you could do garage door repair.

    We could have a SAS company like our buddy, just Jeff SAS. You’ve got to show real people, real [00:09:00] customers doing real things. It could be your customers. It could be your partners. It could be your team members. It could be a picture of you guys outside your office or at a conference. If you don’t have a real office.

    Right. So, so this thing that looks like it was made on fiber doesn’t generate trust. And then below that you have another stock art, which I totally get what you’re trying to do, cuz anytime you’re selling software or it kinds of things, it’s really hard to make it human. Right. That’s why people use all the stock art listen to any kind of it services.

    You know, even like banking, like freaking bank of American, Verizon do dumb things like this. They show like one of every ethnicity around a conference room or celebrating around a computer. Have you ever seen that you usually have the skinny black woman with frizzy hair? She’s holding her hands up. Like she’s, you know, celebrating, like she’s won the lottery and then all these other people are like high fiving hair while they’re looking at some laptop screen.

    Right. Like don’t just, don’t do stuff like that. You wanna show real stuff when you’re trusting people with your money? Yeah. There’s not Farmville. I hate stuff. [00:10:00] This is not, you know, Bejo blitz or, or these sorts of, you know, play video games and earn fake money kinds of stuff. You, you, you’re talking about real businesses, real restaurants, folks that are in low, medium and high risk categories.

    You’ve got to showcase their stories, cuz everything is moved now. Towards word of mouth, your customers do your marketing for you. So your website is not about what kind of technology you’re using to build it’s. How do you, it’s a bucket to feature content. So ladies, it’s not the purse you have it’s what’s in the purse, right?

    Would you rather have a dunian Burke purse that’s empty or some, you know, cardboard thing that has. $10,000 in it. Right? that’s the way we see it, right? The it, or it’s a bookshelf, let’s put it this way. It’s, it’s more the, the bookshelf. So you’re working with folks that a bunch of merchants that have Shopify, well, you’re listing Shopify and WooCommerce and BigCommerce and Magento and WordPress and equity and all of these.

    So you’re, you are saying you do everything. [00:11:00] And maybe you do, but focus on the one thing that’s the best. So Shopify is the main thing saying we are the best e-commerce integrators for Shopify and then have story after story of Shopify. Amen. Great. Well, thank you, Dennis. Um, he got all that, all those comments in the chat.

    So let’s go to a live one now, instead of in the chat room, we’ve got ative. So, so, so sorry about that. So tell us the website you want us to take a look at and then Dennis will give you some feedback.

    So are you there unmute yourself and let us know what website we should be looking at? All right. Last chance. We’re gonna go back to the, uh, chat room and I’m thinking that. Alright. Okay. Let’s let’s go back to the chat room in the chat room. Um, let’s see, we’ve got Jeff says find off market real

    [00:12:00] Wow. So find off market real He uses for SEO and he uses the brandable company name, Ry F O M R for other type. All right. I see that. So, so Jeff, congratulations to you because you’re using, what’s called an EMD, which is an exact match domain. Now this used to work really well, and it sort of works now still on long tail keyword searches, which are searches that are not as popular.

    So an exact match domain is if someone’s. If you’re selling used cars and used by used, cause you’re trying to match that query. Exactly. Now he does rank on 38 keyword in the first 100 results, which are the first 10 pages in Google. As of today, actually no 57. He ranks position three in off market properties, Atlanta, because on his website slash Atlanta, he’s got a page.

    He ranks number six [00:13:00] on a it’s a little more difficult nationwide list cash buyers, real estate. So he is moved up from position seven to six in the last eight days. He ranks number six on off market properties, Dallas, and he’s lost two positions from position four to position six, which is still on the first page.

    These are all low volume searches, 90, 70, 50 searches per month. Keyword difficulty of 9 29. And. , these are all the keyword difficulty on a one to a hundred scale volume on, you know, however many it is. Let’s look at the most competitive term that our buddy Jeff ranks on that has 1200 searches a month.

    Keyword difficulty at 46. Usually the more volume there is, the more difficulty it is. It’s houses for sale Washington state, and he’s in position 84. you know how to hide a dead body. You guys heard that Jeff, you know, you know the answer, where do you hide a dead body? on page two of Google. That’s right.

    So you’re on page nine of Google, which is a good sign, [00:14:00] right? It’s a new, it’s a new ranking you have here and it’s on. Find off market real market properties, Washington. So you have Washington in there and you’re still ranking for houses for sale. So that’s cool. I guess a lot of people are not, I mean, you’re looking for real estate investors.

    Is that right? Jeff, are you there? Yes. Uh, I built it five years ago. I averaged 2.5 investors per day. Wow. And so this is through you’re, you’re getting other folks that wanna do syndication or looking for new properties that, that they can correct. Take away themselves. Okay. Which is typical for real estate investors.

