Non ‘.com’ Million-Dollar Domains Leading Sales 

Our host Page Howe discusses the emerging sales of non ‘.com’ domain names for more than a million dollars. Did you know that the largest domain sale of 2021 was a non ‘.com’ domain? Listen to the full episode above to learn more about the latest news! 

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    Million Dollar Domains – EP13

    [00:00:00] Welcome in the million dollar domains and let the audience fill up here for a second.

    Thanks everybody for coming in. Hope to have a good show today.

    Kind of at all means I’m going to lead off with [00:01:00] million dollar domain sales in Then we’ve got a couple, uh, excerpts on some blogs from a million dollar domain sales where you can hear from the buyers. Think that’s going to be helpful. And then I’ll talk about some of the recent million dollar ish names, uh, listed for sale on one of the major platforms.

    So a good show today. Thanks everybody for coming in. Welcome into million dollar domains for Wednesday, March 30th. The month is not over today. You get a free day, March 31st. If you run your life on a 30 day month, you get a free day this month.

    Let me invite a [00:02:00] few more people in. See who’s working today. Appreciate you. If you are stepping away from work

    to join us today.

    Welcome in the million dollar domains million dollar domains is, um, one of the shows I do each week. My name is page how I’ve been an investor in domain names and billion dollar domain names for the last 20 years. Uh, two names I sold for over a million dollars. I bought one of them in 2001. Um, I bought that name, on the downside of the first internet.

    And I had invested in a number of private companies and public companies. One time we tracked every public internet company, uh, in the first bubble because we actually thought it would matter [00:03:00] what the company actually did online. We didn’t know it was just going to be a matter of saying what you were going to do online without it actually mattered what you did.

    And we ended up investing in private companies and public companies, and we have a fund that rose on paper and then crashed like a lot of other internet assets and that first bubble. But at the time I had just been exposed to domain names in 99 and 2000, I had been buying expired domain names. And just to give you a little history, um, at that time, the drop was once a week, it was on like a Tuesday and they would publish a list of the names that were driving.

    And there was no real drop services. It was just a race to see who could register the names first. And we had a two cows reseller and I had a group of two people worked with me and our big ads [00:04:00] was when the list came out. We looked at the list, reverse alphabetically from Z to a and thought that maybe, maybe that would give us an advantage over everyone that was looking at the list from a to Z.

    I don’t know if that, that just gave us a lot of names that began with Z, but what I will never forget was even at that time in 2000, the assumption was that every good domain name was taken. Um, and at that time was not only taking. It was taken in comm net and org. All three were run by the same registry operator.

    And if you could get anything that made sense, 1, 2, 3 words, didn’t matter. Uh, you’d you’d get whether it was comm net or org. [00:05:00] And, and it’s funny to think that at that time there may have only been, I don’t know, 20, I have to go back to the look and see just how many names were registered, whether it was 10 million or 12 million or 20 million.

    And now there’s 150 million alone, plus 15 million in origin, 12 million in net, I think. Um, and so by the end of 2001, we had dropped all, but about 12 names and I had bought, uh, the name I ended up selling for over a million dollars. I had bought it on eBay and. The feeling was, was that I thought there was power in good domain names.

    And I did think it was like buying raw land. And I did think the internet would come back, but at the time, even AOL, the most valuable internet company ever that had been merged into time Warner media in a multi hundred billion dollar transaction, there was a [00:06:00] sense that the value in AOL time Warner before AOL was zero.

    So the feeling was if AOL was worth zero, every other website was worth less than zero. And I’ll share an aside. The only ones that survived that first bubble in my opinion, were the ones that had recurring revenue models and they were able to make it through, but, um, kept seniors’ dot com in 2002, 2003. A lot of good names started dropping.

    Um, enter the domain industry, buying those names and all three stayed until a four or 5, 6, 7 sold seniors at oh seven and sold another name for over a million dollars, no seven. So I really think that there’s always been strength in the million dollar area of the domain market. And there’s a chance that some of the values that people thought they had back in 2000 and 2001 [00:07:00] were achieved a little bit in 2007 were exceeded in certain classes of domain names, like one, two and three characters in the Chinese domain investor, boom of 2014 to 2016, say, and then the one word domain names finally eclipsed there.

    2000 values just in the past couple of years. I don’t think the market’s ever been as good as it is now for two word domain. Um, if you had what was called a category killer name back in the first boom in 2000, like say maybe life insurance, uh, working capital, um, you know, a two word that really was a one word.

    I think even then we weren’t seeing million dollar prices for many of those. Uh, but now we are seeing multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars. So I’d say right now in 2022, welcome to million dollar domains. [00:08:00] It’s March of 2022. If you’re listening to this show later, I’d do the show live in front of a live studio audience here on clubhouse.

