Moving Your Business Forward in a Locked-Down Planet

We look at how Covid-19 has rocked businesses around the world, and how entrepreneurs are battling business in a locked-down society. We discuss both the challenges and opportunities that have transpired from lockdown and gain an insight into startups created by minorities. We discuss tools on moving forward and flourishing during the pandemic including strategies and ‘happiness skills,’ staying connected, and safety.

1. Strategies and ‘Happiness skills’

Ron raised questions around using Covid-19 and the pandemic as an opportunity to succeed in strategies that defy conventional wisdom. Ron stated that the second most important factor as an entrepreneur experiencing the pandemic was to focus on ‘happiness skills.’ Happiness skills are a set of skills that focus on keeping on top of positive energy and feeling a sense of happiness from everyday activities. Ron gave an insight into how he is teaching entrepreneurs on Clubhouse to advance their online persona and interact in a digital world to stay in control of the business. 

2. Staying connected

Are you listening to your staff? Are you still able to spend time with key members of the business? Can you find a way to remain in touch with clients? Is the pandemic testing relationships? It is important to find ways to connect with people and stay in touch with a human connection. Use platforms like Clubhouse to connect with others and enhance your business by tuning in to motivational rooms and seeking inspiration from role models.

3. Safety

Protecting everyone’s safety is the utmost priority, however, you cannot protect anyone’s mental or physical health if you don’t protect your own first. Safety can be an excellent strategy to launch new startups. The pandemic created fantastic opportunities for entrepreneurs to find what consumers were in demand of and were able to launch companies and businesses selling sought-after products, for example, risk management, masks, and covid testing kits.

Ron’s top tips to keep on top of happiness:
Are you present and deep-diving into the activities you are experiencing? Ron recommends concentrating on the activity you are doing and remaining attentive. 

In the session, we are taught that our minds create happiness when we focus on “being in the moment,” being present, and feeling grateful. Listen to the full recording above to get the most out of this session!

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