TRANSCRIPT: The Name Game – EP24



Hello and welcome to the name game. Welcome everyone. We’re going to get started in just a moment. I’m going to pin a link to the top here for, which is the website for startup club. And you can go there to find recordings of this show and many other shows that are here on. Start a club and clubhouse.

So welcome everyone. Um, Paige, how my co-hosts should be here in a second. And while I’m waiting for Paige to join, let me tell you a little bit about how the name game works, especially if it’s your first time here. Uh, the name game is a little bit of a game just as it sounds like when we get started we’ll um, you raise your hand and we’ll bring you up on stage.

If you want to play the name game. And if you do join us up on stage, when it’s your turn, all we want [00:01:00] you to do is tell us the name of your start-up or the name of your business and your domain name. Don’t tell us what you do. Don’t tell us what kind of a product selling or what kind of service you have.

Um, our job here at the name game is to try to guess that we want to try to guess what your business is all about just from your brand name and your domain name. And we think that’s valuable because. Uh, competitive word world out there. It’s very cluttered. And if you can give an indication of what your business is all about, just from your name, you have a better chance of attracting the right customers to your business and cutting through some of that clutter.

So we think it’s a valuable thing. And then of course, after we try to guess what you do, you’ll have a chance to give us a little pitch and tell us what you actually do. And then we’ll give you some tips and suggestions. So I’m Jeff sass and I’m happy to be the co-host of the name game along with my partner in crime page house.

On page. I’ll let you intro, I’ll [00:02:00] introduce myself real quick and then I’ll let you do the same and we’ll get started playing the name game. I’m Jeff sass. Um, I was the co-founder and COO domains, which we recently sold to GoDaddy. And I’m currently the COO of, a great pet products company.

And I’m the author of a book called everything I know about business and marketing. I learned from the toxic Avenger and I’ve been heavily involved in branding and marketing for many, many years. And it’s my pleasure to host the name game with you tonight. Uh, welcome and happy new year, uh, congratulations to up club and all your work at, uh, at CES with Proctor and gamble this week.

I hope all that is going great. Um, I’m a private investor. Uh, I’ve been both, uh, someone who’s looked at a lot of companies to fund them both from my own money. And I worked for a family office for 12 years, and then I’ve been a domain investor buying and selling domain names and helping companies, uh, get that [00:03:00] brand, get that easy prestigious connector, uh, to the whole world, really on the internet with a domain name.

And so that’s helped me listen to companies as they look to get a better domain name. So I hope I can help always look forward to here. Some of the amazing stories and companies and ideas and nonprofits and ventures and things like that. So glad to be here in Jim, thanks page, and always glad to have you.

So if you’re out there listening and would like to play the name game, just raise your hand right now. And we’ll start bringing people up on stage and get started playing the game. Um, it’s been really interesting to see what’s happening page with, uh, some of the branding and new domain names happening around, uh, cryptocurrency and NFTs.

And it’s really interesting seeing what’s being adopted. You know, one of the big name changes recently was with square changing its name to block, and of course, um, wasn’t available. And they ended up [00:04:00] going with, which I thought was pretty interesting. Absolutely. And then we continue to see companies upgrade to the shortest.

And best version of, of a name. Uh, Amazon has a subsidiary of camera company, I think, uh, called blink. And, uh, they just purchased in the last month for probably, you know, maybe as much as a million or two. And again, trying to upgrade from a two word to a one word. So, you know, we don’t all have a million dollars, but I think the idea that you want to follow with the best companies are doing in your small market, the shortest, the still seems to have value also.

Oh, I’m sorry. I was, I was muted. I’m sorry. I had muted myself. I was saying that blink is [00:05:00] also a good example of a brand name that actually gives an indication of what they do, because when you think of blink, you think of eyes and visual. And so for a camera, a product it’s not a bad brand at all. So let’s get started.

As a reminder, we are recording this show and we have replaced turned on. So you’ll be able to find the recordings of the name game And of course, here in clubhouse, you can find and share and listen to the replay at any time with that, let’s get started. Ari you’re first up and remember, just tell us your, your brand name and your domaining.

Don’t tell us what you do. Welcome to the name game. Ah, thank you, Jeffrey. Yeah, this is Eric speaking and my startup is called ADHD in biz. And my, the main name is ADHD in ADHD in this

page. Well, it sounds like you’ve got a lot of what you do and your [00:06:00] name, um, which I think is neat because you automatically have somebody thinking about you and your company once they hear the name. And, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that you’re something and the ADHD and business, maybe looking at how such a, uh, you know, um, I almost think ADHD is normal and non age ADHD would be the, the, uh, the abnormal thing these days.

But I think maybe a consulting company that helps people understand how that type of pattern affects us in business, whether it’s working with customers or vendors or, um, things like that. So I’m going to say you’re a consulting company, dealing with ADHD and business. Okay page. Well, I mean, I’m good job Aryan on being very descriptive in your name as page indicated, ADHD in biz, um, stands out pretty clearly.

And ADHD is one of these, um, really good acronyms because I think [00:07:00] at this point, pretty much everyone knows exactly what it stands for and what it represents, um, which is great. So I won’t say what page says, which was a consultancy to help people, you know, uh, succeed in business, you know, as someone with age ADHD, perhaps.

So I’ll say instead it’s kind of a blog or a directory of examples of, you know, well-known. Business people who are also, uh, suffering from, or have, I shouldn’t even say suffering because in many cases it’s a superpower and not something you suffer from. Um, but people in business who have ADHD and yet they’re thriving and doing great things and, and you could read about them in this block.

So I’ll go in that direction. Ari, how did we do so Paige was definitely closer. Um, definitely closer. So essentially ADHD in bears is a membership for early stage ADHD entrepreneurs [00:08:00] to get the resources that they need to launch and grow their businesses.

Great. Well, I think, uh, yes, Paige was definitely closer because he took the obvious choice given the name, but I think he did a good job, a good job, um, with the name. Cause it’s, as, as you could see from the, how, how we responded, it was very, uh, very descriptive and sounds like a worthwhile business page.

Any other thoughts?

Nope. Nope. Well, I think if you’re looking to me, I think that, um, it’s an example of how your name can say what you do and does what you say. And I think that it helps you, if you’re ever going to list yourself on the directory, you even got a benefit of having the, a, you might be at the top of an alphabetical list, but if someone’s looking at a trade show and they’re going to see your company, they’re not going to have to necessarily skip it.

