The Building Blocks of Storytelling

“Someone, somewhere needs to hear the story you have to tell, and I want to help you tell it.”

Sharyn Konyak

Welcome to Lead With Your Story– a platform for storytellers to engage with other creators and progress as entrepreneurs and speakers. Hosts Jeffrey Sass and Sharyn Konyak provide relevant, valuable feedback to attendees on how to connect with an audience and use your story to the benefit of your business or cause. The three-minute allotment per speaker encourages stories to be clear and concise without compromising on relevant information or individual style.   

Sharyn and Jeff’s Top Tips for telling an engaging story: 

  • Find your ‘why’ – Why do you need to share your story? Why do people need to hear it? You can’t convince an audience of anything if your passion is missing. 
  • Know what you want to communicate to the audience. You have control over the way your story is told– what do you want the listeners to take away?   
  • Allow the audience inside your world– by engaging them in the narrative, have them ask you what they can buy from you or how to support your cause. 

Catch the full session above, and tune in to Lead With Your Story every Monday to hear more! 

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