TRANSCRIPT: The Name Game – EP19 (11-17-21)



Hello? Hello. Hello, and welcome to the name game. We’re going to get started in just a moment as we, uh, people start joining the room, I’m going to. Tag a little link to start up club here at the top while we’re waiting for my co-hosts Sharyn and Paige and Olivia to join. So welcome everyone to this week’s edition of the name game.

I’m just going to add this little link here. Sorry for the babbling. While I do that, it’s hard to multitask here. All right. Start So I added the link. Welcome everyone. This is the name game [00:01:00] and, uh, Sharon and page. Yup. Here comes Sharon. Welcome Sharon. Me modify you. Okay, great. Hello, page. Welcome.

Well, hello, Sharon. All right. Well, let’s get the show on the road. I’ll do a quick introduction. And then, um, you guys can introduce yourselves and we’ll get started. So I’m Jeff sass, I’m the co-founder and COO domains, which we recently sold to GoDaddy. And I’m also the CMO of Then I’m also the, a lifetime marketers.

So this is always a fun room for me. This is the name game. I’ll tell you briefly how it works. And then I’ll let, um, Paige and Sharon introduce themselves and we’ll get started if you’re coming on stage already. I’m not sure how that’s happening, but please mute yourself when you do come up on stage. So this is the name, game, and page and Sharon and I do this show every Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM Eastern time.

And the purpose of the [00:02:00] name game is to give you a chance to tell us just the name of your startup or your business and just your domain name, your URL. Don’t tell us anything about the business or anything about the. Industry you’re in, because we’re going to try to guess what you do just based on your name and why do we do that?

We think it’s an important part of branding, um, because if your name gives an indication of what you do or what industry you’re in, you’re going to be more likely to attract the people you’re interested in attracting it’s going to make it easier for them to find you. Um, so that’s why we think it’s important that you choose.

Brand, that’s going to give an indication of what you do. So that’s how we play the name game. You’ll come up on stage and raise your hand. We’ll bring you up. You’ll tell us when it’s your turn, just the name of your business and your domain, and then we’ll have some fun guessing, and don’t worry. You’ll get a chance to tell us what you actually do after we guess.

And we’ll give you some feedback on that. And remember, this show is being. Replays are on. So you’ll be able to relisten to this [00:03:00] in clubhouse as a replay, you’ll also be able to go to start-up dot club where you can find recordings of all the episodes of the name, game there, and many other great shows

So with that, I’ll stop talking and I’ll let Sharon, and then Paige introduce themselves. And then we’ll.

Hi, Jeffrey. That was me by the way, trying to be super helpful and bring people up on stage while you were chatting.

So I’m Sharon Tanya, and I’m a storytelling. I just I’ve been doing this for quite some time, and I know the power of storytelling and what it does in order to elevate your brand and give you, uh, in the marketplace. So, um, Been fortunate enough to be asked to come up onto the state and help you guys out, um, in the name, game, guessing game.

And also when I can, um, offer ideas for strategy for months.[00:04:00] 

Well, Hey everybody. Welcome. My name is Paige. How I guess I’ve actually been doing startups since we did some, um, some finance stuff back in 1988 was probably my first project. I worked on raising. I’ve also been involved with evaluating products when I manage the family office. And then I’ve been in the domain namespace for the past 15 years, helping companies with that identity, uh, and what their domain name says about their business.

So look forward to. Thank you, Sharon. Thank you page. Oh, let’s get started. We try to keep the show to about an hour. So let’s get the show on the road as, as we said, uh, raise your hand if you’re interested in coming up and playing along and let’s get started with Labib, Labib. Welcome to the name game.

Tell us the name of your business and

Labib. If you’re there, [00:05:00] uh, unmute yourself. Otherwise we can hear. Okay, let’s go on to Kempsey, Kempsey. Welcome to clubhouse. I see your party popper and welcome,

uh, Kempsey. If you’re there, unmute yourself. All right, we’ve got a few other hands raised. We’ll bring up a few more people. Um, remember if you do raise your hand and we bring you on stage it’s cause we expect you to play the name game, uh, Byron, welcome to the name. Hello, my company is named black Swan learning and domain name is black Swan

Alright, black Swan learning and black Swan So I’ll, uh, I’ll go first. And then, uh, next time, Sharon, you’d go first and then page, but you guys try mint. So black Swan learning, I think, um, a [00:06:00] it’s a easy to spell, easy to understand. So I like that. So the learning is, is a descriptive word that I know what learning means.

And black Swan, I think has a certain meaning. You know, black Swan is, is someone who kind of stands out as unusual. Um, So I’m going to guess that it’s kind of a, uh, a tutoring company, but really targeting the unique students. People who are, you know, are a black Swan in a way, um, meaning that they are stand out individuals.

So you’re kind of try to tutoring kind of an elite tutoring service, you know, looking for that black Swan, looking for that special student. That’ll be my guess, but I’ll let Sharon and page.

All right. I’ll jump in. I think you’ve done a terrific job because I probably want to say the exact same thing. [00:07:00] Uh, the Jeff said, so I think that black Swan, I guess a lot of people knew what it was maybe right after the financial crisis, because a lot of people called the, the, the pop, the, the people who made a lot of money off betting against home loans and stuff.

