The Secret to Outbounding

Outbounding means proactively seeking leads and initiating sales. The key to outbounding is being able to accelerate your customer’s need to buy the domain now, instead of waiting for them to make a decision. Pushing a sense of urgency, by clearly understanding who needs this domain name the most is the secret for a successful outbounding process! Want to learn more? Listen to the full episode. 

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    [00:00:00] Welcome to outbounding club. Part of domain clubs, weekly series of talks. My name is Page Howe than a domain name investor for about the last 20 years. I started out bounding club because I feel as important for domain investors to not always just wait.

    On getting lucky and having someone wake up and decide to buy their domain name. Now that’s the best sale that we can have as a domain investor usually is when someone comes at us wanting to buy the name, we feel like we have the maximum price leverage. And if it happens enough, which is one of the ways to evaluate whether you’re buying the right domain names, then you don’t need to do outbounding.

    You don’t need to go through the process of looking for leads. You don’t need to go through the process of sending emails or calling people on the phone. You can just simply wait, like your shopkeeper would just sit back and wait. Sitting at [00:01:00] this counter, waiting for people to come into the door. And you would hope that somehow some way those people decided that they wanted to buy your products today and that they go to your landing page, where they see your names in the marketplace.

    But outbounding club takes the idea that you’ve got to proactively initiate more sales. Um, so that you don’t just wait for one or two sales a month or a week or one or two sales every six months, but you’ve got tens or hundreds of thousands of domain names. Um, in your mind, you’re saying that they’re worth 500 or a thousand or 2000 or $5,000.

    So just like any other product, why not reach. To your most likely customers contact them and ask them if they’d be interested in buying this domain name. And the way that normally happens is a message that normally says something like I wanted to make you aware of the system main names. [00:02:00] ’cause a lot of people may not know how to work registrars.

    They may not know what DLS and after NIC are. They may not know that that, uh, if they type in a name that some related names show up down on the screen, you might be, uh, hitting that perfect cord where. Now the third presented with your email, they think I would like that domain name and times a big good.

    The last couple of years. And the most important trend you’re trying to capitalize on and welcome everyone that’s coming into outbounding club, or whether you’re listening to us in the live audience, the live studio audience, or whether you’re listening to a replay or the podcast. The most important thing you’re trying to do with an outbounding, I believe is you’re trying to accelerate.

    That customer who might buy your name down the road to have a good discussion about it [00:03:00] now. And the trend that you’re trying to take advantage of in my opinion, so that a lot of companies have had to redefine their business model, focus on what it is they do to survive the last two years pandemic. And those that are left to probably done it well and have actually earned a lot of.

    They’ve realized the benefits of moving their company to a digital company. In most cases, having their workers work digitally, working with customers remotely. Second big trend that’s happened is Facebook has disappeared Facebook, which is now called Metta in my opinion. Got too close to the regulatory scrutiny that would have exposed all their processes that they were using to sell advertising to small businesses based upon profiling and targeting customers.

    And they weren’t dealing fairly with the customer information that they have. And I think because of that, they changed their name as an excuse. [00:04:00] And I think that they themselves are not growing that part of their business. And that was a big. Of what small businesses may have done for digital marketing is just pay Facebook, pay Twitter, pay Google.

    So anyway, in the midst of all that trend, you’re reaching out to a customer and saying, you’ve got some extra money. Why not spend it on a new domain name? That’s probably the essence of outbounding club when it comes to the ways that outbounding club. With what we call brokering. I think really they’re the same thing.

    I don’t think there’s a difference between F one of the big brokers in our industry gets a million dollar name that they’re going to sell that they don’t do the same thing we might do for a one five or 10,000. I identified the most likely prospects reach out to those prospects, not with the goal of settling in the domain name and the first email with the goal towards starting a conversation about the [00:05:00] domain name.

    Um, and so I think in my opinion, because a lot of domain investors had good years last year with Metta names and NFT names and maybe just an overall uptake in purchases. It further meant that you didn’t have to do out. Because you were selling enough of your other names, but my feeling has always been, it’s not a matter of when, if it’s a matter of when I will be outbounding sometime in the future, because I believe that, uh, you know, just sitting there and waiting one at my age, I don’t have time to wait another 20 years for these names to sell.

