Episode 18: Can You Guess the Startup?

During the show, we met Shareholder Blockchain shareholderblockchain.com, Earth Ultra X, and Cell Factor cellfactorskincare.com who tried to show our moderators Jeff, Page, Sharyn, and guest speaker Heather that their name and domain name has that special edge. Can you guess what their companies are all about?

Our game rules:

  1. We invite you up on stage
  2. Tell us the name and domain of your company
  3. We will then try to guess exactly what your company does as well as provide beneficial tips and feedback on your company name/domain

Colin C. Campbell, from our team, switched roles and gave us…

Shareholder Blockchain shareholderblockchain.com

Page thought the domain name says what it does and does what it says, and believed the company was in the finance world. He added that the company manages the certificates for shareholders online.

Sharyn went with an NFT related to stockholders and shareholders.

Earth Ultra X 

Page was a little broad and said the company was a planet-friendly business that helps tackle climate change.

Guest speaker Heather liked the name and saw a “galactic exchange.” Heather thought the company was one that went beyond NASA.

Page thought that the name was great. However, he thought that ‘Earth X’ and ‘Ultra X’ sounded better. Page understands that the domains are difficult to get but pushed for the two syllables for a more unique branding and upgrade. 

I think a six or seven-letter name if you take some time [to find a great one] … I have confidence you’ll find something!

Page Howe

Colin got involved and thought the name was very cool and didn’t think it needed rebranding. He said, “It’s just about executing it.”

Sharyn jumped on board and suggested using the ‘X’ for experience. She thought the tagline ‘Your Future Starts Today’ doesn’t really sell what the company is or fully grasps the entirety of Earth Ultra X. Jeff agreed and thought it was too generic and that the speaker should bring the tagline closer to what they intend Earth Ultra X to be. 

Cell Factor cellfactorskincare.com

Sharyn brought up the radio test and said there needs to be more clarification on both the spelling and sound. Is it ‘cell’ or ‘sell’? 

She believed the company to be a product line that is in the skin/pharmaceutical skincare area and said the products use a particular formula that gives consumers cell rejuvenation. 

Page thought similarly to Sharyn and said that the domain name gave a great hint at what the company does. Page went with an anti-aging, CBD-inspired cream. 

Jeff said that ‘cell’ is very biological and chose to go down the injectable type of skincare, such as Botox.

So how did you do? Tune in to find out if you’re guessing it right! And if you want to check how your company name is doing, join us next Wednesday and bring up your brand name and domain to the stage!

  • TRANSCRIPT: The Name Game – EP18 (11-10-21)


    Hello. Hello. Hello. Welcome everybody to the name game. We’re excited to be here and hope you are too. My co-hosts page. How and Sharyn Konyak should be starting, uh, joining me, excuse me, in just a moment. We’re excited to be here for another exciting episode of the name game. And while I’m waiting for Page and Sharyn to show up, I’ll tell you a little bit about how the name game works.

    We do this show every Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM. Eastern time here on start-up club and at the name game here’s page. Now let me say hello to [00:01:00] Paige and add him as a moderator. Welcome page. Hi, Jess. How are you today? Good, sir. I’m great. Another good week and naming and branding and all that stuff. Yeah.

    The name game is always a lot of fun. So I was just going to tell everyone how the name game works and then we can get started and hopefully Sharon will join us in a few moments as well. And I see Colin there. If you want to join us on stage college, just raise your hand. Otherwise you’re welcome to listen.

    Um, the name game works like this. We’re going to invite you up on stage and, uh, here’s Sharon. Hello, Sharon. We have, uh, everyone joining us tonight. Welcome Sharon. Hi Jeffrey. Hi Paige. Good to see you tonight. Good to see you both. So I was just going to tell everyone a little bit about how the name game works, and then you can introduce yourselves and then we’ll, we’ll get the game store.

    Um, basically at the name [00:02:00] game, you can raise your hand and come up on stage. And when it’s your turn to play, just tell us the name of your business, the name of your startup and your domain name. Please do not tell us what you do. Do not tell us what industry you’re in or anything else about your business, because the way we play the name game is our panelists page.

    Uh, Sharyn and myself. We’ll try to guess what your business is, what you do just based on your name and your domain. And then we’ll give you some feedback on what we think about the name and domain that you’ve chosen. And why do we do this? You know, it’s a very, very cluttered world out there. We’re all competing for everyone’s attention.

    And we believe that when you’re naming and branding your startup, if you can give an indication of the business or service. That you provide as part of your name, you’re going to have an edge up on the competition. You’re going to make it easier for people to find you easier for people to remember you easier to attract the customers you’re trying to attract.

    So that’s the whole point of the name [00:03:00] game. And as a final reminder, we are recording this show. So if you do come up and participate in play the name game, you are giving us your permission to record you. And you can find recordings of the name game over@startup.club, which is the website for startup club and where you can find recordings of this show.

    And many other shows and sign up for our mailing list to be informed of other things going on here at startup club. So with that, I’ll let Paige and Sharon introduce themselves and then we’ll get the game going.

    Oh, sure.

    Um, a story branding, strategist and coach that helps people tell stories that get remembered, noticed, and create a Legion of raving fans for them. And so I have been asked to, to jump up on stage and help out Jeffrey and Paige, mostly from a branding [00:04:00] and marketing standpoint. So a lot of my comments will be related to, um, you know, what opportunities I see for you in terms of offering, uh, everybody, when you come on stage, try to make sure you’re you’re on mute if that’s okay.

    Um, and, um, so I’ll be giving tips for marketing and strategizing and also tips for timelines. If I actually have one that comes to.

    Great. Well, glad to be here for another exciting week. You know, we, we meet so many wonderful companies. Uh, my name is Paige, how I’ve been investing in digital assets for over 25 years. I’ve both funded startups, uh, been on the money raising side for startups and, um, managed the family office where we would entertain investment proposals.