If it’s something that they’re interested [00:09:00] in. And, um, I just really think it’s, it’s a good way to name your business and still be able to brand it. I mean, you can still have your stationary and not to date myself, but you know, you still have your logo and everything, but, but I really like it. Yeah. I also think it’s a good example of.

Showing how abbreviations can work. Um, because you know, biz is another example, you know, it’s an abbreviation, but I think it’s one that’s easily and widely recognized, including the spelling of it. Um, so that was a great way to shorten your name as opposed to just saying ADHD in business. And of course, ADHD is, is an abbreviation or an acronym as well.

So good job. All right, well, thanks. I appreciate that. Awesome. Well, let’s go on to Laquanda next. Laquanda welcome to the name game. Tell us the name of your business and your domain name. Hello. Um, the name of my business is Lyft community development corporation. [00:10:00] And my domain name is Lyft, lift community development, lift community development corporation, and that’s Lyft like L I F.

You got it. All right. Lyft community development corporation. So I’m gonna, I’ll go first this time page, since you did last time, it will alternate. That’ll make it easy. Um, lift. So I’m going to, I’m going to take the assumption that the word lift in this context, because it’s community development is around, you know, lifting, lifting you up, lifting your spirits, lifting your abilities.

Um, so I’m gonna say Lyft community development corporation is, uh, a nonprofit that is, um, really trying [00:11:00] to improve. I’m trying to see the words escape me, but, but it’s trying to lift up the community like trying to, to create activities or groups. Um, within a community, that’s going to lift it up. So maybe you’re helping to make more parks, you know, or improve the parks that exist for the kids to play in or bring in community gardens and things like that, but really a non-profit to lift up, um, the community through those kinds of development projects.

That would be my guess page. Yeah, I really like it. Um, again, we get to meet so many wonderful people trying to help, uh, people and everything about your domain name is positive and your company. You know, Lyft CVC. And whether I’m going to say that you’ve actually got a community and that you’ve got some funding from, whether it be banks or other companies that have to [00:12:00] spend a certain amount of their money, you know, reinvesting in their local community.

And certainly one of the things they can do is fund no entrepreneurs and creatives that can help do that. So I’m going to say that, let’s see that you’re a, you’ve got a local community wherever you’re you live and that, uh, and you run it and you say type thing. And

I really like it. So I’ll say you’re there. You’re better now. Better now. Oh, go ahead. You were getting better.

Well, we, uh, lost page for a second. Laquanda so why don’t you go ahead and tell us, whoops. Oh, is he back? Did we [00:13:00] get them back? Can call you back. Okay. No. Sorry about that. So we lost page for a moment. Why don’t you go ahead and tell us a little bit more about, uh, Lyft community development and what you actually do.

Okay. So you all were on the right track. We are non-profit organization, Lyft community development corporation is a program that lifts the spirits of the orphan. We specialize in providing housing options for young adults that are aging out of the foster care system to prevent them from being homeless and sex trafficking and, um, repeating unnecessary generational, unhealthy generational cycles.

So we do that by. Um, providing them with employability skills, entrepreneurship opportunities and discipleship. Well, first of all, congratulations on what a important and meaningful cause you have and purpose. So that’s great. Um, [00:14:00] and I, and I like the connection between lifting up and lifting up the opportunities for the orphans.

Do you have a tagline I’m curious that you use along with Lyft, that that gives a little bit more clarity to the specific direction? Well, you’ll have to tell me, so it’s equip, empower and propel. Yeah. So I think equip, empower and compel are great propel propel. Yet. There are great words that get that message across.

The only thing I’m thinking of is. If the focus is on orphans in particular, if I heard you correctly, I’m just wondering if, if there’s a way for you to bring that to the forefront as well. Good idea. Yeah, because it is very specific to those that are aging out of the foster care system that are turning 18.

So yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s, that’s a really [00:15:00] important group because they’re often, um, neglected. Um, yeah, yeah, yeah. So I think if maybe I think those three adjectives you have are great, but maybe if you can tag on a little bit more to let us know the area of focus, especially since you said that’s really very specific for you.

So thank you very much. Great. Well, thank you for playing the name game page. If you’re back with us, flash your mic. Okay, great. So you’ll go first on this next one page, unless you had anything you wanted to look.

You’re breaking up still page.

We can’t really make out what you’re saying. So you may have to try to find a different spot, uh, in your try now or trying to move a little bit and then flashback again. Laquanda Huck, hang [00:16:00] out there if you can. And when Paige comes back, he’ll, he’ll give you his 2 cents. Um, meanwhile, let’s go on to Tanessa.

Tanessa welcome to the name game. Uh, tell us the name of your business and your domain name. Um, thank you for saying my name correctly. So thank you. Thank you for that. Uh, my brain name is from above naturals and my domain name is also from above All right. So from above naturals, um, page, I’ll go first, but when you, when you’re ready and back, just flash your mic and I’ll go to you as well.

So first of all, congratulations on getting, you know, the exact match, uh, domain for your name from above naturals. So I’m going to go with, um, a line of haircare, um, products that are obviously made from, from, you know, natural, great ingredients. [00:17:00] Um, and the whole from above thing, I’d say that the brand has kind of a, it’s kind of a, to me, it actually, it’s kind of cool because it’s both represents kind of a spiritual feeling or mission behind it and the cause, but at the same time, if I’m right and it’s haircare products, that’s also from above.

Cause it’s, you know, on top of your head. So I’m going to go with a line of. Um, nice, uh, quality, natural hair care products, but also with kind of a spiritual mission or message behind the brand page. Are you with us? I hope so. Um, I liked the name and since you took the spiritual side, I’ll take the literal side.

So I’ll go with naturals from above, I think. Yeah, I think it is a spiritual name, but I need to, I’ll go with home furnishings and, uh, [00:18:00] treatments covering things like that, but that’s real problem. So I’ll go home furnished things and I liked the natural Maine. I liked having that on there. Um, thanks page is still a little bit hard to hear you, but it was better than before.

Um, Tenessa how did we get. You guys were really, really close Jeffrey. You were more spot on, so it’s not haircare. Um, it is a body care lie, but everything else is correct. So when you get a item from our company, it does have a biblical name, um, on it. And then it also has this scripture that, that you are, um, given to reference as well.

So I don’t make haircare products yet, but I do have a body butter that you can actually use on your hair as well because of the type of ingredients included. Okay. I love it. I think, um, that’s a great, um, concept and I also [00:19:00] think there’d been a lot of really neat products that have incorporated, um, messages, whether that would be scripture or spiritual messages or inspirational messages.

