Promotion Hacks

    Promotion Hacks

    We are back with another open-mic session where we opened up the stage for contributions towards the topic of promotion hacks. We wanted to hear entrepreneur’s favorite tips and hacks when it comes to promoting their startup.

    Some hacks that were shared include the following…

    • If there is a breaking story in the media that is grasping mass attention, utilize the approach of newsjacking to piggyback on that story and create something that people will pick up when searching for that particular story.
    • Use every opportunity to express your brand to the public! You can do this by wearing your company shirt or even having company stickers on your electronic cases, or something of the sort, to draw attention.
    • Find influencers that have an organic connection to your product/brand and allow them to further bring attraction to your business.
    • Get creative and generate a company mascot! Mascots are a great way to influence the recognition of your business.
    • Assess your choice in title tags and ask yourself, “What words do I want to own on Google?”
    • Pay attention to customer service. You will secure a great advantage by having a customer service team of empowered and friendly employees that influence customer loyalty.
    • Attract more engagement through the use of lawn signs. This can especially be beneficial if you are striving to reach people of a certain neighborhood or area.

    These are some of the various hacks that were brought to the stage. The best part about these hacks is that the majority of them cost little to no money to put into action. 

    To hear many other low-investment promotion hacks, that can be of great help to you and your startup, listen to this full session above!

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