    Now what keeps us from Alba? And then I’ll ask someone to join and, and, and see if they agree or disagree with my assumptions. What keeps us from outbounding? I think to a small degree, it’s the technical skills of, what do I do? You may have heard that when you send spam from your own email address, it could damage your email address.

    All of a sudden all your [00:06:00] outbound emails could be marked spam. So I think there’s some parts of the actual process of sending a lot of. That keeps people from doing it. But I think primarily there’s two reasons. One, I talked about a lot, which is just the fear of rejection. Um, I said, Wolf game, an email Wolf gang.

    Would you like to buy my name? When I send it to 12 people like Wolfgang and I send it on one day and I don’t get a response in the next. And I can tell myself, why am I even in this business, these names aren’t worth anything. When I bought this name, I was sure that other people wanted it. And I was sure that they would pay a big price for it.

    And here I emailed the people that I think should be customers for the name and they didn’t like it right off the bat and they didn’t send me there. And I think a lot of people can look at domaining and think, well, that’s what happens. You just, there’s a whole bunch of [00:07:00] people with a whole bunch of money and they want these domain names, but they haven’t wanted them up until now.

    And they haven’t bought them up until now. And you’re going to buy a domain name. And as soon as you buy it, all those people are going to come rushing to buy it. But I think that’s not the case. I think for outbounding to work, you’ve really got to believe the fact that people that have wanted your domain name haven’t been able to buy it either because they didn’t like the price it was offered.

    And you got to remember if you’re trying to sell a hand registration domain name. That means the people that you’re reaching out to could have bought that name for $10 all the way up until. So you almost have to convince yourself that there’s such a inefficient method of distributing domain names that you’ve got these great clients out there that all want your name, but they don’t know what’s available.

    Now we have a lot of anecdotal evidence that that’s. Um, I think Jeff SERE, [00:08:00] Jeff has shared a couple of times recently where he’s in the real estate business and he has been in rooms with real estate people. And, you know, they’re sitting there every day trying to get listings, trying to get sales, trying to stay ahead of the market.

    And, and they’re, they’re, they’re aggressive, you know, I think he’s, and, and, and he’s been able to, to reach out to them and say, Hey, with this domain name, could you do more? So I think that’s a hint that yes, people don’t know these names are available. They don’t know what the power the domains will be. So when we talked about outbounding last week, I said that there’s two, there’s potentially two things that are happening.

    And I talked about this on million dollar domains. When you reach out to a prospect for the domain name, they’re going to make this value decision. I believe. Are the benefits of buying this domain name more than the cost of the money and the value that I place on the money I have to spend to make it.

    So you [00:09:00] have two choices. You can either make the name. Price it low to make up for the fact that they don’t really see that there’s a lot of benefits for the domain name that you’re selling them. You say this could be a great domain name. You could make a hundred thousand dollars with this domain name and they say, yeah, But then I’d have to build a website and I’d have to get SEO and that’s tough.

    And who types in domain names anyway. And rather than talking about any of those issues or reframing the discussion, you’d just say, well, what about 200 bucks? And then they buy the name. Now. They never changed their view on whether. It was hard to build a website, whether it was hard to do SEO, whether it was hard to do anything, you just made the price low enough that when they looked at that equation, they said, yeah, I’ll, I’ll give it a, I’ll give it a try.

    So I think you want to think about is you’re selling your domain names, especially if you’re trying to get higher prices that you’ve got two things you can do. [00:10:00] One is. You can lower your price so that you bring up a lot of issues. You never really solve them, but while you’re doing it, you just show a low enough price.

    And I think, especially if you’re buying names specifically to outbound, where you just bought the name, you’ve only got a hundred bucks invested. Then you’ve got the ability to still sell a name for 400 or 800 and 1200, make a significant profit that a lot of people would really be happy to yet and then move onto the next one.

    But what I would tell you is because every domain name is is unique. Um, it’s going to be hard to sell. I think each sale you make is going to be hard to do. And I think you’re better off getting better and trying to go after making more money than just trying to do the 100 to 400 over and over and over again.[00:11:00] 

    Because I think after a while, especially as more investors get in the business, it’s going to be harder to buy the names it’ll most likely sell. So that’s the downside. The upside is this. If you can reach. And discover a group of buyers or even a single buyer that wants to buy one of your domain names.

