TRANSCRIPT: The Name Game – EP20



Welcome to the name game. Welcome everybody. Welcome to this week’s episode of the name game, the first name game of season. As this year flies by our co-hosts Sharon cognac and pay chow should be with us in just a moment. And then we’ll get the show on the road. For those of you who are visiting the name game for the first time as we wait for Sharyn and Page to arrive, I’ll tell you how the name game works.

After a brief introduction, we’ll start bringing people up on stage. And if you do come up on stage, when it’s your turn to play the name game, all we ask you to do is, uh, tell us the [00:01:00] name of your business and your domain name. Don’t tell us what you do. Don’t tell us what vertical you’re in or anything like that, because the purpose of the name game is we’re going to try to guess.

So we’ll let you tell us your name. Tell us the name of the business, the name of your domain. And we’ll try to guess what your business does, what industry you’re in and what you do. And the reason we do that is, uh, Really we think, you know, it’s a very cluttered world out there. It’s very complicated to get, uh, uh, the attention of a potential customer or a potential prospect.

And if your name, if your brand gives an indication of the business you’re in that can often give you, uh, an edge in terms of people being able to find you people being able to remember you, there can be SEO benefits. If you have a great brand that tells people what you do. So that’s the whole point of the name game.

Uh, hi, Jeffrey. Good to be here. Thanks for having, uh, it’s [00:02:00] a pleasure always to have you as one of our panelists here on the name, game and page, how should be joining us momentarily as well. And then we’ll get started real quick. I’m going to ping page. If you want Sharon, you could introduce yourself quick and maybe give a plug for allegiance story on Monday nights and then I’ll ping page and we’ll get started.

Absolutely. I’m Sharon Tanya. I’m a story coach and brand strategist at help. Um, startups business entrepreneurs use the power of storytelling to elevate their brand, to get them noticed, remembered, and create raving fans that are going to buy from them again again. So, you know, we talk about the name game and how important a name is, but we also talk about how important the story is.

And on a Monday nights, Jeffrey and I run another room at six o’clock Eastern. Cold lead with your story. And we invite people to come on up and [00:03:00] share their story with us. Um, share your brand story with us, your origin story, your underdog story, whatever kind of story that you have related to branding.

And then in three minutes, um, you have to tell us that story. And when the timer goes off, we go ahead and give you some feedback and hopefully create an opportunity for you to tell your story to a, to a wide audience, and then get some feedback as to how that story resonates with people. And, um, you know, if there’s any changes you need to make.

So we welcome everyone coming up and joining us on Monday nights. And, um, also I would ask that follow to the people that are the moderators here, myself included and check out our bios and see if there’s anything. We can do to help you out. We’re always helped more than willing to do that. Um, there’s some things in our bios that you can click on and get in touch with us.

You can back channel us and all those types of things. So [00:04:00] thank you, Sharon. And, um, yeah. So tonight it’s all about your brand Monday nights. It’s all about your story. So tonight we’re going to focus on your brand and your name and your domain name. Uh, great to be here. Sorry to be running a little late, but better.

Late than never. There we go. Yeah, that’s it. Great. Well, thank you page. I’m going to start bringing people up on stage. Remember, if you do come up on stage, please mute yourself. As soon as you land on stage and unmute yourself when it’s your turn to play the name game, and we call on you. And remember this episode of the name, game is being recorded and you can find recordings of the main game, the website for startup club.

And you can also go to start a club inside of clubhouse. And here are the replays of this show and many other shows on start-up club. So with that, let’s dive in. We’ve got a few people up on stage already. Let’s dive in and start. So we’ll begin with Charles and remember Charles, just tell us the name [00:05:00] of your business and your domain name.

Don’t tell us Charles, welcome to the name game. Go ahead.

Hi. All right. I’m going to give you the name, but I don’t have the website running yet. Okay.

So the name, because I’m just thinking about it is a trauma. Could you spell that for us? Yeah. T R a M M E R S E tremors.

All right. I’ll, I’ll go first. Jeff, since you asked, uh, traumas traumas, I’m going to say, because you added the SP at the end, that’s different than just a Pearl noun of a trauma, which we all know is I actually don’t know what a trauma is, but at first I thought it was traumas and now you’ve made it trauma [00:06:00] with an S E which at first I was thinking would be like a CE, like e-commerce, you know what I mean?

Is it S E or CE at the end? That will be S E S C. Okay. So at first I was thinking it was some type of tram, you know, some type of e-commerce, but for something else, but now it’s traumas traumas, and I don’t know what you do. I can’t tell traumas traumas company go to So I want to spend the wheel between NFT cannabis or branding agency.

I’ll go cannabis. You’re a cannabis company and you, uh, you have a brand of cannabis called traumas. All right, Jeff, there you go. I left the room. Okay. Well, I’m going to say, [00:07:00] because of the word tram is in their tremors. I feel like, I don’t know. I felt something about transportation somehow. I thought about tram.

So maybe tremor. Is like a platform, um, where, you know, just like you can book a car ride with Uber or Lyft, maybe in the area where you’re located, there’s a tram system and you can use your tremors app to either follow the schedule or book a tram or pay for your tram ride so that I’m going to go on the transportation direction with tremors.

And then after Sharon goes paid, let’s talk a little bit about, you know, domain names relative to tremor. Since, um, Charles said he hadn’t picked one yet, Sharon. Wow, you guys took, um, took all my ideas. Um, I find myself at a loss right now, uh, since Paige spun the wheel. And when for cannabis, I guess I’ll spin the wheel and go for NFT and [00:08:00] say that tremors is a website for tramp tramp tramp in way as you Jeffrey, as like a shuttle service.

