The Name Game – Episode 10

    The Name Game – Episode 10

    It’s Wednesday, it’s 6 pm and we’re ready for this week’s The Name Game! In the session, the moderators got off to a tough start and struggled to grasp the business ‘Sweven Arts’ but provided excellent feedback to the startup including using domain names and attributes. Luckily, Sharon brought the team back with a straight-up first guess of ‘Study First Europe’winning the second round, and ‘Liquiplex’ saw the team seeing dollar signs. Tune in to hear more.

    Raise your hand and join us on stage, tell us the name of your startup, and leave the rest to us! We’re here to guess your business and share our thoughts.

    1. We invite you up on stage
    2. Tell us the name and domain of your company
    3. We will then try to guess exactly what your company does as well as provide beneficial tips and feedback on your company name/domain

    Some of the unique names and domains we heard were…

    • Sweven Arts Is it a company that creates NFT digital artwork? Or is it related to ‘Seven Arts’? Jeff considered various arts such as photography, production, image arts, or a collective of creatives in the industry.
    • Sharon thought the startup was a study abroad company that helps college students study abroad. Did she hit the nail on the head?
    • Liquiplex This company could be an acrylic-based product or a fun waterpark for children. Page and Jeff loved the name, but were they right on their guesses?

    Listen to the full session above to listen to what our panelists had to say about these domain and company names! And if you want to come on stage and get instant feedback, join us next Wednesday!

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