Sharing Best Advice

    Sharing Best Advice

    This week with Coach Yu, we discussed and shared the best advice we’ve gotten in life. Coach Yu opens up the conversation by advising on receiving advice.

    Just because someone gives you advice doesn’t mean it is good advice.

    So before taking the advice, you can ask yourself these three questions:

    1. Have they actually done what you are trying to do?
    2. Is the source of the advice believable and credible?
    3. Do they have your interest at heart?

    The top 5

    1. Focus on your LEARNING curve, not your EARNING curve.
    2. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.
    3. Be more interested rather than interesting.
    4. There’s nothing more important than integrity.
    5. Think bigger.

    We encourage you to listen to the full episode above; you will find tons of great advice and stories that will help and inspire you!

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