TRANSCRIPT: The Name Game EP25



Hello. Hello. Hello, and welcome to the name game. Welcome to the name game, everybody we’re going to get started in just a minute. Waiting for my co-host Sharon Coniac to join. Sharon will be here in a second, waiting for everyone to join. Hello, Hulu and welcome. Hello everybody. Welcome to the name game.

We’ll be getting started in just a moment. Um, my co-host Sharon Coniac should join any second and page. How, who usually hosts this, uh, name game with us unfortunately is a little bit under the weather tonight. So Paige won’t be here, but Sharon and I will be your host this evening. I’m Jeff sass. I’m the COO of and I was the co-founder and [00:01:00] COO of.

Duck club domains, which we recently sold to go daddy. And I’m one of the admins here on startup club. Uh, and I’ll tell you while we’re waiting for Sharon to join a little bit of how the name game works. We do the name game every Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM Eastern time here in start-up club. And as I mentioned, it’s typically hosted by myself, Sharon and Paige, how and the way the name game works is pretty straightforward.

It, uh, is pretty easy. We’ll raise your hand and we’ll bring you up on stage. And when you join us on stage, um, when turned to play, we asked, just tell us the name of your business, name of your business or startup and your domain name. Don’t tell us anything else. Don’t tell us what India’s brand or what kind of products you it’s our job as we play the name game to try and guess.

Just from your,

what you were [00:02:00] done, I’m guessing. So then you’ll be able to tell us a little bit about your business, and then we’ll give you some feedback on your name and your brand. Um, and this is just to get you to think differently. Um, one of the reasons we play the name game is we think it’s valuable. If your name gives an indication of what your business is and what you do, because it’s a very cluttered world out there.

And you’re trying to get attention. If, and if your brand name and your domain name can give an indication of what your business is all about, you might have a slight edge in attracting the right customers to you and making it easier for them to find you. So that’s what the name game is all about. It’s kind of fun.

Sometimes our guesses are spot on. Sometimes our guests.

So, um, I don’t know how that person ended up on stage. Okay. So let’s the Sharon introduce yourself and then we’ll start bringing people up on stage and get started with the name game. Welcome Sharon. Hi Jeffrey. How are you? Good to see you [00:03:00] today. Um, I am happy to be here helping you out with the name game, and I am a brand strategist and a storytelling coach, and I help brands get remembered, noticed, and create raving fans.

And so I’m really usually here to help out with things like brand strategies and taglines, and, uh, essentially just helping you get to a point where you can, um, build an audience for yourself that, um, You know, is, is really focused and compelled to, uh, to follow you. So hopefully my guess will be, um, spot on tonight.

We’ll see. I predict that sometimes we’ll be spot on and sometimes we’ll be far off, but it’s still, um, fun and hopefully, um, valuable insights for everyone. Who’s here listening and thank you all for joining. So do raise your hand. If you’re interested in playing the name game and we’ll invite [00:04:00] you up. And meanwhile, we’ll start off with Jasmine and Jasmine.

I see your, uh, party popper. So welcome to start up a welcome to clubhouse and to start up club and remember, just tell us the name of your business and your domain name. So Jasmine, welcome to the name. Thank you. Um, I’m so excited to be here. The name of my business is JG business credit consulting, LLC.

My domain is JG business I hope that’s what domain means. Um, but that’s okay. I’ll mute, Sharon, do you want to start? And we’ll take turns going first. Well, John’s been gave us a lot of information by giving us her business name. Um, and so I think when she said JG, um, I would have just guessed that it’s some sort of business consulting firm.

Um, but [00:05:00] when she mentioned her business name that lets me, um, Narrowed it down a little bit, because she talks about that it’s credit consulting. So she’s sounds like she is a business consulting firm that helps, I would guess consumers, well know business, business consulting. So probably gets businesses, um, hooked up with their DMV numbers and the types of things that they need to get their sort of financial houses in order.

Yeah. I think this is one case, um, Jasmine, where you’ve done a good job of having a very descriptive name because you’ve got there that business credit consulting in there. So I think be hard for me to get something other than what, um, what Sharon said. So I’m gonna, I’m going to go along with Sharon on this one, because it’s so descriptive, but I, what I will say about the domain name and you’ll tell us how we did.

Is, um, if we’re right. And if credit consulting is, um, important to [00:06:00] you, I wonder if the domain, although it’s JG, the domain was JG business consulting, is that correct? For just JG business? It’s JG business, Okay, great. So then, um, you do have the credit in there. So I think, um, why don’t you first tell us what you do and then, uh, we’ll tell you what we think.

Okay. I do you you’re right on track. I help small businesses and existing businesses, um, set their company up credibly. So make sure they have the Dunn’s member business address, phone number and things like that. And then I help them build business credit so they can leverage and grow their company and grow their wealth and also get financing.

Yeah, I think you’ve done a good job of both naming and getting the domain that is, um, um, clear and concise and easy to remember. And I assume that JG is probably your initials. Um, so I think, um, since it was very spot on Sharon’s guests and I [00:07:00] couldn’t really go in any other direction from it, um, you’ve done a good job of being very specific.

And sometimes when it comes to domain names, you know, the rule of thumb is typically to have a short domain name, but there are times when a longer domain name, if it’s very clear and descriptive can be advantageous. So I think in this case, um, even though it’s on the long side, the fact that you’ve got business credit in there, um, I think those are important elements, uh, and that are going to draw people to you who are looking for help in that area.

So I think you’ve done a good job there. Yeah. Jeffrey. I had a question. I know, page isn’t able to be with us tonight, but maybe you can answer this question. Um, would there be a benefit from having a isn’t there, um, extension, and would there be a benefit for having that versus in her scenario?

Yeah, that’s a great question. Yes, there is a dot physics, uh, extension, but I actually think in this case, having the credit [00:08:00] is going to sound more authoritative than, JG, Um, I think that it’s a good idea potentially to have that for brand protection, et cetera. If, if it’s available, it wouldn’t be bad to have it in Curry redirect.

Um, you know, and I think that would have been a good choice if he didn’t have, but I also think that in this case, having is, is, is valuable. Yeah. So, uh, oftentimes Jasmine, um, you know, as we’re talking about this, we do sometimes suggest that you buy multiple domains in order to sort of corner the market on your name.

And we’ll also give you the opportunity to, uh, point or redirect certain domains towards others. So that might be an option for you if you feel, uh, you know, if you have the financial bandwidth to do something like that, to consider the biz. [00:09:00] Yeah. I think that, you know, many people think that you just get one domain name and you’re done.