    Thank you everybody for joining. Um, I do have room on the stage for people to kind of help me as I cover different topics. Uh, give different comments. Uh, I am looking to only talk about million dollar domains at this time. Uh, this isn’t the time to ask me, uh, what I think about, uh, you know, a seven word, uh, dot online or something like that, but really want to focus it with million dollar domain names.

    Anyone who’s been a past guest on million-dollar domain names. Uh, we’re a friend of the program for lack of a better word, uh, come on up. But, um, it’s March 30th, 2022, and just like every other week, there’s lots of news in the high value domain space. And we talked about last year, would there be million dollar sales?

    And I have some due report. [00:09:00] Uh, the last show we talked about a 750,000. Sorry about that. I’ve a web three domains. Dot or S I don’t know if they say dot S or SLAs S that was an H and S name, but I was going through a Twitter feed of an experienced, uh, ENS investor of dot ETH names. And they referenced the sale of paradigm dot ETA in 2021.

    For what at the time was one and a half million dollars worth of Ethereum, 420 ETH to buy paradigm dot ETH. And if true, that would be the largest such sale in the web three space, October 9th, 2021 for a million and a half dollars [00:10:00] for an ENS domain name, which. And it’s kind of a cross between a domain name and a wallet address.

    Uh, you can get through the ENS domain name system. You can trade on open C uh, and some other platforms, one of which I’m working with. Um, so we have a sale in ENS million and a half dollars reportedly, but not verified for paradigm that ETH. And at the time everyone thought it was a company called paradigm capital, which had a lot of, uh, multi hundred million dollar funds.

    And they decided that they, that they didn’t buy it, you know, they publicly reported. And then there was a track record because many of the. Names the trade in the web three space, you can actually track the owner’s wallet. [00:11:00] See what the owner wallet may have purchased elsewhere. You can’t always tie them to a specific owner, but if there’s anything else in the owner’s wallet that can be tied to a specific owner, then you can unusually infer that everything in that wallet is owned by somebody.

    And I would say on the whole, as much as I’d like to, for the sake of million dollar domain, say that there was a million dollar plus. Name sale and ENS, the general opinion the week that this sale occurred was that it wasn’t real. Um, the, the, the equivalent of the name servers for the name didn’t seem to correspond the contact information seemed to be, uh, careers that McDonald’s dot com, which is kind of an inside wall street term for the crypto space.

    But on the other hand, it could be because they don’t have to say if it was a real sale or not. So I would say you can look [00:12:00] slightly askew at whether the paradigm that ETH sale was real, but it could come out tomorrow that it was real. So I wouldn’t pay it a million and a half dollars. Um, and they may be waiting until that looks like a bargain to really admit that they bought it.

    But we do have a sale based upon our Intrepid blog report. Um, that happened and I want to go back to Andrew Allaman I think reported it. Let me make sure I have my facts right here. Cause I do mention a lot of things that I read from blogs online, and I want to always make sure that you hear me give credit to the blog, um, that wrote about it because I want you to go to the blog, sign up, follow them and, um, and get the full scoop, you know, I’ll [00:13:00] summarize it, but, uh, I’m stalling here.

    Let’s say.

    All right. So let’s say two reported was as part of their annual report that they do in conjunction with internet. They reported that their largest domain sale of the year was not And if you look at the largest sale of the year that they had, which I think was for 2 million, for them to say that their largest sale, which is under NDA was not

    It means that we don’t know what the name was that sold for over a million dollars, maybe even over $2 million, but then they did negotiate a transaction for a [00:14:00] over. It seems to be $2 million. So we talked last year, I think Brayden Pollock shared that he was aware of maybe that was over a million, um, A couple of other brokers talked about the same thing, but, uh, that’s part of our million dollar news this week is Saito reporting that their largest sale of the year was not in 2021.

    And I think that gives us a above $2 million.

    All right, let’s see what else we have in the news. See if we have anybody in the chat copra nurse has these cuts, I mean, ETH names. I’m

    sorry about that. I’m having to hit the cough button quite a few times today. Just all choked up [00:15:00] about the power of million dollar domain name.

    All right. So what we have this week, uh, reported from the various bloggers, um, we have a tweet, uh, on Monday that was sold for $400,000. Um, this is a Twitter user. The buyer was not an end-user, but an investor. So we have a wholesale sale of for 400,000. Um, which probably means that that investor is looking to sell it for over a million dollars. one word domain name, certainly cast a wide net, whether it’s a news site or an information site, [00:16:00] um, Andrew Allaman report. Last week about See, I think we covered that. Let’s see what Elliott’s been talking about. does a fantastic job of covering million dollar domain sales.

    And he talks today about upgrading to And I think what’s interesting about this is he was able to go forth and interact with the, with the, uh, the tweets of Andrew Wilkinson, the founder of tiny, um, and a year and a half ago. Um, Andrew Wilkinson had shared some thoughts about how he felt when someone referred to his company as tiny capital because of the company’s domain name, tiny

    Now. It probably sounded great at the time. If your company name was tiny [00:17:00] and you couldn’t get that you would add either my tiny or tiny finance or as a lot of companies do they put capital, uh, you know, after their name, tiny capital, but after a while of hearing people refer to your company as tiny capital, tiny capital, tiny capital.