    So with the, the two and a half that you get per day, where are they coming? Nationwide, uh, cuz I built a page for all 50 states and for yeah. All the cities over a hundred thousand population. Yeah. Okay. So I see what you’re doing here. So every one of these things is basically a geo modified page. [00:15:00] because I’m looking, yeah, you have market properties, this and market properties that, and then you have, you’re linking to every area, every state.

    And like in Colorado you have a main Colorado page and then you have Colorado Springs and Denver page. So you basically have a directory, right? So you you’re geo modifying. So this is actually not bad, whatever. So you did this five years ago. So guys, what, what Jeff is doing is because he’s doing this nationwide, he’s.

    Off market properties for Fresno, for San Francisco, for Alabama, for, you know, all these different sorts of places, the trouble with the difficulty. Not that you’ve done anything wrong, Jeff, with these sorts of geo pages where some people call ’em like city and country pages is it’s hard to put real content on each of them, because then if you’re just spinning.

    So if you take the same template and you just change the keyword from Washington to San Diego, to Jacksonville, to whatever it is, Google’s going to see this and see it as being kind of spammy. [00:16:00] So what you have to do is you have lots of these different cities here. Jeff, you wanna take the cities that are the most important to you.

    Take the top 10 and actually focus on saying something specific about that region, you know, about. About Los Angeles about San Francisco or whatever it is, because I’m just look, I’m clicking on some of these pages. Like, let me click on Los Angeles. So you have your form at the top. I get that. Show me the deals.

    And then below you have CR off market investment, property inventory available in Los Angeles, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, investment pro. See it’s every one of these am I correct? Every one of these pages is the same, but you’re just yes. Madlib the keyword, Madlib the geo in there, right?

    Yes. And I, I know I should have did. Yeah. Okay. But, but people don’t like the people know they need to, but for various reasons, never get around to it and all that, but that’s great. You’re getting two and a half per day. The way you’re gonna get better, SEO is, I mean, partly it’s [00:17:00] content because why would anyone link to, to a geo page like this?

    It just, it’s obviously designed to try to attract a search engine and it’s sort of working for you. The bigger thing is who are the other folks who have found properties. Using your site and the success they have and the deals they’re able to get in on. And why you, you know, what is it about these off market properties that you have and where do those, these deals come from and why should you not be using only Zillow or Redfin or whatever it is.

    So do you have a podcast for example, Jeff? No. Do you have, or are you interested in interviewing these other customers or partners that. Possibly. I mean, I mainly did that one just to get the investors. I’m primarily a real estate investor. I own huge portfolio of rental properties and got it was considering going into ation and, you know, the, the investors have just built up.

    Yeah. But some of them, um, but mainly it’s just [00:18:00] when I’m ready for. Okay. All right. That makes sense. So, you know, it’s all about networking. I’ve got a lot of friends, who’ve made a stupid amount of money in real estate, and you’d never even know who they are. They’re, they’re invisible, offline the millionaire, the millionaire next door.

    Yeah, really like holy moly. Like literally like these dentists that buy all these properties and pretty soon they they’re syndicating. Like my buddy, Tim McDonough, he, he and I worked together at a search engine and. well, because he sold, he, he sold his company to Google and sold it for a hundred million and then parlay that into a couple hundred million dollars in real estate, like 10 years ago.

    I’m so jealous. He owns a whole bunch of these. He has no, he has nothing less than a hundred doors. awesome. He’s doing like the grant Cardone multifamily thing. Holy moly. I’m so jealous. Well, I greatly your time words. So what you have here is good. If you wanna increase your SEO, here’s the bottom line.

    You don’t have any high authority. Your best links are coming well, we’re coming from [00:19:00] investing Z, Z, which only has a Dr. 10. And then you had these weird links, like real dash estate, which is 0.7. Real estate, which is a 14, like none of these links, none of the sites that link to you.

    You probably already know this, none of the sites that link to you have any kind of power. So if you can get on someone else’s podcast, if you can get mentioned in the news, if you can write a guest blog post on somebody else’s website, that links to you. Then that’s gonna create more power to your category pages and to your homepage.

    So you do have 747 links into your site, but because they’re all just kind of garbage links, you have a domain rating of three out of 100, three is basically zero. So your website’s there and maybe use it as business card, like sending people there, but it’s not gonna send you much search traffic, unless you can increase that authority by getting other people to link to you or just use PPC, right.

    Or use email or some other way to get people to the. Does [00:20:00] that help Jeff? Or what, what do you think? Questions definitely appreciate. Yeah. I love what you’re doing here. I mean, you’re, you’re an example of someone who’s super successful that even without the online stuff, you you’re just killing it, which is great.

    Right. I can’t even find you in here, but I, I get that. A lot of my friends, they have websites and you don’t even know who’s behind it. exactly. Thank you so much, Jeff. Thank you, Jeff. And thank you, Dennis. That was really interesting. We’ve got another website and ties with us on stage Dennis and his website.