So I’m going to say an NFT, uh, related to shuttle services. That’s all I got. All right, Charles T uh, tell us how we did tell us what tremors does and is, and then, and then we’ll talk a little bit. Yeah, absolutely. Um, so I think. Jeffrey was pretty closed. The idea. Thank you for the three of you to give me an input.

So really tremors is travel PLAs immersive. So that’s why we have those mirrors that, that comes from the second part immersive. So it’s um, so it will be a platform to connect travelers. We’ve essentially immersive experiences. [00:09:00] So essentially I thought of Travers, but the domain name is not there. So then I went for tremors.

Uh, so, so I feel like, um, so if you could pick one of the, the things I I do with clients and things is I asked them to pick what would be your ultimate name as if there were domains taken. You could go to the winter. You were number one in line. So for you, it would be tra immersive travel. Really?

It sounds like that’s what you’re after is travel. Uh, and then immersive. Is that about right? That’s right. Yes. Yeah. Okay. So I feel like I’m wanna encourage you to be a little more, uh, aggressive and try to get closer to your ultimate. Cause I feel like you had to settle for second best for travel. You had to switch to tram and then [00:10:00] for welfare immersive, you, you didn’t have immersive, you had immerse.

So I feel like you had to settle for second best on both sides of your name. And I just wonder if you kept looking, even if you use this name for a while. If you may not come up with something that either has one of the other immersive or travel. So in other words, if you could get traverses even, or, or something like that, that was what we call a port man to, you know, combining words and parts of words together.

I feel like you might be able to do a little bit better. Um, but this one seems good,

hopefully that, sorry, I just wanted to make a comment because Charles, I think we talked about the radio test and that’s the ability to understand what you’re saying, um, without having to spell it. And I think that Jeffrey and I both thought the beginning of your name was tra M instead of T R a V, which is a [00:11:00] short for travel immersive.

So I don’t know if that’s the case or not, but so that’s.

All right. Thank you guys. Yeah. Thank you, Charles. And we wish you good luck with it. Maybe come back when you do pick your domain name and play again, and tell us, tell us what the main name you chose. That would be great. Next up in the name game is Tiffany. Tiffany will.

Hello? Sorry. Let me get work. Okay, Tiffany. Hi, I’m sorry. I’m ready. My name is Tiffany. Um, the, the name game than I am, um, is light him up Inc. And my domain name is smokey smokes. Uh, dot com, which SM Oaks I’m. Okay. Yes,

light them up, Inc. Uh, alright, Sharon, do you want to light this one up first? [00:12:00] Yeah, thanks. This is, um, I think this is an easy one on the wheel, because I think this is gonna go in the cannabis, uh, realm and it’s going to be a cannabis. Let’s see. Yeah. A website for people who want to purchase cannabis related items like paraphernalia and things like that for, for, um, for cannabis.

That’s what I’m Paige. Well, it sounds like smokey smokes. And, uh, I’m going to say besides the fact that it sounds fun and it’s smoke and smoky, but also made me think of smokey the bear. So I’m going to say that maybe it’s an outdoorsy brand and outdoors-y, uh, brand, and since. I can’t say cannabis cause it’d be too much.

Like Sharon’s all go with [00:13:00] cigars. You’re a cigar company.

All right. Well that was, uh, you guys have taken, um, taken the obvious ones, light them up, smokey smokes. I’ll go for just a different direction then to, to keep it interesting. So I’m going to say, you know, you’ve got to light them up and smokey smokes. Um, if you’ve ever had a fireplace and you wanted to get that fire going, you know, there’s all these different kinds of, uh, things you throw in there to get the fire started.

So maybe your smokey smokes is, is an all natural. Um, I don’t know what you call them, but the fire starter that you can toss into the fireplace to get a great fire going. So, uh, just to be different from Paige and Sharon, and to show you that there’s a lot of variety we can come to from your name. That’s what I’m going to suggest.

How do we do Tiffany? And then we’ll talk about that. I’d like to talk a little bit about having the. Um, I think that you did wonderful, um, kind of, I, I [00:14:00] am in the Delta eight CBD and a business. I make CBD and Delta eight edible arrangements. So I kind of give them like instead of flour basis, they get bond stuff with all types of animals and stuff for smoking.

Like whether it be the dry herb or, you know, just the candy and the S the gummies.

So it’s interesting. So you’re dealing with the edibles and not the actual smoking, which leads me to ask. I’m sorry. The edibles come in. That’s the edible arrangement part of it. They come in something to smoke with, smoke it out of, but I have an actual smoke shop. Yeah. I actually own a smoke shop at brick and mortar smoke shop that actually does have cigars as well.

So I do do a little bit of everything and I’m planning on adding it to that website as the time does progress. I’m just a little busy on my own. Understood. So is that, what’s the name of the actual physical store? The physical store right now, we have under the name of [00:15:00] Smokey’s, but we actually just changed the name to light them up because there’s another Smokey’s in the Chicago area that kind of took the name after we had the name already, but we kind of are making ourselves stand away from them.

Cause we’re totally different on the aspect of, we have everything from like swords to t-shirts to, uh, hookahs and hookah delivery and things like that. So, so the only question I have, and I’m curious to see what Sharon and page thing too is, you really, you’re putting yourself in a situation where you have to support two different brands because.