    So you start thinking, wow, is that really the credibility? So, uh, so he tweets out nothing makes my eye Twitch quite like when someone calls our company tiny capital instead of tiny. So internally his executive team felt that they had identified their Bryant, their brand name as tiny, you know, they had paid their consultants or come up with it in a brainstorm session.

    They had branded their company. And then usually getting a domain name is step two. So you go out and you look at the alternatives and you come up [00:18:00] with tiny capital. But because anytime you mentioned the address of your company or your email address, you’re saying tiny capital, tiny capital, tiny capital.

    He found that he couldn’t get away from people thinking his company was called tiny I hope I’m explaining this correctly. He felt in his heart that his company was called tiny. That was a great short one word brand name. If you think about it, it follows the CVC V pattern of companies like Hulu.

    Um, it’s kind of a amazing, it’s a popular word. So he’s tiny and he’s thinking, oh, we’re tiny. We’re tiny, but because his domain name was tiny cap. People kept calling his company that, so he says in his tweet, nothing makes my eye Twitch quite like when someone calls our company tiny capital. And again, this was from Elliot’s Silver’s blog, domain, a post just [00:19:00] today and encourage you to reach out and read Elliot’s blog and follow Elliot swag.

    Because if you follow his blog, you’re going to get notifications of posts as he, as he posts them. And so if you’re involved with the transaction where this bit of information may help this bit of information, you don’t want to find out about it third hand or through a mashup or through an aggregator or through a post.

    Um, you might as well follow him directly. So anyway, the founder of this company, tiny capital, it says the same thing happened when he had a previous startup called MetaLab. And so they had worked with branding consultants, like many companies do. And I do a lot of work on this for, uh, the name game. And you come up with the name for your company.

    And then a lot of people think the domain name is just an afterthought. Okay. So they were MetaLab which sounds great. And then they couldn’t get So they had to settle for MetaLab design. And he says in [00:20:00] there forever MetaLab design instead of MetaLab. So basically because of the domain name, he picked that became known as this company is as much as he wanted to tell people, we’re MetaLab, we’re not MetaLab design or MetaLab, that became his name.

    And be interesting to see if, uh, if the same thing happens to face. Because even though they own, their official company name is meta platforms. And I would love it if people would just start referring to them as meta platforms. Um, and, uh, that’s kind of an aside. So anyway, um, Elliot talks about how you reached out to Andrew to see what they might pay for, but he didn’t reply.

    Um, but he did announce, she says this morning, after many years of my eye twitching, every time someone referred to us as tiny capital, I’m excited to [00:21:00] announce that we just acquired the domain name, and he writes there on his tweet rest in peace, tiny, long lived, So they’ve moved their website, uh, to from tiny capital.

    Um, it looks like it may have been brokered through Andrew Rowe. And he hasn’t shared the price yet, but what was interesting is, uh, Andrew, uh, Wilkinson the founder, shared the process. It was pretty good. Here’s how we shared the process. I ask how much the guy sent a number that made me want to wretch. I paid them the money.

    I felt poor, but happy to have the domain name. And I think, you know, that’s, that’s, you know, that’s, that’s what you have to do. Cause you’re like, yeah, I’d like to get it for less, but I want it and it’s going to be worth [00:22:00] it. And they pay it. And I have a feeling he’s probably never going to look back. And if you talk to him a year or two years from now, he’s going to say, you know, it’s the best decision we ever made.

    You know what I mean? Or I’m so glad I did it, but a lot of times people can feel like someone’s going to criticize them, you know, by making it. Um, and I think that takes leadership and I think it takes commitment and I think it takes understanding your brand to say, yeah, we did it. And we’re proud of it.

    What do you, I encourage you to read about that on his tweets and on Andrew’s blog, um, domain name investing. Let’s

    had another chance to, um,

    to hear a story of a domain acquisition from [00:23:00] Joe, you, Demi, who has been on million dollar domains. Um, and he has a newsletter. He sends out he’s a terrific broker, both as a buyer broker and a seller broker. And, um, and he shared in his weekly newsletter. Um, a little more than just kinda named for sale, although they have some great names for sale.

    Um, let’s see. I’m trying to find it here. Okay. Okay.

    Some of the names he has for sale right now, or, he has it on at 375,000 NFT dot code at UK at 185,000. So he [00:24:00] sent that out in his newsletter inventory pricing reductions, uh, just yesterday.

    So if you go to name, I would encourage you to sign up for his newsletter. Um, And be able to, to get, but when he had done was he had shared on Monday in his newsletter, his story of the rebranding of and, um, and this is from the pulse and, and the article talks about, which is a project manner Dement tool.