    And, you know, would many times look at the name or the email address or just someone’s card back in the days of business cards. And [00:05:00] we would start making up, uh, making our impressions of the business, uh, and evaluate funding and things like that. From the start, uh, in domain names, I’ve sold over $10 million worth of domain names, uh, in the last 20 years, including a couple over a million dollars.

    So I do try to get into that part of it because of the, the importance of a domain name, uh, when it comes to naming your business. And hopefully I can be a resource for everybody so glad to be here for them. Well, thank you, Sharon and Paige, it’s always great. We’ve got a great panel. I’m Jeff sass. I’m the co-founder and COO of.club domains, and also the CMO of pod.com.

    But I’ve been a marketing and branding guy my whole life. So I think between the three of us, you’ve got a good perspective of different angles of, of naming and branding your startup. And we hope you have fun playing the name game with that. Let’s get the game started now. Colin, welcome. I don’t know if you want to play the name game, or if you just want to help out on the panel, but you have a name of a [00:06:00] business that we are not aware of, that you want to share and see if we can.

    Uh, no, I love this. I love this show and I am calling, uh, C Campbell and I am the chairman and owner of syrup club, Heather. Nice to have you on by the way. That’s so cool. Here in Florida. That’s our hometown Fort Lauderdale. Get a room, get a room. We’re here to play. Exactly. Exactly. Here’s the name? Hold on, hold on, Jeff.

    And you can’t answer it because you know, a little bit more background fuse myself. This’ll be up to Sharon and paid shareholder, blockchain.com. What is it curious?

    No page or Sharon. You want to chime in? Yeah, I’ll jump in shareholder, blockchain.com. So [00:07:00] you’ve gone with a name of your company and a domain name that says what it does and does what it says. Um, so you’re in this amazing world of finance and the rapid changes of finance and I’m stalling here. So I can go with shareholder, blockchain.com.

    And I’m going to say that you have a service that instead of people printing out stock certificates on the old paper, with the railroad car on the top and stamping them and giving it to people every time they traded shares of stock, that you manage all this on the blockchain for companies. And it kind of, you know, the thing I like about a natural language name, if I’m close, is it makes me want to ask my next question?

    Related to your business as opposed to having to do the standard. Well, what is it that you do call in? So I’m going to go with online [00:08:00] management of stock holdings.

    Um, I’m going to take a similar approach, but I’m going to go to the good old favorite NFT. And I’m going to suggest that you have an NFT that is related to stocks so that stockholders or shareholders can, um, do NFTs for perspective stock purchases that they’re interested in making well, Sharon, I love the idea of having a, an NFT of your stock certificate.

    That’s actually pretty cool. Colin, how did Paige and oh, could we get some more like Heather’s opinion and, or no? I’m curious what? That thing? Sure. We’ll, we’ll let, uh, Heather be a guest, a guest guests or guest panelists this evening. Thank you. I appreciate that Jeff, you know, sitting there thinking about it and, um, here’s what I see as I see as an exchange, right.

    In exchange, [00:09:00] not only, just obviously there’s an exchange, but exchange between, um, companies, individuals to add value to the blockchain and to see if we can build a company together, almost like, um, I won’t say NFT almost like, um, what do you call it? Um, not a security, but where people come together and actually put money in, or it could be money, could be cryptocurrency into certain companies where they own a piece of that.

    That’s kind of what I heard is like an opportunity to do. Um, yeah. And you know what page you nailed it. If you’re going to share a little blockchain.com, you can actually see what we’re thinking of doing. This is a concept that I came up with three years ago and I actually hired a programmers and investors.

    I actually launched it and then they blew it up and I had to shut it down and I’m thinking of re starting it again. But, um, the fact is it, um, there is an [00:10:00] antiquated multi-billion dollar industry that requires it all publicly traded stocks, hold stock certificates. I know it sounds weird that you actually have to hold the stock certificates.

    These brokerage firms and Delaware has legislated and other states have legislated that you can hold these things on a blockchain. You don’t no longer need to hold a physical document. And a, this would be more along the lines of Carta, like an actual show. Um, a, uh, a database that holds all stockholders, but then everything’s posted on their blockchain.

    And the advantage of posting shareholdings on a blockchain is that it eliminates all future lawsuits. The big problem with partnerships is lawsuits. And when you put it on a blockchain, it doesn’t lie. It’s an immutable database. So that’s what the concept is. And a Paige, I think you nailed it the most.

    Well, thank you, Colin. [00:11:00] Thank you for playing along. Congratulations page, maybe in the future, we’ll give out points for the people who get. Hey, Collin, I have a question for you, you know, the temptation these days. And one of the reasons Jeff started this when he was doing his work and I first heard it would be to go with what people are calling brandable, you know, like booby or Zippy or stocky or blocked stocky or something like that.

    Um, now that you’ve got this and it makes it easy, you didn’t have to search for something extra. But when you think about that decision, as a, as a, you know, uh, an investor, a capitalist, uh, you know, a principal of various companies, did that cross your mind to maybe be a stock geo or a block EEO or something like that?

    Well, I hate those. I actually hate those dams and I’ve invested in a number of those companies by the way. So, but the fact of the matter is, um, if you search the term shareholder, blockchain, two words, [00:12:00] I don’t know if we come up anymore and we, well, we shut the company down two, three years ago. We probably still come up on the first page.

    Um, owning a domain name, like a.club, domain name or anything is if you own the domain name, you can get good SEO. And if you can describe your company, you get great SEO. Um, you know, Jeff and you know, this page, we own pod.com and pod.com. You can guess what it’s about. It’s about paws, it’s more dogs and cats.

    It’s about animals. And the fact of the matter is if you can actually get a name that matches something on Google, and I guess product comes a little bit more indirect, but, um, shareholder blockchain was all about posting your shares on a blockchain. It was very descriptive and you pulled it out right away.