Is the name of the business, but smokey smokes is the domain name and all those smoky smokes is catchy and memorable. It doesn’t relate directly to light them up. It relates conceptually, but, but it does not relate as the brand. It’s two, it’s really two different brands that people sort of have to remember.

I don’t know, Sharon Page, I think from a branding standpoint, Jeffrey. Yeah, it’s really. Sort of a [00:16:00] dilemma because you don’t want to be cannibalizing. And I didn’t say cannabis, cannabis sizing. I said cannibalizing from one brand to another. Um, so you don’t want to have an opportunity where there’s any sort of confusion.

Um, I know that page is probably going to talk about pointing your brand, your, um, your domain from one place to another, and I’ll let him take that. But I think that from the branding standpoint, yeah, it’s always sort of dangerous to have two different brand ideas that you have to support. Um, and. You know, not, not create an opportunity for customers to be confused.

Are you this company, are you that company know where the exact same thing, or then when you’re also dealing with a competitor, as you mentioned, the Smokey’s, uh, other competitor that you have. So, I mean, I would, my advice would be to, to fully go [00:17:00] down the one road and that if you’re changing to light them up, I would rebrand everything and take it all down that road and not, um, you know, have any confusion.

Well, Hey, Tiffany, thanks for joining us today. I can tell you are ready to go. You’re an aggressive entrepreneur, you know, you’re out there in a tough, competitive environment. I can tell in Chicago and, you know, I think you’re ready to move and change and, and all that stuff. And I think based upon what Sharon just said, I would ask yourself, where do you make most of your money for.

And why do you make it? And if you feel like you’re a location-based shop, you know, because you’re in a certain neighborhood or relationships, then, you know, branding may not be as important for your shop, you know, if it’s just local. Um, but I wanted to talk about was your idea of the edible arrangements.

You know, that company has done such a great job of marketing the food shaped as flowers, [00:18:00] that I would treat that separately and almost try to think of, uh, a name that was like edible arrangements, but somehow was, was more with had some hint of cannabis because I’m sure there’s other people doing it. I think that’s the one where you could really be different for the whole Chicago land area.

You know, this idea of a edible arrangement of the same way you give someone flowers, you’re going to give this, this, uh, cannabis edible arrangement. And I think that that could have its own brand separate from maybe your everyday business of a shop. Um, because I think. Thank you so much, Paige, as Sharon and Jeffrey, I, I definitely, uh, and listening to your, uh, advice as how you would speak.

And that’s kind of what I am doing. I’m in the middle of rebranding, I guess, as you would say it, because smokey smokes was our name for so long. We not just have one store. We’ve got like. Three or four different [00:19:00] locations in the Chicago land area. And after we had the name, some other store came into, took the main on my arrangements or just for the website I have for right at this moment, because it is a lot of work to put these things together.

It’s not, it’s not walk in the park and, you know, with the Africa DEMEC and short handedness, you know, so it it’s something that I’m rebranding and doing as I speak, uh, as far as the catchy name goes, I did have settable arrangements because it was kind of like, but just because it was CBD edible arrangements.

But when I tried to trademark the name, we went through a whole issue with, uh, their edible arrangements. It’s too close to their name and that they’re trying to Sue me and they wanted to take partnership and they wanted me to buy the name back from them. And I wasn’t going to give them my name or buy it from them to be honest with you.

So I, uh, basically did the opposite, you know, like. Pretty much where I’m at. And again, I appreciate all of your advices and I’m definitely listening intently and I love this room. Thank you for opening it up. [00:20:00] Thank you so much, Tiffany. Thanks for playing the name game. Yeah, I just wanted to, to, to,

to, um, I think Paige was saying, you know, get something that sounds like edible arrangements, but if you’re close enough, um, then you do run into those problems with infringement and, you know, you’ll get those cease and desist orders. So, so you want to try to, um, you know, find a place in the market where you can carve out your own name.

Uh, and I think, you know, you’re trying to do that and, uh, you know, that’s just going to take a little bit of time, um, on your, from your standpoint. And one of the ways that I think Paige has talked about this before, but one of the ways you can come up with ideas is just starting. Just, you know, brainstorm, just put a whole bunch of information out there, out, just take a piece of paper and put everything that, um, [00:21:00] that stands for your brand.

You know, everything that you do, just write a whole bunch of words down and then start putting all those words together and seeing if any of them make sense to you, that you can create, um, a name out of. And that goes for anybody else in the room, anybody listening, who wants to come up with a name or hasn’t been able to do so just go ahead and, you know, put a lot of stuff down on paper and you never know when something’s going to resonate with you and it’s just going to hit.

Thank you, Sharon. I did come up with a name. It’s going to be settles. I’m just going to drop there. Yeah, it was funny about it. I was thinking even edible arrangements when they had to pick their name, they probably wanted to go with edible flowers or something like that. And arrangements really, isn’t a word that we have.

I mean, we know what it is when you say, oh yeah, I’d like to get a flower arrangement, but I don’t know if any of us ever really say a lot, oh, I want to get an arrangement for somebody, but they took it and they made it work for [00:22:00] them. So, so the other way to go is to type in arrangements in the and see about things like edible bouquets, or maybe there’s another word that’s a little bit less known.

You won’t be confused with arrangements because your word is completely different. But, um, but you know, they were, they were probably in the same spot once to trying to come up with a name and they settled on edible arrangements. So thank you, Tiffany. Thanks for playing the name game. Uh, next up we have Dr.

Cecile, Dr. Cecile. Welcome.