    There’s a chance that they might want to buy two of your domain names or three of your domain names, or you may learn about a business or an industry that’s growing. And people are still trying to figure out who the winners are going to be in that. Who the, who the company in each geographical area or who the company is, it’s going to get the number one ranking on, on Google or who wants to have the most well-known website.

    And I think for all the negatives about outbounding, I want to bring up a potential positive, which is you may in the process of selling a 500 or a $5,000 domain name. You may cross someone who says, and you can ask [00:12:00] him, do you want me to be on the lookout for other names? Like. ’cause think about it. Just the fact that a company owner say I owned a, uh, a cleaning services company and I do office cleaning and, and COVID cleaning and stuff like that.

    300 employees and maybe five locations is that person really going to be going on expired domains to try to find different domain names and their business or their industry now. So you have a real chance to say, what would you like me to keep on the lookout? And if I find something wrong, And you can buy the names for relatively inexpensively, sell them to your customer for a price that they’re willing to pay.

    And so if there’s, if there’s anything that might break the tie on doing outbounding, it would be this, the more conversations you have with people, the more you’re going to really learn about their industry. You’re going to really learn what their objections are to bind domain. The more that you alone, uniquely [00:13:00] see where their objections and you alone find ways to overcome them.

    It’s going to make you a better outbounding domain sales person. And then lastly, you may reach a customer who ends up buying more than one. So it’s not all negative. I think the only, the only thing that, uh, the, the word, the thing that, the thing that makes you the least successful at outbounding is not doing outbounding.

    And the best way to do outbounding is to do outbounding. And if you’re listening to this call and you’ve got a big renewal month, or you need to make some money from domain names, as much as I want you to share your story. And let people help you and hear what other people are doing in domains. The best way to do outbounding is even if you have to get off clubhouse right now and go send 20 emails for the domain name that you want.

    You know, I’d go do that. I type your domain name into Facebook and see what clubs or companies come up. I type that domain name, [00:14:00] um, in LinkedIn and see what companies or groups come up. The thinking about joining groups on LinkedIn as you don’t want to join them. And then the first day say, Hey, I have this domain name for sale.

    You’re going to want to take at least a week. You’re going to want to join a group. You’re going to want to like a couple posts from the group. You’re going to want to make a comment on a couple of the posts from the group. A, I would read a couple of posts from the group. Uh, then you might want to make a post about something not having to do with your domain.

    Just say, I’m thinking about getting in the business. What are some of the current trends, you know, throw something out there. And then I think you’ve maybe earned the right to go ahead and say, Hey, I have this domain name for sale. If anybody in the group wants to contact me. You might get kicked out of the group.

    Um, the last way to do outbounding kind of the purest way people do domain outbounding is you can go to esta bot or you can go [00:15:00] to other companies like domain IQ, which are subscription companies. And you can click on what they either call their lead generator or their, uh, other names generator, and you can type in your name.

    Like if I owned a bridge, I could type in bridge club and they would give me a list of all the people who own domain names, similar to bridge club and. It kind of, doesn’t really make a lot of sense that the best person to sell a domain name to is someone who’s already got a domain name in your business.

    But what you’re hoping is that you’re going to be an upgrade for somebody. So what’s, you’re looking for in this list of prospects is you’re looking for someone that has your name may be in another TLD and net or an org or a country. You’re looking for someone that has maybe you or your two and they have a three-word or they have a [00:16:00] weird spelling or a hyphen.

    And I think those are the prospects that you’re sometimes going to get an email address. Sometimes that information may be two or three years old. Sometimes you may just get the name of a website and you’re going to have to go to the website and go to the comment form and say, Hey, are you interested in this?

    But most of the time, you’re going to get a list of seven or eight emails, maybe 10 or 20. And if you get more than 10, I would say you use need to use some type of bulk email program. But if not, you can just send out individual emails. You know, I spaced them about 10 minutes apart. You might want to cut and paste the same text into them, but you might want to change up a couple of the words.