That was a black Swan event, but it was obviously around a long time before that. So. Let’s see, Jeff has kind of taken the special students. So I’m going to go with. Maybe a little more literal thing, I’ll go more toward black Swan. This is an investing website and this is teaching people, not what are the black Swan events, but how they can look to, to educate themselves on how to spot.

What’s truly a black Swan event. And I guess what I mean by that, Because I’m a big contrarion is if everyone thinks it’s a black Swan event by its definition, it’s not a black Swan. So I’m going to say that it’s an investing website for investing advice [00:08:00] and you teach people the true meaning of the word, black Swan.

Well, you gentlemen have, uh, taken all the good stuff left me with, uh, scratching my head a little bit here. I’m going to go with, um, I’m going to go with the reference to dance, uh, from the, from the, um, from the movie. And I’m just going to say that you teach people how to be successful, um, in the performing arts community and offer them, I don’t know, either suggestions or maybe agenting or something like that.

And I just have to say that I, um, really like your little emoji there that you have on your. Your clubhouse platform, because I’m sure it’s one of those things where you can see it both ways. I actually saw it as like a, a hoodie without [00:09:00] a, um, with a blackout face and without a, you know, a face that was not visible.

And then I saw it again, said, oh, look, there’s a Swan.

Great. Well, I really appreciate those comments. Um, so interesting confusion. Um, I created black Swan learning because, um, I discovered, and other people had developed these, but I discovered methods of learning that were so powerful that nobody believed them. So it was like a black Swan and black swans.

And the black Swan story is that for thousands of years, people thought swans were only. And then someone went to us straight Julia and encountered the first black Swan event. Um, so I saw a black Swan there also prolific in China. Um, so we’re about learning and we’re about very powerful learning methods and ultimately [00:10:00] putting those methods into software so that they’re accessible to every.

Well, I really liked the story behind the name, and I thought you did a good job of telling that story. So I think it’s, the name is pretty memorable. And I think once people understand what you’re doing, um, they will remember it as well. Do you have a tagline that you use that goes along with black? Um, one of them is, um, learn a little man.

What was it?

Or sit actually came off of a, a Donald Trump saying it’s a learn like you wouldn’t believe is it is, it is one of them. Um, but it’s, um, it’s basically impossibly powerful learning or, or that you, you, um, you need to learn things more quickly, reliably, persistently and joyfully than you ever [00:11:00] have before. I kinda liked impossibly powerful learning.

Sharon, what did you, yeah, I did like that. And I also liked the explanation that you gave Agnes some kind of a long tagline, but the, the, uh, you know, the further explanation that you gave to it, I thought was, was very, um, it was clear and that was helpful because that black Swan learning may not give you enough clarity as to what your.

Right now, some, some people have complained about black Swan learning. Um, one because of the acronym includes BS. Um, second complaint is it’s too long, but nowadays nobody types anything anymore. It’s all clicks or so I’m not sure that’s a problem page. What do you think about the length of the name, especially when it comes to the domain?

Yeah, I think a lot of times the link can hurt you on remembrance, which yours doesn’t. I don’t believe, I believe [00:12:00] it’s, it’s pretty clear when you hear black Swan learning that, you know, even if you don’t know what black Swan is, you understand the word black and Swan. Um, and I, but I do think typing is used a little bit more these days only because of texting, um, which has really used SERP calling or meeting people in person and, and.

Um, and I think that, you know, you’ll probably end up just referring your company as black Swan or something, but if you have to give out your email or your email address, especially, um, then, then it is long. Um, but your only other choices would be to be something like black Swan AI, or my black Swan or.

Um, you know, a black Swan dot something else, right. There are a lot of black swans around in there, a lot of Marine investment company. Yeah. And so it sounds like your, is yours more, not exact, not always in investing, but just to, just to think, and maybe we, we [00:13:00] finally overused the term outside the box enough that you’re, you’re, you’re shooting higher than that.

It’s just the idea of looking at learning in general. Our first product actually is a reading app for. Okay. I’ve been working with a woman who over the past 25 years has been developing a new theory of learning that’s way better than either the whole word method or even the phonics method. And we’re combining a bunch of other methods with that.

So it’s going to be an amazing reading app for kids. And what you may find is you may have some product names and I think it’s okay to have your products have their own domain names. Um, Google is looking at the content now on a web. Much less than every single link, you know, it values every single possible link to your website.

So black Swan learning may be your corporate umbrella, but when you’re, you may be able to counter that with a shorter product name, um, you know, you know, uh, you know, easy learn or, you know, something like that. When you do have to give [00:14:00] people a quick link, it may be one of your product names that becomes, yeah, my, my, my partner’s name for her reading method is, um, what she calls it, regular reading methods, ABC logic, because they’re based on method or are based on sounds.

But our, our, our method is based on it’s ABC logic because it’s based on letters. So the phonics method says, letters have sounds, ours goes the other way. Sounds have spellings. And so instead of ABC logic, she calls it vowel, consonant, logic, or VC logic, which we’re hoping will be appealing to, to VCs. But we’ll see.