Thank you. How’s everyone doing this evening? So. That’s great. Thank you for inviting me up to the stage. I appreciate this room. So the name of my business is brand new. It’s only, I’ve only been operational, um, less than a month now, still working on the website. Um, but, um, it is culture sick. So just my business name as well as my domain [00:23:00] name.

So it’s culture, C U L T U R E S E C. Culture sick

culture set culture set. Right? Our culture tax culture. Sec culture, sec culture, sick culture sec. Okay. My brain is spinning was all my brain spins. Pedro Sharon, if you have a thought already, feel free to jump in. I’m absorbing the culture sec. Um, I’ll let you go, Sharon, if you want. But since you didn’t, I’ll take it cause I’ll take the lab.

So I’m going to go with culture security and I’m going to go with the idea that all of our information is out there, all over the public, uh, the public, uh, you know, social networks and everything. And a lot of us want to engage in social media, but we don’t want all of our [00:24:00] information out there. So you advise people on strategies and things they can do to protect themselves and their security.

When they’re out there in the social media culture culture sec, that’s my guests. I’ll go.

Interesting. I’ve been trying the culture part. Obviously the word culture is, is very straightforward. And of course, I, I, um, think a lot about corporate culture and business culture. So I, I w I’m thinking it’s something to do with company culture, but I’m trying to make that connection to the sec, to the culture sec.

So page took it down the security path. So I don’t want to go down that path. So I almost feel like it’s almost short for section like culture section, and it’s just really kind of, uh, a way you were trying to make the name, um, interesting. You know, if you look at a ticket and it tells you what, where your [00:25:00] seats are typically SCC is the, is the, uh, uh, abbreviation for section the section your seats might be in.

So culture sec is probably, uh, an agency that’s really focused on helping companies. Um, design and implement their culture. So I’m going to go with a culture focused agency. Uh, I was just going to take the culture a different way. I was going to take it to four people getting in touch with their culture.

So you might want to help people who are, um, Hmm. Let me think about this. You know what, I’m going to take it from like a genealogy standpoint. People who have now found out that they have different cultures that they didn’t necessarily, um, identify with before and now they want to develop a rapport with that culture and get a cultural identity [00:26:00] from them.

So culture seq helps you. Well, uh, Dr. Cecile, before you tell us the answer and what you do, I just want to mention that this is what’s kind of fun and interesting, at least in my opinion about the name game is how. You might have one vision of, of what people are going to get from your name. And as you can see with Paige and Sharon and I, we can often come up with a lot of different, um, interpretations of what your name is.

So I think that’s sort of the whole point of the name game. So Jeff, I’m going to go with my twin brothers here. My first name is Hampton. So Hampton house is going to have a guest to give me two guesses here. Since we are talking to Dr. Cecile, I’m going to go with my second guests, which I’m breaking the rules.

I’m going to go with bio culture, cultures in the lab, securing them, tracking them through the blockchain. I’m going to go with [00:27:00] culture security, blockchain. Well, rules are meant to be broken page, but I’m glad you added that. That that’s an interesting twist. And of course you, you observed Dr. Seal’s name.

So Dr. Cecile. Um, pretty well pretty well for the most part. So Jeffrey and Paige, you too, if I could take both of your answers and mesh them up together, that you will be spot on, um, Sharon, sorry, and not really much to do with the culture. Um, in, in that sense. So I’m a computer scientist and I work in cyber security.

And what I found is that there is a lack of people, focused leaders, and they seem to be completely unaware of the impact that they have on cyber security and compliance in our organizations. So my company, we provide cyber security consulting, but we give more focus to helping leaders and managers to cultivate, um, um, cyber secure cultures and giving them guidance on how to [00:28:00] develop, how to change their perspective to more of a people oriented perspective.

So in doing so, they would minimize their impacts on cybersecurity. So we help business leaders to grow cyber secure cultures, which is. In line with data protection. Well, first of all, congratulations, I love the concept and what you’re doing, and there’s a huge, huge need for that right now. I mean, I can personally site and experience where I’m a very senior executive at a company that I was associated with was fooled by an obvious phishing phishing scam and ended up, you know, wiring money to an account that was not where they thought it was going.

And the company lost a big hunk of money to someone in Hong Kong that they could never retrieve. And I think having a culture in a company where not just the senior executives, but every employee understands basic cybersecurity [00:29:00] and basic, you know, ways to protect them, not just themselves, but the company is, is a really important thing.

So. Absolutely. I find that they, this companies spend a lot of money on a technical side of cyber security, but they forget that it’s all cybersecurity starts and ends with people. So we want to get more of the people, focus, more training and awareness, and also getting leaders on board with how to influence and cultivate a cyber secure culture.

So that’s the purpose of my company. So now that I know what you do and like it, I wonder what we think. And I’d love to hear from you from Sharon. And page two is, is, is culture sec with th with the sec, is that, is that the best, like when you describe the company, what you do, you use some other words and other adjectives.

And I wonder if, if one of them would work better and even culture security while it’s longer, maybe it’s more descriptive and more direct [00:30:00] a pay. Well, again, I think it’s a wonderful, uh, aim and we meet so many wonderful people here. I think Sharon and Jeff would agree that are doing so many, not only say hopefully successful businesses, but you know, improving lives of everybody.

And when I think about the way Jeff said it, when you have a name that’s short for something, I think you want it. You want the thing that it’s short for it to be really dominant for you, which would be culture, cyber security. Culture. So I started thinking, is that really the best thing that you do? So I think this’ll be a great short name to go with, especially since you have, but everything you shared with me where you talked about leadership, you talked about, I got a sense of empowering a sense of, uh, having leaders duplicate what you teach them in their organizations.