    And before was They were DUP Holtz, D a P U L S E. And Joe talks about how that was ultimately a real hindrance to their growth. The pulse was out of sync with the project management business and limited their ability to scale their business. Uh, Joe, you Demi had helped the two founders, uh, pursue a rebranding project.[00:25:00] 

    And this was one of the reasons I started million dollar domains. And what I want to do the rest of the year and in the future is talking about this idea. What if you want to brand your company with the one word domain name, but you’re kind of open on what you want to lose. And, uh, when Joe did a search forum, they looked at a number of names or for sale a lumber number of names around the market.

    And one of the ones they keep coming back to was Um, Joe helped them contact the owner. Um, And they were able to eventually purchase, uh, and as the poles, they were having trouble, uh, coming through and cracking some of the Western markets because they were an Israeli based company and it really helped them, um, you know, overcome some of the, some of the troubles that they were having.[00:26:00] 

    So when you start adding up the value of a good domain name, the value of what it can do for you, the value of how it can help you overcome something that even with unlimited money, you might not be able to overcome in this case, operating as Um,

    Let’s see, so they rebranded in 2017 and they even talked about and made kind of a story about their rebranding. And they took head-on the question of, well what’s And if you think about it, this was five years ago. And now, especially those of you who listened to million dollar domains, we’ve really accepted this idea that you can take a word no matter what the literal meaning is.

    And you can identify your company with some of the aspects of meaning of that word and those [00:27:00] aspects of meaning of a word. Can be worth way more than the words literal meaning. So what they’ve done with is it isn’t just about a day of the week, or it’s easy to remember the word Monday. They were able to encapsulate this whole idea of Monday being the first day of the week, the day you’re trying to organize everybody.

    Everyone can think of their Monday staff meetings that they have or used to have Mondays. I can do day a work day. Let’s get to Workday. Let’s start traveling back when we used to travel for business. And so you can see now, but it wasn’t as clear back then how you can take an easily be memorable and recognizable word and take attributes of that name and apply them to your company.

    Uh, come 2021. They have over 127,000 customers. Um, they have [00:28:00] 335 customers paying over 50,000 a year. They raised 600 million last year in an IPO. The company was valued as high as 7 billion. Now it’s dipped to 5 billion and think about $5 billion of market cap. And whether you want $5 billion of market cap sitting precariously on the fulcrum of Dapulse or whether you want $5 billion of market cap sitting on the digital asset

    And I think Joe shares a lot in his blog from Monday, uh, about the process. So I encourage you to, uh, to read that, and it gives you more of the idea of the, uh, the inside of the buyer and how Joe was able to help them. Um,

    Help them acquire that domain name. Let’s see what else we have.[00:29:00] 

    All right. was sold this week. Uh, Elliot reported it as well as a couple other blogs. He had been watching it on domain monitor and it had normally been registered as GoDaddy corporate domain names, but it transferred to a new owner at go at GoDaddy under privacy. Now this name had changed hands for between one and $2 million before, because of my work

    I’d been approached about the name. Um, and I think it sold for a real value price, kind of in the soft market of 20 17, 20 18. So there’s a sense now that it probably went for a lot more and I’m not sure F potentially, uh, buyers who passed on today. Even though they had to pay two or three times, uh, now may have purchased it.

    So we’ll have to keep an eye out for what the sales price was and who the new buyer was. Dave Evanson, a friend of the program, senior broker at [00:30:00] Saidu reported the sale of a three letter name, uh, yesterday GCP for $550,000. And a lot of people talk about three letter domain names in terms of their floor value in terms of the Chinese premium or,

    but just like anything. You’ve got the wholesale price that someone might pay to buy an e-liquid asset with an uncertain time period. As to when that day might sell to an end-user and an uncertain amount of how much that domain name might sell to an end-user for. So because of that, [00:31:00] the wholesale buyer of a three letter domain name needs to discount from the ultimate value of a three letter name as indicated by this one, half a million dollars.

    The fact that if you own one of these, you don’t know if someone’s going to come along and if they do win and when they do how much they’re going to pay, but like any name, if this name was for sale at wholesale, Because it does have some popular letters. GCP, you think about P for properties, G for general, uh, C for corporate, maybe in the middle, you know, just a lot of substitution there.

    Um, a lot of different combinations of GCP. It kind of does have a powerful, hard Val or hard consonant sound to most of the letters. Um, and so maybe it would have traded for 80 to a hundred thousand wholesale, uh, maybe 60, if you had someone who had to get out of it. And then you’ve got to sale just like many [00:32:00] names of 10 times the amount when the right buyer comes along.

    Is buying it through a platform with a knowledgeable seller, um, a buyer, knowing that because of their trust in the platform, the transaction’s going to go through, they have the trust of working with one of the best brokers in the world. Dave Evanson, who’s done thousands of transactions above $100,000.