    Alchemist a L C H E M I S T D E N. Dot com. Al Alchemist, Alchemist den. That’s fine. All right. Thanks Todd, for joining us and take a look at that. Dennis calls it up. Okay. All. Is it Todd? Who, who is it? Yeah, Tom. It’s soft. It is. TA. All right. Wow. You rank on 264 keywords. [00:21:00] The Alchem is done all natural products, urban stone shop in Atel.

    Wow, that, so you’re the Alchemist where people are making all these cool aromas and potions and grinding up stuff and organic black seed living, bitters gift card ideas, crystal wisdom, healing, Oracle. There’s some cool stuff here. This is very like esoteric. You have like these purple, magical kind of colors, herbs and tees.

    You got a blog here. Let’s see what you rank on. So while we’re doing that, Todd, what is your goal for the site? And how’s it working? So just to increase conversions, obviously it’s an e-commerce for a storefront, uh, and so far so good. Uh, Gotten a little better, uh, after adding a few blogs, just want to know basically how to improve.

    Okay. So what has driven you the most sales as in product or strategy? Revenue, product [00:22:00] revenue? Uh, probably Oracle decks. Smudge Ws. Okay. So you ranked number four on crystal Oracle card. And you rank number two on crystal Oracle deck, and number eight on rebel deck, the Oracle with attitude, which you have a blog post on.

    Of course. So if that’s the thing that’s driving you the most revenue, let’s see, where’s your traffic coming from? Let’s see. Well, you can tell me while I’m looking it up.

    Uh, to be honest, I don’t know how to, to read the stats. Uh, well enough to say, uh, with a finite nine answer, but I do pour a lot into Facebook and Instagram ads. Yes. And in fact, you ran a fair amount of ads back in June. Uh, July and, or like, yeah, basically June through September of last year, but then you have not done as much recently, right?[00:23:00] 

    Correct. There was about, uh, maybe January, February of this year, but. But, you know, your organic is I’m, I’m going to guess here. I have to take a, if we don’t have enough time right here to go to that deep, but I would guess that your increase in rankings, cause now you I’m looking at some rush and it says you rank on 360, 62 key words.

    You have really wow. In the last two months. You’ve been getting a lot more traffic on yeah. All this or crystal, Oracle car, crystal, Oracle deck, mother piece te I don’t know what any of these things.

    gotcha. So it’s, uh, the whole concept is very heavy in the metaphysical world. Okay. So crystals, herbs, smudge, uh, smudge wands. Okay. And primarily we, uh, focus on the medicinal uses and the metaphysical properties of again, the crystals herbs. And we try to tie those together Uhhuh. Okay. [00:24:00] Reading with Chaz, who is.

    Is that you’re the founder. That’s someone else. I am the founder. Uh, Chasins actually, she just joined, uh, my wife and we actually own the business together. Oh, fantastic. Hey, the footer of your website says copyright 20, 20. wanna update that one? Not that it matters a lot. Book a session today. I love what you’re doing here.

    You know, what’d be really cool is in addition to like what you’re doing as an e-comm store. Cause I see under shop, you have all these products. You could, you could put some, some videos. So I see like you’re blogging, but you’re gonna be really cool. Just make some videos, because anything that’s metaphysical I think is gonna be communicated so much better when people that are doing readings or showing you how to use the products.

    If you just made some videos, even like 15 second, and one minute cell phone videos, and you also are. So how much of it’s your shop versus people booking a session?[00:25:00] 

    Uh, I’d say it’s probably, uh, 60, 40, 60 to product 42, uh, people booking sessions between the readings and the thought partner sessions. But I imagine they’re complimentary too. Right. Cause people who get a reading, they probably wanna buy success. Absolutely. Okay. So they go together, your peanut butter and jelly here.

    So do you have anything that gives people a sense of what it’s like to get a reading with you or Chaz? Oh, you have a YouTube channel. Oh, no, you linked. You’re using a default Wix template and it links to the Ws YouTube channel. Whoops. Let’s see. What’s the Twitter. Oh, you have got a Twitter. What do you think is the most powerful channel?

    I’m gonna guess. It’s Facebook actually. Probably. Well, yeah, Facebook and Instagram. I, they really go hand in hand. Yeah, they’re the same company. so I’m guessing the ads that you were running. That where last year, and then [00:26:00] early this year are driving your search traffic, which it’s, it’s been hard for you to separate out how much of it came from SEO because you’re, you were blogging and you were running ads at the same time.

    So they sort of mixed together, right? that is correct as well as some other advertising methods. I see what you’re doing here. Yep. Yeah, you can, you can call me the digital Alchemist. I can look at all your stuff and give you a reading. cause I got all your data right here. That’s why I’m here. This is like digital Tatts.

    I don’t wanna offend anyone. Who’s. You know, who doesn’t like that, like we’re not judging anybody. We’re just looking at the data. Right? The data is what the data is. Doesn’t matter what your religion is or what you believe in. Okay. So you have, let me take a look at your blog and, and see what kind of improvements or what good things I might say about it.