I understand that that’s part of culture, but I just wonder [00:31:00] if everything you’re doing is hinted at, with this name. So I think great for now, but I just wonder if it may not be your ultimate name that you end up with. Cause I think your, your, um, your aims and your goals are bigger than your name right now.

And I’d love to have your Hmm. Okay. I like that. Okay. Yes. Along those along those lines, Dr. Steel, do you have a tagline that you use in association with culture sec that might steer us closer to. No I’ve been thinking about that. Haven’t quite come up with a tagline just yet. Um, on my page, I do have, um, uh, a short little paragraph, our, um, our coast, the bio security strategy focuses on the people oriented aspect of cyber security, um, leadership management, and culture supplemented with tech.

So we give more of a people first and then technology supplemented with technology. Yeah. [00:32:00] So maybe you want to play within Sharon May have some opinions on this too, cause it’s her area of expertise, but you can take what you just said and shorten it to where something along the lines of, you know, cybersecurity starts with people know where, where you, that kind of brings home the constant.

Oh, can I steal it? Absolutely. Yeah. I love the idea of what you do. And I think obviously, you know, like we said, it’s super important. I just wonder, um, as Paige was saying, if the culture part of your, um, domain is helping you, if it’s working hard enough, like that, it’s a common thing that we talk about in messaging and branding is like, you know, everything has to work hard for you.

Um, and if it has to work too hard to communicate your idea, then sometimes you’re doing yourself a disservice. So I think going back to that idea of putting down a bunch of ideas [00:33:00] that. Or for pulling out things from your paragraph that really sort of get down to your, why might be helpful for you to come up with another name?

And, and you’re still, if I recall from the very beginning, you said you’re really new into the company, so it’s only a month old. So if you are in that, you’re sort of in that honeymoon phase right now, you certainly have the ability. Um, if you don’t have the name recognition to play with it a little bit, and I would take the opportunity to do that now, because once you get married to a name, um, then you’re coming to somebody like me and saying, okay, now I have to rebrand or I have to relaunch.

And so you don’t really want to do that too far down the line if you don’t have. Okay. All right. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I wanted to share one more thing. And this is hopefully for everyone listening, if I can be so bold, I really liked when you were describing your company and I do this too, you know, I [00:34:00] said something about it and then I said something about it.

And then you almost pictured someone saying, but what is it that you really do? And you were like, what we really are is a people first company. And boy, when you get to that moment where you’re talking about your company and, and, and you feel like you just have a couple of seconds left, you know, someone’s literally, it’s not an elevator pitch.

It’s a, the elevator doors are closing pitch. You know, what is the one thing you want to throw out? I really liked that for you. Well, you said it’s a people first and Jeff’s tagline was great because I think that’s a great hook to be able to say most people would think that cyber security is a technical issue.

We believe it’s a people issue and that could really be a segue. So I just really liked the way you were talking about your company. And then when you finally said what we really do is, and I would just encourage everyone to, to think about what that would be if someone said, but what are you really do?

I need to know right now, and whatever [00:35:00] comes out of your mouth, I think that’s, that’s the essence of your company.

Great advice page. Yeah. Sometimes, you know, we overthink things and that first instinct, when you’re put on the spot, as Paige said with the door closing pitch at the door, elevator door, closing pitch, you’re on the spot. And then you just have to go by instinct. You can’t think about it. And sometimes that’s where the best things come from.

That’s great. Thanks for sharing that page.

Thank you for joining us next up to play the name game, Damien. Well,

thank you. Thank you. This is my first time here. Well, great. Uh, if you, if you didn’t hear it from the beginning, what, what you should do is just tell us the name of her business and your domain name. Don’t tell us what you do. It’s our job to try to get all right. The name of my business is Brandon. [00:36:00] And I have two domains.

It’s and brand brand day. All right. Uh, showrunner page. You guys want to go first? What have you, yeah, well, I’ll hop in and say that it’s, eh, you have a marketing company that when brands are struggling to be seen in the marketplace or, you know, they’re trying to get some tractions, like let’s go with social media.

You’re a social media related company that gives brands traction in the market.

Yeah, I think I’m brand a first of all, I I’m, uh, uh, Compulsive punster myself. So I love the fact that you’ve got brand aid, a play on bandaid, but, but clear and easy to understand, um, you’ve used to a country code, [00:37:00] So I feel like you must have an office in the UK. So if Sharon is right and you are a branding agency of sorts, you cater to businesses in the U S and the UK.

So, um, you know, I really think that a it’s so clear brand aid that you would be helping brands and be a branding agency. I really have to sort of agree with that. I don’t have, I could make up something else, but I’d be lying. I feel like you’re, you’re, it’s very direct. So I’m going to go with that. And then after page goes, uh, let’s talk a little bit about the extensions you chose and the domain.

Yeah. Also I’ll save my comments for the, uh, the domain section. And let’s see, uh, let’s see what brand aid does cause I would have guessed the same thing help with branding, fixing brand Damian, let us know what you actually do. All right. And what we do, uh, ever end date. We are a full service branding agency.

We provide disruptive innovation [00:38:00] strategies to millennials, startups and the real world. And in the metaverse. All right. Page. You want to just go dive in and we’ll talk about the domains. I have some thoughts too, but yeah, I think that. You know, for those of us that are of a certain age, we think of brand aid.