    And so I think that it’s a good comp for what a three-letter domain name could go. That doesn’t mean they’re all going to go for that. You could have a three letter domain name that you think is just as good as GCP, and you could ask a half million dollars and if your perfect buyer loves it, it’s a great fit, but they just can’t get their side to come up with that much money.

    It doesn’t have to sell for that. You can’t make themselves for that. But the fact that it did is a real fact that you can use in the negotiating process. So anyway, I thought that was important for the three letter [00:33:00] category. I haven’t checked to see if we have any three letters ever go for over a million dollars.

    Maybe I’ll do that by next week.

    All right. One of the things I tried to post today on million dollar domains, let me see if it’s up there is I take a peak each week before the show at names recently listed. Uh, on a major platform. In this case, I looked at Sado and I went ahead and just looked at some of the names that are recently listed.

    So let me see if I can pin, let’s see Penn blink

    and we do all of our work with million dollar million dollar Although if you hit a million dollar domains, it’ll forward. I own them both. An apple wants to put [00:34:00] spaces in there. Come on, let’s see if it adds it.

    Million dollar names go to link. All right. If you go to the link and you hit the latest blog post 3 29 22, huh? I did change that to three 30. Well, it shows you what I know. All right. Um, it was interesting. So I saw some names come up, I saw at 5 million. So I’m not talking today about value.

    I’m not talking about, oh, these are great names for the money. These are a steal for real is a great discount price. I just wanted to show some of the top. The recently listed on say-do on the past week and in the future, I’ll have affiliate links here. So if you do go by these names, um, uh, let me know, but if not, for any of the names above $500,000, our reached out to Dave Evanson and let them know page sent you [00:35:00] if, uh, if you can and that’ll help me.

    And that’ll be one of the revenue models from million dollar domains. But, um, I thought rainbow is one of the best names. One of the best words out there, probably for a brand, uh, incorporating positivity, corporating, inclusiveness, great visual name, uh, known around the world. It’s kind of spiritual emphasis.

    It’s got the gold at the end of the rainbow. So, I mean, you’re really talking about knocking it out of the park in five to 10 different areas and you say, yeah, it was $5 million. Exactly. It’s $5 million, because what if you owned one of the top 50 houses in the world? You would trade at a huge premium to every house in the world.

    And what if you own one of the top 50 cars in the world, you’d trade at a huge premium. What if you own one of the top 50 pieces of art in the world? What if you own one of the top 50 NFTs in the world? I think there’s a chance you could put [00:36:00] It’s one of the top 50 domain names in the world, especially right now, based upon this idea of one word, domain names and, uh, and brand doubles.

    And so with natural language words anyway, so I for two and a half million. If you think about, it’s 30 million, um, you think about how much money we all spend each week on our phones. I mean, if you’re like me with a family, you’re probably spending $300 a month with Verizon or another provider,

    Not hard to monetize talked in about two and a half million dollars. That’s $250,000 of amortized costs per year. That’s 20,000 of amortized costs per month, over 10 years. So whether you buy it for a startup, I don’t know, but if you’re already processing millions of dollars worth of phone calls or telecommunication [00:37:00] services, and you can, all of a sudden become and all the power that’s going to be worth.

    And all you have to do is pay two and a half million dollars. You get to what we call the million dollar domain equation is the value of what this name provides worth more than the money you have to spend to acquire it. And I would bet that there’s at least 50 telecommunications companies in the world that spend two and a half million dollar.

    On janitorial services or something like that, much less something that could redefine your company and increase your revenues. 10, 20, 30%. So I liked at two and a half million, a digital art, two word domain name for two and a half million dollars. But if you’re in the most exciting space that exists, right.

    [00:38:00] NFTs and digital art, then yeah, that’s where you’re going to see it. Two and a half million dollar sale of a two-word domain name,, but 1,000,009 We talked about three letter domain names. What we see a million dollar sale that MCC at just under $1 under 1,000,900 99,999. I think they wanted to catch people that were searching for a million dollars or under.

    Um, let’s see It’s six 50, again, a specialized use. But if people spend a lot of money on their pets, say the average family spends three to $400 a year on vet bills per pet. And in the U S maybe you have 200 million pet owners and globally, maybe you have a billion pet owners all spending two to $300 a year, [00:39:00] and they go to their veterinarian to get that.

    And now maybe they’re going to go to again, do the benefits of owning Are they worth more than the cost of the money that you use to buy it? And I think looking back on this time in 2022, if someone’s listening to this show five years from now, Either the internet is going to be completely different.

    Domain names could even be worth zero. I have no idea, but I’ll tell you one thing, if any of what we’re talking about is right. Whoever buys for 650,000 and has to go back and account for again, I always say that you’ve got to operate your online business. A domain name is going to give you a great jumpstart.

