Sales Hacks


August is sales month so today we opened up the stage for members of the panel and audience to contribute helpful hacks regarding the topic of sales.

Some hacks that were shared include the following…

  • When conducting a sales meeting, allow your customer to share their thoughts first. Find value in simply listening! This can help you then better shape your pitch to address their thoughts.
  • Don’t sell the product, sell the outcome. How can your product positively impact a potential customer’s life?
  • Show you care about your customer as a person more so than a customer. This can be as simple as including follow-up emails/messages where you send quick thank-you notes.
  • In a setting like a call center, the challenge is to make a connection quickly so that the person on the other end doesn’t hang up. Try to start with a positive comment before jumping into your points. Being likeable and friendly goes a long way!
  • Pay attention to exactly who a message/email is being sent to because it is of great importance to personalize a message so that it better resonates with the receiver.

It is all about having the utmost respect and care for the customer and their needs. You want to earn their trust and loyalty by not only proving that your product is a safe decision but also through showing that you care about them on a more personal level. It is not complex to spend five minutes to put extra effort in and learn your potential buyer on a personal level.

These are just some of the various hacks that were brought to the stage. To hear even more enlightening hacks, listen to this full session above!


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