And we think of band-aid, uh, you know, which I don’t even know if they even market band-aids anymore, which is, you know, um, uh, but then there was also all the concerts in the seventies and eighties to, to do benefits for people. But, um, but then you mentioned metaverse and millennials. And so I wonder, uh, I don’t have a solution for you.

I wonder if your brand is less millennial and less Mehta Varsi, uh, if it might need to be more better Versie and more millennial. Um, and, and one of the ways I think that it’s further reinforced that you might not be met oversea and [00:39:00] millennial is it’s hard to be disruptive. I think. And then go for what I’ll consider like the second best extensions us and UK.

Now that’s not to say that you can’t make them cool. I think of the movie gets shorty with John Travolta and he gets this old minivan. And uh, he’s like, I can’t ride around in a minivan. I want a Cadillac, but then he turns it around and tells all these Hollywood celebrities, Hey, it’s the Cadillac to minivans.

And they’re like, oh, so, I mean, you could turn around the U S and the, you know, the UK with what you’re doing, but at the beginning, they may not contribute to you being disruptive. Um, and you may even, even if you had to go three words in or a new TLD, that might seem more disruptive, even bandaid that IO maybe would seem more disruptive than the U S or the UK, but it sounds great.

And I. But I think if I could add to what, what Paige said. [00:40:00] So, so the good news is brand aid is very memorable and very clear cause all three of us knew that you were a branding agency. So that’s the good news. The bad news is you’ve got brand, but actually I checked and someone else has brand and it looks like they may also be involved in, they say customized web strategies.

So that’s not quite branding, but it is related. And the issue that you’ll be challenged with is people may remember the name brand aid, but they may go to brand before they go to brand or brand So, so that’s something that you’ll have to face and deal with, um, with the current structure of the names.

Yeah. And the other one that’s popped up recently is XYZ, which was a, a new [00:41:00] extension. And it kind of got caught up in marketing to China as a lot of them did. But I think it’s getting back to its roots of being appealing to generation X generation Y generation Z. So I think even if you ran your website and your company on the U S or the UK, um, you might want to get the XYZ and see if that has some more punch.

Last thing is with the UK, I believe, and I’m not in England. Most people they’re still default to the co UK, meaning that there’s a lot of words where the owner of the co UK didn’t even get to UK themselves. And so. I don’t know if the co UK there would be the equivalent of the comm where you’d have a competitor with your exact name, but I think it’s okay to be in the same business as the comm.

If you’re an IO F the F the image that they get when they come to your site is so drastically different, that they would [00:42:00] never, they would never, um, like if the, if site is kind of a web one point, oh, you know, just generic WordPress thing, and you guys are blowing it out of the water, cause you’re a branding company.

I think maybe the IO might give you a little more,

hopefully that I appreciate it. Well, thank you for playing the name game. We appreciate it and wish you a great success with a brand, a great name. Uh, Jonathan, you’re up next. Welcome to.

Thank you very much for having me, uh, the name of the company is neighbor technologies and the website is

Alright. Neighbor dot technologies and neighbor does technology. So I’m personally, I like the new domain extensions. When you pick [00:43:00] one that’s relevant and shortens your name. So I like that you have that the, um, in terms of the business, I will guess neighborhood technology. So it’s interesting because there’s next door, which is a neighborhood social network, but because you chose, you’ve got that word technology.

So I’m trying to think what technologies would serve the neighborhood. Um, well, I’m going to go. With your AE actually kind of a, uh, an it service for the home. So in other words, in, in your neighborhood, you know, everyone could use the person they could call to fix their computer or set up their wifi properly, or add a wifi extender.

There’s a lot of consumers in the home now in the neighborhood who don’t really know how all this tech stuff works, they don’t want to call the geek squad. They’d rather call someone from neighborhood technology to swing on by and help them with whatever technology issue they have in their home. So [00:44:00] that’s, I’m going to go ahead and take a stab at it and say that you are a competitor to like the ring technology where a neighbor tech is a company that provides, um, secure home security systems, but you also are linking.

Uh, home security systems and then people within a certain neighborhood can talk to each other or put information up on, you know, on this, uh, on a platform related to things that are happening in there. Yeah. I think Jeff, you mentioned it, but you didn’t say it. So I’m going to take it as mine. I’m going to say you’re a next door clone, um, where you create a local social networks, a little mini social networks for [00:45:00] communities, um, and a neighbor technologies and a great.

Yeah, that was, um, really, almost close to perfect. Um, it is a social network that allows you to see the people around you in a real time. Um, people in the neighborhood, they can connect and communicate with each other. Um, you know, they can send messages. It’s like next door competitor, but what would a more social aspect, um, like posting videos and, um, you know, go out on dates and requesting dates and, and

great. Um, so page as the winner of this, since you were closest, even though I hinted at it, but you get all the points, what do you think about the word technology as it relates to how Jonathan. I think it’s [00:46:00] a, it’s a good name. I think it’s a good name to run your company off of, but I’m not sure, especially with such a well-known company as next door, maybe also providing similar services that.

As long as you’re going to benchmark them. And I think they’re worthy of being benchmarked, actually watched the CEO yesterday morning on CNBC and it’s, um, it’s a fantastic company and it’s an example of a company that was started during, you know, after the financial crisis and had to really fight the last eight or 10 years to slowly make itself relevant.

And now they’re going to go from just surviving to probably being one of the biggest IPOs next year, unless they’re already public. I’m not sure, but I think if you are going to go that route, then, um, It’s going to be hard for people to type in neighbor TechTown neighbor dot technologies, you know, so many times or text it so many times.

