Growth Hacks

For this SE Club session, we held an open mic session in which we allowed members, of both the panel and audience, to share a valuable growth hack in 30 seconds or less. Some hacks that were shared include the following…

  • To attract attention, try adding some graffiti to your office building! Allow this visual to express the concept of your brand to those who pass/drive by.
  • Find your “x factor.” What is that one unique and/or different aspect of your business that you have, but nobody else does?
  • Organize daily huddles with your company’s team so that you have designated time slots to assess KPI’s and other important matters.
  • Be your own customer! Especially for an eCommerce business, it is essential to your success to order your own product and get a feel for your customer’s experience with purchasing a product, having it shipped and receiving it.
  • Have a clear understanding of your core values. Core values resemble the guard rails of your business. They help create a distinct culture, and you will hire and grow a successful team under the DNA of that culture.
  • Invest in your brand!
  • Build a community around your business. The members of that community become your greatest mentors and advocates!
  • Think about possible partnerships. Partnerships can lead to investments and help jumpstart fundraising for your startup.
  • Obtain a domain, consisting of your keywords, that best suits both your business and target audience.

These are just some of the numerous growth hacks that were mentioned. Our goal was to compile a list of 99 hacks by the end of this session. 

Do you think we were able to reach our goal? To find out, as well as hear even more enlightening hacks that can assist you in growing your business, listen to the full session above!

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