Self-Discipline: Key for The Entrepreneurial Life


During this session, we talked about the much-loved topic of self-discipline. Self-discipline is one of the most critical aspects of being an entrepreneur and how to discipline your time and the essence of approaching life is strategically important. We welcome speakers to the stage to give their thoughts and stories on having a disciplined mindset.

Are you struggling to achieve self-discipline? Wondering how to routinely stick to discipline? Michael is all about a disciplined mindset in approaching his business, but is it really the way forward?

Why you need a disciplined mindset

We all know there are a hundred no’s before one yes. A clear plan will help you develop a disciplined mindset and prepare you for the no’s before reaching a yes. Get yourself a script and work your way through the problem, a constant cycle of discipline.

You don’t know everything!

You’ve got your idea, what’s next? Jeffrey says the key to disciplining yourself in building your business is to establish what you want from your business. What is the vision for your company? Find your #1 reason, then map out your vision and start learning.

“It’s a numbers game before someone bites” 

Find your balance

It is important to rest and take time for yourself and your friends and family before you reach burnout. Reaching an over-working level of stress and exhaustion can find you ditching your business, giving up, and failing to achieve your goals.

A morning routine can have a positive impact on your way to implementing a disciplined mindset and lifestyle. And let’s be honest, this is the hardest thing to be disciplined about. Knowing yourself and being aware will help you keep yourself in a healthy balance. 

Tune into the session to hear more!


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