    It’s going to be a great door opener. Yes. I realize you’ve got to operate your business and execute it well, but in every [00:40:00] part of your business, if you’re a, is your advertising going to have 10% better reach? Are you going to have to pay less for advertising? Because people remember your name after hearing it one time, not the 10 times that you may have to advertise.

    If you’re boop, boop, zoop, dupe, or zip zap or something like. This is the credibility of one joint venture. Is that going to be worth the 650,000 for I don’t think domain names today or worse, the prices that they’re being listed for. I think they’re either worth a heck of a lot more, or maybe they’re zero.

    I really don’t think that, but I got to say it, but I think that, uh, uncertainties and the risk because of there, isn’t a clear past that these domain names are absolutely worth this much money in liquid capital. And most of that is because of the fact that the domain name industry does not have a central owner for [00:41:00] premium domain names.

    It’s a, it’s an incredibly uncoordinated group of selfish parties, all acting for their own benefit. That there’s not further the value of domain names. That’s why I started million dollar domain names, but I think if you’re buying for six weeks, I think you’re going to look at it as a, as a big home run in the future.

    See what else I put on there? I’d be interested if anyone else has any thoughts on any of the names. Again, I’m not trying to show you values. Here are good for the price. The thing about selling premium domain names is I don’t think you’re telling people that they’re going to get great value for their money.

    What you’re saying is for spending this money, your upside is virtually uncalculable uncalculable because of what it could mean for your business. So spend the money, don’t look to save. Don’t look for cheap. It’s like, it’d be like going to shop for a new suit. [00:42:00] And you said, Hey, I got a big meeting. I’m going to be at the Oscars.

    Uh, I want to look good at my tox. Um, but I’m also looking for a deal. They have something with some threads missing and it doesn’t have sleeves, but I can get it for a good part. No, you want to look the best. If you want a house, when you’re going to spend a bunch of money on it, you want a corporate office for your company.

    You don’t say, Hey, is there a good deal out there? I know I want to be in Silicon beach in LA, or I want to be downtown or would it be in Beverly Hills? But you know what actually, could you move me out to Northridge as long as I get a really good price? No, I think you’re going to want to be the best.

    You’re going to be at the best street corner. The best. No disrespect to Northridge. My brother was an aardvark. So, um, uh, I just, I just came up with that. So anyway, so I’m not trying to show you values here. Just the best names that have come up recently for [00:43:00] sale. I liked Metta 175,000 is a lot of money, but if you’re selling real estate or if you’re representing entertainment characters in the metaverse and your Metta, again, this isn’t a value.

    This is if you want to own that business for the next 20 years, it’s not old. Cash was interesting. Is that gunk? You say, come, come on bays. But at least it’s a four letter, one syllable word. And you may say it sounds bad, but there’s not that many of those available. Um, what else did I like for a hundred thousand was probably the best single word domain on there.

    If you were looking for a value, not sure what you can do with. Whether it’s a real estate site, whether it’s the idea of fixing problems in your life, you know, you want closure on it, but for a pure one word English dictionary name at a hundred thousand, it’s in the mix. Um, we go below a [00:44:00] hundred thousand.

    I thought a G Z was a three letter. I know Z Zed, 46,000. Um, there’s some other ones in there. Property club at 19,000 for a two word domain name. If you’re talking about million dollar properties, that’s not terrible. So anyway, I put on there, just some of the recent names, I’m not saying these are values and what things are great deals saying that these are newly listed on say to what’s in the past seven days.

    Anyway, Todd, great to see you a long time friend of the program. How is your Wednesday going and what do you think about million dollar names these days? Well, Paige, I really liked that one. You series AGC because ag for agriculture is really a lot of play. I just see now not, you know, big money, but, um, for a three-letter AGC seems pretty good for 46.

    1. And when you said Metta agent, well, that seems like a high price [00:45:00] to me, 175,000, especially when a lot of us own Metta plus a lot of words. And I sure hope that I, I wanted to mention, uh, I’m going to have a question for you, but I did want to save veterinarian. I don’t like that name for the reason why.

    Yeah, I, so, so you know, my accused two 30 and I speak 19 languages. I still can’t spell veterinarian. I don’t know what it is. So I was going to say. I think that would be good for if they can garner the search. If somebody is searching for a veterinarian, then it automatically fills in, and then they absolutely come up.

    Number one or number two. But outside of that, even if they’re marketing and just say your marketing, but you don’t come up in the search, it’s still people looking at it. I saw that on a sign veterinarian and they’re going to go home and try to search something. And to me it seems, I just don’t like, I just don’t really care for that name, but my question for you was, um, what do you think of, what do you think of, that [00:46:00] name, that name, you know, Andy, and then we’re using it for that project, which I’m getting out of that project anyway.

    But, um, I was going to say I really like for almost a financial services, you know, the gold chest at the end of the rainbow. But what do you think valuing a domain regardless of projects and all that, just as a pure domain, what do you w how do you, you know, what do you think. I think in today’s market, it probably is two to 5 million.