But as Sharon said, we often bring up the fact that having multiple domains, there’s a number of reasons. One is, you know, to have a shorter version, you can redirect it. Another is for brand protection. You don’t want someone to get something that’s similar to your domain and potentially cause confusion in the marketplace.

Um, you know, and the other thing too, is misspellings common misspellings. It’s, um, a common practice in your case, it’s you, you have pretty good words in your domain, so people are not likely to misspell credit or business, but sometimes if you have a word in your domain name or in your brand name that can be easily misspelled or is commonly misspelled, um, it’s often valuable to register the domain name of the misspelling and simply redirected to the correctly spelled version of your domain name so that you get those, um, um, typos going right to your site.[00:10:00] 

Jasmine. I hope this was helpful. And thank you for playing the domain game, the name game. Thank you so much. It was incredibly helpful. Great. So this is the name game where you get to tell us the name of your business and your domain name. And we try to guess what you do. Uh, let’s go to Oki next. Okay.

Welcome to the name game. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Okay. Without the dokie, um, uh, one of the three domains I currently have a, the first one, is it blogger? I put them all on my profile. Is it I stay away from anything for SEO reasons. Uh, the other one is a forum, mind forum, I N

And the last one is folio F L I O So, I guess, Sharon, it’s my turn to go for. So also the first one, it blogger, [00:11:00] um, I’m assuming since that’s the domain, uh, it’s pretty straightforward. I would imagine that you have a blog there, um, writing about various it, um, issues. So if that’s what it is, then it blogger is a pretty straightforward and, um, and direct, uh, name that’s descriptive of what you do.

Um, I didn’t quite get what the second one was. Could you repeat the second one? Yeah. The second one is for remind. So room then I N E unfortunately, was taken forum F O R. U M F R U M I N I N E for a mine. And is there a business name that goes along with four of mine? The domain?

I’m not sure. So [00:12:00] forum mine, I don’t know. Well, Sharon, do you want to guess on the first one, why don’t we focus on the it blogger for now and then we can come back to forum mine? Yeah, I think the it blogger, uh, obviously one of the issues is, uh, the radio test, the it, um, Sometimes doesn’t come across, but, um, it’s clearly, I mean, I think it’s pretty straightforward.

Like you said, that it’s obviously something involved with it and then he has a blog and then he uses that, uh, domain to drive blog, traffic, or drive people, um, from the blog to perhaps another site, the other two, the forum, mine and the folio with an H really stumped me because I didn’t, the folio to me would sound something like portfolio.

I was thinking folio portfolio, but the H at the end, I wasn’t really sure [00:13:00] where that would, would take you and portfolio can take you into different directions. It can take you financial services, um, portfolio, and then it can take you towards creative services and. ’cause he said he was it blogger. I’m going to guess.

And he probably is kind of staying in that, um, marketplace where it would be creative portfolio. So maybe folio with an is something where he, um, focuses on, I don’t know, uh, portfolio of, um, work that he’s done in the it community and then sort of showcases different applications that he’s perhaps worked on different, uh, setting, you know, standing up different apps or, or maybe doing, um, projects for companies, uh, in the [00:14:00] it realm.

So like, Yeah, it looks like we lost him as well, so we may never know. Oh, there he goes. Okay. He’s back. All right. Okay. Um, I want to just comment on the other two names and then you can tell us, yeah. Well, why don’t you tell us first what each of the three businesses is and then I’ll give you some additional comments.

Yeah. So that was spot on, uh, the ID it blogger was actually, it’s actually a personal blog where I write about cybersecurity engineering subject matter. And, uh, that’s, uh, what that is, uh, the, from mine is a. That initially started as a, uh, in the era of like crypto mining and stuff. Uh, so I kind of implied, you know, crypto currency forum, but eventually grew into something general now, uh, and, uh, full Leo.

The folio one is actually, uh, supposed to be a [00:15:00] portfolio website. Uh, so perfect personal branding for professionals, uh, just matching startups with, uh, uh, startup ideas with, uh, interested people pretty much. Yeah. So I think interesting. So obviously it blogger is, is very straightforward. I have a few thoughts on the other two names that I’ll share, you know, and again, there’s no right answer here.

We’re just giving advice. But when you think of forum, mine, M I N E is, is a common suffix for different words, right. You know, chlorine ends with INE, lots of different words end with irony. So I think when someone hears for a mine, they might go down that path of thinking it’s chemical based or something else.

And they may not have. The mining aspect that, that you reference, you know, for crypto. And I think obviously from a business perspective, having a forum about crypto mining is, [00:16:00] is, is a good thing. You know, there’s a lot of interest in that space right now. So I wonder if, if you’ve ever considered extending the mind piece.

So it was more clear, so it could be for a minor or for a mining or, or something to make it a little bit more clear that you know, that we’re talking about crypto mining here, as opposed to a word that people might not recognize, they might not pull out the forum piece of forum mine. So that was one thought I had on that one.

And then similarly with folio. With the H at the end. Now that’s one where I think now that you explained it, if you have a cool logo to go along with it, where you’re kind of playing off of the folio and the word O O H kind of thing, like folio, you know, with an exclamation point at the end or something, then maybe that would make it more memorable.

But when you hear it or just read it similar to my comment on [00:17:00] forum, mine, people may not get the folio from the age because they don’t know what the H stands for. So I’m not sure if you were trying to play off of the O O H or if the H stands for something else, in which case it’d be better to spell it out folio and whatever H stands for.

So those are my thoughts on the name. Um, I don’t know, Sharon, if you had anything you want to.

The only other question I had was, um, with the forum line, thinking down that, going down that road, um, about just duplicating the M adding another M. So it was actually forum and then mine at the same time, or is there some way to use crypto in there? And I know crypto is probably such a hot commodity right now.

Uh, it’s probably nearly impossible to get a domain name that has crypto in it. Um, but you know, that might be an option as well. [00:18:00] Yeah. But, but I’m double letters, combining words like that is tricky too with misspellings. Cause some people won’t put the two ends and some people will. So you may want to, if you go down that path, you may want to have both while you have one of them already.

So you could get the double ends as well as Sharon suggested. So, okay. Hope that was helpful. Oh, yeah, that was awful. They can Knowlton definitely going to south playing with those. Thank you so much for playing the name game. So we’re playing the name game. If you want to come up and play, just raise your hand and we will go to Hussey next.