Um, I remember once coming across a brand of athletic wear and inside, like inside the hats and inside the shirts where no one could see them, they would inscribe some type of an inspirational message. I can’t remember what the name of the brand was, but I thought that was very clever. So it was something you, as the owner would know and see every time you put on a piece of their apparel, but no one else would see it.

Um, so I, I think, um, it sounds like what you’re doing is really great page. Any thoughts?

Okay. I think Paige is still having some technical difficulties tonight, but I think Tenessa, uh, I think you’ve done a great job with the name. It seems appropriate for your product. We, we were pretty close to, uh, understanding what you did. So a good job and good job in getting the [00:20:00] domain.

Thanks for playing. Thanks. So let’s go on to Brandon and I apologize everyone for the technical difficulties this evening, but, uh, that’s the nature of the beast and clubhouse where, you know, we’re running around with our phones and signal sometimes are not as strong as our desire to play the name game, but let’s go onto Brandon and page.

When you’re back, just flash your mic and I’ll call on you, Brandon. Welcome to the name game. Tell us the name of your business and your domain name. Thank you, Jeff. Uh, so the name of our company is called back toasts and the domain is also back So it’s B a C T O S. Okay. So I think that, you know, already that, that one thing we talk about often on the name game is the radio test.

And of course the radio test doesn’t refer specifically to radio, but if someone hears your brand, if they hear it on the radio, if they hear people talking about it, or if [00:21:00] they hear it mentioned on a podcast or here in a clubhouse room, are they going to be able to find it just from hearing it? So with the case of back toasts, you immediately spelled it out before I had to ask you, because you know that upon hearing it, people aren’t necessarily going to know how to spell it, which makes it a little bit harder to find.

Um, yeah, so, so, so that’s one challenge you have with the particular spelling now that I know the spelling and see it, um, um,

Part of it. And I’m trying to, I’m assuming it’s some type of a, um, Portman likes to say a combination of two words. So I’m going to think that the back, I don’t know why, I guess cause of COVID everything else. I have bacteria on my mind. So I’m going to say the back is related to bacteria and back-to-school, so I’m going to say back-to-school is, is some type of [00:22:00] medical medical thing.

So maybe it’s a cream, maybe back toast is a cream that you put on. Maybe it’s an all natural, uh, like a homeopathic cream that you can put on a wound or a sore. Um, and it will help it heal faster. To me, it has that kind of a medical field to it back toasts. And did you say what your domain name was? Yeah, it’s, it’s just back to stop come as well.

So I’d like the fact that you have the, the matching domain name, uh, in the pure doc, um, for your company. And, you know, there’s a lot to be said that that may be puts you in the top 10% right there. And I’m going to say it’s like lactose. So you’ve got some type of, uh, culture, culture, beneficial health milk, or shake or something like that.

Um, where we all know lactose and lactose intolerant and it breaks down something in your body or something. [00:23:00] So I’m going to say that you’ve got to run on that with some type of beneficial, uh, bacteria or organism or something like that. And it’s back-to-school dot com and boy, it just makes your email address really easy and reaffirms what you do.

That’s my. And I agree once you know it and know how it’s spelled, it’s going to be easy to remember. It’s, it’s a definitely a memorable and brandable name. So Brandon, tell us how we did so you guys did pretty good page, did a little bit better. So yeah, so back toes, um, comes from bacteria and lactose. So it’s bacteria that basically digest the lactose in milk, but you know, our tagline is probiotics that digest lactose.

And so we kind of entered into a new segment of the probiotic industry where most people don’t really know exactly what the probiotics they take every do accomplish. And back-to-school is the first of its kind probiotic that solves a specific [00:24:00] issue, which is lactose intolerance. So these little bacteria produce lactase enzymes directly in.

You only have to take them for seven days because they will continue to populate the gut for the rest of the month until you have to take another pack. So you take it for seven days, it continues to produce the lactase in your body that your body can’t produce. Um, when you’re lactose intolerant and, uh, 68% of global population is lactose intolerant.

Um, mostly affects people of color and, um, ethnic backgrounds. And it’s something that people don’t really talk about. And we have to kind of get out there and educate people. You know, this is why you’re avoiding dairy. This is why you’re having almond milk. Every day. 30% of people who have almond milk are lactose intolerant, and most people just don’t really know why they’re making those dietary changes when back to us could basically solve.

What a great story. And you explained it extremely well. And I, I like very much that you have a tagline that [00:25:00] tied it into the probiotics, and I actually learned something, um, you know, from you right now, because I take some probiotic supplements. In fact, I had some, some kombucha this afternoon, but to your point, I have no idea actually what those products are really doing for me.

Um, so I liked that you kind of were more specific about that. So I think that’s great. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I’m glad that you liked it and I really love what you guys are doing here. So, um, thanks again. Well, I would just reaffirm that it’s in a world where the internet has made so much information available about health issues, which I think is a part of.

And then it also allows so much misinformation. And so I think this is an area that, that, you know, understanding your body and how it reacts to lactose is an issue. And then Hey, anybody and their brother can make a [00:26:00] claim. So when you’re looking for credibility, Boise, the idea having that short name, it kind of makes people feel like you must have been on this from the beginning, from the 1970s or something.

And I think that that type of credibility helps, you know, because it would be like, well, gee, they got that name. They must have been there from the start. And I think, uh, especially in the online health, which is such a widely searched thing on the internet, you know, to, to find out, cause you, you almost don’t know when to trust your doctor anymore.

Cause they give you choices and options, but you’re like, how do I know what’s right. So I really liked it. I think you’ve done a good. Thank you really appreciate that. Yeah. That’s kind of what we’re going for and that’s kind of, that’s my thing. Um, kind of come from a branding product development and naming type background.

So thank you. I really appreciate that. Yeah, you’ve done a great job other than the radio test issue, which you can overcome when people see it or you spell it out. It’s a great [00:27:00] brandable name that makes perfect sense for your product. So cool. Thanks again, guys. Really appreciate it. Have a good night everyone.

And if anybody wants to contact me, they could just contact me at hello at back-to-school dot com. Alright, thanks Brandon. Right, Tiffany. Welcome to the name game. You’re up next. Um, please tell us the name of your business and your domain name. Yeah, this is going to be a funneling. So, um, our business name is called pure vibes and our domain name is hello, pure vibes, pure vibes and hello, pure vibes.

And that’s all a pure Okay.

