Sales Role-Playing

Nowadays, negotiating and selling is mostly around manipulation, around FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), or ways of trying to trick people into buying because of scarcity, as opposed to building a long-term relationship without skipping important steps. 

In this week’s session with Coach Yu, we did some role-playing to show how to effectively communicate and get on the same page. Because selling is really just about communicating, negotiating, and actively listening.

Some important tips about selling in 2021:

  1. Actively listen! Let them tell you what they actually need or what they’re looking for instead of you pitching your capacities.
    Start by asking a simple question: What is your number one goal?
  2. As they’re answering your questions, take notes of what they’re saying so you can build up your next question or even your pitch around their goals and expectations.
    Follow up with another question based on their answer: So, based on what you said…
  3. Tell them about your process, usually, the way you do things is your most unique and important asset.
    Be aware of your own process/step-by-step and keep that in mind for when someone asks you: why should I hire you?
  4. Don’t sell what you can do, go for the outcomes! You’ll most likely stand out if you focus on their goals and how you can solve their problems.
    Focus on what success means to them: What does success look like for you? What would be a success story?

We did some fun role-playing for an hour, some were agency owners, consultants, others were clients. Listen to the full session above and check out different ways to get your deal!

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