What Happens After a Sale?

Have you thought of the steps you need to take after you make a sale? It is a critical step in your marketing funnel to bring customers back. It’s usually more cost-effective to have returning customers than acquiring new customers.

It’s an entirely different thing to get more sales from your existing customers, and that process starts right after the first sale. So here are some tips shared in our last session about post-conversion:

#1 Daily sales huddle: Gather your team and quickly have everyone answer these 3 questions: 

What was yesterday’s number one success?

What is your top focus for today?

Are you stuck?

#2 Don’t be afraid of trying new things: By trying different things you are able to stand out from the crowd and surprise your customers. Even if something doesn’t have the outcome you want, you then know what not to do. 

#3 Don’t assume: Don’t assume anything about your customers. Sometimes we stop doing the most obvious thing which is talking to our customers, don’t be afraid to ask them so you better understand what their needs are. 

Want more tips? Listen to the full session above to learn more about entrepreneurs’ post sales hacks!

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