Uh, what page you want to go first? Since I went first, I think on the last one, if you’re there. Okay, go ahead. Page. I’ll have to skip this one. Yeah. Okay. Um, pure vibes. [00:28:00] So pure vibes. So good name in terms of two words that that are, um, easy to understand and easy to spell. So I’m going to hear pure vibes and I’m going to be able to find it pretty easily.

So you got that covered. Um, pure vibes gives a, you know, an indication of a lot of different things. Pure vibes could be a great name for a massage. Or a spa, you know, a physical spot place that I go, I’m going to go spend the afternoon in pure vibes and get a nice massage, maybe a pedicure or something like that.

So I’m going to go with that. I’m going to go with pure vibes is a, uh, a location to retail location for, um, you know, massage is like a spa, a spa called pure vibes. That’s going to be my guess. Um, Paige is gonna, is tied up at the moment. So how did I do Tiffany? It’s actually dead on, we are a natural skincare brand and company, but we also provide a [00:29:00] static in spotlight services as well.

Great. Well, clearly you’ve done a great job in picking the name because a, it made perfect sense to me and, and, uh, it’s a good name to remember. And if I know if I was searching for. Uh, spawn nearby and pure vibes came up in the result. I would feel good about it and probably want to check it out further.

Yeah, I just wanted to ask. I really do think it does a good job. Was this your first choice? Can you just give us maybe a peak? And I know we’re taking a little time away from everyone else, but I think we’ll get everybody in. Did you come to this first or did you do any testing and have people not like another name and then get to it?

Because if this was your first choice, I think he really had a good inspiration from the start actually my first choice and we actually worked our way backwards. We launched our product, not our product line and all the products were inspired by a mood or a vibe that you want to create. So we have a product called breathe.

We have [00:30:00] a product called awaken. We have a product call, relax. We have a product called live. Um, Intentional, um, being intentional in mindfulness. And then after that portion of creating our products, I went and got my aesthetic license to go and include the spotlight. And it’s normally the other way around.

You normally get spas that incorporate products, but we kind of work backwards starting with products first and wanting to create an experience in the shower and the tub, and when you’re using our skincare products and then took that feeling from that inspiration from the shower and tried to just create a whole ambience and a spiral of debt.

That’s great. And it looks like your domain is my pure It’s actually hello, pure Okay. Paige, what do you think about the domain name side of it?

Yeah, I think with pure vibes, you know, you want to keep an eye on whoever has pure and you never know if they, if they’re using it or if [00:31:00] they, uh, If they end up, you know, not wanting to use it and you can work something, maybe give them some product, uh, for the name. And, um, I don’t know if there’s an apparent good, uh, alternate TLD, you know, like the net or the org, the technology companies like the IO.

And I don’t know if there is one for fashion. It’s funny. There was a new one this year called CFD that you’ve probably never heard of. I don’t think anyone has, it was CFD and they couldn’t think of what to brand it. Cause they, they, they owned it CFD. And then they decided to say, what are we going to brand it as?

And they came up with clothing, fashion, design, CFD, but I think there really isn’t one for wellness or health, but, uh, but maybe having pure vibes dot something involved with health w would be nice and you could test it out, but good luck. Yeah. There is, um, and there’s and, but I’m not sure.

If any of those would be [00:32:00] the best fit pun intended. Um, but, um, did you choose, hello? Did you consider other things to put in the beginning besides hello? Just curious. Um, the old domain was my peer vibes and then we changed it to hello, pure vibes, and we watch pure vibes for awhile. Um, especially when, when we were doing our trademark stuff and it hit a heavy sticker price.

Um, so we’ll continue to brainstorm and think about it, but I do like that health, so we’ll see. Great. Well, thank you, Tiffany. Good luck with the business. It sounds like you’re on the right track and thank you for playing the name game. Uh, what’s go to Zio James. Next. Welcome to the name game.

If you’re there. Go ahead and unmute yourself. If not, we’ll go ahead and move on to a Benjamin update. You are, you know, uh, Hey guys. Sorry. I’m super grateful for. To just be a part of this room, [00:33:00] um, such lovely people in such amazing energy. I’m zeal. I’m the ground guide the bottom with the beard. Um, what’s up how you guys doing good Zio, go ahead and tell us the name of your business and your domain name.

Yeah, so, uh, it’s fairly a new project because I have been living off grid for the past two years, uh, just from community to community. But what I’m working on right now is called crypto bro. And a domain name is called what is crypto So page this one’s going to be all yours. I’m going to recuse myself because a Zio James was at the, um, lead with your story earlier this week.

And so I know exactly what he’s doing. Okay. All right. So crypto bro, uh, Crypto bro, obviously in the crypto space. So I liked having the crypto. I liked having the three letters short, uh, it’s positive, you know, on the spectrum of [00:34:00] positive negative. I think bro does kind of comport a familiarness or likeableness.

So I’m stuck between I’ll I’ll give you two guesses. Since Jeffery, I could either go an online community of investors that can help empower projects, or I could go with a specific NFT project where you’ve got NFTs of crypto bros that have different, you know, traits and characteristics. And I’m going to go with the second one.

I’m going to say you’re an NFT project with a community for crypto bros.

no, go ahead. Cause I already know. So, um, tell us, tell page, tell page just one step ahead. [00:35:00] Yeah, man, honestly, uh, headed to the point and I was very curious about what you have to say, because I wanted to know like, okay, well, if people can tell me what they think of this, when they hear about it, it can help me become more self-aware about the project itself.

Um, and I am so happy that you hit it on the mark. Just one thing it’s neither like it’s not only an a C project. It’s not only a community. It’s an NFT project, which allows, um, the, you know, allow us to have a community of people who can learn. Um, crypto together and they have this community space where they can trust each other because you know, the NFD, um, uh, the blockchain system authorizes that you all bros, you know, instead of getting out there, talking to random people on Facebook, getting scammed, um, now you have the same community.

Everything is like, every person is on the blockchain. There is no running away. So everybody’s actually going to be more [00:36:00] accountable, kinder to everybody. And, uh, yeah, that was the goal of community, which is powered by NFTs and blockchain, and is responsible for helping each other in the crypto space. May it be investing or whatever, and also they will have a community space in most countries.

That’s great. I think it’s a great project and page, you were pretty close there and you finally got to, um, choose NFTs and be right, right. Yeah, terrific. I think as a founder to put yourself out there, like you did and say that for the benefit of my company, I’m going to be vulnerable and see what other people think.

I really think that bodes well for your ability to lead your community. Um, you know, that you’re willing to put it out there and, and risk it. And, uh, and, and I do think you’ve got a good name. I don’t know if you mentioned your domain [00:37:00] name.