And then the one thing I’d say about your profile pic, which may become your logo. I want to pick up a little on what Sharon said there, there’s almost a part of. That could be refined because it almost has a little bit of a components of like a roar shacks drawing where some [00:15:00] people could see the white and the black, and some people can see the, you know, the black and the white or something.

And, and, and that could be good, but I’m just, I think that, um, I think that I need to, I need to fix it cause it’s truncated by this circle on it’s actually a bitter bitter Swan. And that actually originally the original drawing is. Is it a goose? So it’s a black goose, but, but I, I looked at the, looked at drawings of swans and they just, they look too feminine for me.

And so I used a goose instead, and I think of it as the punk Swan. There you go. Anyway, that was my time. Okay. Hey, Paige, I had a question for you since this is your, uh, your wheelhouse, uh, is the EDU. Extension available to anyone outside of, you know, high real academia, like, uh, colleges or schools. And is that a no?

Um, it, there [00:16:00] was a time when it was, and there’s some grandfathered sites, but now yes, you do have to be registered as a school and accredited, and some people have gone as far as opening their own accreditation. Agencies to accredit schools for the sole purposes of getting an EDU domain name. But, um, as of right now, yes, it does have to, there is some qualifications that you have to go through to get an EDU because people have valued the links.

So. Uh, valuable. And it was one of the reasons Facebook got such a great start because when they originally started, um, a lot of their people were using EDU uh, email addresses and things like that. But anyway, yeah. Good question. But I think you do have to be a college or some type of learning, um, cause that does not qualify for.

That’s a whole different, yeah, Oregon, Oregon is unrestricted completely unrestricted. [00:17:00] You can do anything you want on org. Th there is a thought that it might be used more by companies that would be, uh, INGOs and nonprofits. Just like there was a thought that net would be used by internet companies and comm would be used by commercial companies, but those are unrestricted TLDs.

So there is no restriction on. Awesome. Thanks for the edge. Thank you for that page. Great question, Byron. Thank you for playing. We’ll go to re-haul next and Sharon, we’ll go in order. So this time it will be your turn to go first and then page you go first to the next one. I’ll be quiet. Uh, hi everyone.

Thank you all. Thank you for this. Uh, so my name is Matt Finn, but

Well, I’m going to need you to spell that for me. Uh, med F Y [00:18:00] N a full fish, Y for York and for nest mud, Okay. Um, so now I’m going to stall for a few minutes and think med fin. So I’m going to guess the Ned is going to be. For well, if you’ve been in this room before, you know that when we’re stumped, we go one of two ways we go with cannabis or we go with NFTs.

So I’m going to go ahead and, and take that, uh, take that lane right away. The medicine is going to be related to a cannabis product that, um, Hmm. The Fyn is stumping me because I was thinking fitness at first. Um, a cannabis product that I’m going to stick in that lane, the cannabis product that, um, increases [00:19:00] your ability to, uh, you know, perform when you’re, when you are, um, an athlete.

So, uh, it, it elevates your, your, uh, capabilities in performing as an athlete.

Uh, yeah, I roll. Uh, thanks, Sharon. Um, I’m going to go with fin for finance and that’s the way I hear it. And I think this is going to be a real valuable one, uh, especially for Jeff to share some of the roots of the name game, but, um, I think med fan, I’m going to go with financial. It’s a, uh, it’s a discount coupon for saving money at doctors and, uh, drug stores and pharmacies, and maybe even, uh, financing, medical treatments and things like that.

So I want to go with medical finance, med, fin, and obviously med fin with the I was taken. And rather than going for it, you went [00:20:00] with the. The the, the, uh, the acute swelling, uh, and Jeff, I’ll tee you up with that and we’ll have an interesting discussion. Thank you, page. Yeah. W what page is referring to the, the Genesis of the name game came from a number of.

Versions of it. I’ve done it conferences, um, in the domain industry really focused on this notion that, that, you know, you should not drop vows. You should not deliberately misspell names, or you should not necessarily make up words when you’re branding your startup, because you’re just making it that much harder for people to find you.

So med fin, the way you’re spelling it, doesn’t pass what we call the radio test. Meaning when someone hears it, just like Paige said, when he heard it. Most people, I would say the large majority are going to assume it’s fin right. Med, fin. Um, so you’re always going to have to have that extra step of explaining that it’s med F Y.

Which is which, you know, sets it back a little bit. [00:21:00] Um, you know, so that’s one of the challenges with, with the name and, and, uh, that’s what really started the name game. So you might want to think if there are other alternatives and we’ll give you some suggestions, maybe when we learn about your business, I’m going to go in a different direction from Sharon and page and say that I agree with page at the.

Regardless of how it’s spelled, uh, sent me down the financial, uh, end. And I’m going to say rather than. Being, I’m going to say that you focus on providing financial planning, financial services and consulting to doctors, to people in the medical field who have money, but they don’t have time to necessarily know what to do with their money.

And med Finn is a high-end, uh, financial planning, consultancy that that really focuses on financial planning for, uh, doctors and medical professionals.

Uh, you guys did great. Uh, so, uh, Sharon [00:22:00] had, uh, Sharon got deviated from the original context, so we are definitely, uh, uh, so definitely one more point. Are you brightly quoted that, uh, you know, Matt was taken, so, and hadn’t I had to take Metta So should I call it as dot com? Because for me it was like, med is fine.

