Copywriting Your Way To Success

    Copywriting Your Way To Success

    In this week’s eComm show with Norm, we discussed the importance and key assets of copywriting. 

    “Write for the customer, not your ego”

    You are not simply selling a product or service, you are selling the outcome. What can this product/service do for a customer? How can it benefit their daily life? Remembering this can offer a better direction for how you will use your voice to write a copy.

    Have you heard of the hypnotic anchor?

    This is something you make up that highlights a feature or benefit of your product. This doesn’t necessarily mean you can say your product is “the best,” but you can come up with a unique name to exhibit the value of your product.

    How can the hypnotic anchor help your product even better convince a buyer that it truly is a superior buy? 

    To uncover the importance of the hypnotic anchor and hear more key information about copywriting for a business, listen to the full session above!

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