    You know, I think there’s a lot of advantage to it. There’s disadvantage when it comes to getting, um, Uh, trademarks like product come and [00:13:00] maybe even shoulder blockchain, but generic like names like that. They they’ve worked very well. Well, thank you, Colin. Thanks for playing the name game and thank you page and Sharon for your excellent, uh, analysis and guesses.

    Um, next we have now Jadeveon. You’ve been here before and I think played before. So do you have a different name you want to share with us?

    Um, I have not played the name game. Uh, I remembered joining, uh, previous, uh, room with you, Jeffrey and Sharon. I believe it was the, uh, brand is storytelling. Okay. So I’m going to recuse myself then since I already know. And Sharon, you may have to recuse yourself too, so maybe we’ll let Paige and Colin, if you want to be a panelist for this one, um, we’ll let you guys see what you think of Jamian’s [00:14:00] name.

    All right, everyone. Well, thank you for having me today. Um, I am the founder of earth, ultra X, and my name is JVM Saunders. Hey, Javeon JVs. Nice to meet you. Earth ultra. Earth ultra X. I’m going to keep saying it to buy myself a little time, earth ultra X. So I think you’re probably in the thing. A lot of companies are, you had to go to the three word in this case, even though one is just a letter.

    Cause I’m sure all the other two word combinations were taken earth, ultra X earth, ultra X. I’m hoping that something comes up earth, ultra X. I’m going to say, I want to be real broad. I think you’re doing something for the planet and you’re coming up with ultra X. [00:15:00] You know, it makes me think X games or X-Force or avatar or the movies, you know, the X-Files or the X men earth, ultra X.

    But I’m going to go with Paul. You’ve got me stumped here. Something about the earth environment, climate change. Uh, some product that, uh, solves the problem in the environmental area and helps with climate change earth, ultra X, right? Colin. Well, I have to recuse myself because he was on the zero lots per hour and talking about the X factor, the X factor, and I can not.

    All right. So Heather, Heather, since you’ve also been one of our guests panelists tonight, do you want to take a shot at earth ultra? Sure. I would love to take a shot at it. Um, I like the name by the way. So I actually see something in the world of. Uh, kind of a [00:16:00] galactic exchange. So I believe that we have kind of, um, we have a lot of businesses neglectic world necessarily, and there’s a whole business beyond just like NASA and things like that.

    There’s a whole business and a lot of exchange. So I see that as kind of, as an exchange or some kind of business exchange for, um, galactic services. That’s kind of what I see. I like it. I love the name. All right. JV on tell Paige and Heather how they did well, you guys did on a scale of one to 10, I would say maybe a five out of 10.


    uh, go ahead, Jamie, do you want to tell everyone what, what, uh, earth alltracks actually? Sure. I would love to. So earth Altra X is going to be taking people. And [00:17:00] thought your ex is going to be embarking on exploration and to the ocean and interstellar travel. We have a focus on developing technologies that are going to be making the world a better place, uh, with a focus on well-being.

    And, uh, I believe it was Paige who mentioned the environment, and that is absolutely right. As a tech environmentalist, I’m truly passionate about making the world a better place and combating climate change and combating fossil fuels, which is currently contributing to extreme poverty in America. This is something that we, as a nation can come together and support not only, uh, the company’s values, but essentially, um, create new experiences for individuals, um, in a future and a future tense.

    I’m definitely very enthusiastic about what’s to [00:18:00] come and utilizing technologies similar to space sex, uh, Eli, um, of Elon Musk and, uh, blue origin from Jeff Bezos and Virgin galactic from Richard Branson. Uh, the technology is just of growing rapidly. So where a new, a new tech aerospace manufacturing company, and we have our hands and a lot of areas.

    And we also are working to, uh, get into branded entertainment, which is something that will be very, very lucrative in the near future.

    Thank you, JV on. And, um, that sounds very, very exciting page. What do you think of the letter X in these names like space X and earth, all drag. Well, JV, it sounds like you’ve, uh, you’ve put a big challenge in front of yourself and you’re ready to meet it. So I, you [00:19:00] know, love to keep an eye on you and see where you go with it.

    And then I think I would love to encourage you in a way where your name might be commensurate with your goals and your expectations. And I’m not sure if right now, Even though it might be a great working name for your company. And if you succeed in being such a world changer, that people will have to learn your name, you know what I mean?

    That I think, I think the name is great, but I think if you wanted it to lend something to your business, I think that someone might expect you to be earth X or ultra X. And I know that those are not domain names you can get or their names by taking other company. But I think a little more time striving for something that was just two words or two syllables, like the ones you mentioned, space X beating one word with an X, which I think is a fantastic way to go.

    Um, and I think, you know, even blue origin are two nice words that go [00:20:00] together and then, you know, Virgin galactic that, you know, they use their, their own brand name. I think. As time goes on, upgrade your name, to be shorter, easier to spell and text and send on an email. But more importantly, when you have three components, you kind of open up yourselves more to someone being ultra earth, X, X earth, ultra X, ultra earth, and doing some derivatives.

    Whereas I think being two or one might make you be as unique as your goals and objectives are. So, you know, run with it, work with it. But I think it’s an area that I think you’ll upgrade here pretty soon. And maybe even having to pay up a little bit. I know you can buy a lot of domain names on monthly payment plans now.

    Uh, something that was just one word and then the X, I’m not sure how you work in the fact that you’re doing something from the sea and going to space, but I think a six or [00:21:00] seven letter name with X at the end. If you take some time, I have confidence. You’ll find.

    Thank you. And may I add that there was also another component and I believe that this is truly indicative of why we are so true to earth ultra X, as we are creating a place that will essentially be a park end or campus where people can come and visit and have, uh, various discussions and, uh, learning opportunities from not only our Marine biologists, but also our visionaries who will be guiding our consumers through all kinds of information or activities.

    And also another part of the experience that people will be able to go on is having a lodging and dining experience with their time with [00:22:00] earth ultra X, as we are creating essentially. It’s expanding the horizons of what we see here on earth. And I think that that’s so important because we love earth.