How’s he tell us just the name of your business and your domain name. You what’s up. Jeffrey. How are you guys doing? We’re doing great. I guess so I bet you can’t guess the purpose or you can kind of guess the niche of my business. Well, tell us the name and we’ll try. I can bet on it, I guess. So the name of my [00:19:00] businesses RISD, could you spell it for us?

R triple E S T U greased. And did you have the as your domain name?

What’s the domain. If you’re going to search it, he definitely find it it’s restocked to us. Okay.

Reese, Reese, Reese, Reese, And you’ve got the triple E’s. So Shannon and I often talk about the radio test. And you saw that the first question I asked was how to spell it. So one of the challenges you have when you select the name that is, um, misspelled intentionally or spelled in an atypical way, or [00:20:00] has an unusual combination of, of letters, it doesn’t pass what we call the radio test, meaning that if someone hears it on the radio or in a podcast or in a conversation, you know, they may not know.

Spell it correctly when they go and try and search for it. So they may end up somewhere else. Someone might end up at Reese, um, spelled with two E’s instead of threes, for example, um, when they hear restart us. But I’ll take a guess at what you do since you’ve challenged us. Um, since you have domain name, um, well, I was going to go down one path.

I met you at Reese re uh, re I’m going to say, I’m going to say, I’m going to guess that it’s some kind of combination of, of real estate that you couldn’t get. You couldn’t get the combinations you want with real estate. So you went with Reese that us, [00:21:00] um, um, we don’t tell them, don’t tell us yet, because Sharon’s going to guess after me.

So let me take my shot. Even if I’m wrong, let Sharon have a shot. She may do better than I. So restart us. So I’m going to say it’s, it’s, um, it’s a real estate site in the U S but because it’s kind of Reese and fun and the triple E Tripoli’s, I’m going to say it’s real estate, um, kind of like a, a Zillow, but maybe, maybe focusing on a different kind of real estate, but I can’t figure out what that is from the name, but I’m going to say that Reese is some kind of, uh, uh, amalgamation of real estate.

Um, Sharon, what do you think? Um, I think I’m just going to take a shot and say that Reese is kind of just a play on rest and that you’re taking it to like a fun or more hip style. Cause I don’t really know what restate is. [00:22:00] Um, so I’m going to say it’s has something to do with rest and it’s dot us. So I’m going to go down the path of you are a, um, Uh, like a mattress, you know, on the order of like a Casper or purple or something like that.

Um, manufacturer who creates, um, and new and innovative sleep, um, option or sleep alternative and, uh, you know, to, for us customers. Now you can tell us, well, as I told that anybody over here, current guests, they exact answer. This is a unique name as reduced. So the basic motive of my agency, like you could say a company, this is a marketing agency in visual.

I’m targeting just us clients. So, so one, so one [00:23:00] recommended. So one recommendation I would have for you because there is extension. Um, so if you had told us that your name was released that agency, um, instead of the much more, then we would have known pretty much immediately that you were some kind of an agency.

And since it Reese, it’s kind of a clever and creative word. I think that Shannon and I both probably would have guessed that you were some type of a creative agency if it was released that agency. So that’s something you might consider, you know, the domain extensions now because there’s over a thousand different extensions to choose from.

And many of them have. Meaning, like I mentioned that I was involved, which is a great domain. If you’re trying to build a community around a passion, et cetera, um, dot agency, there’s there’s dot law. If you’re an attorney, you know, so there’s a lot of different extensions with meaning, [00:24:00] and those are very useful to add context to something, to the left of the dot that doesn’t necessarily have an obvious meaning like Reese in this case.

So I don’t know if you were aware of, but it’s something you might consider. I’m going to purchase it pride now. Perfect. Perfect. Well, thank you for playing the name and Sharon, did you have anything else you wanted to add for a fuzzy?

Um, no. I mean, you already discussed the issue of radio test and, um, I think we’ve talked about the idea before of trying to pick a name that. We get so creative and trying to pick a name that we create ourselves an entirely different box to be in. And so I guess that would be my only concern there is that it’s, it’s so different that, um, you’re going to have to do a lot of work branding it, or, um, doing the work that you need to, [00:25:00] to get that name out there.

To be honest, like, um, when I, like when I was purchasing the domain name, I have also secure as well for my on brag because my brother is a famous influencer over here where I’m based. So I’m going to launch influential campaigns and running ad campaign for that brand, that clothing brand named as and, uh, same goes for restart us as an agent.

Where would we be targeting you as clients? Yeah, so that, that makes good sense. And especially if the name Reese is recognized, you know, because of your brothers, the influencer in that area, um, and leveraging the different extensions for different use cases is not a bad way to go. So you could have restart us or better yet restart agency for the agency [00:26:00] side and, is more the destination for the actual content, uh, and the influencer content.

I think I understood what you said, so that makes good sense. Thank you. Who is he for playing? Thanks Jeffrey. And thanks for having me on this speaker panel. Great. So we’re playing the name game here, where you come on stage and tell us just the name of your business and your domain name, and then Sharon.

And I will try to get you. What you do. Um, and then you’ll have a chance to tell us what you do afterwards, and we’ll give you some feedback and comments about your brand name and your domain name. And of course there are no right answers here. We’re just trying to give you some insights based on our own experiences that might help you think differently about your branding.

With that, let’s go to a new, a new welcome to the name game. Just tell us the name of your business and your domain. Okay. Thanks for having me, Jeff, uh, [00:27:00] Jeffrey and Sharon. Um, the name of my business is cat kid adventure, capped with a K and the domain is cat kid

But we throw you guys off a whole look, but I’ll sit back and listen, Sharon, do you want to go? Yeah, so a new, I just wanted to clarify cat C a T, you said K K a T. Okay. A T K I D adventure.

Adventure. Okay. So a cat could adventure. I’m thinking that you went with the unique spelling of cat for the alliteration of cats and kid. Um, cat can venture cat, kid InVenture. Um,[00:28:00] 

Hm. Um, let me go with, um, cat, cat adventure, the, um, cat cat, cat cafes, um, over in, in like, uh, I guess in like, um, Japan are very, very popular where people go into a cafe just to hang out with the cats and play with the cats. So I’m thinking that maybe you have, um, a little area where kids can go in and play with cats or kittens.

And, um, maybe also have like in a little adventure area where they go and play like ball pits and things like that. So that’s where I’m going to go with that. All right, I’m going to guess that cat kid adventure is a children’s book. It’s an illustrated children’s book and cat kid is the website that promotes that book.