    Um, and then most importantly, you want to follow up on those emails about four or five days later. And if any of you have been contacted by people sending these emails, or if you looked in your spam folder and you’ll see these emails, just follow along with what you’ve seen other people [00:17:00] do. And you say, well, I never respond to those, but you know what you would, if it was a domain name you wanted, if someone, you know, I’m, I’m doing some securitization of domain names.

    And if someone sent me an email, cause I own domain name NFTs the And if someone sent me address that said, domain name, NFT for sale, are you interested? I might think about how to reply to them, but I’d probably write. So the most basic way to do outbounding is to find people that own domain names, similar, especially those people where your name would be an upgrade.

    But I would emphasize in your sales process with these people, that they can forward, the name they’re buying from you to their existing address. The idea is you don’t want to introduce a new pain point that they’re going to have to switch everything over to your domain name, because as good as it may be.

    Excuse me, or if there’s just a [00:18:00] small, incremental difference, you don’t want to add the pain point of them having to change all their content, change their links, lose maybe their legacy search engine ranking. So you may want to emphasize that they can use your domain name to point. So that’s the basic way to do it.

    Outbounding the next raid places to get a little creative and there’s kind of a challenge here. Remember there was a challenge to buying domain names. You had to look through lists of expired names. You had to think up what would be good domain names to own in the future? Well, one of the things you can do when you start spending more time, outbounding is take the challenge.

    Of buying a good domain name that used to take up almost all of your day or 90% of your time. Domaining. And now that most names are going at auction for prices that you don’t want to pay potentially shift 30 to 40% of your time with the new challenge, the challenge of finding a [00:19:00] prospect for your domain name, the challenge of reaching out to that prospect.

    The challenge of closing a deal and having that prospect send you 20 to 50 times what you paid for a domain name and embrace the creative challenge of doing that. Just like maybe there was parts of the search for domain names. There were appealing to you. I know some investors that are here in the room, they appreciate the challenge of finding.

    You know, coming up with new ways to, if I had this domain name, bridge, um, come up with, with new ways to find out prospects for that name, uh, you know, get really good at looking at other TLDs get really good at recent registrations. Uh, I know DNH academy has some great resources where you can, you can look on, on global.

    This is of any company that has your words in the name of that company. Um, and [00:20:00] it’s just a different type of challenge. And maybe if you’ve been buying domains for one year or five years or 10 years, you’re used to the way your day goes to find drop names and bid on drop names. And then maybe you’re going to have to get used to a new challenge and a new kind of flow to your.

    Whether you may find that you’re tempted to do a lot of domain work at night, and that’s a great time to search for prospects. And then you might find that when you get up in the morning, you’re raring to go. You’re not at work or you have a job that’s flexible. You’re saying, you know what, I’m going to do this.

    I’m going to send out these 14 emails today, or I’m going to, I’m going to learn the program that sends the emails every three days or every five days, and maybe do that type of stuff during the day. So anyway, those are some of the things I’ve learned over the year being a reluctant, uh, outbound or so let’s see if that’s brought about any, any thoughts.

    Does anyone have any [00:21:00] outbounding they’ve done this week? Any successes or failures? Um, Any challenges or questions they need help on. We’ve got a tremendous group here, um, that has overcome many of the problems, uh, for themselves. And they’re, they’ve been more than generous and sharing some of those solutions.

    So you can use the chat. To leave a message to everybody which I can respond to, or you can send me a message using the back channel, or you can raise your hand and I’ll invite you on stage and you will be on the recorded portion of outbounding club. Um, so let’s see what we can talk. That’s kind of all I’ve got prepared today.

    So we may have a short show. I know Todd’s legal room starts at the top of the hour. I do have one more topic to talk about. Um, but let’s talk about some outbounding,[00:22:00] 

    I almost outbound at this week. Um,

    and I say that because it takes a lot to get me to outbound, but, um, Mike I’ve come up with this thing recently that even though a lot of people have wanted to outbound geo names and geo service names, I’ve come up with this concept and I’m much greater at thinking these things up and doing them that outbounding can be applied to new trending.