So medicines. You know, my, I thought of, uh, keeping it, I, I pronounced this, uh, this particular keyboard with this particular, you know, over PRS that made medicines. It’s mostly a way to be started between, uh, between different manufacturers and the distributors and the pharmacies. So what page two rightly said that it’s something sometimes up and sort of financial, this one, it’s not financial, it’s more of a logistics startup.

We are trying to solve a problem, uh, with, in that B2B space.

Well, I’ll tell ya, I’ll share you with you some good [00:23:00] parts about your name. Um, one is it’s six letters and, and I think that’s terrific and there’s some symmetry to the three letters making one sound and the three letters making another sound. And so I think that’s a really strong component. And I think that it’s, you know, the med is so easy to get started, that that that’s important because a lot of times people will be typing it where they have auto-fill, you know, like I may be sending you an email and I can just type the med F and med Finn med fine, or med van make time up.

So there’s a lot of good parts to it. And I think that. Well, we talked about these names not working great. It it’s more in a startup sense and that you have an earned credibility for the name. So it’s hard to get that credibility right off the bat. Now, if this was a corporate naming conference where people were looking to name divisions of large corporations, where they were going to spend $10 million [00:24:00] introducing a product to the market, or maybe even in your case where it’s mostly a B2B.

Business that you’re going to be reaching a limited number of companies. Then you are going to introduce this term and people will say like Kodak and Kleenex and Coca-Cola, you know, that having a word that doesn’t mean anything that you can, you can start your company with it, brand it, and then trademark it.

And then, you know, you will be med fine if you go that way. And, and so it’s more the way I share it, it’s more. Just starting out unless, you know, you’re going to raise the 10 or $20 million to buy the mind share. So maybe in your case, because you’re B2B, that’s interesting to think about the med fine, um, or med fan.

I think you may have something there to pronounce it a different way. Um, because you’re trying to say that it’s fine. Med med fine. So, um, I think because you’re B2B, it’s [00:25:00] not, it’s not.

Okay. Okay. I have a doubt. Uh, can I, uh, can I sure what your different bits? Yeah. Uh, so, uh, I have another, uh, domain name and, uh, so I would like to understand from page, uh, because since I had, so the letter was at, they if for apple. Then there isn’t a hyphen. And then I have this Baco, D E K H O.

So they call in, in the Indian terminology or the Hindi terminology. It means this, just look at it. Right. So. I was reluctant to go for an hyphen and my domain name, uh, uh, in, in my domain name. But I eventually had to go for it because, uh, you know, I, this to be coming, uh, you know what, after the other, that was making, making a problem.

So what source. [00:26:00] Yeah. I think that the hyphens are not the way to go because one, some people see it as a hyphen. Some people see it as a dash. Um, it requires people to sometimes open up a new keyboard to be able to type it and. I think that it is used by a lot of people that maybe are doing fishing or giving, uh, TLDs, that’s the want to sound like they’re there, you know, there’s something, but they’re not really yet, but you know, you could be like E-bay E B dash a Y.

You know what I mean? And so they’ve been used by a lot. So I think in general, those things are against it. Now having said. If you have a big enough word, like if you had Metta DAS verse, maybe that’s okay. Because that’s such a big, powerful word right now and so valuable. You know what I mean? That it would be okay.

But I think in years where you’re in a niche already, I don’t think you should [00:27:00] go down the knits even more, um, with the dash that, okay. Okay. Okay. Thank you. . Thank you for playing the name game. We appreciate it, Sharon. Thank you page. Great. So page, it’s your turn to go first on our next contestant Klaus.


Hey, thank you for joining me. And I think it’s really nice to hear from people all over the world, uh, about the brand and, uh, uh, I’m considering to go more C a S E O uh, go on, uh, on the online marketing. And my, my name for my company is

Page you’re up on this one, rat race, rat race. Can you spell it?

Um, [00:28:00] Uh, just for the set instead of a C R a T Z E. So rat race and rat Rez. And I don’t fully understand the global treatment of Z being Zed, but I think you bring up a great point Klaus, which is that we are in a global worldwide area, you know, and I appreciate you coming in. Um, and I know it’s late for you where you are probably.

Yeah. Putting you in Europe somewhere. Um, but let’s see rat, rat, rays and rat race, I’m swimming. You’re, you’re playing off of rat race, rat race. So I’m going to say you’re a game. You are a game that has a rat scrambling around and you get points based upon the rat running around and. Uh, and getting points.

And this is an app that people play when they have spare time and that you’ve got some in-app purchases they can buy. And it’s a, it’s an [00:29:00] app game. I’m going to go with app game. Uh, what do you guys think? I I’ll go next if that’s okay. Um, I’m going to say that it’s something for, uh, it’s, I’m going to stick with the app, but I’m going to go that it’s something for people who are feeling overwhelmed by.