And I’m going to even take it a [00:29:00] step further and say, the cat kid is a little girl named Catherine and her nickname is cat, but she also is into cats and has some sort of adventures being known as the cat kid. Like we all heard, we’ve all heard of cat ladies. And this cat is the cat kid. Um, that’s going to be my guess.

I knew. How did we do? Oh my God. I love it. I love your interpretations, but it’s, it’s not, it’s not what I do. Um, and the way I sort of came about the name was a, is a long story. But what we do is. Um, eco educational and climate change workshops for kids. Um, my son over here who’s giggling because, uh, you know, it was inspired by him.

Um, and you know, I’m, I’ve been in the climate change space for 15, 20 years now, and I do climate change workshops and, um, curriculum specifically as well. And we came up with this [00:30:00] name because it was a way to, um, you know, our characters were, you know, if you’re an eco champion or cat kid, basically. Um, and what started as a product company, which is.

T-shirt company made a line of t-shirts made for kids that were designed to tell stories about climate change made by communities impacted by climate change. Um, the root word, uh, it sort of started with that, and now it’s developed into a very different sort of brand, if you will, which is eco education.

So, um, yeah, that’s what we do. And we sort of stuck with the name if you will, because we’ve had to invent reinvent ourselves during COVID as a business. But, um, we stuck with the name because, you know, kids were already responding to it and people who knew, knew, um, but to your point, it’s probably hard to get new audiences and very easily.

Yeah. So, so first of all, I love, um, the mission [00:31:00] behind it and what you’re doing. And I think, um, uh, climate change education and eco education for children is, is really important. Actually. It’s important for adults to, uh, at this stage. But, um, so two things, two questions I have one is, do you have a tagline that goes along with it that might steer us in that, uh, climate and education direction?

That’s a great point. I actually don’t. Yeah. So, so that’s something I would recommend and maybe Sharon has some more thoughts on that. And then the other thing I was going to ask you, would you, have you considered, you know, the good news about the space you’re in is there’s a very short way to refer to it.

You referenced it several times eco, so it could be cat kid, eco adventure or something in there too, to at least give an indication of what we’re talking about. I don’t know if you’ve considered. Yeah, we call our kids the P the folks that goes to the workshop and [00:32:00] the programs, eco champs. Um, but what we haven’t done is equally at cat kid equals eco champ.

If that makes sense. Yeah. So another thing to consider is, is, you know, eco champs adventure would, would be more clear even though, and obviously when people get into it, they learn that the eco champs are the cat kids, but at least from a naming and branding perspective, if it were eco champs, I think Sharon and I both would have gone down, uh, the climate change Recology path, um, as opposed to the cat path, Sharon, what do you think?

Yeah, I think it’s a great, um, a great market opportunity and it’s obviously much needed because I mean, Jeffrey mentioned, you know, we, we need it for adults, but obviously at this point, Um, educating the next generation and getting them to maybe take the steps that, um, previous generations haven’t taken in order to stop climate change and, or, [00:33:00] you know, in some ways reverse, it is really important.

So I was wondering if maybe you could just use the part of your tagline, uh, by saying inspiring kids to be eco champs or inspiring eco champs, um, kid eco champs, or something like that, using that eco champ thing. Because if you’re, if you’re using that as part of your brand, then why not put it in your tagline, if you can’t put it in your, that your name itself, is that it very helpful.

And what we do say sometimes is re you know, our mission is to raise a generation of eco champs. Um, So maybe there’s, there’s something there, right there raising a generation of eco champs. I mean, you said it yourself. It’s right there. Yeah. Raising the next generation of eco champs or something like that.

So that you take that, that next generation idea that, you know, acceleration idea. So maybe, um, raising the [00:34:00] next generation of eco champs, like it love it. That’s great. Thank you. Thank you. A new, thanks for playing the name game and Sharon. That was a great suggestion. So hopefully that was valuable for you.

Let’s go to partner next and again, we’re playing the name game. So all you need to do is tell us the name of your business and your domain, and then we’ll take it from there and try to guess, Hey, thank you so much for having me here. Really appreciate it. So my company name is Brandon buzz and the domain is Brandon buzz,

Okay. Brandon buzz in Brandon buzz, So pretty straightforward, Sharon. I got the easy one. I think if it was my turn to go first, um, Brandon buzz, uh, I would clearly think is a marketing agency, um, focusing on obviously branding and [00:35:00] PR because you’ve got the brand and the branding and the buzz and the PR.

So I would say that you are, uh, an agency helping companies build their brand and get more buzz for their brand. Um, and I wonder, you said that domain is Brandon buzz, Um, there is extension, by the way, I use it for my book. I wrote a marketing book, so I use that marketing to promote my book, toxic takes you to my book on Amazon.

There’s extension. And then I also think that Brandon. Marketing would be the name of the business, but the domain could be Brandon If you were able to get it, cause it’d be shorter. And I think that most people, if we’re right, what you do could glean that from the brand and buzz, even without the word marketing Sharon, what do you think?

Yeah, I don’t think I have anything to add to that in terms of, it seems pretty straightforward, um, for the brand and buzz though. One thing I did [00:36:00] was not sure about when I went to write it down, was, was it be a R a N D N buzz or, and buzz. So there’s a little radio test issue there. Not that, that makes that much of a difference.

Um, you do have a fairly lengthy name, so. You know, I don’t know whether the, and makes a difference when you’ve got all those words going together. But, um, yeah, I would expect that it’s a marketing agency that works on branding and PR. Um, I don’t know that I have any specifics from that name in terms of the vertical that, you know, is it, is it consumer packaged goods?

Is it, is it tech? I don’t really know. Uh, if I would be able to say if it was a very specific company at this point or not,

I think you guys did great. Thank you so much. So, uh, yes. So it is a consulting [00:37:00] firm. Uh, we focused on tech industry. Uh, we actually do little PR. We are more focused on corporate marketing. And the background for, for you is that when I started my, my consulting firm three and a half years ago, I actually didn’t even have a company name or a website for the first year because we were so busy.

And then in a week we put this up and we called it Brandon buzz, because that’s what I used to be called. I was called like the Brandon buzz advocate during my corporate world. So currently I’m thinking of. Kind of changing the name and, and you guys are absolutely correct that Brandon was a long name. I could not find Brandon buzz because that was already gone.