    Now. And so I’m thinking about doing some outbounding on my metaverse names and my NFT names. And here’s my feeling. If an industry so new and people haven’t decided who the leader is and companies, they may have started up and gone to work with the [00:23:00] subpar domain name, or they may be still trying to figure out what they’re going to do to make money in the business.

    They may be open to a new direction and what better way to be the leader in a new direction then to have that domain name. So I’ve got a couple of names, like metaverse. Dot com and medic and kids that I’m going to say, well, maybe I can take kids metaverse excuse me. And I can type it into the Google and see if there’s people trying to be kids metaverse.

    So we have this company, Vive V vers open metaverse a virtual ecosystem for all. Now they’re advertising on the word kids metaverse. So here we have families zone. Family zone is a manager [00:24:00] here. We have the BBC doing a wonderful article on metaverse app, allows kids into virtual strip clubs. Okay. I think that might tell us why we might want a kids.

    Metaverse um, let’s see. So again, because Google is a terrible search engine. They’re giving me paid irrelevant ads and they’re giving me ads from high ranking sources, like the BBC that may have nothing to do with what I want to know about, which is kids metaphors. So now I’m going to search it in quotes kids.

    Metaverse we have a book here at teaching kids about the metaphor. Uh, how LOL surprise doll markets, kids in the metaverse metaverse idea, wall art. We got the strip clubs, man. People love that story. Kids metaverse strip club. Again, boy, that strip [00:25:00] clubs certainly comes up in the Google search results. Um, Nazi game and facts, kids a metaverse.


    Let’s see. Children’s day special millions and Tori review channels. Okay.

    Well, I guess kids metaverse doesn’t have a lot of search result, Cody. Cody starts both with kids. Metaverse architect, Aiden, show Oprah. Here we go. Exploring the metaverse.

    So Aiden Chopra is a kids metaverse architect. I think I’m going to reach out to Aiden and see if he wants to buy kids. Metaverse boy, we have the seventh article on virtual strips. Man. It’s amazing how one article can be repeated. Seven times [00:26:00] here we have vers virtual kids. Metaverse startup, uh, virtual kids is a platform designed to enhance the care of your children by delivering top-notch medical advice virtually.

    Okay. Metaverse startup, virtual kids. I didn’t see that one. Com strip clubs, strip clubs, strip clubs, man.

    Look over here, kids it’s the kids metaverse so, anyway, that’s my latest effect. And I didn’t know if anyone has tried reaching out to outbound names, not as close outs, not as geo service, but in trendy areas. Um, Like metaverse and NFTs. Let me see another name. I can mark it. If you guys [00:27:00] want to find me some prospects for kids metaverse.

    If your prospect buys the name, I’ll pay you 10%. Let’s see teen Titans V verse the open metaverse frame, your own metaverse.

    Well, I guess this is the other thing about outbounding is when you start spending more time with the name you already own that you’ve already spent money on. And all of a sudden you find out that there’s not millions. Of search results and there’s not millions of likely buyers. You’re kind of like, I don’t want to do this art bounding it’s outbounding.

    It’s exposing the fact that this name may not be worth a hundred thousand dollars. And I think, you know, you have to be ready for that and you have to ready to get by it. I think one of the things though is. [00:28:00] Tools that we have like Google to report something just like I’ve jokingly talked about the same news article about kids metaverse and strip clubs, you know, as a top 25 results for kids, metaverse nine of them have been references to the same article.

    And, you know, I think when you look at the, you know, Google as a search engines, it’s not doing its job for me. Um, So I think we have to come up with different ways to look for prospects because boy, for years, I’ve been able to just, you know, concentrate on a concentrate on just Googling it. You know what I mean?

    But I’m not sure that’s going to do it anymore. All right. Anyone else have any suggestions on how I can get some prospects? For kids, [00:29:00] I’m going to sell it for between five and $10,000, which I think if you were in this space is an attractive price. If you just woke up today and you had no interest in buying a domain name, it’s probably more than you want to pay,

    but I want to sell kids metaphors. And I want to do it. It’s taken in seven extensions. So the first thing I want to do is I want to see if any of those extensions, um, Our operating companies. So how might you do that? And I think if you’re in expired domains, you can, uh, let me find my window here. You can type it in and it’ll tell you how many names you can go into the links.