Do you have a, your domain name for crypto bros? Yeah, so actually, um, because I’m, I’m working alone and, um, you know, I just, uh, got into a city like a month ago. I’ve been living in forest, so I haven’t worked much on it, but it’s called waters, crypto, I want to make, I want to keep it very simple, very relatable.

So when people look at it, they click on it. If they’re thinking about that question,

Well, fantastic. Well, I followed you and reached out to me. I put about a hundred hours into my own NFT project that I delay that the end of last year. So if I can be a resource, let me know and welcome in from the, from the forest. Um, and good luck to you, sir. Thank you. Thank you page. Thank you, zero. That sounds great.

And, um, I think it’s [00:38:00] really interesting page, you know, to pose a question as your domain name, because I think it’s, you know, if someone saw that, um, you know, would they be more inclined to click on it and really find out what is crypto bro? I think that’s a clever idea from a marketing perspective.

Absolutely. And it’s timely. Um, Google, the largest company ever, you know, on the internet. Um, they have almost rewritten all their algorithms to. Solve problems and to address issues as AI questions. Um, and so I think you will probably end up with crypto crypto bros dot something, but to be able to always go back to not only telling people you’re at the right site for crypto bros, but we’re ready to tell you it.

No, no, no questions too dumb, kind of, you know what I mean? Yes. We understand. You’re you’re asking questions about what is it and, and we’re telling you that we realize that from the start. So [00:39:00] I liked it. Yeah. Very clever. Thanks for joining us again. It was great to see you or hear you, I should say. Um, they have to hearing you on lead with your story on a Monday night, Benjamin.

Welcome to the name game. Tell us what your name is and your. Hi there. Um, so it’s a bit tricky. I joined this room thinking it’s something else, but you know, um, I’ll continue with, um, where you guys are doing. Um, so, uh, the name is applauding me. Um, and then what else am I supposed to do? Uh, tell us your name, the name you said employ me and the domain name.

If you have a domain name for your business, apply Okay. And is a ploy me spelled a P L O Y M E a P P L Y M E. Okay. So app app Lloyd me. So I feel like it’s some sort of a play on employee me, so, and it’s an employee MI app. [00:40:00] So maybe app ploy me is actually, um, an app based. Job board. So it’s, so it’s a, it’s an app, or actually I’m gonna, I’m gonna change my mind midstream here.

Sorry, page. I’m going to say app ploy me is a job board, um, specifically for app developers. So if you’re an app developer and you are looking for work, you know, app Floyd, me, um, is the place that’s going to find you that job then conversely, if I’m looking for an app developer, perhaps I could find an app developer over at app

So that’s going to be my guest page. Very interesting. Apply me, apply me. And it’s funny how. Being a derivative of employ, which I’m thinking it is also, um, it makes us wonder where’d the word employee come from anyway. Um, you know, uh, what is [00:41:00] M M I guess, empower, employ? So you started saying ploy, but I almost feel like over the years employ like anything.

We remember a name for the worst things about it. So maybe I’m going to go with employee is to, instead of the employee, which is kind of a worker boss type thing where I employ you, you serve me, you do what I say that this has maybe a different take and it’s, it’s, uh, it’s like, we’re going to appreciate each other.

We’re going to help appreciate each person. You know, it’s, it’s a more equal relationship appointing Anyway, that just, I just want to, I’ve kinda got the vibe of, we’ll see. How’d we do Benjamin. So you were kind of in the right direction. Um, at first you were, then you drifted away from what we do.

Uh, we reinvented the whole way, uh, business owners and job seekers communicate and, um, job seekers apply to [00:42:00] jobs at retail and, um, hospitality industry. Um, funny enough, um, I bumped into this channel because, um, I’ve been going crazy recently. Um, we were reached out by another company based out of New York that is called a ploy app, L O I a.

And I think us that we need to change our name because we are in the same sandbox and people are getting confused between names. So, um, over the past few weeks we’ve been, you know, going on websites, looking for domain names and looking for new ideas. And we are just lost yesterday. We actually started a competition on squad help.

I don’t know if you guys are familiar with that company. Um, and we’re still getting results in, but I’m really hope. I was hoping joining this. To get some advice or maybe obviously not on here right now, but, uh, come up, uh, offline and talk and, you know, possibly help us come up with a new name for our company.

Uh, we launched six months ago, we’re rapidly growing. Uh, we’re launching our enterprise model in three months and we need to have it done by then. Um, and yeah, so you, you, you are kind of [00:43:00] close Jeffrey, um, and, uh, yeah, so we help business owners, uh, cafe, restaurants, bars, all those, uh, hire employees. Yeah. So Paige has a lot of experience, um, with squad help.

And we’ve actually had the founder of squad help on here in this room, uh, in one of the early, uh, additions of the name game. If I remember correctly, right. Page. Yeah, I think Darpan moon, Joel, and his group and squad help. I think you’ve done yourself right by doing that. You, what you basically done is you’ve put the power of a huge number of creatives that are going to be competing to come up.

The best name idea for you. And at the same time, potentially come up with names. They’re either just a really good name or it’s a name where either the N the domain name, especially if it’s is already owned by a squad help member. And, you know, I have about, [00:44:00] uh, 2000 names listed on squad health at about 300 in their premium.

So right now there’s people going through all the names, because if you do pick a name and it happens to be one that I own, and I have a price on it, that creative is going to get part of the money from kind of, you know, doing the research, to look at your description of your problem, to look at your goals and come up with the best names.

And if you think about having that many people working for you, uh, in exchange for one of them getting a bounty. Yeah, I think it’s a terrific way to go almost to the extent that a company could, could use it, just to see what’s out there. Even if you like your name, um, I hate it that you have to change.

I’m sure you’ve already been through the, the legal battle of doing that, but to the extent that you might not go willingly, I don’t think it’s out of balance to try to have a mutual agreement with the other company where they might at least contribute at some level financially to you having to [00:45:00] voluntarily leave your name.

And I’m not saying that you can force them to do that, but it’s not out of bounds to potentially try to include that in some type of settlement. Yeah. So they, they actually beat us to trademark. Um, now I’m not saying that if I can’t trademark my name, I don’t want to use it anymore, but I just, I’m a person that I’d rather pick my battles, you know, and not fight with people and just, you know, they can take me to court and they can raise hell on me.

And I just rather not deal with it at all, you know, and be in good faith and. Challenge accepted as being an entrepreneur, being in this world is every day is a new obstacle. And we took this as an obstacle. And funny enough, we launched around the same time. I just was didn’t think about trademarking, the name.