Being in the rat race by being in the, um, probably like business overwhelm, I’m thinking. So it’s going to give you a tool tools for dealing with your business overwhelm and that might be for software. So you’re going to be. I just keep going to, I’m going further down the hole here. You’re going to have a company that deals with software that helps out people who are overwhelmed and, um, provides them with maybe fine tuning of their software needs so that if you’ve got too many platforms or too many, uh, SAS, uh, offers there, you’re gonna fine [00:30:00] tune it for them and help them work out the logistics of having too many pieces of software in their business.

Well, I liked page’s angle with the game because when I was thinking rat res, you have the playoff of rat race, but also you have the playoff of Mays. So I can almost see this game where you’ve got a race rats through amaze, and that becomes your rat race. But Paige kind of took the wind out of my sails on that one.

So I’m going to go in a completely different direction. I’m Klaus and say that raised is a play off of Ray’s RAs. Uh, se and so that rat res rat may stand for something, I think rats and an acronym, R a T. And then it’s a way for the people in that acronym to raise money. So rat raises is a, uh, fundraising platform for whomever rats stands for.

So maybe you’ll tell us, but I’m probably not right. I like pages. If I had to pick I’d pick [00:31:00] pages, answer.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I wanted to, uh, make us, uh, two points. Uh, I’m sorry, if I’m in dropping you, I just wanted to. Enjoy the name game and wanted to say that does your knee, a rat as an animal is a fidgety animals. So, and I believe your name says, uh, and, uh, does it says increase the productivity through you. I mean something along those lines.

Okay. Well, thank you. Uh, Prateek, we have an extra guests. Guests are this evening. Uh, Klaus. How did we do. Uh, I think, uh, Chevron was closest. Uh, it’s, it’s, it’s within software, but, uh, I’m a recruiter within, [00:32:00] uh, it,

so the rat race is referring to the rat race of trying to get a job and, and, um, you know, getting the best. Exactly. Um, and I’m going to lead the way for them. Like I’m, uh, I’m do it. Uh anomalously. I have a, uh, I never do, uh, ad online. I contact a Candice right away and do it personally and try to help both the candidate and a company to get the plows.

Do you have a tagline? And then I’ll let Sharon comment on it. Cause that’s, that’s what she is expert at. Um, do you have a tagline that will help steer us down that HR and it HR, uh, recruitment and efficient

Sharon, [00:33:00] I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that whole thing.

A new seamlessly and officially. Anonymously.

Yes. Thank you. So recruit yet recruit. So it’d be, it would be rat race, recruitment, anonymously and efficiently. Yeah. So I guess that acronym that, uh, someone mentioned the RA team meeting, uh, for an acronym doesn’t play out there cause it’d be R a E instead of RA. So, so I’m not sure that helps clarify.

What class, I’d say first, congratulations on being in such an important area. It’s um, it’s funny to me and I hate to go off on a tangent, but I will, because I can, um, you know, I think the, the recruiting field. For all the people that would be very good at it. I don’t [00:34:00] know if it’s seen as a career path for many people.

Um, but it is so critical if you ask almost any large company right now, what their biggest challenge is, is, you know, finding people. And, and if you extrapolate that to finding the right person, you know, the value. That, that, that brings, you know what I mean? And then, and then going back to the individual and saying, you know, wouldn’t you like to be happy in your career?

Wouldn’t you like to be a, at a place that you know was correct for you? I just think it’s an under appreciated business. So, you know, I wish you luck, but I will say when it comes to your name, I think it’s great to go with. Um, I don’t know how the, the Zed works, but I will say that the times I’ve seen the Z be a good substitute have been when it’s at the end of a plural word, um, substituting for the S like maybe cats or brats [00:35:00] or something like that.

That that’s the way that it seems to be most. Uh, the sound that is made is a Ts and then making it a TZ seems to be, um, you can kind of say it in a way that, that, that, that makes them say, I don’t know if I’ve seen it substitute for the sea as much, but again, it could be different, uh, in the, the. The world English, uh, for lack of a better word.

So that’s the one thing I would say that as you go along, you might think of another word, um, like climbing upward or the glass ceiling or reaching your goal. You know, you may think of another word that you can substitute something in that that may be a little bit better than substituting the. For the C uh, in this one, but I think it’s good enough now because it’s short and most of the work you’re going to be doing is, you know, [00:36:00] one-on-one.

So again, I think it’s a great business to be in. I do think also that you might be able to capitalize somehow on the it, because you don’t have that in there. And, and perhaps if that’s, you know, the, the very niche that you’re going to, you might want to look at pages, ideas and, and come up with something that’s really it oriented.

Yeah. Good, good suggestions and clouds also. I agree with page. Congratulations. Well, you touched on is really important, you know, when it comes to recruitment. And I know, cause we’re in the process of hiring a bunch of people for one of my companies now and just posting ads like in the old days and all that stuff and posting on job boards, isn’t going to cut it.

Um, you know, you really do have to approach people. And I liked, you mentioned anonymously because the reality is if you’re trying to hire the best of. The pool of people is not limited to people who are looking for a job. The pool of people has to be the best of the best, probably [00:37:00] have a job. So you need to reach out to them like you’re doing and do it anonymously.

So no one gets into trouble and, and see if you can bring people on board that way. So, um, I agree with Paige, it’s an important job and I liked your approach to it. So thanks for playing the name game. Next up, we have Frank Frank.