So I guess my, my question to you guys is, um, we are, we focus more on tech companies and helping them [00:38:00] with their corporate marketing positioning and getting them ready for their, whether it’s an MNA IPO, um, or fundraising. So if you have any suggestions on like, I’m literally looking to rebrand my company now that you know, we’re doing well, if you have any suggestions at all, or if that’s something you would even consider for this call, thank you, Paula.

What I would mention is, you know, with regard to Brandon buzz, Hey, let, let us know the answer to Sharon’s question, whether it’s a and D or just N and yeah, of course. And they, yeah, so I didn’t have domain.

But here’s the thing you have, uh, if, if you have some traction and awareness with Brandon buzz, which I think you indicated you did, because you said that’s what people use to call you. You have a few options, you know, if you could, obviously we couldn’t get branded As I mentioned, there’s

There’s There’s You know, since [00:39:00] Brandon buzz indicates, um, you’re in the marketing and PR side, if your vertical is tech, you could So there are a number of different extensions that could add some context and relevance to brand and buzz, and still be shorter than Brandon buzz,

So, um, that’s something to consider. Thank you. Appreciate that. Great. Well, Sharon, this one. Next one is your turn to go first. Cause I got the easy one with Brandon buzz. So next up is Nadir Nadir. Welcome to the name game. Just tell us the name of your business and your domain name.

We’re not able to hear your name. There’s some static when you’re lying. Maybe try again.

Maybe we’ll come back to and admit it. Let’s jump ahead to Elizabeth and then maybe, or can you want to try it now? Say something. [00:40:00] Yeah, we can’t hear you. We’re just getting static. Sorry it, or sometimes, um, if you go up to the three little dots in the corner, if you can change the quality of your. Um, of the call sometimes that’s helpful.

I don’t know if that’s going to be helpful to you. You can change it down to low if you’re having some issues and that might be able to clarify or help you out better. That’s better. Yeah. Appreciate it. Thank you. Uh, thank you. Um, the name of the businesses, great insights and the domain is great. G R eight

Okay, Sharon, it’s your turn to go. First.

Every time you do that, Jeffrey, I get the hard one and you get the easy one. I’m beginning to think. You’re Cheryl tonight. It was pupil luck. I went first and the last one. So it is during, sorry about that. Okay. Um, great insights. [00:41:00] So, um, we do have a little bit of the radio test. Sorry. We can hear you. Can you hear me now?

Oh, can hear Sharon. So I may have to go first anyway. Ah, I am speaking. I don’t know. Yeah, I’m speaking. I wonder why you can’t hear me. Okay. The gray. I see the gray, but I’m not hearing anything when you’re speaking. Now we try it again. Um, can you hear me now? Yes. Now you’re back. Okay, awesome. Awesome. Um, I was just laughing.

That seems that you always give me the difficult ones, but, um, great. So we have the radio test there because I actually wrote it down as gr you’re dipping in and out. Go ahead. All right, I’m going to go ahead Sharon, [00:42:00] and come back to you afterwards. So I will go first this time, cause we can’t hear you, uh, for some reason, so great insights right later, it was a great insights.

It’s great insight. Great insight. Uh, but the great is G R H. Um, so of course, when it comes to the radio test, you’re always going to have to clarify that it’s GRA, but I think visually that’s a fun combination and I’ve seen people use similar things before when you see GRA I think most people will see it as great.

So it works in that regard. So great insights. So I’m going to say that you’re some type of a consultancy, um, that, you know, um, Maybe kind of, uh, or, or maybe even kind of a data kind of a data scientist consultancy where, where you can look [00:43:00] at a company’s data and help them find great insights in that data.

So I’m going to say it’s, it’s, um, a data science consultancy to be able to give people great insights based on evaluating, uh, their data. Um, that’s going to be my guest Sharon. Let’s see if we can hear you now. Can you hear me? Yes, you’re back. Okay. Awesome. Um, actually I was referring to the radio test before, when you couldn’t hear me.

So I had the same issue. I wrote it down as G R E I T instead of the eight, but I do think that’s a fun and interesting, um, way to brand it. I’m going to go with an analytics firm like SEO or, um, uh, sort of in that same vein of an agency, but one that handles and analytics, or sort of looks at your SEO and sees how your website performs and then gives you insight into sort of your, your CRM to be able to figure out [00:44:00] how to manage that information and, um, create better opportunities for you, uh, as you know, for your company as a brand.

So data. It was actually somewhat very close. Um, it’s a, it’s a SAS, uh, technology that just performs research on giving companies with the use of keywords. So it, it just reads an incredible amount of data, uh, in real time. And with the keywords, it finds the most relevant sentences and snippets that you can use in any form of a conversation I E preparing for a presentation or any other thing.

So, yeah, that was pretty. Pretty cool. Sounds like a useful product. I guess we, we went down more of the human route thinking of agencies and consultancies, uh, versus a, a SAS technology, but, um, [00:45:00] obviously software as a service. If you can make it work, is it extremely great business model to have? Cause you get that monthly recurring revenue and it’s, it’s very scalable if you have something that’s in demand.

So I think, um, you’re on the right track there. I’m just curious. Do you have a tagline that goes along with great insight?

Um, I don’t that’s the. Yeah. Okay. Well, it’s something to think about. Um, you know, a lot of times, especially when you have a name that, you know, great insight could, could refer to a number of different things, a tagline that, you know, indicates the type of, of service, uh, and what your technology does, could be helpful.

No, absolutely. [00:46:00] I agree. Thank you. Thank you, Nadir. Thanks for playing the name game. So we’ll, we are coming up with about 15 minutes left, so we should definitely have time to get to both Karen and Elizabeth. Um, so Sharon, since it was your turn to go first, but we had some tech difficulties. I will let you go first this time.

So Karen, welcome to the name game. Tell us the name of your business and your. Yeah, actually, every one of the, some beers on education and money needs and my absurd name is called epics. So basically, wait, don’t tell us what you do. Just tell us the name of your business and the domain. And, um, you went by pretty quickly.