    I think you need to, to make a lot of little videos and turn ’em in the blog posts. That’s my thought. Cause you have, let’s see, [00:27:00] you have 203 webpages. That’s great. Most sites. If you can get past a hundred, if you’re doing e-com, that’s doing pretty well. I think part of the reason you have a lot of pages here is because they’re product pages.

    I’m gonna guess that three quarters of these pages here are product pages, but that’s yeah. They’re all in product pages. Oh, you have some of these blogs, red tigers. I that’s cool. I don’t know what that is. Product page, product, page, product, page. I think if you shifted more towards information and you posted those on Facebook and Instagram and you started to run shopping ads, like or dynamic product ads that could work well, how is your pricing?

    So for some of the products that you sell, how is your pricing relative to what other people might find. Uh, very competitive, uh, very competitive east coast and west coast. Although west coast, you tends to be a little more expensive [00:28:00] than east coast and that would make sense. Okay. And then all this stuff is on top of Wix and you have equity in the back end for your shopping cart.

    You know, I think if, since your pricing is competitive, you might try Google shopping ads for your top products. If you choose decent images and descriptions for your products, Google, the, the images are gonna show up at the top when people do a search and you could, Starge just with the top items that are in your cart.

    So if you have your product feed, you can run that same product feed into Facebook and Google. Do you follow me? Yes. And what is the, so I’m when I’m shopping the Alchemist den, what is driving the order of what’s showing up here? Because it looks like it doesn’t follow. What is most popular or what’s driving the most sales.

    It doesn’t, it’s essentially a catalog and that’s, uh, alphabetized by [00:29:00] category. Uh, can you switch it to be by most popular, by.

    That’ll be, this is your second or third, most powerful page on the site. So you don’t wanna just show, you’ve got a lot of products in here. You’ve got 16 pages of products. Yeah, you you’ve gotta put your, your top ones at the top here. That’s that’s an easy, yeah. People want to know what the best sellers are when they come to.

    Yeah. Especially with the site with lots of products and, and Dennis, if I could just add, you know, you mentioned video is so important and Ty, you have such an advantage because you actually have a physical store. So there’s so many opportunities for you to, to create video content that’s relevant because you have all your products in the store.

    Plus testimonials from customers, from people who’ve done the readings. They’re right in front of you. They’re right there in the store. You can shoot those quick testimonials right there in the store. And you’ve got a huge [00:30:00] advantage compared to just an online store. Yeah. To create all that content, Dennis, what do you think?

    Yeah. Oh, 100%. Yeah, because it’s the experience. It’s the trust. Otherwise people are just gonna shop for whoever the cheapest one is. Right. I mean, you don’t sell stuff. That’s at Walmart or it’s easily available, but people can go to Amazon in other places and find what would appear to be. SIM, you know, um, related similar items.

    I, so your top link looks like it is on shoutout Atlanta, and it is beat Marquita, chaste Millon owners. Okay. And then your second, most powerful is the crystal grid Oracle deck on FB Oh, that’s a directory. Oh, that’s a no follow. Sorry, take that back. That one carries. No. But this link, almost all the juice you’re getting is coming from.

    Yeah. It’s coming from this one. Shout out [00:31:00] and they’re linking to you from this interview. It’s a WordPress site, so it’s easy. Oh, that’s, there’s a picture of both of you guys there, I guess. And it’s yeah, it’s this interview. Oh, they got great pictures and all this, you know what you should do?

    Oh, this is a great site. You should take this, this PO you know, you know, the article I’m talking. This is the one that people talk about the most. Isn’t it? I do. It’s in, in, in essence. Yes. When they come in, that’s the conversation starter. They found us there. They yeah know our lives from that page. So I’m gonna drop a, a bomb on you.

    That is super simple, super powerful, but no one seems to know, and this is gonna be good for everyone in the room. The key in driving more sales and digital market. Is taking the thing that has done the best for you and doing more of it. Right? So this one thing where people said, Hey, I read this interview with you and your partner on shout out Atlanta.

    You wanna share the heck out of this? So you wanna take this. And by the way, [00:32:00] don’t just think, oh, I’m just gonna tweet it one time. I’m gonna share that Facebook post one time. I’m gonna blog about how awesome it was to be on shoutout Atlanta. One time you want to share this multiple times. I promise you on social media.

    like 2% of the people will even see what you post, right? So your traffic is low, so it is totally okay to share this thing multiple times. You also have some shares. So looking at the CrowdTangle plug in on this article, which is by far your dominant article, it’s gotten 142 shares from Facebook, 89, likes 24 comments and 29 shares on top of that, nothing happened on Twitter and Instagram.

    in the last seven days, there is nothing but on Facebook you’ve been getting, I mean, people are engaging on it. That’s probably a good sign. They’re coming to the website too. So if you’re Google analytics is set up properly, which might be difficult to do, cuz you’re on WX, I would bet you. Or if you’re running ads, especially [00:33:00] featuring this article, I think, yeah.

