The Process of Hiring as an Entrepreneur

    The Process of Hiring as an Entrepreneur

    For an entrepreneur, if there is one thing you have in common with all entrepreneurs of the world, it is passion. Now as an entrepreneur, you naturally have a key role in leadership. You must lead a team of people that align with your passion as they work towards a unified goal. But how can you best achieve a successful team?

    It is of great value to learn the profile of potential employees because…

    “If you can identify their profile, you can identify their potential.”

    • Have they done their homework before entering an interview?
    • How do they approach problems in the workplace? Get a sense of their “creative problem-solving flare” because it is not always about what they get done, but how they get things done!
    • As a beginner startup, you can’t show success but what you can show are your vision and passion. How do they resonate with your vision and passion? Is there a noticeable spark in their energy level?

    Once you hire people, it is vital to develop a culture that can handle the chaotic reality of a beginner startup. It is of your best benefit to teaching employees to “do crazy things, not stupid things.” Assure them that they are free to try things without a possible result of punishment, as long as actions performed aren’t brainless. Giving employees permission to fail will prevent them from holding back their full potential.

    To hear more useful tips and information on this important topic, listen to the full session above!

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