Could you tell us again, what’s the name of the business it’s called the fixed code. Could you spell it for us, please? Got that big scale. You would be the B XD

code text. [00:47:00] Yeah. And the code was with C, C O D E it’s coated, Cal U O B E D E. Oh, okay. Quoted text. Yeah. Q Q U O T E D T E X T quoted text. Got it. Okay. Thanks for clearing that up, Sharon. Yeah. Is that, was that a. Extension. Yeah. Yeah. Quoted quoted text com. Um, I guess I hate to sound redundant since I just had this guest for a nodder or, um, but I’m going to go down the,

I’m going to say it’s an analytics, um, platform again, it’s either. Yeah. It’s either a platform or [00:48:00] a, um, or a company that looks at, uh, SEO content and, um, and takes that and gives you opportunities based on the SEO that shows up Jeffrey. Yeah. Okay. I’m going to let us guess Karen, and then we’ll come back to you to tell us, so I’ll go down a different path, Sharon and I, and I’ll go perhaps more literal to quoted text.

Um, I had kind of two thoughts of what it could be. Uh, I’ll mention them both. I’m sure they’re both rotten, but I’ll guess so one quoted texts could be a resource, um, to basically find quotes. So if you’re giving a presentation and you’re looking for some pithy quotes on different topics to, um, To incorporate into your presentation, quoted texts, um, maybe a place to go look for that similar to like brainy quotes.

There are a few [00:49:00] websites out there that do that type of thing. And I think quoted text is a good name, but the other idea I had too, and I’ll, I’ll throw them both out at your, Karen was quoted texts could be an anti plagiarism or a plagiarism check, uh, site, which I know is, is, is commonly used and needed sometimes both in business and especially in schools with papers.

So at quoted text, you can, um, upload some texts and search and see if it’s found, uh, in other documents or somewhere to know if it’s been plagiarized or not. So those are my sort of two guesses. And then we had Sharon’s guests. Karen had, did we do what is quoted text? Uh, some guesses actually, right.

That’s where we put goats. Okay. And not only good for you also post articles, business network. And self-improvement great. So you can actually add your own quotes to quoted text. I like [00:50:00] that. That’s what we do. Yeah. So, Sharon, what do you think quoted texts? I like that idea. Yeah. It’s really sounds like it would be an interesting opportunity to, to, um, I do like the brainy quotes.

That’s one of my favorite things. So I’m a quote person I’m always looking for quotes that resonate with me. So that would definitely be in my wheelhouse. Sorry. Yeah. But the issue which we are facing right now, because of forms, we are not publishing articles right now. So, uh, that’s the main problem we are facing right now, but yeah, the site is going good.

We have hundreds of traffic as of now and yeah, people love our website and that’s a good thing. I feel. I like the idea that if I, if I’m, and even if I, you know, for an author or even if I’m not an author, if I want to go to quote a text and submit my quotes, you know, people are constantly looking for quotes to share, to share on social media.

Sometimes they put them against the background with an [00:51:00] interesting font and it’s good promotion. If I’m an author. And I submit some of my quotes up on quoted texts and then people find them and share them. That’s good promotion for me. So I don’t know if that’s part of your business model, but, um, I think it’s a great idea and quoted texts, you know, are two words that are easy to understand what they mean.

So I thought he did a good job and you’ve got So congratulations. Thank thanks. Great. All right. So Sharon, you went first on that one. So this one is going to be my turn to go first. Well, we’ll settle it in advance. So there were no further arguments. So we’ll go to Elizabeth Elizabeth, welcome to the name game.

Just tell us the name of your business and your domain. Okay. Thank you so much. The name of my business is indigenous and the website is, um, That’s spelled I N D I J E w N E S S.[00:52:00] 

Okay. So, um, interesting indigenous indigenous. So I’m the right person to guess on this one, I suppose, uh, as, as I’m Jewish myself. Um, but clearly from. Radio tests, you know, as you knew right away, you had to spell it out. So obviously unless someone sees it in writing, if they hear it, you’re always going to have to, um, explain how it’s spelled that being said, once it’s revealed how it is spelled.

I think it’s, it’s, um, pretty clear and I’m assuming it’s a pretty good play on the word indigenous and then focusing on, um, Judaism. So I’m going to say indigenous is a blog where you, you know, right. Um, sometimes you risk because indigenous you’re playing it off sometimes. [00:53:00] Uh, stories about, um, maybe, maybe, maybe it’s a personal blog and it’s stories about your experiences, um, growing up Jewish, or maybe even converting to Judaism or history since it’s indigenous.

Um, but I’m going to say it’s a blog along those general areas. Um, that’s going to be my guest, Sharon, what do you think?

I think is a really interesting play on words. Um, I would have, yeah, I started writing down the traditional indigenous, um, when I was writing it down and I’m going to guess it’s a social justice platform or some social justice group, um, that focuses on the Jewish culture and trying to either maintain, um, Yeah, giving people connection to there, to the [00:54:00] Jewish culture or, or being able to sort of, um, get in touch with their Jewish culture.

So, Elizabeth, how did we do Sharon was pretty spot on actually. Um, so indigenous is, uh, a community of people, um, with the African indigenous and European admixture. Um, so we’re talking about the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, um, who were forced to convert or return to other communities, um, after the inquisition and that diaspora.

So yeah. Interesting. So I think, um, good job, Sharon. Congratulations on getting it very close. Um, I, and I guess just as a, as a side thought, it sounds like it’s a, it’s a pretty serious, um, business and focus. And I sort of [00:55:00] was steered down a little bit more of a lighter uberous path because of the nature of the pun of indigenous.

So, um, I’m not sure that that matters one way or the other, but I just mentioned it in passing that the name, at least for me, was lighter than the subject matter when you explained it. Does that make any sense? It absolutely does. And I really appreciate, um, your interpretation of what you thought it was because I am super serious that you were able to find some levity with it.

Like I really appreciate. Great. Well, thank you, Elizabeth. Thanks for playing the name game. We appreciate it. And, um, good luck with indigenous. I do love the pun and the play on words. Um, we’re just coming up on the top of the hour, but we should have time for, we have two people left on stage, so we’ll try to get to both of you one and then Reggie one, welcome to the name game, Jeffrey.

[00:56:00] Thank you so much for having me here. Um, this is awesome. I love the name of the club and the topic. I’m fairly new to clubhouse here, but I’m excited to join the community. So, um, name of the company, uh, and, uh, you’re around right? The, the website is that that’s what was going on? Just tell us, just tell us the name of the company in the URL.

Okay. So, um, legend leadership development, and then the URL is legend systems. That app. Okay, Sharon, I think it was your turn to go first, right?

Yes. Uh, one, can you just say, say the name of the company again, leadership development,

legend leadership development and legend So yes ma’am so, um, that means it’s an app, [00:57:00] um, and lynching leadership.

