The Name Game: Episode 7

    The Name Game: Episode 7

    We are back with another round of “The Name Game”. If you haven’t played this game with us before, here’s the basic gist:

    • We invite you up on stage
    • You tell us the name and domain of your company
    • Our goal is to guess what your company does as well as provide beneficial tips and feedback on your company name/domain

    Based on the name of your business, in this crowded cluttered world where we’re all competing for someone’s attention, it could be helpful if your name gives an indication of what kind of business you’re in, it can definitely help draw customers to you.

    We heard various unique company names like…

    • Proactive is a nice action-oriented word and it’s combined with a “negative” word but it works because it is something you would like to avoid. Maybe this could be an insurance company? 
    • Two great words, especially fantasy which could mean a lot of things. If you pair it with “pro” it could be related to sports. Is it a resource to become a pro at fantasy sports?
    • Qualifies as one word and sounds interesting. This could be a fun game to unscramble words or pictures even a puzzle. Are we spot on?

    We always encourage companies to get their domain names as soon as possible and as similar as possible to their company name. Once you get your own domain name you get to train your customers to look for it and be in control of where you are directing them to. 

    To hear all these companies’ true goals, as well as receive some valuable feedback listen to the full session above. 

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