    I’m pretty sure this I, yeah, this is your, this is your best one. So share this article and run ads against. To people in Atlanta run ads against people that are interested in Tero and interested in black owned businesses and run against leadership that for people who care about, and you might even try, like, if you’re willing to like BLM or other cause related bits, cuz you can totally play the black owned entrepreneurship angle.

    Right. And, and that will help you for SEO and that’ll help you for social at the same time. What do you think? Gotcha. Yeah, I think you’ve got a good thing going here and people like your stuff. I can tell, just comments I’m seeing and what you have on social. You are just, yeah, you are, you are not leveraging the, this one winning article that you have.

    You need to just [00:34:00] put five bucks a day against that article and have more people come in and then tune your analytics. So you can see where the traffic and sales are coming. This one article is probably strong enough because it’s so well done and it features all your products and it tells a good story.

    This one article is enough to, to get you to how much in sales did you do this quarter? This PA this year, so far, uh, 50,000, about 50,000. You could easily triple that off of this. Yeah, this is great. You don’t even need to hire all these other people to do marketing or consulting. You have, you have the stuff here.

    You just gotta run our dollar a. Strategy you dollar a day on Facebook, which includes Instagram. You could maybe get it to work on TikTok. You could maybe get it to work on YouTube, but I, I think Facebook and Instagram, this is the, the whole point here is amplify your winners, right? You have something that’s working.

    Let’s get more out of this thing. You are [00:35:00] not maximizing this one. Awesome asset about you. One question. Is there any way that I can leverage like Google reviews, uh, anywhere for shopping? Yeah. It’ll help you for Google shopping when you run ads. So that was my, my second recommendation. Hmm. You can get reviews of course, on your Facebook page.

    I imagine it’s mostly e-com as opposed to people coming to some kind of location. Right? So you don’t have a location driven business? No. So we do actually have a storefront and locally we do well, but we also ship. And so a lot of our customers are across the country and they’ve found us either via TikTok or like a video share from Facebook or Instagram.

    And they come online in order. Oh, that’s awesome. What percent of your sales are local? Say local to Atlanta? Uh, a good 40%. Oh, okay. Yeah. So you have 76 Google reviews at five stars. [00:36:00] Wow. And it says you’re closed right now. Opens Friday at 11:00 AM. Okay. And you have, wow. You have 10 questions and answers.

    Okay. Who did you? Wow. Okay. Good job. Hmm. Oh, you list some products here. Very nice. And you’ve got fantastic reviews. You’ve added in your Facebook and Instagram here. Okay. Are you not, are you posting offers or are you making posts on your Google business profile? We are not see now. I think the biggest, I mean, obviously reviews are great and review velocity is more important than number of reviews cuz Google cares about how many you’ve gotten in the last couple weeks.

    I think just I’m looking at this stuff real quickly, but here you’re yeah. Your storefront here and the nature of what you’re selling, what these different [00:37:00] products, because there’s so visually compelling, you could be, oh yeah, you could be posting way more. Videos and pictures, and most of these are by you.

    But so what I had started doing was when we had customers come in, initially they would ask a question and I would kind of just take note of the questions that were repeated Uhhuh, and then I’d post myself and try to post an answer. And I don’t know if that was a good strategy, but it seemed to help.

    That’s good. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. The Q and a most people don’t even leverage the fact that you can do Q and a, you can do offer. You can have events. There’s all these different kinds of posts that you can do on your Google business profile. It used to be called Google my business. They changed their name, but it’s the same thing.

    Still. Also, you only have one video and it’s a four second video showing your store hours. So just make short little videos. Anytime you’d make. Uh, you take a picture of, one of the products, make a 15 second video instead, cross [00:38:00] post it, meaning, take the same thing and post it to your Facebook, Instagram and Google my business or Google business profile at the same time.

    Right? There’s nothing wrong with posting the same video multiple times. Don’t just post a picture. Post the video. You only have this one little video. I bet you, if you do this thing, we’re talking about your videos are going to. Probably be like that. And a couple of these images will, will be your top driver of organic traffic.

    And because you sell different items, you, you don’t have that many pictures. You know, if you don’t have the latest iPhone 13 or whatever, I’d get that thing, put it in portrait mode, take pictures of things up next to the light, you know, get up to the window and, and take some good pictures and that’ll help you a ton.

    Cuz you’ve got great reviews. You’re not that easy to. on, on Google. Let’s see if I just search for Alchemist, Dan Atlanta, your Facebook page shows up first, then your website, [00:39:00] then you’re LinkedIn. Okay. And then help me. COVID okay. Your Yelp is, is okay. You’ve got five or sorry, two reviews. But yeah, I think your Facebook and go, I think your Facebook’s still your dominant driver.

    Yeah. I think you’re doing a great job. Is there a specific question you have?

    No, I think you, I mean, you answer the question. that I had here, like, like your Facebook, you have, you’ve got a lot of posts which are decent, but if you can just, you know, it could even be like audiograms where you’re just reading, where they can hear your reading, you know, you and your partner, you’re giving a reading or giving a blessing for today or whatnot, or explaining, you know, something about Terra, some interesting aspect.