    We love our planet and we don’t want to diminish that, but we also want to elevate that and enhance that. And through, uh, man-made manufactured, um, facilities and research facilities, um, that will be accomplished. It’s a, it’s a big vision call. Well, I just think that’s a cool name. I could say, like you got ultra in there, you know, you think of the Miami ultra festival, you think of, um, X, like, you know, model X and the, you know, I just think the name’s very cool.

    And what’s interesting is that, um, page, um, you almost got half of it and then, you know, [00:23:00] Uh, we also, the other lady also got the other half of it. So I feel like you got a very cool name. I don’t know. You need to rebrand that. The key now is just execution. With the emphasis on X occlusion, right. Jeffrey, I actually wanted to add something about, uh, playing off of pages idea and thought that maybe there’s an opportunity to use the X for experience X and then periods, uh, instead of E X or just experience, and then use the use the idea of, uh, then you have to find, I guess, the, the problem like pages mentioning is you have to find sort of one word that brings the whole, the ocean and the space together, which is very difficult.

    Um, obviously. But, um, you know, maybe that’s an option to take that [00:24:00] X and use it for experience instead of just sort of letting it be a placeholder and treading off of the space X or those kinds of, uh,

    thank you, Sharon. That’s a, another great addition. And I think what Paige said for everyone who’s listening about the three words is really interesting and a great point as, as page always adds these great domain name insights, but the more words you have in your domain name, the more opportunities there are for someone to create something similar that could cause confusion.

    So I thought that was a good tip, not just for. Uh, earth ultra X, but just in general, that’s that’s a good note. When you start putting together a domain name that has more than two words. So thank you for sharing that page and JV on. Great to see you again, and thank you for playing the name game.

    Hopefully this was helpful feedback for you. Thank you. And before I [00:25:00] conclude, uh, I actually had one question and it was in regards to taglines, as we did, we do have a tagline that is currently in development and our tagline is your future starts today. As we are very people focused and we are looking to educate consumers.

    Um, so they have a takeaway after their experience with earth Altra X. So I’m just curious if anyone, um, what your thoughts are on your future starts today and, or, uh, knowing everything that you know about the experience, um, possibly. Sharon I’ll I’ll let you go first on this. Well, I think from a tagline standpoint, I think one of the things that it requires you to know to know, because you’re saying your future starts today, um, is your requiring me to know a lot about what it is that my future holds for me or what my [00:26:00] expectations are for my future.

    So I don’t know that it necessarily, one of the things we’ve talked about before is that a tagline can sometimes clarify or solidify, um, questions that may come up as a result of a, um, a domain being maybe generic or general. And so I don’t know that it goes far enough to, to, to make any clarifications you have.

    The issues related to earth ultra X and then your future starts today. Doesn’t really take me any further down the, um, the knowledge base of, of really knowing what it is you’re trying to accomplish for me. Yeah. I, I tend to agree with Sharon. I think your future starts today as a tagline, especially when you’re trying to accomplish so much with earth earth, ultra X is a little bit too generic.

    I could see that tagline in use from a tutoring company, from an educational company. It’s just, it’s [00:27:00] very, very broad. And I think because you have such a specific vision or your company, you want to make sure that the tagline brings people closer to that vision. So I think you don’t want something that’s generic.

    You want something that’s actually. Very specific to what you intend earth, all drags to be. Yeah. I am going to throw an I, I think I share both of your opinions that it doesn’t take me any closer, but man, I would keep that on the shelf for some other reason. It’s a great tagline. Your future starts today.

    And I don’t know if it’s been overused or used by anyone globally, but, um, whether you used it for earth ultra X or not just on its own, it’s a terrific phrase. You know, it has this rhythm from being kind of future, but then today that just the way it rolls it, [00:28:00] it seems appealing. So whether you used it for earth ultra X or not, I would keep it in the bin, uh, because on its own, it’s really fantastic.

    Awesome. Well, thank you page Sharon Jadeveon. Thanks again for participating. It’s always good to see you. Let’s go on to our next contestant, Daniel. Welcome to the

    Daniel. If you’re there, unmute yourself and let us know the name of your business and your domain name. All right, we’ll come back to you, Daniel. If you come back, flash your mic and I’ll come back to you. Let’s go on to Wendy, Wendy. Welcome. Thank you so much. I’m really kind of excited and I’m a little disappointed that Heather left the room.

    Um, and, uh, I’ll tell you why. Well, first my introduction, my name is Wendy shore. I’m an entrepreneur and I’ve been in the entrepreneurial space for God over 25 years. [00:29:00] And I am launching a new product. Right. And so not too long ago, I was in St. Pete. I met Heather in real life and she told me why my name didn’t mean anything.

    And it wasn’t radio friendly. It meant something to me, but I realized it didn’t mean anything to everybody else out there in the world. So I have renamed it literally about a week and a half ago, came up with the name and now we’re, I think we’re ready to hit the ground running. So obviously I want some feedback.

    So do I just say the name is that what I do the name? And if you have a domain name, let us know your domain name, but don’t tell us anything else. Okay. Well, if I tell you the don’t name, the domain name, it’ll give it away. So I’ll just tell you the name. That’s part of the, tell us a domain because that’s part, if it gives it away, that’s actually a good thing.

    Not a bad. Okay. So it’s so factor and the domain name is cell factor, skin or cell factor skincare. I have both. So could you spell it? [00:30:00] Cause I had a hard time. Is it self factor or, oh, sorry. Cell C E L L factor. Okay. Cell factor. And the domain was sell factor skin or cell factor? Skincare factor skincare.

    Okay. Um, Sharon.

    Um, so I guess that when a part of the issue is the radio tests that we’ve talked about before in the cell or self, we were unclear about, um, that, and also the unclear, the lack of clarity about the spelling, whether it would be S E L L or C E L L. But if you have the skin part in it, then obviously you’re probably going to be closer to the CLL.