    And it says bulk domain, sir. And you can hit kids metaverse and you can see your listing and you can see all the [00:30:00] stats about your listing, the cost per click, the ranks, the backlinks, and things like that. But there’s also an option under expired domains. If you’re logged in expired is free. I don’t have any interest in the company.

    I don’t have a referral code, but you can click related domains. And if you click related domains and you type in kids, veterans. This’ll tell me that there’s eight names that have the word kids metaverse in them. And so for me, I was kind of hoping that there’s going to be a lot more than that.

    So one, it’s kind of a reality check for me that this may not be a hundred thousand our name, but, uh, let’s see, I’ve got this one called for. For me kids for me, kids F O [00:31:00] R M Y. So obviously this company, maybe they wanted to be kids, excuse me. And maybe they wanted to be for and they couldn’t get either one of them.

    So they went with, for me, kids the same point. I just typed it in. Let’s see what we get. It could just be a GoDaddy park. And it is a GoDaddy parcage for my kids metaphor. So that is now I could look up to who is address and for a GoDaddy name, even if the who his address is a privacy protected address, you can still send a message to, uh, through the GoDaddy who is system, and you might ask them and they don’t have to respond to your message.

    They’re going to get an email saying someone has sent a message about this domain. [00:32:00] Um, and then they’re going to, and then they can choose to read it or not. So you can break through the privacy bubble. Uh, five years ago, we didn’t have to worry about this most domain names. You could see who the owner was.

    Um, but now because of privacy laws, they’ve restricted access. And the default mechanism at most companies is to not let you. Um, who owns the address of a domain name, but let’s see what else we have here. We have KC kids Let’s see what’s on that site.

    Uh, name secure the site is under construction. So again, I might reach out to them right now. They have KC kids metaverse um, they might want to upgrade the kids metaphors. So if I could reach them and I felt that they were well-funded. I think they’re a good prospect [00:33:00] NFT kids. Metaverse is a GoDaddy parking page I’m left with, with hoping to contact.

    Rich kids metaverse

    is names UK. Don’t let this space go to waste or again, a coming soon page. And then I have the kids

    Which is, let’s see, it’s at 1, 2, 3 reds when it gets your own website. So that’s a coming soon page. So you’ve got this idea that, of these seven domain names that have kids, Matt have her send him, all of them are just single pages and undeveloped. Now let’s see about the other TLDs

    let’s see.[00:34:00] 

    Kids metaverse Let’s see what’s on that website.

    If anyone else has found a prospect for me, for kids, you can back channel me or put it in the chat,

    trying to find a prospect here. We didn’t have any other questions. So I’m just going to do a little outbounding. All right. Kids metaverse is another name with kids. Metaverse I’m trying to sell kids and I’m trying to find some prospects it’s taken in seven extensions, and there’s a total of nine domain names with kids metaverse and most of them today have all been parked pages.

    Ooh, I got a bad gateway. Hey, that’s better than a park page. So now what are my options? [00:35:00] Um, let me go to, let me go to Facebook

    and I’m going to go to the search bar

    and I’m just going to type in kids met over, and hopefully this is going to give me. Any companies that, uh, that have a page with this and their descriptions, at least you would hope for all. I know. They’re just going to give me companies that are paying for advertising, but, um, let’s see, they’ve gotten rid of the search bar in Facebook.

    Well, that’s fun. Let’s see.

    Well, it looks like I haven’t been to Facebook in a while. Where are you? Search bar? Go to home. What’s on your mind, sponsored your [00:36:00] pages, contacts people you may know, create room, live video, and you can no longer search Facebook to find out what you’re interested in. All right. So I’m going to Google,

    I’m going to Google site, colon face or

    So then I’m going to type in kids. Metaverse see if I can’t find any content on With kids metaverse in quotes. And of course I don’t have any, but Google is going to help me out by giving me kids metaverse without quotes.

    Messenger kids to more one teacher learned AI programming. Well, anyway, [00:37:00] that might be a way to do it. Now. I’m going to do Twitter. See if I can’t find a tweet with the words kids metaverse in it.

    Let’s say nothing.

    Here we go. Valerie. From luck and logic, YouTube kids. Metaverse Hale. Be cool. If you make your crossover between among us and Minecraft, let’s say.