So Frank, if you want to play along, unmute yourself and just tell us the name of your business and your. Hi, good evening. How are you guys? We’re doing great. How are you? Great. Great. I’m doing awesome. I’ve really been enjoying my time with you guys and listening in. Um, I decided to raise my hand because I’ve found.

Um, the conversation to be really so productive in everything that all of you have shared, even when missing the mark, it seems that you’ve been able to pull something out of that, um, that I said, wow, there’s some value there. So I wanted to share my, um, domain and it’s [00:38:00] NJ notary dot N J like N as in Nancy, J correct.

Well, I’ll, uh, as I have the J as in Jeffrey and my name, I would say obviously with the letters and in J or easy a and notary of course, is, is going to lead us toward it being, um, some type of a notary, a notary Republic business. So the question I’m trying to uncover in my own thinking is, is NJ just someone’s initials.

So that’s, it’s just a, a, an individual notary public, and that’s. Business name or is there some meaning behind N J that makes it bigger? Cause I know, um, having recently closed on a property virtually, I know that that you can, um, there are virtual notary republics now and they don’t have to necessarily be local and you don’t always have to be in, in person.

And also there are notary republics who will come to you instead of you [00:39:00] going to them, kind of a mobile notary public. So, uh, I feel like I want it to be something along those lines, but I don’t know. I don’t know if NJ signals anything other than someone’s initials. So I’m going to say it’s a person. No, I’ll let Sharon go.

You. I saw you flashing. I thought you wanted to go. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me. I want to go. I want to go out. Let’s hear, uh, uh, I want to go because I want to grab the New Jersey. Um, The New Jersey designation, that’s totally New Jersey. So I was thinking that you are a notary that serves the New Jersey marketplace and that you want to be known as, you know, the, the premier notary for, uh, anything related to the good old gardens.

And that’s exactly what I was hoping to get in there before Jeff said, oh, [00:40:00] wait in jail could be New Jersey. So, uh, you know, it’s funny. It’s how the, the human brain works. I guess I got caught up with Nancy, Jeffery. I don’t know why that popped into my head. So once I was went down that path, I couldn’t see anything else.

I’m just gonna jump in. Can I just jump in and okay. My guest will be NFT. Okay. There we go. But I’m really a fan of this name and I’ll have some more to share after, uh, Hi guys. I really enjoyed that. Um, I, I enjoy you guys. Uh, yeah. It’s New Jersey, the great garden state born and raised here. Um, New Jersey just recently passed, um, in August.

It allowed for online notaries. So before August, even through the pandemic, the only way to close on a house or get documents notarized. To go to somebody’s house. Uh, no, a [00:41:00] friend. Try to remember who in your family has it up to date and, or, um, do it online, but New Jersey wasn’t offering that. They started offering it in August and I received the certifications and the software needed to do that.

By law. And, um, I’ve been doing online notaries for house closings for people at motor vehicles, as long as they book something with me. And I have the time and I’m in New Jersey, which I’m driving from Maryland. Now I can notarize a document anywhere for anyone in New Jersey. It’s really been fulfilling for me to be able to help people out of a jam.

Yeah, I’m a, as I say, I’m a big fan and a, and I do a lot of what are called geo domains. Um, and I registered, you know, hundreds, if not thousands of them and. And I have been for 15 years and the uptake has been slow. Except when I do find [00:42:00] someone who wants my names, they’re real, they’re really happy to get it because like you said, it enables them to be that, to just, you know, a lot of us grew up in towns.

I grew up in Burbank in California and by the time I was born, there was already a Burbank auto parts and a Burbank Chevrolet and a Burbank, this and a Burbank that, you know, All those names were kind of taken already. And I think the internet brought about a chance for different companies to grab that thing.

And then the thing I liked about the abbreviation, I think that’s going to be one of the biggest trends in the next 20 years is because texting is becoming so prevalent. It is a lot easier to text. In J you know, to sign the documents please than it is to write out New Jersey. So, um, I like it.

And the last thing I’ll say, and I’m not sure if this applies to you, cause you talked about online, but any industry that has state licensing is further enhanced when you go for the [00:43:00] state name, like New Jersey, um, as opposed to maybe the metropolitan area. You know, uh, you know, the Philadelphia metropolitan area or the south Jersey or the New York or something, but anything that has state licensing requirements.

I think the, except for maybe California, even California, I think things like that, the state names really make sense because it may be that it has to be notarized by someone in, you know, in the state of New Jersey. You know what I mean? Or has licenses there?

I do too. And as a Jersey girl, myself, I’m happy to have, uh, this, you providing the services in this state. Um, I have a question for page though. Would there be any benefit to having, uh, also he to have Frank, uh, register the NJ notary dot.

Um, probably not, I think the best, the next thing that makes sure if no one has [00:44:00] New Jersey, I would get it. Or I would at least see what’s on there. You can do something called a watch list at some registrars in case that person ever lets it go. And then you’re just maybe keeping someone from, you know, doing the same thing as you.

Um, I also, uh, Oh, wait, just to that point page, I also very cheaply picked up NJ online, and J notary So I own those domains, but they were a little too long and I opted to go with just NJ notary to launch this idea instead of just sitting on it. Yeah. And I think Sharon, get back to Sharon’s question.