    So I’m going to go with that. It is, um, a product line that is sort of in [00:31:00] this, uh, SkinCeuticals or this pharmaceutical related, um, skincare and as using a particular formulation or some sort of proprietary blend that’s skincare that, um, gives you sort of cell rejuvenation or something.

    Well, I want to be pretty similar, um, because you gave us the domain name. I think like Jeff shared it’s good because it hands at, you know, what you do, um, cell factor skincare. So I’m going to go with an anti-aging cream, which, I mean, that’s maybe that’s too close to Sharon’s guests. I’m going to go with, I can’t go in Ft.

    So I’ll go with cell factor, cell factor. I’m stalling here, and I’m going to go for,

    I’m going to go for cannabis. There we go. If I can’t go NFT, [00:32:00] I’ll go cannabis. You’re a, uh, a CBD inspired cream for a restorative scan and anti-aging and looking better. Uh, cell factors can be. So I’m going to, so page, since you took the NFTs away from me now I’m going to go. Um, because cell is very, um, biological, not diabolical, but biological.

    I often get those two words confused, but it’s very biological. So when I think of, of skincare in the traditional sense, I think of it more on the surface yet when I think of biology and cellular, it’s beneath the surface. So I’m going to go slightly different direction and say it’s more of a injectable type of skincare.

    So, you know, sort of a Botox type, um, center or a Botox treatments are, and I’m speaking way out of my league here. Cause I I’m, I [00:33:00] don’t know a whole lot about that, but I feel like it’s more something that’s under the skin. Um, and not just, um, creams and things that you would put on the surface. So that would be the direction that I’m going to go.

    Um, Colin, we may have exhausted it, but since you’re here, do you want to take a tape? Are you kidding me? Like really? Like I have nothing. I have nothing. Okay. Then when did, how did we do. Well, you did actually pretty well. Um, so everybody said rejuvenation and some people said anti-aging and it’s definitely rejuvenation.

    So, um, and I love that you were saying under the skin, um, we’re not injectable, although we can be injectable, but I’m a cosmetic company, so I can’t promote injection. But what I am is a stem cell science based skin renewal kit that combines stem cell science and cosmetic technology to renew, uh, nourish repair, [00:34:00] and trigger cell growth.

    Um, stem cells actually talk to each other and they encourage each other to renew replenish, restore, better function all on its own. And then that becomes visible. Combined with the nanotechnology, which creates micro channels in your skin. So the serum can get down into the depths of the skin, where it needs to in order to be truly effective.

    Um, and we also have the only skin serum right now, potent enough to actually trigger the cell growth. So you guys did really, really well. Um, and so that makes me really happy because I kind of feel like I’m on the right track other than the little bit of confusion with the name at first, I think it is saying what I wanted to say.

    Yeah. I think your assessment, Wendy is spot on. I think, um, based on everything you’ve told us and what we’ve said, you’re on the right track. And the only potential drawback is that, um, radio test [00:35:00] bit, which means you can accommodate for that in many ways with your logo, um, with your tagline and everything else so that if people have.

    The two here, the tagline and your name together, or see the logo and your name together that no longer becomes as much of a problem. Thank you so much. This was really, really so helpful. Just a soundcheck, Jeff. I think you’re coming in very low. Is it page, am I correct or no for Jeff, but you are correct.

    So check you got something wrong with your mic or something. Okay. I just raised the liquor very low and loud and clear. How about now? Is that better? No, you got to go. Hello? I don’t know what’s going wrong. Okay. Well, I’ll, I’ll cover him with a little talk about cell factor. So Wendy, I think you’ve got a great product name with cell factor.

    Um, I do know that cell factor.com is not really, you know, under the skin and micro nano, like yours. There’ll be [00:36:00] some confusion. And I’ll just share with you a story. I used to have a name that was similar to another companies and I actually had people sending me like invoices and things like that. So you’d hate to have someone, you know, reach out to you and think that your windy itself factor.com and then, and then, you know, it goes to someone else.

    And I just wonder again, I don’t want to seem like I don’t like anyone’s name or anything, but. The way you described the attributes of your product. I can tell you’ve been, you know, you’ve been working, you’ve been working on your, your framing of your story and everything. And, and because cell factor is so broad, then when you add the skincare, it stays broad.

    It’s long. So people have to type it or text it. And, and I would just be on the lookout to upgrade because you may get tired of having to fill in forms with Wendy at sell factor, skincare.com all the time. Um, [00:37:00] and when you started talking about your attributes, that’s where I started thinking, you know what cell factor is really broad, but you’ve actually got something you want to do.

    You know, you want to micro, nano, you know, something and, and, um, I guess maybe a tagline would help, but, but I think you want to go shorter. I want to encourage you to match the enthusiasm you have personally, um, maybe cell factors, your product name, but you do end up with a micro nano, something really particular about what it is that you do that shorter.

    And I’ll encourage you to do that. And, but you know what you have.

    Thank you. Thanks. I want to actually share something really funny as we were trying to come up with the name and, and there were a lot, and every time we would think of something, we would first obviously see if the domain domain was available, then go to the U S PTO. And [00:38:00] then just then we just go into a deep dive on the internet and see if, you know, there were names where, um, there were things that were close or being used, for example, matrix.

    There’s no company matrix skincare, but there’s a ton of products out there that have the sub name. But anyway, that being said, one of the names we thought of was skin X-Factor. So that’s, I was just thinking about the X factor before, and you guys talking about that. So I thought that was kind of funny, but, uh, we veered away from that because there was skin factor and, and are the ones like that.

    So yeah, one of the resources I use, I think I’ve mentioned it before here. So for everyone, listening has been, there’s a site called lean, like lean, lean domain search.com. And what they do is you can put in a word like sell and they’ll combine it with the 5,000 words that are most often used in domain names.