    I’m buying NFTs hard. Decorate. My kids met a versa like that,

    kids members. All right. So now where do you [00:38:00] go? Where do you go when you’re stuck? I’ve got no, I can send out emails to the owners of these kids’ metaverse names. Um, let’s see if anyone’s given me any ideas on chat. Hello everyone. Um, so now we get in to the world of synonyms, say, okay, well maybe kids metaverse, um, I need to go into the world of synonyms and rather than thinking of a synonym for metaverse, I’m going to go for kids NFTs.

    And the idea would be is that. NFTs are usually have some relation to, especially the utility portion of them, or even the profile picture that you would use that in the metaverse. So if I can find a kids in T company, then maybe they’re going to be a prospect for kids [00:39:00] metaverse and right now I’ve got books about NFTs for kids.

    I’ve got. NFTE evening, invincible kids, a 10,000 NFT collection with charity of its core, invincible kids, invincible kids let’s look up invincible kids.

    And of course it doesn’t give me anything, man. I’m going to duck that.

    All right now, last thing I can do in the last ditch effort to find some leads is see, I’m going to go back to domain IQ, which is a paid service. I’m going to go to their tools. And I [00:40:00] think, um, some other companies have the same tools, but I’m going to go for one of their tools is called.

    Let’s see,

    I want to be able to type in the word kid and the word Metta and just see what comes up. Uh, uh, monitoring reports, identity discovery, registered domain name counts. Well, maybe it’s not here anymore. Hold on. Domain search reverse could discover all the domain names that contain one or more specific tools.

    So I can say I wanted to contain kid and I wanted to contain. And I’m going to hit enter. And so domain search has a database at some unknown time in some unknown space, uh, where [00:41:00] they’ve got the, who is information for a number of domains. And it’s not like they can just go look up this information every day.

    What it usually means is that they have a, a list of times when people looked up these names and they simply kept the results of that search. Or if it’s the top, maybe 200,000 names, they may look at those every day. But, um, I’ve got some more prospects here. Now it says 508 results. So again, sometimes I’m going to get the domain.

    Sometimes I’m going to get an email. Um, what I forgot to do is when you’re searching for Metta, you want to exclude, exclude the word metal, and I didn’t do that, but now I’ve got some more, I’ve got some more prospects. I’ve got medic kids dot. And kids has a Z on it. [00:42:00] Um, medic kids, zone, Mehta, safe kids. See if there’s any content there.


    the thing on Medisafe kids. So I think when you can see is when you start expanding your search to include just the root words in your domain, not the exact don’t. To the extent that I just included kids. Singular and Metta. And then I might put in child and Metta, I might put in kid and verse, I might put in kids.

    And then if is, again, this is to just get other, registering some domain names that have shown an interest in this area, but it definitely, it definitely, I was able to get more prospects, um, searching this direction. So if you have a two word domain name, look for synonyms for your first. We’re not as much [00:43:00] synonyms as replacements.

    And then look for synonyms for your second word. And then lastly, before we wrap up, I’ll give you a hint that I do for my geo names, unless you’re dealing with a name like New York or Nashville or Dallas, if your name is of a mid-sized city, sometimes again, you got to look at this as a challenge. You might be better off looking at.

    If you had Cincinnati, Cincinnati, dry, you might type in Cincinnati and get all the people who for Cincinnati. Because if you just put in Cincinnati and clean, then you may miss Cincinnati laundry, or you may miss. You know, Cincinnati, fluffing folds or something like that. That could be a good prospect for Cincinnati dry cleaning.

    So again, it doesn’t always work on the biggest [00:44:00] of cities and it’s going to be a lot of discovery, but I’ll tell you one thing, you’re going to learn a lot. You’re going to learn a lot about what registrations have, have been a lot that you may see that one or two people seem to be collectors of domain names.

    And so I might type in if I had Cincinnati dry, I might type in dry, or just dry, cleaner. I’m sorry. And you may find someone who, who doesn’t own anything in Cincinnati, but they may own five or 10 other cities. Now they could be a domainer, that’s just trying to, you know, sell them to other people.