    Most of what you have are just pictures and the videos that you have are. Really videos or I guess you’re reposting black [00:40:00] forger. Yeah. I think if you just did short videos, your Google and Facebook would take off run Google shopping ads because your prices are competitive. That’ll give you the 60% that’s retail or sorry.

    That’s that’s online national versus your 40% local create public figure pages for you and your business partner and start posting 15 second videos there, featuring your clients that are willing to, you know, say. Right. Of course, with their permission, but you, you do a few of these things. You’re gonna go from 50 a quarter to 50 a month.

    Easy. Do we know it? Yeah. And then come back here to clubhouse and let us know how you’re doing. Awesome. Well, thank you, Todd. Hope. That was helpful. That was really great. We got to witness kind of a private consulting session here between Dennis and Todd. I know I learned a lot. Yeah, really interesting.

    Did Todd. We gave her, her digital marketing fortune we did, we did the, we, we, we flipped over the [00:41:00] U towered card. We had the U tower card tower card going tonight. That’s awesome. So, Ralph, if you could put the website, you want us to look at in the chat and while you’re doing that. Sure. Denniss one question, not a website, but a question from the chat that I’ll share with you, um, F Z asked, hi, I am an Amazon.

    and now going to build website to provide my services to Amazon sellers. What is the quick way to rank on the top of search for Amazon related queries? I don’t know if you wanna tackle a little bit of that. You publish an ebook size on Amazon and you get a ton of reviews. talking about your services there.

    And then as an author, you can do blog posts and you can run ads on Amazon, you know, just like we can run ads. Google and Facebook, you can run ads on Amazon, cuz you’re talking about helping people who are already Amazon sellers reach ’em on Amazon reach ’em you could also, you know, on LinkedIn you could write posts.

    I think it’s gonna be [00:42:00] really hard to rank on anything, you know, selling stuff on Amazon because Amazon and the way they protect their IP and how competitive those terms are. If you do webinars and podcasts, that’s another angle. That’ll help you with SEO, but general SEO on helping Amazon. Sell more.

    That’s that’s tough. You’re gonna have to use these other angles with basically thought leadership. Right?

    Okay. What else? Wanna take one more? I’m gonna go eat some cream. Barbecue. If you guys are in Vegas, join me at Mr. Kims. I’m gonna be there in 15 minutes. . We’re gonna have some Korean barbecue. Ralph will be our last one tonight. If that’s alright. All put his, I put his website up in the, uh, there he is. And Ralph wills.

    Yeah. All right. Well, RPG cleaning services. 7 1 3. [00:43:00] Okay. You are in Orlando ish. and you show up just typing in RPG, cleaning services, Google suggests shows up type head search results. So that’s good. And your website shows up number one for your name, which is what we expect. There’s no ads on it. You have a Facebook page that shows up.

    Number two, you have one site link, which is a link that’s listed, or one result that’s listed under your site. You have a DMB profile, you know, done in bad street and you have a, you have a BBB profile, not accredited. Not that that matters. So you are okay. So Ralph, are, are you serving multiple cities in the Orlando area?

    Uh, well, believe it or not. I’m I’m actually in Ohio. I’m sorry, Ohio. Oh, shoot 71 13. Is that Ohio? No, um, 40, 4216, 3, 3 0. What is seven, three. I could not tell you. Wait. I’m on RPG. Cleaning [00:44:00] Yeah. And it says the seven three is in the name here. Oh, let me take a look here. It’s your site? Isn’t your logo?

    Orman beach, Florida. Oh, RPG That’s your email. You know what I did, it should be our GP. Yes. Not our oh, shoot RGP. My bad I’m dyslexic. Yeah. I’m thinking rocket propel. Grenades. Yeah. Yeah. Gotcha. RGP. I’m thinking. Yeah, our, my bad and then Dennis, I, I listen to you and I’m looking at the wrong site too, cuz it’s there it is.

    That was man, all Google realizes. It’s a cause I did another search on cleaning services. Google thinks I’m looking for a maid, even though I already have one. And she does all sorts of great things. She’s awesome. Her name’s Suzanne, she goes to Costco. She’ll do all kinds of stuff anyway. So Google thinks it’s a local search.

    So it’s showing me the three [00:45:00] Google. Or local three pack, which is you’re gonna get on mobile or on desktop. So anytime it’s, they think it’s a local search and I can use different tools to simulate being in Ohio or whatnot. So here’s our GP. Okay. You have a 206 phone number, Akron, Cleveland, correct. All right, there you are.

    You have three site links, services, career contact. So site links are little blue links that show up underneath your website. And the more trust you have, the more site links they’ll. What is the maximum eight, something like that? Not, not in ads, but in organically a commercial cleaning company you can trust.

    Okay, good. So it’s obvious it’s office buildings. It’s not maids coming to my house in Akron and Cleveland. You have this background image that shows looks like someone’s corner office or a conference room. You know, what’d be really cool. Is you, or maybe some of these other people. like real people that are doing, are these real pictures or are these [00:46:00] stock art?

