Killer Content Tips


Filming killer content doesn’t always mean recording overly planned and structured films. Especially nowadays, where everything seems fake or sales-y, the key to getting killer content out there is to simply turn the camera on and let everything flow!

“We’re all carrying a production studio in our pockets with our smartphones.”

When your content is unscripted, people will see your authenticity which will eventually build trust, if you keep it consistent. Authentic content will always win because it is relatable. 

So what type of content can you make?

  • Capture live content. Your energy can feed off onto listeners and they are able to feel as if they are experiencing the given scenario with you, therefore creating a parasocial relationship.
  • Show your behind-the-scenes. Not everybody knows what it takes to do what you do. 
  • Introduce your team. This will not only showcase the people doing the work but also will make your team feel appreciated. 

Don’t overthink about your content being boring or not attractive enough, when it comes to your profession, the topics that you think come off as boring are the topics that people may really want to hear about, so start recording, talk, and show what you know!

And the best part is, you can repurpose the content into articles, blog posts, and more to reach even more people, throughout social platforms. 

You bring more to listeners by sharing real content that provides them with an opportunity of engaging in a conversation or situation that they aren’t able to sit in on! Listen to the full session above!


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