Um, I was able to train my curb, our slogan, but not our name. So, um, yeah, I appreciate it. Um, uh, page, if you don’t mind, I’ll reach out to you by email and maybe we can chat a little bit and, you know, help me find a good direction. Cause I’m really lost. And I think Paige is suggestion, not [00:46:00] just for you Benjamin, but for anyone listening, who might find themselves in the same situation is a really smart and wise suggestion.

So as you pointed out, Benjamin, yes, you can fight them and then they have to fight you. And that’s going to cost them, even though they’ll probably prevail, it’s still going to cost them some legal expense. You could go back to them and say, look, I really don’t want to change my name, but rather than have his fight over it, I found an alternative name and it’s going to cost me $3,000.

You know, if you give me the $3,000, you know, I will go get that alternative name and we’ll be done. I’ll sign whatever you want me to sign. And even start there with the price and fall, and maybe you’ll split the difference with them or something, because if you choose to fight it, they’ll still have to spend money, even if they’re going to prevail.

So I thought that was a great suggestion. Yeah, I’ll look into it. Thank you. Awesome. All right, we’re coming up to about 13 minutes left, uh, before the end of the show. So let’s keep moving. We should have time to get to everyone. Who’s on stage currently. Let’s go to [00:47:00] Kashif. I hope I pronounced your name correctly.

Welcome to the name game. Yeah. So thank you. Uh, it’s cautious. Uh, but no problem. Um, so 50, 50 chance of getting it, right? Sorry. So the name of, uh, that I have is called espresso diagnostics, uh, just spelled E S P R E S S O and then the word So just wanted to get, um, your feedback page. I think it’s your turn to go first espresso diagnostics, espresso diagnostic.

There is a certain flow to it and the diagnostics puts me in the medical space. And then poor. You talk about a left turn. I was thinking medical, and now I’ve got espresso. Um, and boy, I’m going to be fascinated to hear if it is a literal meeting. Um, but espresso, diagnostics, espresso diagnostics. This is what [00:48:00] we do when we stall.

Um, I’m going to go with espresso diagnostics. I like to meet my friends and sit on the patio and then the Italian cafe and we sip espresso and we diagnose other people’s problems. So the only thing I can think of that might where espresso might hint at. At what the company is, as opposed to it just being a neat word.

You know what I mean is that somehow there is a coffee house field and what you do, and you, you let people, um, you crowdsource diagnosing someone’s condition, but boy, I don’t feel too good about that when Jeff, maybe we can get something better. Okay. Well, I, it’s funny because you know, obviously diagnostics is pretty direct.

So, so I also went in that direction of diagnostics, but to me, as soon as I heard espresso, especially espresso spelled correctly, [00:49:00] um, I had a. Flat a flashback to being in Europe and grabbing several espressos during the course of the day, as I’m running around to meetings. And literally being able to just walk up to one of these espresso stands, you know, not even go inside and just get it from the window outside and have very quick service.

So to me, espresso represented kind of quick service. And if you’ve ever gone to get any testing done at a diagnostic center, oftentimes. Um, it, you might sit there for an hour waiting for your appointment, even if you had an appointment at a set time, they’re rarely on time, at least in my personal experience.

So I immediately thought of espresso. Diagnostics is kind of a fun name for a diagnostic testing center that made it stand out is not, you know, too corporate. And at the same time, Uh, where you can expect to get your treatment quickly and efficiently, just like you’re a cup of espresso that [00:50:00] that’s, that’s the direction I went.

It’s so similar to you page, but that’s how I interpreted the espresso piece. Pascha. How do we do, uh, Jeff? You nailed it. So that is the exact idea. Um, so basically we’re working on a patented device. That’s actually in the shape of a coffee cup because it turns out that, um, you know, for a lot of the enzymes, like PCR, you have to vary the temperature.

So this technology will actually keep the, uh, enzymes that you need to. Can all be run inside of a coffee cup and we, the entire test can be done in 30 minutes or less, which is why we chose the name espresso, and it only needs one drop of blood. And it’s as accurate as a PCR machine. And they’re using the same technology already right now at Heathrow airport.

Um, as well as Gatwick and London, just to it’s called the lateral flow test, but we made it into an ISO thermal lateral flow test, which means it’s one temperature, one drop of blood, one test, and it’s as accurate as a PCR. So we’re doing it first for [00:51:00] hepatitis C because hepatitis C tests require multiple visits to a lab.

Multiple times you gotta get pricked. And 50% of the people, you have to go twice. At least they stopped going after the first time. And we are actively applying for government grants from the NIH and the CDC. But I for, I got any further along on this, just wanted to make sure the name sounded reasonable.

Yeah. So I, I liked the name, uh, very much. Um, the thing I would mention though, and this is an interesting branding discussion. Um, the news can change your brand without you wanting it to. And I think that given the very recent news, literally as of, as of this week with the conviction of Elizabeth Holmes and, uh, Theranose, I would remove the one drop of blood line from all of your marketing at this moment in time.

Um, even though that might be something you’re doing, I think that you would run the risk of. [00:52:00] Distracting people, even if, even if your technology has nothing to do with, they were doing, there’s just been so much publicity negative. Now around this idea of test results from one drop of blood, that I’d be a little bit wary of that at this moment page.

What do you think? Well, I, I really liked the way you tell your story and I can tell you’re devoted to this and, and, and, um, you know, kudos because my daughter is a, is a biology major. She’s graduating here. This may, and I can’t wait. I need you to say the two words together, again, that temperature, temperature based something I’ve got to drop that one on her today.

The, the, what did you say about the temperature? Sure. It’s an ISO thermal based test, meaning that it’s one temperature that’s contained in one unit, as opposed to PCR, which you have to change the temperature multiple times. I liked it. I’m going to drop that on her, but when I thought about what. You know, because you’re a medical company, you know, [00:53:00] there’s going to be a lot of things involved with doing business with people and, and, and, you know, you’re going to have to have the goods, you know, you can’t fake someone out when you’re a medical company and you’ve obviously got them.

But I feel like even though I was confused at the start with how espresso was going to come to diagnostics, as you explain what you’re doing, both the quick nature of what you’re doing and the fact that it can be done in a coffee cup. I kinda got a real positive aha moment that, that brought me back to your name.

Does that make sense? That that, because it wasn’t clear, it made me curious and then your explanation for it was so good. I kind of was, was enthused about it. So I really, I think it’s neat. Yeah. I mean, that’s something else that I also was thinking we haven’t come up with a logo yet, but we also need a way of visually telling the story, um, because it does it’s hit or miss some people get it, some.