    Uh, it’s a mixture of both. Okay. There’s so much fakey going on that the more you can show real pictures. So you have some guy with one of those, whatever those things are that spin and shine the floor. Yeah. there. If you could show, like, I’m, I’m assuming that’s like one of your team members, if you could show that and then below that.

    You know, Jeff re been with the company five years or something like that on each of these, it would show more authenticity. So here janitorial services, window cleaning, pressure, washing all that. Those are all good, but you wanna show you. Why like, not just the fact that you do these things, but something about your technique and how you use natural chemicals or how you are, you know, well reviewed or how you’ve had this customer for eight years or, you know, whatever it might be because these, this part here is real thin.[00:47:00] 

    So here on services, let me see. Yeah. There’s like very little information on these. Let me go to window cleaning. RGP cleaning services window cleaning 216. Yeah. You see? So you’re on the window cleaning. So I’m I’m I’m on slash windows as opposed to slash Mac windows 95 window cleaning services, interior, exterior window cleaning.

    Oh, cleaning’s misspelled. You wanna show? Just put, if you could just Ralph, put a, a one minute video. For each of these saying, okay, window cleaning. Let me tell you something about how we do window cleaning. And you know, here’s some of the office buildings that we, we do, and here’s why other, you know, here’s what you need to look for in choosing a commercial cleaner.

    Who’s gonna do window cleaning. They’re gonna use these chemicals instead of those, or they’re not gonna have the right insurance or the, I don’t know what, I don’t know anything about window cleaning services. Right? But say something about that. Cuz this, [00:48:00] each of these service pages doesn’t say anything.

    like, here’s like, here’s a few of the property types. We service assisted living banks, churches, commercial buildings. That’s good. But, and I understand why you’d say that. Cuz then people are like, oh, well I’m a restaurant. And it says restaurant here in the list, but we need to, we need to see something about you, right?

    Otherwise this becomes just a, a brochure, like a business card, basically this website, this thing you have. 47 plus satisfied clients. Can you feature some of them? Can you get them on one minute videos next time your team comes around and does a cleaning saying, Hey, Mr. Bob, can I just, or maybe they come in at night, it’s hard to reach ’em but if you can just get ’em on a one minute, just to talk for one minute about what it’s like working with you, do you think you could get that?

    Yes. Most definitely. That’s the thing you’re missing the most. So like a, a personal, okay. Yeah. Yeah. Cuz every, cuz the reason people choose cleaning services and in terms of getting the right clients. are the ones who like you because of the relationship, not because, Hey, this [00:49:00] other guy can do it for 200 bucks a month cheaper.

    Right? You don’t want those kinds of people. Oh, I love trust porn. Such a big deal. Yeah. Yeah. These like you guys show up on time. You do a good job. You don’t have problems. Yeah. You’ve got, you’ve got these great before and afters they’re on Facebook. They don’t appear to be on your site. so literally shake them, got these categories and literally just copy ’em from one to the other.

    And that will help you a ton then. Oh, here’s the, the most important thing. Have you heard of Google local service ads? No, I have not. Oh, ding, ding, ding, Ralph. This is gonna change your life. I want you to sign up for Google local service ads. So local service. they work only in certain categories where there’s I actually, I, let me make sure I’m right here.

    I think cleaning is in here. I, I don’t wanna accidentally set your expectations up, go high. And so basically if you’re a lawyer[00:50:00] 

    and you’re a real estate agent or your a plumber. let me just see what category I thought cleaning’s in here. Let me see. Cause if it is, if you’re in a local service business that has some kind of that’s in one of these categories, acupuncture, animal rescue appliance, carpentry carpet, cleaning, carpet cleaning.

    Let’s see, I know you’re doing commercial first aid foundation, funeral home garage door, general contracting handyman home inspection. House cleaning H V a C. So house cleaning’s almost there. Let’s see. Junk removal, landscaping, law, lawn care, locksmith massage, moving personal injury, pets, pets, pets, plumbing, pool contractor only not tax service.

    Tree cleaning, tutoring, veterinary water damage, service window cleaning. But that may be have some that might be residential too. Hm. Do when you have people that come in on window cleaning, how many of ’em are, [00:51:00] do you have an issue with a lot of residential versus commercial? Uh, not at all. Um, so there are, I don’t advertise residential, but if we do residential, we do offer like, it is gonna be external, like windows and pressure washing, but we’re, since we’re primarily focused on commercial, I don’t really advertise it, but we do, uh, actual have do some residential properties.

    Okay. So you wanna rank on. Commercial cleaning services Akron, right? Correct. All right, I’m gonna do this one thing and then I’m gonna go eat some Korean barbecue. so the, oh, you know what, there are local service ads. Haha. You guys can follow around so you can do this. Yeah. So it says Google guaranteed, which is the same thing as local service ads or Google verified.