Um, Hmm, Hmm. I’m going to go with legend system, this top app legend leadership. Um, I’m going to go with it’s a business business app that Hmm. Legend, uh, business. That

well, I’m a little stumped with this one. Um, legend leadership. Because the two words together to me mean kind of different things. And I’m wondering where the legend and the leadership make the connection, um, legend leadership. Uh, maybe it’s an app that puts [00:58:00] together people who are interested. Okay, this is where I’m going.

Um, it’s an app that puts together people who are interested in who are like C suite or high-level people in, um, business who are interested in becoming board members. Um, and so there’s, this app allows you to make connections or compatibility, uh, tests between the two so that you can place people on boards, um, based on their either previous, you know, business interest or, or things that they’re interested in being.

Okay. Uh, Sharon, thank you. I’m going to go in a slightly different direction. I’m going to say that a legend leadership development is a coaching consultancy, um, where you help, uh, leaders become legends. That’s how I make the connection [00:59:00] between the two Sharon. Uh, and I think that the legend is, you know, what part of how you, um, do your coaching is through an app that you provide to your clients.

And that, and basically the, the program that you promote to your clients is really called legend systems. So you create, you turn leaders into legends through the legend system app, and it’s a coaching and consultancy to do just that. That would be my guess. Well, Jeffrey, um, you almost got it spot on, right?

You got it almost spot on. Um, so with this whole new era in when pandemic started really forced us to shift, because a lot of our development, we really develop leaders in the financial industry and it really forced us to go virtual, right. Go virtual and, and connect with other people. And so, yes, we did [01:00:00] design a, an app where it allows us to, uh, play all these resources, uh, trainings and so forth to develop these leaders in the financial industry and essentially creating legends because at the end of the day, legends leave a legacy behind and that’s our goal to help people leave a legacy.

Great. Well, I think, um, sounds like a good cause. And I think the,, um, if you have created an app is a, is a great extension to make that clear. Um, and I think it’s important for apps to have a website, uh, and not just rely on the app store, um, for people to find them. So, um, I think, um, I think you’re on the right track and I think congratulations on, on shifting during the pandemic, as many of us had to do, um, and a lot of businesses that were physical, had to learn how to take their value virtual.

And it sounds like you’ve done that successfully. Absolutely. So [01:01:00] thank you guys. Have a good day. Thank you. So we’re, we’re wrapping up the name game. We have one final contestant. Um, Rangi and Sharon, it it’s the last one. So it’s up for grabs. So if, if you like it, go first, if you don’t pause and then I’ll jump in.

Reggie, tell us the name of your, sorry, go ahead, Sharon. Oh, sorry. Actually, I’m going to have to recuse myself because I actually know Rangi so, oh, it’s all on me. Okay. So Rangi tell us, or tell me, tell all of us the name of your business and your domain, and I’ll see how I can do. Yeah, that’s true. What she says.

Um, uh, I, uh, thanks, thanks for the opportunity. And, uh, I’m the part of this club and I attended a couple of meetings and was very informative. Please keep the good work going and very informative and helpful for everyone. Um, so, uh, the website name is or B L I V [01:02:00] as well as company name is

Okay, so it’s opoly, but O P L I V a oh B for boy, L I V. Yeah. A believer or believer. Okay. So interesting. So a believer, a believer. I believe I’m looking at it. I wrote it down. I believe we are. Oblivia Oblivia it should be OB VAs, but it’s not to me right away. Let me think. Oblique,

that’s it. We believe O B L I V a. Yeah, I believe, I believe. Uh, Hm. Uh we’ve uh, we’ve uh, leave, uh, I feel like the Liv. I believe, well, first of all, I like the way it sounds as a brand. I’m not sure I know what it is, but it’s kind of a [01:03:00] catchy brandable name. , you know, and I think now that I’ve heard it and know how to spell it, I think I will remember it.

So I think it’s a good name in that regard, especially since you have, I believe It’s a good brandable name. Now my question is what does that brand do? I believe a public. I feel like when I say it out loud, I almost hear believe. I believe a believer. I believe a belief. So I feel like there’s something inspirational behind it.

I just get that feeling from it as kind of a brandable name, I believe. Uh, so I feel like a believe, uh, maybe a believer is, is, uh, actually. I’m feeling sort of health and wellness. Maybe it’s a wellness brand, I believe so. Maybe it’s a line of wellness products. Those could be, you know, maybe soothing bombs or, [01:04:00] or, or just kind of a believer wellness.

I feel like it’s a wellness brand. Some kind of a wellness brand will be my guest. Um, and Sharon, you know, so maybe you could tell me how I did,

uh, Reggie.

You got it. Really? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s an a, I mean, it’s starting with one product, uh, that not necessarily to be, uh, uh, you know, a range of wellness product, but you know, um, I’m going to start with one, one brand, one brand. Interesting. So, so I think that that’s really, I’m, I’m pleased to hear that.

And I think it’s an interesting example. You know, brandable names are tricky because there, the advantage of, and when we call it, what we call a brandable name is a word that doesn’t really exist necessarily in the dictionary. [01:05:00] Um, but as a result of that, the advantages of brandable names are number one, you might have more luck getting domain.

If that’s what you’re going for, number two, you might have more luck getting a trademark, um, because you know, generic words in generic terms are oftentimes difficult to trademark because they’re going to be used in a lot of different areas. So when you come up with a unique brandable name, uh, it may be easier to trademark.

So those are the advantages. The disadvantages of course are. People don’t know what it is right away. They haven’t heard of it. So it may be more costly and more difficult to, to build that brand awareness when it’s a word that no one ever heard of before. Um, but in this case, it’s interesting because it’s, it’s a good brandable name and there’s enough elements there of something that actually got me to get down that wellness, wellness path.

So it has that feeling to it, oblivious a believer. [01:06:00] Um, so I think you’ve done a great job with coming up with an interesting brandable name, uh, and as your company grows and gets successful, I think people, uh, will have an opportunity to remember that brand. Yeah. That’s how, I mean, basically I was looking for a unique name, um, not necessarily to have a name with a meaning.

You know, I was looking for a name that sounds good. Uh, and that’s suitable for a healthy wellness brand. And that’s how I reached to that name. But unfortunately, unfortunately, something bad had to happen, you know, because someone started using it after, you know, when I got that name, when I got the domain name, uh, no one was using it, but on a sudden, after one year, like, you know, I got this like three years back and, uh, um, someone started using it for, to some product.