And once we explain the concept, they get it. [00:54:00] Um, so that was the other thing that I was wondering if you guys had any insights or recommendations on as well,

in terms of an actual visual logo. Yeah. So, I mean, obviously the, the obvious thing, you know, is, as you mentioned yourself, it all fits in a coffee cup is something along those lines, but that is a little bit tricky when you get into the visual side of it, because that’ll, it’s not going to be clear. Um, the diagnostic piece, I think, is Paige said, when you tell the story, it kind of clicks.

Um, so I think that that’s something that can take some real creative pondering. There may be a way to incorporate, uh, the coffee cup into it, or maybe that’s not the way to go because the name itself is strong enough in conveying that visual image. Right? So maybe you don’t donate the coffee cup for the visual piece.

Um, there are some great sites, you know, we talked about squad help. Um, they do logos there there’s 99 [00:55:00] designs. Um, there’s a lot of sites now that are really great where you can put out a. An idea as a contest and have some really creative and talented people pitch you back with lots of different ideas.

And it’s a very cost-effective way to get a lot of ideas, because this is one instance where, um, the obvious may not be the right answer. And that’s my first reaction, but I like the name espresso. And as Paige said, I liked the way you tell the story and it all seems to fit. So we wish you best of luck with it and do keep in mind the whole Theranose thing.

Because I think anyone, unfortunately right now who’s in the, the testing arena, especially anything to do with blood testing has to be a little bit wary about, you know, their marketing, because it was so abused by Theranose. Yeah. I want to throw something out. Jeff. I’m not as concerned with that. I think that was a real inside the beltway story.

And I don’t know if one of their problems with the company was no one could figure out how with he went. Um, you know, I, I don’t, I don’t, [00:56:00] I wouldn’t be as concerned about that, but inside the beltway maybe, and it’s going to be, there’s going to be a movie coming out in a few weeks. There’s going to be another movie with, uh, um, Jennifer Lawrence is Elizabeth Holmes.

It’s going to be pretty mainstream and this whole idea and, and the, the issue is, I don’t think anyone’s going to think that your product is not good or bad, like Theranose turned out to be. But I think it’s a, it’s a potential distraction. In other words, once you get someone to be interested in your brand, you wanted them to be focused on you and what you do.

You don’t want them to be asking, oh, one drop. Are you like Theranose, you know, it’s just a distraction. I’m not saying it’s, it’s indicating anything negative, but I think it’s a potential distraction from what you want someone to focus on, which is your business. That’s my opinion. Thank you. Thank you very much.

All right. We’ve got a few minutes left. Let’s get to Eric. And then Jody, uh, Eric, welcome to the name game. Thank you very much. [00:57:00] Um, our company’s called innovative, sustainable living and we own innovative, sustainable All right, whose turn was it page? I forgot. Okay. Innovative, sustainable living.

Um, pretty straightforward words. It’s a little bit long, but it’s very descriptive. Um, so sustainable living. I’m going to go. I’m going to go with the very, very straightforward and, and think of housing. So I’m going to go down the path of innovative, sustainable living is, um, one of these companies that are cropping up, um, which are really interesting that are putting together, you know, sort of taking prehab, prefab, excuse me, prefab housing to the next level, leveraging technologies like, um, large, uh, 3d printers to actually [00:58:00] print homes that are made of sustainable materials.

So I’m going to go down the path of, of you’re creating very innovative housing, leveraging sustainable materials and new technologies and new building techniques that are, um, much more environmentally sound than the traditional way of creating a home. That’s going to be my guests, um, page. Yeah, it certainly, um, I almost feel like you’re the name you gave us innovate.

Sustainable living might end up being your tagline because it is so long to type out every time, especially to text, but innovative, sustainable living. I’m going to go related. I’ll go with, instead of homes, I’ll go with housewares, home furnishings and products that will help me get to a zero carbon or a net zero, uh, personal lifestyle, um, in terms of what I do each day and my daily activities.

And maybe even extend that to my, to [00:59:00] my car and my play and my hobby and my vacations. So I’ll go with things and strategies to help me live a sustainable or a net zero life. Eric, how did we do, uh, we are basically, we are in the housing business. What we do is have a platform that brings all areas of housing from designers, manufacturers, vendors.

Shippers assemblers contractors, uh, to optimize either, um, time costs or quality. So right. We pick the right new technology to either say here’s an emergency urgent housing. Here’s cheap housing. Let’s get this going or here is a real cool new, modern quality custom home. Great. So I guess I get the points on that one.

Okay. You do. I think the system is certainly broken and in need of innovation [01:00:00] and the, the inefficiency of how we spend money. You know, I think I grew up in LA and I, and I do work and I looked at how they pass a bill and they spend $800 million to provide, you know, 43 houses or something like that.

And, and it’s just, you know, it was just, there’s gotta be a better way. And to see entrepreneurs like yourself, take your talent and take a real-world approach to it. You know what I mean? I think that, uh, you know, I just really encourage you. I think when it comes to your name, you know, you may end up with either some type of brandable, like, you know, sustain, uh, or something like that.

Or you may end up with something with the ISL, you know, like get ISL or my ISL. Um, but I think the core, your company, the tagline will always be that innovative, sustainable living, but you may end up with something shorter when it comes to just your email address. Uh, texting and things like that. Just possibly just keep that in mind, but, uh, certainly kudos and good luck.[01:01:00] 

Yeah. This actually comes from a doctoral research for building supply, um, service level architectures optimized by artificial intelligence, but it’s really about capturing the volume by getting everybody together on a global scale to bring the price and options, increase the options and bring the price down.

So rather than one company that’s trying to do one of these and knock them off, you know, we’re, we’re figuring out how to build thousands or hundreds of thousands of homes for people. Well, it sounds like a great and a needed cause. So congratulations, Eric. And, um, thank you for playing the name game, uh, where at the top of the hour, but we’re going to make sure that Jodie gets a chance to play if you’ve had your hand up and didn’t make it to the stage tonight, we apologize, but certainly invite you to come back next week or two, a future week.

We do the name game every Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM Eastern time. And if you didn’t get onstage [01:02:00] tonight and do come back, feel free to back channel pager. I, and let us know that you didn’t make it on and we’ll make sure we bring you up, um, right away early in the hour. So thank you for that. Thank you everyone, Jody.

Welcome to the name game. This is so much fun. I’ve enjoyed this. Uh, my name is Jody. I, you just said my company name is collinear and the website I have is colinear Okay. Patient. I think it was your turn now, right?