I think doing online now that’s impactful because I think. If online was maybe a 60,000, our name and you could get online I do think the U [00:45:00] S has some better days in front of it. It has a very checkered past because when they first gave out us names and Jeff, if I can go on for a minute on this, are we okay?

Because we have kind of a soft schedule today.

Yeah. When they first gave out us names, you would have actually been Frank. If you can believe it, you would have been, um, Dot, meaning that they took the U S and they separated it into the states. So everybody, you wouldn’t be in Jayda at us. And then they separated whether you were a government or an education.

Commercial company within New Jersey, and then you would have your name and each one of the states had a person in charge of it. And you can now imagine why everybody just skipped you know, dot com was supposed to be a global [00:46:00] TLD for companies around the world. Um, had got their name and their local country.

They wanted to go global and then they would just, then they would elevate to But I think because the U S was so messed up, you know, no one wants to have a dot, dot, dot dot, um, that, that us companies, even small companies went for right away. So I think Sharon’s question is really. I think if you were going to go to online, then you have a chance to maybe market to the whole country.

So that’s where I’d go. Sharon is I would go bigger and don’t forget, there’s too. So, so N J

Thank you so very much. Um, that was all really great page. Um, I definitely see what you mean when you’re talking about how they had us structured. Um, I guess maybe when we look back at it, it [00:47:00] was a little bit of, uh, not expecting it to go global the way that it did to right away, which kind of made the, um, the, the other ones, um, a bit obsolete.

Thank you so much. Um, it’s been great, really chatting with you guys getting some insight. I hope that we can stay connected and I look forward to listening in again. Thank you so much, Frank. Thanks for playing the name game and we appreciate your comments. Um, you know, we have a lot of fun doing this and as, as you pointed out, sometimes even when we’re way off base, we, we do try to find, you know, a learning in that.

Um, so it’s a lot of fun. So thanks for playing along, Tammy. You’re up next. Welcome to. Well, thank you for having me. Um, this is my first time on cloud house and I’ve been on the sidelines listening to y’all for a couple of weeks now. So, um, I do have a name that I’ve had for a while and I been trying to think of what [00:48:00] exactly it is.

I like the name. But I finally figured out what it is and I’m currently looking for a developer to help me out in that direction. But, um, so tell us the name. Don’t tell us what it is yet, and then let us, let us okay. Uh, affiliate, rebel affiliate, rebel. And is your domain name? Affiliate, I think it’s a great domain name, actually.

I really like it, but I, I think it’s not my turn to go first, Sharon. I think it’s yours.

I do love that name, um, because it’s very easy to remember. Plus it also has that sort of, uh, because of the rebel part of it, it makes you think that it’s, uh, I think Paige mentioned that before about the out of the box thinking, but which is going to getting very, very cliche, but, um, the idea that. You are [00:49:00] looking you’re providing affiliate services for, um, for companies that wouldn’t normally go into the affiliate realm.

I’m not exactly sure what those would be, but, um, that you’re providing affiliate opportunities or affiliate services for companies that don’t necessarily that people wouldn’t necessarily think you could be an affiliate for that’s where I’m going.

Okay. And I’ll go with something similar and I’ll talk more about why I liked the name, uh, in the discussion part. I’ll go for your tech. I think one of the big things in affiliate marketing is the way I’m going to go with it. Is people doing the work, generating the idea to buy something and someone actually buys it.

But you don’t get credit for the sale. And, and I think I’m going to go with maybe instead of just advice and consulting, maybe a technology that makes sure that you [00:50:00] are guaranteed to get the money from your sale, uh, affiliate,, uh, uh, make, you know, and, and I’ll go with that, uh, technology, uh, more than a.

Yeah. So first of all, I do love the name affiliate, rebel to good words. That mean something. And they’re really interesting, um, together. So I’m going to go in a different direction. You know, to break it up a little bit and say that you’re the affiliate rebel. If someone’s interested in learning about affiliate marketing, if someone wants to, to set themselves up as an effective affiliate marketer, you’re going to provide them the training, the tools, the resources, maybe even a course that you have called affiliate rebel.

That’s really going to take a much more unique and aggressive approach to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. That’s what I’m going to say.

Um, how does the page was probably the [00:51:00] closest it is without giving away details of how it operates and how it works. It is a social platform for affiliates, um, with all the tools attached to it. So, uh, It’s more or less a platform where people can decide who they want to give their money to.

I don’t really don’t want to spill the beans. Yeah, no, I understand. I think, I think I see which way you’re going and I’m it’s because if companies have already decided that they’re willing to give a percentage of every sale, um, then you know, there’s a lot of ways to creatively let people do that. I know I have a thing now.

I use we’re at five by six. Goods and services. I can get my, instead of the affiliate commission going to someone, I get it back to me in Bitcoin. You know what I mean? But I’ll get back to your name. So I really want to encourage people. [00:52:00] And we’ve talked about it today, having to go with names that are hard to, they’re hard to have the radio test, that there are a lot of two word names.

Uh, you know, out there and I think affiliate, rebel, you know, by being two English words that go together and when I mean go together, I mean, they’re, they don’t, they’re not just two English words and they happened to be one after another, but they seem to go together. You know, you’re in the top, I believe one half of 1% of all domains just by being that, you know, out of 150 million domain names just by being that, you know, you’re in the top.

