Navigating Through Haters

    Navigating Through Haters

    As your business grows in popularity, so will your quantity of haters. Coach Yu is back to discuss hate, and the importance of learning to walk around fire rather than fight it.

    You may have hundreds of satisfied and silent customers, who are content with your business and therefore feel no need to voice much. However, there are always going to be haters or “nightmare clients,” that aim to strike your reputation. 

    “The reason why we have locks on our doors is not that there’s a ton of thieves out there. It’s that there are just a few thieves, but that’s enough to cause everybody to put locks on their doors.”

    Everyone may receive bad reviews/criticism every once in a while. However, it is how you respond to that negativity that validates who you are and influences the future of your business and its developing community. 

    What if you were in the wrong?

    Then it is in your best benefit to respond respectively and show acknowledgment of your mistake, to conduct a good recovery.

    …and if you were not in the wrong?

    Fighting fire with fire is not always the most efficient solution! Learn to walk around the hate and allow your professionalism to cool the negative heat.

    Understanding is a key concept. It’s important to understand that some are struggling, and that struggle can power an attack on you so that they can feel more validated and successful.

    To learn more about dealing with hate, and even hear Coach Yu’s own experiences with hate, listen to the full session above! 

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