    Um, because I think that it’s what people want now only one person can own it. And you know, you, you need to sell it in the crypto industry in, or, or, but there’s some other traditional businesses like travel. I mean, can you imagine Mr. Travel brand, um, and, and that’s where you want to go. Can you imagine a real estate company, make your own [00:47:00] paradise?

    You know, it has got the legs to be not just a good name, but you can walk around. And again, if you’re a company founder, you’re probably doing it with other people’s money and you’re buying the prestige of saying, we may have the best domain name on the entire. That’s pretty good. People like to be the best, right.

    So I’d say it’s two to 5 million and they might not even take that. Um, so I think it’s exactly, uh, uh, in that range. Um, but that doesn’t mean that they’d ever take that they may say it’s 10. Yeah. I think, I think he would take it once he knows what’s going on with his project there. I think they would sell that about, uh, I wanted to say funny, you mentioned academy awards because that picture of my profile, that’s me taking my mom to the academy awards in 1991, we were doing a big, they were talking about this will Smith thing all week.

    So I said, yeah, if he would’ve taken his mom, he wouldn’t have got screwed up as [00:48:00] whatever. So reputation was terrible. I’m on with Jim Carrey on that thing. But, but a page I, I really like, okay. Let’s just say, isn’t it great that with a million dollar domain. You can get incredible reach prestige mentioned without having to hit anybody.

    So it’s a much safer way to get, to get the publicity, right. Buy a million dollar domain name. You know, now that you say that I’m going to go to will and see who owns it. I wish it was a domainer cause we know all the domainers on the shopping and all, all sorts of stuff. But I wonder who does them will Smith?

    It says will the book, so he doesn’t even know it. Oh yeah. We’ll it takes will. So he apparently the new memoir by will Smith. Well, listen, I, I really, I really enjoyed it, but thanks. That’s weird. Meta agents, 175 K and your comments really have me feeling good, but uh, I appreciate it. Yeah, no, but think about it.

    Okay. You’re in LA a real estate agent, a [00:49:00] top agent that says we want to go medical. They spend 175,000 on Christmas presents for their clients. Right? I mean, um, you’re right. That people would wish it was less, but the story of million-dollar domains, if you’re listening to this program, you’re in you’re, you’re, you’re someone who’s thinking about buying a million dollar name.

    You may have been having trouble communicating to people in your company. Um, you know, why they should spend this money. At the only reason that someone doesn’t want to buy a domain name is the price you’re having the wrong discussion and they’re having the wrong discussion because. What you’re really saying is I want to limit the benefits of our company because we’re pikers.

    You know what I mean? Cause we’re just trying to save money. And I think there was a time when most companies were increasing their profits by saving money, cutting costs, improving the earnings [00:50:00] growth. But I believe now is the time to take market, share the stock market rewards growth, whether it comes with earnings or not.

    Um, if you’re a public company, if you’re a private company and this is the business you want to be in again, do the benefits of owning the name, outweigh the cost. And once someone buys Mehta,, everyone else who’s going to be fighting for second. And the perch, the person who has the best name is going to remind them for the next 20 years than everyone else has the second best name.

    So I hear what you’re saying, that it would be great if it were less. But if you’re buying something with your money and I’m going to clip this out and make it one of the foundational quotes for million dollar domain names, this isn’t where you shop at Marshall’s and the bargain bin. If you’re buying something with your money that not only is worth more than [00:51:00] what you’re spending, but in some ways it’s something you could not achieve by guile or effort or partnerships or energy or connections or luck.

    And now all it takes is money to acquire a domain name that will give you prestige. That will give you power. That will give you introductions. We’ll give you a better first impression. Those are things that it isn’t a matter of money, whether you could get, you may not be able to creatively think about.

    To get the prestige and power in the introduction that you can get by having a good domain name. And like we saw in the case that we talked about earlier, if you were here, if you listened to the replay with where people kept calling him tiny capital, you know, don’t you hate being called by the wrong name.

    You know, if someone knew me and every time they talked to me, they called me pie. Cause that’s how you [00:52:00] say Paige in Spanish or something like that. I have to why you get tired of it? You know what I mean? So not only do you want the best and ultimate name, cause it’s what people are going to gravitate toward for your company.

    So you want to upgrade. That’s what we’re seeing companies do right now. Hey Paige, I wouldn’t want to say they call me pie to pothead. Oh, pie. You said, you know, I was interested in cause I, I run a delivery service on LA and I thought, boy, LA I’d really, you know, a dominate, no matter what.