That’s not supposed to be a healthy wellness brand product. And that’s only negative part of it, you know, which, uh, [01:07:00] that person started using it. Not, not a main brand name, but I can have a sub naming convention. He started using it. That’s only thing, but otherwise, uh, as Jeff, you mentioned. I asked many people.

They all told me the same thing. You know, they, they are getting that kind of a healthy and wellness field. Uh, I believe it is mainly because of that liver, Liv kind of a feel out of it, you know, um, maybe, you know, obviously leaving something like that anyway, either way, you know, you got it. Right. Um, thanks.

But sharing, what do you think about it? I mean, just a generally, uh, opinion from your side. I think I never told you about the, you know, it, what it is for, but just to, yeah. So to be more specific, Jeffery, um, he’s formulated a protein bar and natural protein bar. So, um, I think that one of the ways that it can sort of be extended, um, [01:08:00] by taking this name to, uh, you know, taking it a little bit farther would be using a tagline that that’s going to be, um,

More specific to what you offer in terms of, you know, the product offering or product benefits itself so that you’re taking the idea of a believe of being a wellness brand, but then the tagline is going to really take you, um, closer to what it is you’re offering. Um, and I, you know, I think that, I think that’s where all the possibilities are obviously.

Um, I’m kind of curious, cause I didn’t, I, we, haven’t spoken about this other issue with the other person using the name, but, um, if they’re using something, if they’re using part of that name, um, they can’t use because you have it there. So how are, how are they using that name? Is it just something that’s showing up in like Google [01:09:00] searches or coming up in the Google search basically?

Um, uh, Some sort of, I mean, I think Mariana, some kind of a sweet made out of it, you know, but it’s not like a main branding. He started using it after one year. Like, and I think I bought it in, um, uh, 2019 or so. Um, then he started no, no, 2018 by the end of 2018. And this guy started using it 2019. It just comes up on the Google search.

So then after I thought, oh my God. Yeah. Not, not, it’s totally opposite from what I’m supposed to do, you know? So, um, that’s the only negative part of it, but I still, since I own dot Cove, I believe that, you know, I still can promote it and a product out there. And once I have many products and marketing strategy, I CA I hope I can cover it, you know?

Yeah. Yeah. Sorry about that, Jeffrey. I was just thinking that, you know, the [01:10:00] option opportunity then is to judge. Uh, you know, sort of blast the area with, with the information that you’re going to, um, put out regarding your product. And then you’re going to obviously, um, rank in Google searches higher, and then that one’s just going to fall off.

And you’re sort of just, you know, you’re almost going to, um, create it’s going to be a non-issue because that particular hit on that person’s, uh, SEO is going to just fall down in the rankings and yours would be hopefully at the top and you even might have to do something at first, like boosting it or, or doing ads or something like that to sort of boost it.

Um, and that might give you some, you know, ability to, to relegate them down to the bottom. Yeah, you’ll, you’ll dominate, um, SEO as the brand grows. And then if people are searching for that [01:11:00] product, they’re going to end up finding you first. So, um, the one thing I’ll mention, and then I think Karen, did you have something you wanted to add?

Cause I see you flashing there a lot. Yeah. Can I show you some texts? Yeah, go ahead. Yeah. There’s one announcement, which I need to make. Actually, if you allow me only, uh, I’m into a suit from last two years and I’m doing it, uh, on my lip service at some, some of the clients. So if anyone needs help with that shoe, I’m ready to help them.

So Rangi, if you, uh, want some help from Karen, you guys can connect and tap each other’s profiles to find out. One thing I wanted to mention Rangi too, that will, Sharon was talking about tagline and what popped into my head, um, just as a thought is, is be well. And I felt like it goes well with a believer.

So I believe a be well live well or be well live. Well, I believe, I don’t know, for some reason it just kind of popped into my head and kind of fits with the continents and the sound and [01:12:00] whatever I just thought. Okay. Yeah. I’m still playing with the tagline, you know, somewhat similar to that. I created, I mean, a couple of taglines at lately kind of moving towards, uh, because, uh, you know, I’m, I’m creating product based on the, um, the ancient Ayurvedic concept.

So right now I’m thinking of, um, uh, embrace the wisdom of ancient yogis, but I, uh, of course, uh, I think your solution is good also because I don’t want to make it too complicated, but anyway, I’m working on it, you know, uh, Sharon knows it. So, um, so we can come out with one of the, you know, best tagline. So yeah, simple and catchy.

Thank you very much. No, thank you for playing the name game and thank you everyone who joined us on stage tonight. And of course everyone who’s in the audience listening or pastor the room tonight, um, as usual, the most fun about the name game is learning about all these interesting businesses. And from a [01:13:00] branding perspective tonight was a really interesting show because we had some names that were very specific, you know, very direct and very clear as to what they are, and really very directly tied to the business itself.

Then we had some names that were sort of clever combinations of words, and then we ended with a name that’s just a made up word, but a very brandable domain, a brandable name. So I think we saw pretty much all of the different types of names that you might consider when you’re thinking about branding your startup.

So I think there was a great mix tonight and we appreciate everyone who came up on stage and participated Sharon, any final remarks before we close out the show. Yeah, I think that I was going to comment the same thing that we sort of ran the gamut for everything. Um, we, we didn’t have to spin the wheel though and, and come up with NFT or cannabis.

So, um, in pages honors, unfortunately he didn’t have to spin the wheel today. So we didn’t come up with either of [01:14:00] those verticals. But, um, otherwise it was really fun room. Yeah. And I’ll remind everyone that we do record this show and we have replaced turned on. So you can find this and other episodes of the name game over at startup club, which is the, which is the website for startup club.

And also here in clubhouse, you can find the replay of this room in startup club or in my profile or Sharon’s profile and you can listen to it again or share it. Uh, and we appreciate you taking the time to listen to the name game tonight. Thanks everyone. Yeah. And I just wanted to mention that if you enjoyed this, uh, and you enjoy Jeffrey and I to join us on Monday evenings at six o’clock for leading with your story, we do, um, something a little bit different where you come up and tell your brand story for three minutes and we give you tips and feedback.

It’s a timed, um, opportunity. So at the end of three minutes, the timer goes off and you have to stop where you are. And, um, we [01:15:00] see, you know, how well you’ve done communicating your story. So we’d love to see you there as well. Great. Thanks for that reminder, Sharon. And thanks again, everyone. We’ll see you hopefully next week for another episode of the name game here in startup club.

Bye-bye. Thank you.


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