Lean Startup Hacks


This week we held a rapid-fire style session in which we all shared lean startup hacks. These are tips relating to growth and/or saving money for a startup, all while staying lean and neat.

Some points that were brought up include the following…

  • As a founder, you know you will find yourself playing different roles, but even though this may be exhausting it will be extremely helpful once you approach the hiring process. You will have experience on the front line of each role, so you now have a better understanding of who would best fit on a position in a specific area.
  • Establish a strategic plan of action! Create a business plan with optimization of strategies to get $h!7 done!
  • Define your ICP (Initial customer profile). Understanding who your customer is will help you learn, and speak, their language. Connecting with them is key for growth.
  • Make the most out of what you already have! Sometimes we think we need a bigger team, a fancier software, a better project management tool, but usually it’s more about being efficient and strategic.
  • Listen to your customers and let them know they’ve been heard! Focus on their needs as you remain interested in making sure that the outcome is a positive one on their side.

These are only some of the various hacks that were shared, listen to the full session above to get even more!


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