Episode 12: Are You Ready to Play?

It’s our favorite time of the week, ‘The Name Game’ is back where our hosts Jeff, Page, and Sharon try and guess your business from your name/domain name. In the last session, we met PASS (People Asset Shared Services), Sollars and Sense… Sollars.com, and Remission for Life Remissionlife.com. Our hosts gave advice about “answering questions” in the description, taglines, and logos to give customers a little more clarity on what the company is about. Can you guess the company before our hosts?

Our game rules:

  1. We invite you up on stage
  2. Tell us the name and domain of your company
  3. We will then try to guess exactly what your company does as well as provide beneficial tips and feedback on your company name/domain

PASS (People Asset Shared Services) 

Sharon thought the company was a staffing recruitment firm that brings together those looking for work and companies seeking people with specific skills. 

Jeff thought the company was a fractional temporary worker-based company and was curious as to what the domain extension was because the founder told the hosts the domain would “give away” what the company was.

Page thought Sharon and Jeff had “covered the obvious,” so bounced around the idea of an NFT. Page was also concerned the acronym was a little too long and stated that a three-letter acronym usually works better than a four.

Sollars and Sense… Sollars.com

Speaker Soloman teased the hosts by only giving half of the company name, in fear of giving the game away.

Jeff said the word ‘Sollars’ doesn’t jump out to him, Sharon thought down the NFT and Cryptocurrency lane, and believed the company to be a “personal currency that helps people invest or save better.” 

Page liked that Soloman had found a six-letter name and made it plural, he connected the dots and rhymed ‘Sollars’ with Dollars and thought the company was an eCommerce shopping platform. Jeff had a second wind and clicked that Sollars could be related to the speaker’s name Soloman and went with a candle/essential oils type company that was created by speaker Soloman.

Remission for Life Remissionlife.com

Sharon thought the company was a post-cancer recovery company. She added that she thought the company provides holistic living and healthy lifestyles, along with counseling. 

Jeff liked the company and thought the name was memorable and easy to find on the web. Jeff also thought the company was a service-based treatment center, or along the lines of Sharon’s idea. 

Page said he “hears the name two ways,” the ‘Remission for life’ suggests making the remission “last a long time” or ‘Life is still there after remission.’ Page recommended changing the ‘for’ for the number 4.

Do you want to know how our hosts did? Listen in to the full session to find out!

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