    That, uh, that was a big, big one. I really look forward to seeing what’s going on there. And I wanted to say, when you have some names, that’s what I, we haven’t talked about yet, but I’m just saying it publicly. So you remember. Yeah. That’s our next conversation privately. We gotta get some, uh, good stuff going, you know, on name in that space, but yeah. Who, who did you think may have bought it that, uh, previous, uh, interested party you said? I don’t [00:53:00] know. I know that there was a local group, um, with, um, a biopharma billionaire that, that bought the LA times back. And, um, you know, it was run by the Chicago Tribune for awhile and that was just confusing.

    Um, you know, it’d be great if the LA times bought it and they can make the LA times relevant again, but. I don’t know, it could have been bought by another company for law. You know, I know in, uh, in Asia, I think it’s relation and stuff. LA is, there is an exclamation kind of like law, you know, you kind of say it at the end.

    Um, I, I I’m, I’m culturally appropriating this. Okay. I don’t know it, but I know we sell a lot names And, um, and I think, you know, it’s no guarantee that it’s Um, uh, but we’ll see, um, we have, uh, uh, uh, user that runs as dot D O And, um, and that’s the founder of [00:54:00] Zillow and he, they do seminars and events when they cover the whole startup crypto, uh, green, environmental, you know, everything technology in LA.

    Um, you know, I’ll probably talk to them this week and see if maybe they bought it. You never know, but, um, yeah, it’ll be interesting to see who.

    Well, thanks Todd, and want to thank everyone for coming in and the studio audience to million dollar domains today. Um, we’ll be back next week with some new recent listings of million dollar domain names. Add some perspective on some of the stories of the past seven days related to million dollar domain names.

    What in the past would be a month’s worth of stories. We now see in a week, and I know that each day, you know, if you look at the mashup in our industry,, you can easily cycle away from yesterday’s [00:55:00] stories. But I try to summarize what’s happened over the course of a week. ’cause I don’t think we want to just gloss over the fact that this company paid a million for this company paid 1,000,009.

    This person found in an SCC filing where a company paid three and a half million. This person got an appraisal of this. Um, you’re not going to know in the future, what it looked like when million dollar domain names were going off the market. And by the time it feels safe to buy a domain name for two or five or 10 million.

    There’s not going to be as many left. So it should seem risky to buy a domain name for one to two to five to 10 million. It should seem like you’re going out on the limb, but isn’t that what you get paid for. If you’re running a company is seeing the future. And again, it’s one of the [00:56:00] foundational principles.

    And one of the clips that’ll come from the show about million dollar domain names is that only a principal or an owner or an equity owner of a company can make the decision to buy a million dollar domain name because only that person can see the increase in value of the entire enterprise for allocating their money to a certain domain name.

    Everyone else in the company is probably going to see it as a use of resources that they would love to see youth for people, for technology, for marketing. Sometimes people in the company want to see that money being used to fix the very problems that the company is having with their brand, with their success, with their prestige.

    And they want to throw a million dollars at the problem by spending [00:57:00] 200,000 on consultants and 300,000 on this and increase their budget to this. When sometimes the solution to some of the challenges are affecting a company might be to rebrand, might be to do some brand focus, might be for having their address online, where they’re now transacting with all their customers, be a shorter, better domain name, but the only person that can really make that decision as a CEO or a principal or principal owner, or someone who knows that that’s going to help them raise money at a higher valuation, get a higher valuation.

    If they go public. If they’re going to be acquired, it gives them a chance to someone says, well, how much should we pay for your company? And you give them a hypothetical projection. You give them this, you give them this, but you’ve got something truly unique, which is the domain name. And you can assign valued [00:58:00] everything inside the company attached to that one asset, the domain name when you sell it.

    So I’m a Homer for domain names. I’m an advocate for million dollar domain names. I think what we saw in the story earlier is sometimes you may say, we do want to brand and rebrand to a single great domain name. What’s out there to. And that’s one of the services I provide and I do it on an hourly basis and I can help you find out what’s out there to buy.

    I can help you get an idea of what you might be able to get for a certain amount of money. And I think that’s been a problem for buyers in our industry. They don’t want to show their hand and ask how much a house is, ask how much the domain is, ask how much the company is. They’re not sure if they want it, but they do want to get a sense of what they can get in the [00:59:00] market for certain prices.

    And if all they’re looking at are the asking prices of domain names, or if all they’re looking at are a bunch of domain names that are, that are for sale for make offer. And then the only data they have is for domain names that have sold. So they can’t be purchased anywhere. So that’s where I kind of fill those gaps.

    And so I do provide those services if you’re looking to possibly rebrand or move into this business. So anyway, thanks everybody for coming in to million dollar domains today. I’ll check the back channel. Hope you enjoyed the show today. Todd, thank you for coming up. I hope you have a good week. I’ll I’ll be in your room tomorrow.

    Probably. I hope your legal room went well.

    All right. And for those of you in startup club, the largest club, uh, on clubhouse, I’ll be doing the name game today at six, six Eastern [01:00:00] and uh, got a couple surprises for the name game today. Anyway, thanks everybody. We’ll see you next week.

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