    So this is the easiest thing on the planet. Google will run your ads for you basically it’s off of your. your business profile, which is pretty good. And they just make ads for you and you just [00:52:00] choose a budget and they drive phone calls. Oh, wow. And yeah, just try it, like whatever the they’ll recommend, like start like 200 bucks a month.

    Cause that, that shows that’s kind of like a page zero search result because below those, do you, did you search and just see that those Google guaranteed those local service ads that are on top those three there? Yes. Okay. Now, okay. Now, below that. We have the actual regular three, you know, local three pack, Baxter, sons, HX, commercial hunts, family cleaning.

    These are the regular ones you’re trying to rank and map results. And then below that are these other guys. So I don’t see you RGP. I don’t see RGP here just for fun. Let me just see where you rank. I don’t think you’re in the first 20 are there’s a lot of cleaning services aren’t there? Yes, there are.

    Wow. Yeah, you’re not even in the first 20. But there’s 266. dang. Jeff, did you know there’s 266 commercial cleaning services here in Akron, Ohio [00:53:00] who would’ve thought that’s a lot. That’s a lot of, lot of clean offices, man. We need to clean house here for Mr. Jeffrey. All right. So yeah, you wanna run those Google ads, set them up and just do something small?

    Cause I think you’re gonna, I don’t know if there’s a way to distinguish residential versus co. But you can still buy the keyword on commercial cleaning services. Akron, I’m gonna guess this is like 10 bucks a click. Let’s see, let’s see how much it is per click. Have you run ads on Google? No, I have not.

    Nope. You wanna guess how much it is per click? Um, let’s say five, $10. Let’s see. $12 and 99 cents is the average. four commercial cleaning services, Akron, Ohio, and it’s medium competitive. Okay. Well, well there you go. Yeah, I, I test I’d run some of these ads, I think for you Google. I mean, certainly word of mouth is good because of trust and all [00:54:00] that.

    And then you have long time clients. So the lifetime value is really good cuz you, you know, you hold on to, ’em do a good job, but I think Google on your local business profile by running the Google local service ads and just regular Google ads on a few of these keywords based on the categories, like, you know, the window cleaning and, and other things you have is gonna be, I think that’s gonna be key.

    I mean the value of a customer, six figures for you, right? I mean, right. What if you hold onto ’em like five years and you’re charging whatever, a thousand bucks a month or something, that’s a, that’s a lot of money. So it’s actually worth a lot for you to acquire new customer that you have these 47 plus clients.

    Yeah. Get these, get these little stories. Interview the business owner. Don’t just show like the guy who’s cleaning. Okay. But show the relationship angle. That’s gonna be the key part. We see other professional services where they focus on tax tips and they focus on sharing their expertise, which is great.

    But the thing that’s really gonna drive a client, [00:55:00] Jeff is the relationship. And what it’s like working with you is nobody cares about this like commercial rotating floor, polishing thing, whatever that machine is that dude’s holding. Like they don’t really know people like me, just, they don’t care. What exactly that machine is.

    They just wanna know that you do a good job. So show you working with these other show, you working with your crew, these other pieces, fix the spelling mistakes, update the web website to 2022 and you should be good. Oh, and you need the Facebook pixel by the way. You need to install that Facebook pixel fix missing on your site and you’re missing the Google remarketing pixel.

    Oh. And your Google analytics is broken too. So fix all those nice. Your pixels are all broken. Mr. Jeff, someone’s gotta come in and, and clean you when you do like a cleaning service on your website here. Nice. All right. Well, Ralph, I hope that was helpful to you. You got lot of great advice there from Dennis.

    Thank you. Another, another great example for us and I [00:56:00] hope for everyone who’s been listening. Um, this has been really worthwhile and you can apply some of these tips that Dennis shared to your own websites and to your own SEO. So thank you, Dennis. This was. Awesome. You guys are amazing. Thank you for coming to the coach.

    You show, thank you for bringing your questions every week. We’re helping entrepreneurs grow, especially with awesome people like Jeff here, Mr. SAS is, is awesome. And he’s donating his time. I’m donating my, my, my time. And I don’t think there’s any better time than now to be an entrepreneur. Because look at this, look at how many opportunities we uncover every single week to help out entrepreneurs.

    It’s a shame, you know, when it help everyone, there’s so much room for everyone. And it’s a great community here at startup club. Cause all of you who participated tonight and shared your website. Thank you for being vulnerable. Thank suggestions publicly because you’re helping others by sharing your own stories and your own.

    All righty, everybody. All right, well, have a good evening, [00:57:00] Dennis. We’ll see you next week. We’ll see you every Thursday evening at 5:00 PM. Pacific 8:00 PM. Eastern time here on startup club for the coach U show. If you want, listen to past episodes of the coach U show head over to, sign up for our mailing list, and we’ll keep you informed of this and other great shows happening here at startup club.

    Thanks Dennis. Thank you. And thanks everyone in the order. Thank you everybody. Have a good night.

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