So I think if you run your company on it, [00:47:00] that’s fine. But I think you’re going to end up with something shorter, um, because it’s just too long. The text would be my comments, but I’m fine for now, but maybe try to get shorter because texting is so big now that, uh, if I had to tell Jeff my neighbor that I found a good plumber or, Hey, let’s watch the game this week.

And I had to say, sign up at neighbor dot technologies. I’m not sure I would get all those. Yeah. One thing I’d add too, since you’re, you’re open to the new extensions, cause you did it, that technology, there is and there’s, you know, et cetera. So there might be, um, a name with neighbor neighbors.

Um, That works. And that’s a little bit closer to what your business actually does. Cause I think when most people hear technology, I don’t know that they’re going to think social network. They’re going to think maybe more technical stuff like the stuff I mentioned about fixing a computer or your wifi router, et [00:48:00] cetera.

So those are some things to consider. Hopefully that was really helpful. Great. Well, let’s go on to Kelby next and Sharon, I think it’s your turn to go first on this one. So we’ll set that up in advance. Calvin. Welcome to the, yeah. The name of our company is Lee A’s and it’s L E a I

Oh, thanks, Jeffrey. Um, liaise. Wow. I’m going to have to use pages stolen tech E a I Lee A’s. Um, wow.

I’m [00:49:00] thinking that the Lea has to do with a person’s name. Um, wow. I really, I, I’m going to have to say I’m stumped on this one and if someone else wants to go, all right, well, I, I, I thought you’d dive into the radio test issue cause certainly liaise the way you spell it. You’re always going to have to spell it out because no, one’s going to know how to spell liaise the way you do.

So that’s an unusually spelling. So you’re going to have to deal with that on the radio test. Um, But I’m going to say that I’m going to guess that it’s a play off of the word liaise, you know, which is all about connecting and being the intermediary. So I’m going to say that you’re an influencer, a social influencer platform that helps businesses and brands liaise with influencers and micro-influencers that they may want to connect with to help promote their business or [00:50:00] product.

So I’m going to say liaise is a social influencer platform or agency. Um, but you’re definitely going to have a challenge with the radio test. I liked the name. Um, I was thinking about it and I liked the word liaise. I’m trying to think of a movie where someone, they use the word perfectly because they were trying to define their role.

They weren’t really official. So it’s kind of this quasi official. It’s almost like the, I got a guy, you know, um, you kind of liaise, but I’m going to play off the, a I in the L E a I Z. And I’m going to go with artificial intelligence that puts you together with other people that have the same likes and want to do things the same way you do

Paige. I liked that you picked up on the AI. That was pretty clever. So now I’m really [00:51:00] curious Kelby, uh, I mean, Uh, actually really good. Um, it’s a, it’s a niche social network for entrepreneurs and urban entertainment industry. Um, and, uh, the chief component of it is actually proactively helping people discover each other and content, um, through, um, through that data.

Um, so not so much, uh, pushing ads, but creating connections.

Uh, great. So that sounds like a, um, a great business and a great use of the word liaise. Yeah, I’m not sure I know how to spell the A’s. That’s sure I mind the radio test. I know how to spell liaison. Um, but, uh, I’m not sure I would get that right, either. So, because I don’t know how to spell liaise and it’s so short, you know, a [00:52:00] six letter name and having is really, is really great.

I’m sure your logos and your branding and your, you know, your different events or something like that, you know, you can put, uh, you know, whatever product names you have by liaise. This is by liaise. Uh, and, and it’s probably trademarkable, um, in your goods and services. So I wish you luck. I think you can maybe do some amazing things.

And I think the name’s got some, some broad shoulders to carry up, you know, a big company and, and, uh,

awesome. Well, thank you, Kelby. Thank you for playing the name. How do you spell liaise Jeffrey? L I a, I S E I think,

well, yeah, I could be wrong. I don’t hold me to that. All right. We’re coming up to the top of the hour. So we, we usually, um, do this show for [00:53:00] about an hour, uh, every Wednesday evening from six to 7:00 PM. So we’ll get to one more contestant tonight. If you didn’t make it up on stage for the name game tonight, um, please do come back, uh, another Wednesday evening to join us.

And if you’d like, feel free to, uh, back channel page or Sharon or myself and let us know that we didn’t get to you tonight. And then next week, if you come, we’ll put you up on stage right at the beginning. So apologize in advance and for our final name game contestant tonight, let’s go to black.

If you’re there black, uh, unmute yourself and tell us your name and your

okay. I think Black’s not there. So I just invited one more person up. Cause we have time for one more person. So welcome. Um, page. We have another page spelled differently. Page welcoming. [00:54:00] Hi. Um, so I might just saying the name of my company and new, yeah, the name of your company. And also if you have one, the domain name you’re using for your car.

So the company is mermaids, make waves. Do you have a domain name? That is the domain name as well. So you have mermaids make Okay. That’s CA so we know you’re in Canada. So greetings from below, uh, pages, Sharon, I’ve been talking too much. Neither one of you wanted, uh, I’m going to say, let’s say mermaids, make and I’m going to say that.

Can you provide

I’m between? [00:55:00] Cause I know that there’s a lot of, um, dice related to, to mermaids, like the little, um, like towels and all those kinds of things. So maybe you provide, um, mermaid themed parties and mermaid themed, uh, merchandise to people who are interested in.