    And then they’ll show you just the ones that are available now. It isn’t always perfect. I mean, if you see selex.com is the first one, that means that maybe they’ve just [00:39:00] got an error in their data, but it might get those, you know, those, those noodles going, as opposed to you having to hope that you think.

    Matrix. Oh, but I forgot about Nana. Oh, I forgot about micro. Sometimes just seeing a bunch will either give you a good idea for sale, plus a short word or a short word plus sell. So that’s lean domain, search.com. The owners of WordPress automatic and automatic actually bought it. And, um, and they use it for their, some of their stuff on WordPress.

    So there’s a suggestion just to get a big selection and something.

    Thank you for that page. And thank you, Wendy, for playing the name game. We’re going to go back to Daniel who flashes Mike to show me that he’s still alive here. So welcome to the name game. Hi guys. I literally could not find the mute unmute button. So sorry about that. Uh, okay. So the name of the company and the [00:40:00] domain are the same.

    It’s B a kid.

    Be a kid.com be a kid. All right. So first of all, it’s a, it’s a good name for the radio test. I think people will be able to follow it, understand it, spell it B a kid. Um, it made me smile. Which I guess is part of being a kid, but that said, it’s so broad. I’m trying to think of, of what different ways I might want to be a kid.

    Um, so I’m gonna say that be a kid.com is actually not for kids, but really for adults in some kind of a self-help service or consultancy to really help adults, you know, regain their inner child, be a kid again, enjoy [00:41:00] life, not be so stressed out. Um, so that that’s the direction I’m going to go in.

    Well, I, I really liked it. Um, I love it actually. Six letters, you got the calm, you’ve got the name, you’ve got the social media handle. Um, you know, I think you can, if whatever you’re doing, doesn’t work out, you can pivot all kinds of different ways. And I’m going to go with almost the same thing Jeff said, but I’m going to go against him on his first comment.

    I think kids today are stressed out. Kids today are carrying burdens and pressures and stress way before they should. And mostly it’s probably dealing with us parents. So I’m going to go with something that relates to be a kid is for kids to be kids. And the, the one place that a lot of people, I may be wrong here.

    A lot of people are looking for kids is to empower them with their [00:42:00] finances. So I’m going to go with a kid’s visa card, be a kid, be it.

    Sharon. I was going to go down the road that you went down Jeffrey. And I was thinking again, I do really like the name and I think it does have that positive, happy feeling to it. Um, and I was going to go for like an amusement park kind of thing, like a, a, um, not an, not necessarily an amusement park, but like an, an area where you can go back and do, uh, all those fun kid games that you used to love when you were a kid.

    But now that you’re grown up, you think like no respect self-respecting adult is going to, you know, do those anymore. So, um, maybe it’s an amusement park or amusement area that you can go back to being a kid again, kinda like a Chucky cheese location, some, some physical. Okay. I was going to say that, [00:43:00] but I didn’t know if that was going to resonate with anyone because I don’t even know if Chuck E cheese is still in business anymore, but I’m showing.

    Okay, well, Daniel, how did we, alright, so Jeffrey’s the only one who started on the right path, but then went off to the side. So really what we are is we’re an Airbnb type marketplace for parents and service providers for kids after school, activities and events and everything else. And the idea is very simple.

    Everything kids to do, uh, do today is provided by, by some kind of a service provider kids no longer go outside and just make friends every. Yeah, I don’t know, alone. Oh, managing and organizing these activities has become a huge pain in the ass. Uh, it logistically very difficult [00:44:00] getting kids to these activities, uh, figuring out who, you know, whether they’re good, who’s in your network.

    All of these things are very, very difficult and take a lot of time, a lot of money. And we want to just ease the pain for parents, uh, and help them find book, uh, and create better childhood for kids. And it’s both being a kid for, for, you know, having a child to have a great childhood because they’re in these awesome, uh, activities and also just ease for the parents, um, uh, to, to do all that.

    Daniel. That sounds great. And I think, you know, because be a kid is, is broad. Do you have a tagline that sort of steers us in that direction of the platform that you’re you’re so we don’t right now, the reason, the reason it’s broad is I actually wanted it to be broad because the childhood is [00:45:00] so extremely multifaceted.

    Uh, I did not want, we actually started out with, uh, calling the company activity wish, and everybody was saying, well, it’s about activities and also events. It’s also birthdays. It’s also holidays. It’s so many other things. I wanted some things to rod. You know, it doesn’t necessarily speak directly, but it’s a great name and it kind of makes you at ease and you feel like you’ve known the company for many, many years, but we don’t have the tagline right now.

    I don’t know. Childhood is fricking awesome. Uh, you know, something along along the lines of building a universe around your child or something, something along those lines, Sharon, what are you thoughts on the tagline? Cause I, you know, I think in, you know, we page talks about this a lot to think about the words you use when you describe your company.

    So you talked about it [00:46:00] as an Airbnb for after school. So arguably your tagline should steer people in that direction because yes, it is awesome to be a kid, but the service you’re providing is a service for parents to make it easier to ensure that their kid gets to be. And I think somehow you want to convey that, Sharon, what are you?

    Yeah, I think that’s a good, um, that’s a good observation, Jeffrey. I actually don’t really have any thing to add in terms of offering a tagline at this point. Yeah, I think Daniel, you said a lot there at the very end where you said, boy, it seems like a company that’s been around for a while and you know, you’ve, you’ve built up some, I mean, you started talking about powerful words, like trust when it comes to kids, you know what I mean?

    And um, and I think that being so short and being so recognizable. I think you do [00:47:00] do that. I almost think your name is may be better and bigger than the business. Um, but I know the businesses needed, and I wonder if the name ends up being the name of the app that the kids use to schedule everything, because it almost seems like the name goes to being a kid, but the service goes for being an adult, but it sets a great name that, um, you know, I really think it’s, it is going to be broad and you may, I have a feeling you’re going to end up being successful in something a little bit unrelated to your initial plan.