I got to get my mic off. Collinear I’m going to say that it’s, I’m thinking culinary. So collinear app collinear app culinary, culinary cooking. So I’m going to say it’s a recipes and you give me the recipe. I just have to buy the food and you helped me make it in my app. I put my little phone on my kitchen counter.

I sprinkle my spices. [01:03:00] I mix everything together, a collinear app. Um, I think when you have what I call a purpose name, meaning, you know, you’re, you’re going to put app at the end of your word, colinear. I think your two choices are to do or culinary and they both have benefits. And, and I’ll speak to that a little bit later, but culinary or app, I’ll go for a recipe app.

Jeff, what are you?

Yeah. So first of all, um, I liked the name and I’m assuming it’s spelled C U L I N E R. Is that correct? Correct. Yeah. And the reason why I went down that spelling path, and I’m not sure if everyone would do it the same way as I immediately thought of the movie rocket Rocketeer I don’t know why. And that’s how Rocketeer is spelled.

And I felt like. Cooling the air and Rocketeer. So my son is an executive chef and he went to Johnson and Wales. And, um, so I feel like cooling air is, is, is an app. [01:04:00] That’s gonna, you know, chefs are superheroes in their own way. It’s a lot of hard work, as I know, firsthand from my son. So I’m going to say that cooling ear is an app where if you want to find a chef for a private event, um, you know, you want to find that, that rock star, superstar chef to come and, um, you know, make a dinner for a private event you’re having maybe even cooked for a special family holiday or something.

Culinary our app is, is, uh, an app where you can find, uh, an available chef in your area to come and cook for you at some sort of a private event. That that would be my guess, Jody, how did we do page is he’d nailed it for why do we started out the. But we’ve pivoted and there’s some elements of what you’ve suggested.

So it’s a community platform for home cooks who buy from local chefs. And it’s an app that is at the [01:05:00] intersection of recipe creation, original recipe creation, farmers who grow sustainable food and their customers who need to learn how to cook with food. They don’t necessarily have familiarity with.

Interesting. So I think there’s a, there’s a lot of opportunities with apps now. The cooking space and I like how you’re bringing together, um, different aspects of it from the local farmers, et cetera. It’s interesting during COVID my son who was an executive chef. If I sidelined for a moment, he lost his job during COVID in March of 2020, and in looking for something to do and wanting to help him, uh, I helped him actually start a new business.

Where he would, we, we set up a website and everything chef’s Uh, and basically you could tell him what foods you had in your pantry or in your refrigerator right then and there, because it was hard for people to shop during the, during the [01:06:00] lockdowns. And he will send you two or three recipes using just the ingredients that you happen to have on hand after you tell them what they are.

And then together, you do a video call and he’ll help you virtually cook the meal. So he’ll basically give you a cooking lesson to cook that meal that was created based on the ingredients that were in your home. And that was actually a pretty good business for him for a short while, until he got another job, you should talk about that because that’s part of the extension that we’ll do is some of those instruction that when you buy local, locally produced in season food, it’s a whole different experience than what most of us are used to.

And the farmers lose half of their business every year because of. So we’re giving this platform for marketers as a marketing platform for the farmers to engage and retain their customers and allow people to cook at home with healthy, local food that they make that they want to use, but they maybe don’t know how so it’s a great thank you.

And by the way, [01:07:00] colinear was inspired. It was, my company name is what’s for dinner technologies, which is a terrible name to try to brand cause everybody uses that my brand name was initially time T H Y E worst name because everybody uses that. Um, but I went onto that platform you guys are talking about, and this name was inspired by a woman who suggested K U L I N E a R.

And then we kicked that around until we came up with colinear. So that’s, that platform is really great that you guys were talking about that. Yeah. I took a quick and I think you’re going to want to keep an eye on it. It looks like a thousand dollars. I think when I, when I first started searching the name, which is a big mistake don’t ever do that, it went up to 10 grand and we’ll get it.

We’ll get it. Everybody has what they’d like to have the world be. Uh, and then, and then, you know, I think [01:08:00] it’s good that they have your contact information. You know, you may get an email one day that says I’ve had a life change and I’m going to be circling the globe, helping people. And I could use possibly selling this name for 9,999 or something.

And I, and I think it’s, it’s the type of thing where, where, you know, it’s just good to keep an eye on it because I don’t think it’s a name that necessarily has a lot of wholesale value. You know, someone couldn’t go. And so I think you are the natural buyer, so you just want to be passive and play possum a little bit.

The only other thing I would say about the name is culinary takes me without the E R you know, it takes me into the colon there in a. And then I take the Y off you, you may have some people try to pronounce it that way, and you might do yourself a little brand protection with Colin near with the AR app, just in case somebody gets it wrong.

Um, [01:09:00] but I, but I really think that, um, it, it, I, I liked the name by itself and it gives you a lot of places to go. And I know we’re, we’re limited on time here, but do you stay with us the whole time? And I want to encourage you, I will say that it doesn’t necessarily communicate the passion that you spoke with about helping the local farmer.

And if you could incorporate that, you know, I really felt that as much as you want to help people make better recipes and things like that, I also really felt when you talked about that, you know, your desire for that, and maybe along the way, you might have another site that’s helping local or something, because I really felt that, and that may not be communicated in the.

Interesting. Thank you so much for that. I really appreciate it. This was really a great exercise and, um, it’s great to be validated as well when you get a right or get something close to. Right. So is our deep link. We have that one too. Fantastic. Thank you so much. [01:10:00] Awesome. Well, thank you, Jody.

And thank you, Eric and Benjamin and everyone who was with us previously to play the name game. And of course, thank you page for all of your wisdom and expertise. Um, we really enjoy doing this show each week, um, partially because it’s fun and partially because we learn about all these really interesting businesses, um, and oftentimes businesses with a great cause it’s like we heard tonight.

So it’s really a pleasure for us to do this each week. And you can always come back next Wednesday at 6:00 PM, uh, to hear us again, and you can listen to a recording of this episode And of course we have replays turned on, so you can listen to it and share it here in clubhouse page.

Any final remarks before we close the room. Uh, only that as we get to our one-year anniversary later in the year, maybe we’ll have an alumni show Jeff and, and visit some of the companies that we had over 2021, which was an exciting year and see where they are today and what they decided to do. So have a great [01:11:00] weekend.

I love that idea page. I’m going to get the team working on it and start reaching out to people. What a great idea. Thanks everyone. Hope to see you again for another edition of the name game soon. Take care.


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