Managing Work-Life and Family-Life

    Managing Work-Life and Family-Life

    This week on “The Complete Entrepreneur,” we discussed the topic of family stress. 

    For an entrepreneur, running a business does not imply a nine-to-five job. Sometimes there is a demand for late-night hours or other time arrangements. This constant demand for attention on your business can take an immense toll on your family.

    How Can You Efficiently Manage Work Life and Family Life?

    Why not merge the two?! Involve your family in your passion, just as you involve your clients. After all, they do have a stake in your company as they are the main driving force towards success!

    Now every situation is different and it may not be ideal to bring your children to work with you. If that is the case then it is vital to set time for specific priorities as…

    “Time is there, we just need to give time a place.”

    Regardless of how you choose to assess your family situation, it is crucial to realize that children are always watching/listening. Even when you are at home, explaining your stress to your spouse, children’s eyes and ears are alert. 

    “Things I’d rather my kids not learn from me, they learn from observation.”

    You may teach your children that possibilities are endless and anything can be accomplished with hard work. But what if they overhear you talking about how hard you work, yet you are still overwhelmed with hardships? 

    Be aware. Aware of how you spend your time each day, how you choose to speak/act when at work and at home, and more. 

    The most important thing to remember is that your family is not just an item on your to-do list! They are your purpose, so it is key to evaluate where you are and how you can best manage running both your family and business, for yourself. 

    Listen to this full session above!

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