    And people would be a, kid’s going to be a household name some, some days. Thank you very much. I hope so. Thank you, Daniel. Thanks for playing the name game and best of luck with via kid.com. That’s N one that we’re going to remember. It’s a really memorable name, so kudos to you for that. We’ve got about 13 minutes left until the top of the hour.

    We try to do the name [00:48:00] game in approximately an hour every Wednesday evening at six o’clock Eastern time. So let’s try to get through everyone’s on the stage. And if we have time, we’ll bring some more people up. And if not, if you don’t make it on the stage this week, please do try to come back and join the name game next week or in another Wednesday.

    And if you were waiting to get on stage tonight, didn’t make it send us a message you could back channel us. And then next week we’ll try to bring you up right away with that. Let’s go to Aaron. Aaron. Welcome. Hi, that name is great. Be a kid. I will not forget that. So my name poshy here, essentials. And that’s both a domain name and company name, poshy hair essentials.

    All right. Page. You’re Sharon. I went first, last time to one of you guys want to go first.

    Well, I’m not sure how you spell poshy. Let me, I’ll go with P O S H I [00:49:00] E. Poshy Harris centrals. And if you combine the Harris centrals, I could stretch it to not being three words, but to. Eight words. I can’t give you a full two and a half, like hair care, maybe. Um, but, uh, posse Harris centrals. So I think a lot of your logo and branding can just be about poshy.

    Sorry. I said that wrong posy Harris centrals. And so I’m going to go with some type of I’m so glad I got to go first. I’m just going to take the total obvious and make it so tough for Sharon and Jeffrey. I’m going to go with a hair care product. That’s essential to, uh, hair care, poshy Harris essentials doc.

    Thanks, Paige. I appreciate you throwing, throwing me under the bus, like, um, wow. Um, [00:50:00] I’m gonna say poshy hair essentials poshy here. Um, Pushy hair essentials.

    I’m going to go with, I’m going to stay in that, in that lane, that it’s a haircare product and that it is, um, an essential product for maybe, uh, people of color to be able to, uh, keep their hair looking great. And, um, oh gosh, I don’t know. Yeah. So like an oil based, you know, like an oil or some sort of product that makes your hair look super poshy and look healthy and,

    okay. So I guess it’s up to me, poshy hair, essentially, you know, I, I don’t know. I I’m going to go with what Sharon and [00:51:00] Paige said in terms of the business, but I will say as Paige kind of pointed out. Poshy is a little bit tricky because is it PO I wrote down P O S H Y page. It said P O S H I E. Um, so I wonder if you, you might’ve considered posh Harrison chills or something that’s, um, less open for questionable spelling.

    Um, how did

    close? Very close, but come on. There’s an obvious word in there here. So it is related to you. You’ve all got that part. It is an actual, actually a service. So poshy provides high quality hairstyling tools on a rental basis to women who care about preserving ahead of healthy hair. But we’ll also want to have some fun try different styles, but with minimal damage.

    [00:52:00] So think, think the rent, the runway, but for hairstyling tools.

    So, um, so the actual tool, so it’s not the hair products you put in here, but the actual, um, correct. It’s not, um, it’s not products, it’s the hairstyling tool. So the flat irons, the blow dryers, low wands, the deep waivers, all those different tools that people like to play with to look fabulous.

    oh, sorry. I, I did wasn’t mute. I was saying that I, um, it’s an interesting business model. So I wonder if you want to somehow incorporate that aspect of the business, the rental of the equipment. The example you gave rent the runway great name [00:53:00] because you know exactly what their business model is. You’re renting the runway, you renting the clothes.

    When I think of Harris essentials as Paige and Sharon indicated, it really steers us towards the product that you put in your hair, not the equipment. That’s a, that’s a good tip. I struggled, I struggled coming up with a name and I wanted the word of rental in there, but I think I wanted it to sound a little bit more elevated.

    Not like you’re going to home Depot to write a tool. Yeah, I think that you might want to go get poshy hair.com. And I think between texting it, typing it, using it for your email, just think over the years, how much time you’ll save, not having to write out essential oils, even if that’s on your product label and things like that.

    So, and I would also maybe get the I E version, but it’s available so posse with the Y hair.com. I wouldn’t try to go out and grab that as soon [00:54:00] as you can. So I can do that. The one thing that I also wanted to do is so have the.com the domain name and the social media name be the same and that. So I struggled with getting a word that matched both when I was available on both platforms, at least,

    but maybe that doesn’t matter. I don’t know.

    Yeah. I do agree with, uh, with Jeffrey that the rent. Aspect of it. The rental runway idea is really powerful and that if it’s going to be a rental service or it’s going to be a service where it’s like, uh, uh, where you’re trying something where you’re just taking the opportunity to try something that you’re missing an opportunity there of not putting that in your name in some way.

    Okay. Well, Erin, I hope this feedback was helpful and thank you for playing the game. We’re coming [00:55:00] close to the top of the hour. So we’ll get to the three people who remain on stage and we’ll just limit ourselves to two of the three of us. We’ll we’ll, uh, guess so that we can finish everyone up, um, more efficiently.

    And with that, we’ll go to mark. Mark. Hey all, thank you for the room and everything. I have a startup called share wellness. I currently have the domain of share wellness.org. I may add a couple of other platforms, but that’s what we

    1. I spell it or do I not spell it? No, go ahead. Page. I show you on mute. S H a I R wellness. S H oh, I’m glad. So just to say, and then I’ll let Paige go. You knew right up front that you had an issue with the [00:56:00] radio test because you knew that you had to, um, clarify the spelling. Cause I of course wrote down, share S H a R E.

    Yeah. And I think that. I love wellness companies. I liked, um, I’m going to maybe it’s cause we just did a hair company, but I’m going to say this share somehow brings in to play the hair. Although I don’t know if I’ve ever heard another company do that. So maybe I’m just still have hair on the mind. And I want to go with share wellness for, uh, invigorating products for your hair.