    But you may find out that they run directories or that they do marketing or they create website. So anyway, Wolfgang suggested I use Crunchbase for kids. Metaverse uh, I appreciate that Wolfgang. Thank you. Well, listen, I want to give you a preview of what I’m going to cover. Let’s see.[00:45:00] 

    Oh, you have a question. What do you prefer to do? Create emails using domain? Or used the actual, I actually do my outbounding with a address that tries to make it sound like I’m a professional at this business. So if I am outbounding geo names, I’ll use a domain place And what I’m trying to make them feel like is this is what I do all day every day.

    Um, I’m an expert in place and geo domain names. Um, and that I want to give them some, some credibility. You know what I mean? That some idea that, that, yes, this is a real business and I do whatever. Let’s see, Kevin’s given me a prospect here, camp 12 dot time. Thank you. I will reach out to them. And remember you, if that turns into a sale.

    So thank you, Kevin. But anyway, I wanted to give you a preview on Monday. So Google domain. And now that it [00:46:00] has come off beta today. And I don’t even know if you know that Google domains has been on beta for the past nine years, but Google has a huge, small and medium business division that creates websites for businesses.

    It does seminars around the country that does joint venture advertising, um, all to get small businesses to advertise on Google. And as part of that, they extended into domain names and they are the registry operator for things, which is a new one that just came out last year.

    And, um, and they announced today that their, their domains. Has come off a beta meaning they’re kind of ready to enter this business a little bit more. So if you’ve not been to Google domains, I think it’s worth it because it looks like to me, like if I go to, it almost appears like I’m already [00:47:00] logged in just from my Gmail or my, um, my Google, uh, apps account or whatever.

    They’re calling it right now. Now right now they don’t show any names. They don’t show any premium names on their searchers. And I’m going to try to investigate more about Google domains between now and Monday for Monday domains. So that’s an early peak at the news of the week. I think GoDaddy stock was down 5% today on that news.

    All right. Well, thanks everybody for coming in to outbounding club. We didn’t have any questions today. I tried to share for those of you that came in. Uh, kind of just a summary of outbounding, outbounding domains, why we outbound domains, um, you know, some of the things to think about to get you in the mindset of outbounding domain names, and you’re really trying to accelerate what might happen by happenstance by trying to reach out to someone who may [00:48:00] be a buyer of your domain name and the next five years and accelerate forward, having that discussion.

    The challenge is usually the domain name decision is based upon two things. Do the benefits to the customer, outweigh the value of the money the customer has to spend. So you’ve got two choices. Get better at communicating the real benefits of that domain. Or lower the price. And I think in outbounding, the first resolve has been to lower the price, but what we’ve tried to do, if you listen to the other outbounds and you can listen to them on outbounding club, I hear on clubhouse is we’ve tried to both work on how to more effectively find prospects.

    And we hope to work on that the rest of the year, how to describe the benefits of a domain name in a way that you don’t always just have to lower the price so low. That the person says, okay, I’ll take it. Cause what ends up happening [00:49:00] is if you only lowered the price, because it was hard to explain the benefits, but those benefits were actually true.

    Then I’d say, yes, you’re going to look back and say, I undersold that. Now you can’t fault yourself for doing that. That’s the best you could do right now. But if you could get better at describing the benefits of your domain name or add attributes to your domain name, that would increase the value in the eyes of the prospect, you can make more money.

    So anyway, that’s what I leave you with on outbound. I hope everyone goes and joins the legal room that starts up when this was over. Uh, they’ve been doing a great job of digging into some YPO cases, uh, digging in to just some of the legal aspects of owning a domain name. They’re not providing specific legal advice on what to do in any, in anything I’ll give Todd’s disclaimer, but I think you are going to be talking with people from a domain owners, a [00:50:00] domain investors perspective that are really giving with their time and their.

    So, uh, anyway, that’s what’s happening next today. And then I’ll be on tomorrow from million dollar domains at one Eastern. So thanks everybody. Let’s say,

    uh, we had a question to share some templates. I’ll try to have some next week.

    Wow. Just watching the champion. So the game they’re showering this coach with, uh, with trash as he leaves the field out. That’s never a good look. All right. Well, thanks everybody. We’ll see you next week.

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