One one to 2%. And I think that before companies might’ve gone for affiliate bow or affiliate whammy, or, you know, something really out there, you know, really explore the two word space because, um, you know, I think you’ve given us a really good example here where, you know, I’m, I’m ready to hear about [00:53:00] what it is you do.

Cause I don’t have to say, what did you say your name was again? You know what I mean? It’s affiliate, rebel. I will say it doesn’t sound like you’re doing something incredibly rebellious. Like I wanted something, you know, but, but that’s okay. I think it’s still.

Well, thank you. I’ve had it for years. And I just, um, I finally feel like I figured out what it is and so I’m going to move forward. And I didn’t know if it was, um, too long of a name or, um, people would think it was going against the grain and a bad negative connotation. So, but I love the way it rolls off my tongue.

Yeah, it does roll off the tongue. Well, and I think rebel is one of those words. You know, it’s got that kind of literally bad boy aspect to it, but it’s not necessarily perceived as negative anymore. I don’t think so. I don’t think it has a negative connotation. So I think you did a [00:54:00] really good job there and length of names, you know, we’ve talked about this a lot here on the name game over time, you know?

Yes. There is a, a, a school of thought that, you know, the shorter, the better, the shorter, the better, especially for domain names, but I think as things have gotten more. Competitive, the more descriptive something is counterweights that. Length, you know, so a long name that Ashley has page said are our dictionary words that are easy to understand that go well together and are descriptive, can be better than a shorter name.

That’s less, you know, that’s more bleak. Um, and we saw that, you know, in, in the new TLD space, the new domain extensions, it was really interesting because a couple of years was released. And most people in the domain industry kind of poo-pooed it and said, well, it’s so long. No one’s ever going to.

You know, an extension that, that, that long photography, and there was also and believe it or [00:55:00] did much better because even though it was long, it was very descriptive. Protests professional photographers typically use that term. And many professional photographers were using names like, you know, Mary Smith,

And if she could become Mary, they were actually shortening their name. So even though it was long word, so, you know, you have to find that balance between length and also meaning, um, passing the radio test and all the different things we talked about. Um, so thank you for that. Well, I would just like to thank you all because, um, I moved out to the country from Palm beach probably four or five years ago, and my world seems very small.

There’s not a lot of techie people out here and I’m outside now looking up into the sky and my universe just got so much bigger. Uh I’m I just, I can’t thank you enough. This was an awesome experience, Tammy. Thank you for playing [00:56:00] the name game. Thank everyone who played to. Uh, Pedro Sharon, any final words and we’ll wrap up today.

I feel like we didn’t give Sharon some time on this one. Did you like to Sharon? I did. And what, I actually just wanted to make a point of, of what Jeffrey said, what I like about rebel and that while it can have that sometimes might have a negative connotation to some people. I think now what it does is give you that disruptive.

Um, edge and you know, everything now is about how much you can disrupt the marketplace or how much you can be disruptive in terms of your thought processes or, or what you’re bringing to market. So I think that the rebel part really does that super effectively and, um, should give you a lot of love. And then I’ve got a new thing to share with everybody.

I guess I’ll put this on the things that Paige has learned from the domain space. I think affiliate is an interesting word. [00:57:00] Um, I think it is one where you might want to get some typos of your name. And a lot of people have gone crazy doing this over the years where they may get every possible combination.

Misspelling of their name. What I mean by that is, you know, someone may send an email to you at affiliate rebel, and, and for some reason I misspell affiliate a lot. So it may just be me. You, you one after two F’s, one L or two L’s. I want to transpose something in there where I get athlete at somehow. And I think there’s even some sites where you can go that will kind of show you what the most common misspellings are.

And I think is your business grows. You may want to pick up maybe affiliate with. One L or two L’s or one effort to apps or something like that. Just because for me, at least it seems to be a word that sometimes [00:58:00] people don’t use enough. Don’t write it enough to always know exactly how it’s spelled. So I’ll just give that to hint, to everyone that’s listening on their name.

That everyone has to do this. I don’t think, but if, if you find yourself or if you find people sending you an email and they got bounced back that it’s okay to pick up a couple variations. And then all you do is when you bind with a registrar. Like if I had Athleat, I would just click to forward.

To any emails that came to that, you know, dot com no matter what was at the beginning to forward those, to my, uh, my real address. And so for some reason, affiliates always been that word for me. So.

Thanks for that Page. Thanks Sharyn. I really appreciate it. Your final remarks as well. Thank you everyone who joined us tonight for this episode of the name game, we’ll be back next Wednesday night at 6:00 PM. Eastern time here [00:59:00] on Startup Club. And if you go to Startup dot club, the website for Startup Club, you can sign up for our mailing list and be kept informed of new shows.

And of course we have the new feature replaced turned on. So if you like this show today, You want to share it with your friends? You can literally go to the replay in clubhouse, just go to Startup Club in clubhouse, scroll down to you, see replays. You can find it there in about 15 minutes from now and you can share it. And we appreciate you playing the name game. Thanks everyone.


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