    Uh, make it look better last longer. Maybe not go away. Um, share wellness, a wellness for your hair, um, is my best guess, but I I’ll I’ll have some other comments later.

    Sharon, do you want to go? And then I’ll I’ll recruit.[00:57:00] 

    Okay. Um, so share with the, with the spelling S H a I R. So two possibilities. If I saw it, I would either think maybe it had to do with hair. His page was kind of saying, or maybe share S H a R is someone’s name and maybe it’s the share wellness center kind of thing where, you know, doctor share or the chiropractice share or someone named share, put together, uh, has a wellness, um, company or a wellness center, where would you would go for treatments, et cetera, related to wellness.

    So I’m going to go with some kind of a wellness center that someone would go to for various treatments. How did we do,

    did we, uh, Yvonne, that was yours, right? How did we [00:58:00] do

    no, that was dropped. He must’ve left off. He did not want to share anymore. So we’ll move right on then to divine. Sorry, divine. Welcome to the name. Okay. Thank you. Um, so my company name, well, I guess a quick introduction, uh, name is Devon and I’m a designer I’m down in LA, California, and my company name is medium NACA and the website or the domain name is the same thing.

    Medium NAFTA. Can you spell medium? We got, can you spell N O K T a

    medium knocked? Uh, I, you know, I’m only familiar with the extra large Nocta so that’s, um, that’s a challenge for me, [00:59:00] so I I’m kind of stumped because I don’t know what knock. Refers to, and of course, since I had to ask you to spell it, I wasn’t sure whether it was N O C K T a and O KTA, et cetera, et cetera, so that you have that radio test challenge.

    But other than that, I’m somewhat stumped. Um, Paige or Sharon, do one of you want to chime in?

    Well, I guess I, maybe I want to make knocked a Nokia, um, but I’m knocked out, knocked up. Um, you know, it’s, it’s going to be about. You know the strengths of your company, uh, and if the strengths of your company or in relationships, or, you know, something so revolutionary that you’re going to tell people what knocked them means, then I think, you know, you can, you can do that.

    You can run with it, [01:00:00] use a great one word and then another word that’s kind of maybe even a, what we call a port man to where it, it together. It means, you know, in ancient Greek, it meant to scour the earth for the best media or something. So if there’s a little story behind knocked out, I think it can work.

    But when I hear it at the beginning media, Nocta, I’m just going to go with the PR firm, a press relations firm, uh, that does consulting, um, and that,

    so Devon, what is medium.

    So medium Nocta is an apparel brand that promotes inspires and engages creative rebellion and an explanation behind the name. Um, it’s actually a play on the word midnight, uh, which is a, a time of transition between the old and the new and the apparel, [01:01:00] uh, that we’re creating is supposed to live in a conceptual space that, um, helps people within person engagement and helps them learn unconventional methods to seek a goal that’s related in like a creative industry, like artists and designers, um, and things like that.

    So does the word Nocta have relevance to everything you just said, and I’m just not familiar with it, or is it just something that. Yeah, it’s actually based off the Latin spelling of night. So conventional spelling of it is spelled N O C T E, but the pronounced pronunciation of it is actually Nocta, which in English is spelled.

    Okay. TA interesting. Thank you for sharing that. Do you have a tagline that goes along with medium Nocta?[01:02:00] 

    Um, I do not. Uh, I, the only thing that we’ve kind of used as a semi tagline is, um, creative rebellion or promotive creative rebellion. Uh, since that’s such a, um, attention grabber, just to word creative and rebellion, but have no official tagline.

    Great. Well, it sounds like you have the concept and kind of the vision down. So I think hopefully you have a good story to go along with it and that’ll that’ll help. And the only thing I can’t help it it’s my idiot brain. But as an apparel line, you know, I just, I can’t wait to order like a medium, medium, not, uh, or a large or a small, medium knocked up because of the confusion that will create.

    Honestly, I’ve had that thought too. I think it’s kind of comical, but I’m glad you brought it up. Uh, thank you all for your advice and for the opportunity. Um, [01:03:00] yeah. Thank you, Devon. And best of luck with you with medium knocked out. I look forward to seeing what the apparel looks like, and with that, we’re going to get to our last contestant for tonight and Sharon, since Paige and I spoke last, we’ll let you go first on this one, Albert.


    Albert. If you’re there on mute yourself, we’re going to give Alberta three. Two one and that’s okay. We’re over the hour. So we’re going to end the name game here for tonight. Thank you, everyone who participated as always, we had some really interesting names, interesting companies, passionate founders, and that’s really what makes this show a lot of fun to do Sharon Page, any closing remarks?

    We could do the thing where we take our hand and we blow a kiss, like [01:04:00] hard to do and an audio only platform, unless you’d go anyway. See all next week, Sharon, any closing.

    Yeah, again, it’s always been fun trying to, uh, discern these names from everybody’s. Uh, you know, you get this idea. I think we’ve, we’ve found this even more so tonight, you know, you have, you get very close. Uh, and so you lose perspective sometimes in what you are trying to communicate with your name. And so I think that, um, you know, trying to gain that little bit of a space between your, the theory for what you’re coming up with your, with your brand and then finding a name for it.

    Sometimes you need that little bit of step back from it in order to be able to come up with a name that’s really gonna resonate with people and tell a lot about your brand. Um, Again, fun game. [01:05:00] Thank you, Sharon. And for those of you listening, if you want to get some more of page’s immense domain name knowledge, he hosts a number of rooms over at domain club.

    So you can find out more about that at, over@domain.club and follow Page and also Sharyn and I do a room every Monday night at 6:00 PM here on start-up club called lead with your story where instead of focusing on the name, we focus on your brand story, and that’s a lot of fun as well. And you can find recordings of the name, game, and many other shows over@startup.club, which is the website for startup club.

    So we hope to see you there and we hope to see you next week for another edition of the name game. Thanks everyone.

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