That’s all go next. I’m going to go with mermaids. I kind of picture like a, um, CEO group or an entrepreneur group. This may be the mermaids and then obviously was maybe taken. So you, you jumped ahead and said, we can already tell people that we’re disruptive with mermaids make waves. And so we’re mermaids way make

I’m not sure I can say it 10 times fast, but I’ll go with CEO or entrepreneur group. [00:56:00] All right. So, um, first of all, I like mermaids make waves. I like that. It’s kind of a, um, I see it as kind of a pun because I see your profile picture. So I’m kind of cheating a little bit by seeing your profile picture of a mermaid or a woman, which I presume might be you in a mermaid outfit.

So mermaids make. Which is literally true because when they, you know, move their flipper or their fin or whatever, it’s called on a mermaid, they’re making waves and then mermaids can make waves, you know, as, as a form of entertainment, you know, I’m based in, in Florida and is a very famous, um, uh, mermaid entertainment event.

Uh, I think it’s in Kissimmee or somewhere like that, north of here. Uh, so I’m going to say mermaids make waves. Does, uh, you are mermaids for hire, basically someone who wants to have mermaids make waves in their pool at a party or something like that. They can hire mermaids to come and swim. Cause we once did a [00:57:00] party at someone’s home who had a pool and we hired those, um, swimming, ballet, ballet, water, ballet, I guess it’s called.

And it was really great cause it was short. It turned their basic backyard pool into a stage and it was really cool. So similarly, if I wanted to have mermaid. In the pool at my kid’s party or some other event I would hire you from mermaids, make waves. How do we do page? You guys did very well. Um, yeah, so mermaids make waves is, uh, my company that is me in the photo, in my profile photo.

Um, I’m wearing a professional silicone grade, um, tail that weighs about 50 pounds. Um, we hire out our mermaids for entertainment purposes, like events, um, corporate events, school, educational things. Um, we also do parties as well as product launches. [00:58:00] And we’re certified with Patty, which is the professional dive association.

And, uh, we offer swimming lessons as well as sell tails and do a lot of educational stuff with schools and the CIA.

Well, I love it. I think that’s great. Um, and I didn’t know, they would call tails. I called it a flipper. So I apologize for that. And I think even though it’s long mermaids make waves is clear and easy to understand, and, and it’s gonna, I think, um, spark curiosity in people. So I like it. I like it as a name and I like it as a domain name and I like it as a business.

So congratulations to you.

I hate page where you’re able to get too, in case you do some future growth around the world. Um, so right now is being used by blue dot. Um, and I have to pay a broker to get that domain name. So I’m [00:59:00] just waiting right now to, um, see about getting that done. Um, as I’ve just rebranded my company and this name is new, um, within the past month.

So I’m actually looking into getting that done because we do travel to the states a lot and do a lot of aquarium and tank performances down in the state. Yeah. And then the other thing is because it is so long, sometimes you could get like maybe, and it would just, even internally, we had a shorter email address sometimes to have, but, um, I’m glad you solved the mystery of what we do call it.

So now we know what’s a tail and, uh, w what a fun business. I think it’s terrific. Thank you so much. It has a lot of fun. And my biggest enjoyment is when you see kids and adults, um, kind of like when you come down in through the tanks or when you’re in the pool swimming and they look at you and they’re like, ah, oh my gosh, like it’s a mermaid.

And just that look really makes it for me because, uh, you know, [01:00:00] you want to spread magic in this world. And magic and fun is, is something that is hard to come by sometimes. So as a mermaid. That’s awesome. Thank you. Page and page and Sharon and everyone who participated in the name game tonight, we’re at the top of the hour, but I’ll tell you that the most fun of doing this room each week and I’m sure Sharon and Paige would agree, is that the real diversity.

Businesses and entrepreneurs that we get to meet and learn about on this show. I mean, look at what we talked about tonight, everything from branding agencies to cybersecurity, to mermaids. I mean, it’s really amazing. It’s I, I, it’s just very exciting for me, Sharon Page, any final,

uh, only to say that I hope everyone keeps an eye on the calendar for start-up club, because if you think of how much we get into naming and branding, and then you make [01:01:00] that one of maybe eight pillars of a startup between finance marketing, uh, which Sharon and Jeffrey do on their other. So storytelling, you know, try to get as much help as you can, uh, for your business, because I think you’ll find people helpful and not competitive.

I don’t think there’s another mermaid company on So you have people that are really, you know, trying to help. So, um, that was.

Yeah. And I’d like to say that, um, uh, all the great opportunities out there, then all the, like the really out of the box thinking that people are doing. And so I just want to also say that, um, you know, don’t as a serial entrepreneur, myself, and as a, and everybody I’m sure here are entrepreneurs or founders, um, don’t discount an idea because you think it might be too out of the box.

You never know what niches out there. [01:02:00] Um, and what kind of up there that, unless you really sort of just try it out. So just go ahead and, and try out new ideas. That’s great. Thank you page and Sharon, and thank you everyone who listened and participated tonight. And just as a reminder, if you didn’t make it on stage tonight, please do come back another Wednesday, evening a back channel.

One of us let us know that you had your hand up and didn’t get on stage tonight and we’ll bring you up right at the beginning of next week. We appreciate everyone. We hope you’ll go to start-up doc club. I put the link at the top, uh, to listen to past episodes of this show and all the other things going on there.

Sign up for our mailing list. And most importantly, have a wonderful, safe, healthy, and happy holiday season. It’s December we’re into that whole end of the year stuff. So hope everyone is doing well and enjoys it. Thank you everyone. Thank you Page. Thank you, Sharyn. And we’ll see you next week. Thanks. Good night.[01:03:00] 


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