Why Problems Are Awesome!

It’s time to leave behind the over-exhaustion and see your problems in a new light!

When you have problems, it means you are breaking down barriers and you’re headed somewhere. It means you have a vision and you’re discovering the way to get there. 

If you think you don’t have problems in your business, just think of what seems impossible, then you have found a problem. This type of problem will let you explore places you haven’t seen before, it will potentially open doors and create new ways for your business. 

Pushing through problems can make you less afraid to encounter more problems and hit them head-on, says Michele. Michele enjoys writing her problems down on paper, a way to target her problem and then let it go. Problems can help you build confidence in yourself and give you the power to tackle anything that may swing your way in the future!

Once you understand what is blocking you from achieving your goals (or whatever you’re trying to do) you can then find a solution and isn’t it the most satisfying feeling to resolve problems and move on?

What does it actually mean to be a problem solver?

Being a problem solver sounds easy, but a problem solver is someone that can navigate the unknown and the uncertainty with an optimistic and curious approach.

In order to be able to solve a problem, you need to understand what the actual problem is. There’s always a root cause, and if you don’t get to it you will probably find it really hard to fix. Sometimes we confuse the problem with its consequences, and we try really hard to solve the wrong problem instead of taking our time to understand where it’s actually coming from.

There are three main things that we can learn from every problem:

  1. Approach: how are you approaching your problems? Are they creating a negative environment and more problems?
  2. Perspective: are you looking at your problems as roadblocks or opportunities to improve?
  3. Action: are you dwelling in the problem or are you taking action?

But being a problem solver brings other issues into your life. As an entrepreneur, it’s difficult to leave work problems at the office so we often end up bringing them home.

“Is the office affecting your family?”

Your actions at home may become a problem; Are you being a bossy boot around your family?  Are you creating schedules and calendars on who does the dishes each day? It’s natural to want to be in control at home as well, but if there’s one thing we’ve all learned in the past few years is that unwinding and learning to embrace home life is key to our overall health!

How to go from the business environment to the home environment?

  • Unwinding techniques

Find a way to switch off to separate work from home life, whether it’s jumping into the hot tub or even just putting on your slippers. It’s okay to take a minute to unwind.

  • Mental switch

A little joyful habit can change your mindset and your life for the better, and leave you wondering why you hadn’t found yourself a mental switch before. What’s that one mindset habit you could change or improve to be able to be present in the moment?

  • Emotional cleanse

Reconnecting with friends and family, and remembering not to lose touch with those you love and care about is key to enduring the entrepreneur’s life, after all, we’re humans, not robots! 

Listen to the full session above to get even more insights and stories of entrepreneurs learning how to approach problems and how to enjoy the time at home free of business concerns.

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